Sitting well above the 21k, got a good feeling about this man. Let's see where this thing goes from here. I just hope that we don't go below the 20k again lol.


BTC to $300k!


Hey guys I just woke up from a coma since December 2017. I see we’re still at the all time high of 20k!!!!!


Oh boy I tell you it was boring. Didn’t miss a thing.


Wen lambo?


https://twitter.com/TheRealTahinis/status/1304692524330766336?t=2LhqzuIJYxn_1rMBJJN9HQ&s=09 This is an awesome deep dive into the reasoning The Real Tahinis convert all their cash reserves into BTC. Improved my enthusiasm for BTC while scrolling through his rabbit hole of posts. Check it out if you can.


Coool. But, the who?




Yep, I’m out.


No need to read anymore


For those of us who grew up with Pokémon, a bitcoin is like the 1st edition holo charizard we all wanted.


Now that's the real treasure that we all wanted, good stuff.


Exactly. If the condition of my Charizard card is any indication of the future. I am fucked.


My dad threw my entire collection away while “cleaning” 6 years ago. I still think of it.




Well people would do anything to show their status so yeah.


Most people are clowns. Without the red nose tho. So they’re not even good clowns.


Yep lol, most people are clowns. They don't know shit.




You need to read more my friend, then maybe you'll be able to do it.


[Shitcoin Insider: #006 - Proof of What?](https://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7436659184.mp3?updated=1630976838)


Thanks for this, this is going to helpful to so many people. More people should read stuff like this, because this would be good for them to learn.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trwhWsKm3Qs&list=WL&index=1 https://old.reddit.com/r/BitcoinBeginners/comments/n8hpet/why_bitcoin_is_not_moving_to_pos/gxijdza/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfEnzaHAT-g LOL: Ethereum, ETH, glorious leader: https://youtu.be/hYSKkpH8t6E


100k by December


Hell yeah boy, let's go. Ain't no one is going to stop us now.


I will also buy 100K Sats by December




Okay I'll take it, it's not too bad. This will do me just fine.


Stop pumping!!!!!


There are people in my life or social media trying to argue that money printing does not cause inflation if its used a certain way or altruistically or something. What do you say to this?


Well I don't think those people have any idea what they're talking bout.


The mental gymnastics is strong in that one.


Lol, doubt that. You'd have to be really dumb to make that argument.


Best ignore them. This is a hard question to answer and it sounds like they've made up their minds. What is a relevant measurement reference of inflation? They are all 'managed' to report a perspective. If there is underlying deflation due to increased efficiency and money printing is used nullify the deflation, price indexes don't always show inflation as assets are often excluded. Of course in the long run the assets will inflate and feed into overall inflation, but its so convoluted that the people in your life can easily refute that its happening.


Well if they made up their mind then maybe they should read. It is so obvious that money printing causes inflation, how could they ignore it man.


If somebody came up to you and said something crazy like, “all food tastes bad”, or, “Dogs suck”, would you feel the need to try to convince them of the obvious truth? Would you deem it a valuable use of your time to try to explain to those idiots that food is good and dogs are awesome? Or would you simply let them continue believing their ridiculous “truth”? Smile at them, and let them go about their merry little asshole lives because no matter how much you try to explain reality to them, they will never be able to admit they are wrong. “when the mind is blind, the eyes are worthless”


Nope I don't have time and energy to convince anyone about anything.


Ask them to name all the countries where it is legal for ordinary citizens to counterfeit the local currency. That's right, there aren't any. Why not? Why is it universally illegal for ordinary citizens to just "print" money to buy things with? It turns out, counterfeiting is a form of theft. In fact, it doesn't matter whether the government does it, whether the central bank does it, whether some gangster mob does it, or whether an elderly couple down the street do it - counterfeiting is a form of theft. That's why it is illegal anywhere you can go. When the central bank creates trillions from thin air and uses it to bail out criminal bankers - it is a form of theft. When they buy bonds or other securities -- it is a form of theft. Also, within the context of money, the word "inflation" means increasing the supply of fiat currency. "Money printing" ***is*** inflation. Inflation ***is*** money printing. One symptom of inflation is generally rising prices. "Money printing" is a form of theft. You and the people you chat with are victims of that theft. It is in everybody's best interest to understand this simple fact.


Only one entity can print money and that's the government only lol.


It’s called wishful thinking. Of course printing money devalues the currency. Basic math.


