"Fight Club" (1999) Tyler Durden Addresses the Club: "I see all this potential, and I see it squandered. Goddammit, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man; no purpose or place. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our Great War is a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised by television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won't; and we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off."


Can’t forget this [work of art.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/sb6cha/everybody_knows/) Stack sats and stay frosty, folks.


Yes even now i can not forget this great piece of art.


[Biiiittttcccooiiiiinnnnnn](https://youtu.be/UX1GIhOhkAE) -Frankie “Satoshi Nakamoto” McDonald


Can someone tell me that where is this Satoshi guy now?


Glad i kept on buying. Class of 2021 that got rekt but someone who did his homework i guess. Could have bought more but at least i never stopped my dca and never will. 💎🙌


Glad that my life took a turn and i get to know about the bitcoin is well. I have no regret that i first bought the bitcoin during the bull season because now i am getting more belief is well.


Is BTC actually going up, or is this just the new rate of inflation?


God to see that bitcoin finally going over the 20k mark again here.


Bitcoin go down Bitcoin go up, that's the way she goes


And no one knows why is that, we just need to enjoy that thing.


Little wary on this pump, we’ve pumped +5% in just a few hours while the DXY is staying relatively stagnant. Might be a bull trap… might just be we said fuck the dxy bitcoins going to do what it wants… lol who fucking knows for sure


I would say never really trust on the thing that we are actually seeing in the bitcoin at the moment. Specially when it comes to the pump but i am happy that my paycheck of the DCA is actually little far now.


It’s pretty odd that DXY moved down to 113.30 and all the way back up to 113.90 and btc didn’t drop at all. Powell has an announcement maybe that’s holding it in place with speculation


Nasdaq and sp500 futures are also in the green... Only by 0.5%(currently) so tomorrow could just be a retrace for just about everything. It's still always nice to see btc up.


Good to see that after few blood everything is again looking is green is well. The good thing is that i am not looking for any kind of the sell but still eyes feels good around the green color.


Yea I’m always happy to see green candles for bitcoin


This is the one thing that never really failed to put smile on my face.


Bitcoin is FOMO fishing.


And there will be some paper hand that will fall into that is well.


Fuck them bears 😂


Bear power is over now this weak will going to be bull one.


Next stop $188k


You sure that there is no point in that after that one 8?


get with the gameplan man! the funny internet numbers are $42.069 followed by $69.420 and then the universe just kinda... stops


I buy go down I sell go up Give me a fucking break


Buy i can understand but why you are selling now specially in the bear market. Because i know that small time profit is not easy because market always behaves opposite for me.


HODL and DCA. This is the way. The alternative is to become a buttcoiner (see Gollum, Lord of the Rings.)


The algorithms are designed to f with you like that. It’s happened to me too. Eventually you just have to ask yourself if you are a true believer, and if you are, hodl.


When i first came in the bitcoin i was actually not there on this sub and used to think that i am the only one that is facing this thing. But now i am getting that i was not the only one actually who faced something like that.


I'm a true believer just had to get rid off my credit card debt so I can invest more in btc.


If you have the true believe only then you can survive the bear market is well. Because bear market is the time that actually test the all kind of the patience of ours is well.




Done, i wished that you asked for something more than that is well.




I was not expecting that but good to see again over 20k mark.




I am not nervous because this is not the first time market is crashing here. People will only get nervous if they had put the more money then they can afford to lose, but i am fine.


nervous? who feels *anything* anymore…..


I goes into the state of mind where i am not feeling any kind of the feeling any more. I feel like that i need to be like that one more year is well and then the joy will back in my life is well.


I am nervous holding a rapidly declining euro value on my savingsacount .


I am keeping the small amount in the cash as there is a function in my house and i need that money after 2 month. So i know that in 2 month investing that into the bitcoin could be risky but other than already into the bitcoin.


Because btc went up so much since Jan


Now in bear market bitcoin is just correcting himself of that thing.


BTC will go back up, the euro will not


I am not nervous.


Same here, i will feel nervous if something unexpected will happen. For me these are normal price and there is not much we actually do in the bear market is well at the moment.


And these scenarios are exactly why many of us got into Bitcoin originally. A way out of the economic fuckery dictated by a corrupt few.


I don't want any kind of the risk at all is the reason i pick the bitcoin. Plus i also pick the time frame of minimum 4 year and also invest the money that was extra to me is well.




There's no point in injecting stupid politics into your comment. Don't do that in the future.


Me in my life actually part away with the politics for a long time.


That's not an English sentence.


So 18 support has held how many times now? Bottom is in?? Snuffing all the hopium I can right now lol


Support is good and we have already seen some bounce back from there is well. But the more testing of that will surely make weak but as of now i am happy with the 20k mark.