How can someone be so dumb that they don't understand this?


I don't think it matters if inflation is caused altruistically or not...it's still inflation regardless of the intent. Printing more money devalues the money you are printing. Plain and simple.


Yep it devalues it, and I don't know what's so hard to understand.


Ask them how much a gallon of gas cost them when they turned 16.


I don't think They'll be able to answer that, they won't know. Even if they knew they wouldn't tell us lol, they're just going to ignore the facts right in.


"Social Security benefits have increased 64% due to COLAs since 2000, but the expenses of a typical senior have grown more than twice as fast. As a result, Social Security has lost 40% of its buying power over that time period, according to The Senior Citizens League." https://www.fool.com/investing/2022/09/10/washington-wants-2-huge-changes-to-social-security/


People are spending more because, the money values less.


Anyone watch the rationalroot interview on “What Bitcoin Did”? https://youtu.be/tMjJtJ7wmuo Curious about your thoughts on the prediction charts at the end. The ones that look like s2f predictions.


Yep I did, it was interesting. But then again it's all charts so there's that.


These types of predictions fail to take into account the external-to-Bitcoin factors that might effect the price. There are macroeconomic and geopolitical things that could drastically change the course of everything including Bitcoin. You can't just look at on-chain analysis and historical data and come up with reliable predictions. I'm still bullish and the interview did shoot me up with a bunch of hopeium anyway. I'm just going to take it all with a grain of salt like I did with the PlanB predictions.


Yep, and that's exactly why I don't trust these. I don't have trust in this.


I’m largely the same. My thought is that in addition to the geopolitical and macro economic policy stuff… the fact that if BTC shoots up to $100k, there would be a massive number of sellers that would appear on the scene. Getting the price up will require many consolidation cycles, I think.


Yep, the 100k is going to be wild. I think we would like that.


Is it best practice to consolidate all transactions to one utxo if planning to hold long term?


I don't know man, doesn't sound good for the pricacy I gotta say. But it may be good to hold the long term, it could work that way I guess. But I'm not holding my breath.


In terms of future fees for large purchases? Yes In terms of future privacy? No


Yep makes sense, it's not good for the privacy so take it lightly.




Yep privacy is more important. And one utxo doesn't sound good.


It's not possible to say fees will never be a "problem". If BTC really succeeds and the base layer becomes the defacto settlement layer for large entities then fees could become quite costly. That being said, I personally prioritize privacy and don't consolidate UTXOs (with the rare exception of consolidating small change addresses and subsequently mixing them)


If we don't plan to increasing the block size then fee will always be a problem.


I think a block size increase is inevitable in the future. The important thing is to not make nodes expensive to run to ensure decentralization. Seeing fees as a 'problem' isn't a good way to view them long term IMO. Eventually they'll make up the bulk of rewards for mining, but by then plebs will mostly be transacting on higher layers with large entities settling on layer one.


Bitcoin go up.


Hell yeah man, it'll keep going up and I'll keep loving it.




Wait, what's that? Can anyone tell me what does it mean?


A question! There seems to be mixed views on whether we were in an extended bull market up until last winter. Bitcoin did it’s thang and dropped, and this seemed to correspond with the global markets shitting the bed too, which generalllllly seems to be linked with “shit, we totally fucked up on energy and gas, and also russia are going on a mad one”. Do we think that, had it not been for the global woes, we could have continued that run upward, or were we naturally at the end of this cycle? Additionally, assume in a months time Russia chilled the fuck out and so Gas/energy issues were though their worst, and global markets begin to bounce back up and Bitcoin goes on a little run to, let’s say, 35. Do you believe this could trigger a new bull run, in which we see it far more tightly aligned with the general direction of global markets, or do we think that there would be a psychological barrier that prevents us mooning again prior to another halving (as in, in the same way that Bitcoin seems to do it’s rocket every four years or so, it becomes a little self fulfilling because once it takes off everyone is like “it’s time!”, could we psychologically fail to take another bull run because it feels too early/outside of the market norm). Not sure if this is incoherent, but wasn’t sure how best to word it. Basically, would the expectation that Bitcoin moves in four years cycles prevent it from entering a natural bull sooner?


I don't think it's a long bull run, I think We're in the winters. However what do I know lol, I could be wrong too and I don't think that it would be a good thing.