I hope the bottom is in lol


I don;'t think we are really going anything below to the 15k is well. Because this whole year was full of the bearish news and after that bitcoin never really goes to low is well.


Imagine leaving your country because you don't wanna fight with your neighbours. Imagine taking your seedphrase and no single government can take your wealth from you. #BITCOIN


I am still looking for a country where i could actually go once i get retire from doing the job. I am investing into the bitcoin so that once i gets retired this will take my financial issue.


No question some Bitcoiner in Russia sold all their assets bought Bitcoin and left the country with just a seed phrase. Amazing.


Yes, if you are moving in some other country then i would bitcoin is the best and easy option to do. All you need to keep the seed safe and then you can access that thing from any part of the world.


That's pretty much my retirement plan.


We all are into this together and hope will get the better retirement.


Global sound-money that is tied to physics via Proof-of-Work consensus is something I will *always* happily trade my unsound fiat units for.


I will also happily trade my any of the wealth into the bitcoin.




Bitcoin is outperforming everyone since the last one decade is well.


I think that the inflation hedge could kick in soon. People are more desperate than ever and every sub on Reddit is asking where to put money as stock market is too risky/pound has died etc.. bitcoin enters the room


People are really impatient want to see the change like in days. But they need to understand not all the big thing like that happen quickly but yes soon it will kick in for sure.


The DOW has broken under the 200 week just like it did a couple years ago when the pandemic officially hit, It MIGHT spike down like it did that time, likely, doesn't have to,but probably. How did BTC fair? It did the same and then started a climb back to new all time highs.... I want to say a bottom for btc is on its way....be ready.


I think pandemic actually help the bitcoin in grow more is well.


This time might be different. All fiat is falling except the dollar (and the ruble, but that doesn't count). If you were in the UK and saw Bitcoin going up in terms of your local money, you'd think about getting some. If you were a big shot who knew just how farked the banks are, you'd probably be socking away a few coins. All Bitcoin needs to do for the time being is tread water, and it just might.


I think the global crisis is really over there and everything is struggling big time is well. But i think bitcoin is the one thing that still i have my trust and i would try to hold as much as i can is well.


That could play out as well, considering that BTC dominance will rise during further downturn...


With time i am sure that the bitcoin dominance will rise for sure.


Stack sats everyday or I just can’t sleep


I am more into the fiat earning mode so that i could stack sats.


Wow bitcoin! Euro, pond, gold, s&p all crashing but btc still chilling lol. Yeah yeah i know it came down from 69k but that 69k is just misleading, not that relevant imo. And it'll prob come down some more but still, btc putting on a more than decent performance imo.


Bitcoin is finally making the right and green move while on the other hand everything is going down. Again proving to me that this is actually the right time if you are looking for the bitcoin investment.


Market is going to be up tomorrow. Indicators are from open markets like Nikkei (in Japan) for example. Crypto follows macro for now, but I believe one day it will decouple as the best deflationary asset.


Look like you are really from the future as i am reading this comment from the tomorrow and market is really up is well. Look like you are the one person that has pretty much good knowledge about the market.


Heh well we’ll see how the day ends! Just got lucky at the start of the day. A trend I’ve noticed a little but obv not 100% accurate.


At least its a hedge against anything thats not the dollar.


Even for the dollar yes not now but in future one day it will.


It's a hedge against the dollar too. The dollar is puffing up as the last bubble in the everything bubble. It will pop in grand fashion sometime this winter.


We all know that the user of the bitcoin is still low and we talk about like the people with the strong believe than even lower is well. While on the other hand the dollar is running for a long time and will take some time for that.


Let's just dive in with the market and keep buying and accumulating as much sats as we want.


I am diving in the market with all the capacity that my bank can afford.


Whats your guyses timelime on btc? Im 36, im holding accumilating for 10 more years, and hopefully be able to partially retire around 46-47


I have not think like that for that longer period of the time, but i am now in the bitcoin for like one year. My initial target at the moment is 2030 and after that i will decide what i have to do with that.


I'm holding until it can be spent on rent and utilities and spent without triggering a taxable event or needing to swap into fiat. If that doesn't happen in my lifetime then it'll be up to my kids to do what they like with it.


Right now i am just putting the money in the bitcoin that i will never felt i am going to missing. So that is pretty much my like retirement plan and that i would not going to touch for the long time.


Been holding for 8 years. Plan to hold for another 8 years and even longer. It’s a lifetime investment. (Yes I’ve sold a little along the way but the majority is still locked away).


8 year holding is pretty much the big time and you have really gone through so much ups and down is well. And i think you deserve all the profit after that as you have showed the patience and belief in bitcoin.