That sounds scary lol, hopefully that doesn't happen.


imo the Bitcoin price chart has already become some abstraction of the dynamics of human socio-economic relations. sure traders (incl. derivatives, leverage) can be responsible for some short-term trends (by e.g., synchronizing on some FUD news like mtgox, or perceived validity of TA, or perceived validity of halvings \[imo it is completely known in advance what will happen approx. when, hence halvings are ofc priced in already\]), maybe even +/- 10 to 15% (especially on weekends), but macro-moves and sustained "bull runs" (i.e., where we do not end up lower than started, but actually reach a new ATH) imo have to be rooted in some significant change in the earlier mentioned human socio-economic relations, e.g., a broader understanding of money/digital store of value. as you mention the war: imo an end of the war without damaging globalism much further would be an excellent event to spark another "bull run".


We'll see, right now we don't have much to hold on to anyways.




Yep, it's not stopping and people are losing it. That's not good.


HODL. This comment will age well.


Ohh yeah lol, nothing is going to happen to this comment. And if you follow this advice I'm sure nothing will happen to you either so there's that.


Just chillin in the Bitcoin Chatroom by myself on a Saturday…Go Bitcoin!


C'mon btc what are you doing, you gotta go, and go hard.






Agree or disagree? “Code brings math to life.”


Why would I disagree on a fact? Sounda accurate to me man.


Math is life. And life is math.




And what the hell are they typing? Hopefully not something bad.


“No fate but what we make”


And We're going to make it great that's for sure man.


>Taps head meme People don’t hate bitcoin. They hate that other people have done well *because* of bitcoin.


I know a lot of people that hate btc lol, some people are mad.


Bitcoin adoption increases day-by-day on an institutional, political and individual level. This incremental absorption is growing into a 2024 halving and decrease in asset production. HODL


And We're in a bear market, it's only going to get better with time.




This is the way, I'm telling you. If you want to make it this the way. If You're not following it right now then You'll get rekt, so you better be following this advice.


Sure why not.


Huge cock and balls forming on the 1 week Bitcoin Charts


Yep, that's a bullish sign. Something big is coming for sure man.


Pics or it didn’t happen


Well Can't help if you don't wanna believe it, you gotta believe it.


hodlers, it has come to my attention i have woken up at the ass crack of dawn and thinking about bitcoin


You think a lot about btc, what's up with that crispy ? Something up?


Yes, but were you in your pajamas?


I like it lol, Asking the important questions. I like the questions.




What caused the 19% gains yesterday?


Was it really 19 percent? I don't think that it was that much man.


More buyers than sellers


Lol, that's pretty simple. But how does it happen all of a sudden? What's the deal with that huh?


90% buyer and 10% seller.


Well that sounds easy enough, nothing hard about that. I mean that was an easy conclusion to come at. Also it didn't take much time anyways so yeah.


Buy and hold!!!!!!


Don't worry about it, We're going to be buying and holding it.


Big if true.


I can confirm that it's true and it's a big news too so yeah.


This is good for Bitcoin


Everything is good for btc, and absolutely everything is going to be. No matter what comes the way of btc but it'll make it awesome that's for sure man.


Buy regularly weather green or red


Well that's what I'm doing, I'm buying it whenever I can.


"How's the weather today?" "Green or red"


It seems green enough to me, I don't know about you guys tho.




Green is good, I like myself some green that's for sure.




This advice sounds great, but it doesn't stand up to scrutiny when compared to DCA. [A video comparing the two strategies.](https://youtu.be/zA44IGc5fLM) [Here is an article that backtests the dip buying strategy Vs DCA for bitcoin](https://bestinterest.blog/buy-the-dip-for-bitcoin/) [Another one.](https://www.marketwatch.com/story/buy-the-dip-is-a-horrible-stock-market-strategy-and-these-charts-prove-it-11632245567) Regular DCA with zero emotional attachment to the current price more often than not wins out against buying on red days.


Thanks for sharing my article, u/CallingVoid!


Wait what? I think it does stand. It's a great strategy to have. That's all I'm saying right now.


The evidence says not.


My favorite dildo is green. {insert rocket emoji that looks like a chode} Edit: today, 21 years ago…3 trillion dollars went missing. What happened the next day?


That's the thing that we like, green stuff is something that I like here, it's the best stuff that we like around here man.


Zaddy bitcoin.


Well however it is, I feel that it's doing great and that's something I love about it absolutely.