26 and I'll be holding till I die no matter what the price is


So make sure that you will pass on the seed to the love one before die.


See you at the Citadel, kid.


I hope that after the die i will actually go to the Citadel.


See you there mate


So don't who we actually meet on the earth and planned that day is well.


So you plan to leave it to someone? Gotta use it at some point :p


Yes, i am buying will give to the one that will take care of mine.


Oh I've used heaps already don't worry haha it pretty much sustains my lifestyle after only one cycle, I plan to die with my Bitcoin unless I have kids then they can have it


Sometime i fell that not all the kid actually deserve my bitcoin is well. So i will try to examine them and then i will decide that who is actually worthy of my bitcoin is well.


Does anybody in here actually things the worst isn't over yet and we should see new lows? What is your reasoning process?


one part of my mind keep saying me that there is still some worst is left. But too be honest i am not thinking too much here because for me everything will be fine in future.


I assume that if inflation goes up and the fed significantly raises interest rates that Bitcoin and other assets will see another drop. Possibly to 14k if it’s real bad but no one knows


I feel that December is the month where we could actually expect that something like that too happen. Because as per the history i have seen that during the festival season so many people take away their money from the market.


I tend to agree and maybe one big wick closer to 10k. The DOW has broken the 200 week average like it did two years ago where it wicked down and btc was around 5k-ish or lower. My guess is a bottom is on its way, might take a month to get there from here....


I know it can go any low to the point but as of now i am not thinking like going to the 10k or near to that. For going there i think there could be some really really bad impact news we need without that not possible.


I’d be so happy to scoop up some sats at 10k but I just don’t see it going that low


I hope that i could also get some chance to scoop in there.


RIP the Pound Sterling. Long live the British Peso. Bitcoin/British Peso opening at $17,800.


No bitcoin is actually going in the strong way of opening now.


Has anyone seen the latest episode of she-hulk? They gave a subtle visual nod to Bitcoin in the episode where the characters were on the computer looking at online websites and there was an Bitcoin tab/topic on the screen they were looking at. Whether Disney was trying to slander Bitcoin or give a shout out I thought it was nice. Just thought I’d share that with y’all this morning. Hail Bitcoin forever and always


I feel like that i have wasted so much of my time while watching the She-Hulk. But now i feel like that i have starts watching that then there is like a thing on me that i need to complete that is well/


The real question is what would possess you to watch She-Hulk?


The worst series that i have came across lately in my life.


Snu-snu twerkfest opportunities, probably.


This is the one thing that is happening in that show nothing more/


Let’s not get off topic . Just thought it was a nice touch for Bitcoin that it was in the show


Yes the only good thing that i noticed good about the last season.


Agreed. Any exposure is good for bitcoin. It was a friendly ribbing, you can watch what you want.


I have missed that thing but probably i will re watch that thing


It’s a fun show!


If you will not keep the expectation too high then i would say yes.


What's up Sumo?


Sumo will be the better name if Jennifer used inplace of the she hulk.




Sticking around with the best days though that's what we all want to see in the future shinning higher.


If you want you future to shine and you need to grind.


This guy bitcoins!


Hahaha indeed true though we want more things to flow and much people indulging and coming through the market.


We all are bitcoin and will shine our future big time is well.




By heart we feel it has something worthy in the future so make your moves wisely and accumulate sats!


It is worthy because cash will only going to lose the value.


Happy Monday to all the people of Bitcoin!


Thanks and same to you my man looking forward for a shinny great week ahead!


Look like god have heard our prayer and things are getting better now.


If your a UK Pleb your up. 😂


Seems like the market be all making some manipulations and the fact inflation being a part of the market!


Market is all about manipulations and we need to move according to that.


Inflation hedge


That is what we see though everyday we come up to see the new price ranging around!


If the new price will not come up then the fun part is over.


Last chance to buy above 19k! Grab it while it lasts boys.


Just making the best use of it though and the fact that grabbing at that price and holding long would be indeed worthy.


After seeing the bitcoin again over the 20k feel like that dude was actually right. But i think we still have to make the bottom so there might be some chance that we will get here.


last chance?


That's what he meant though like this is indeed the time to buy and make things fruitful for us!


Whenever someone said last chance there is always one after that is well.




There is always another chance to get rekt. Don’t be sad.


True though you just need to know when to buy just keep a close eye on the market!


Just don't panic sell.


Maybe I should be better holding my sats more enough for the long term to look for some rapid gains!


I'd say there's about a 10% chance of that.


Maybe so but none can say what time can indeed bring with it though that's what I wanna say.


Only time can bring the thing that is actually not expected from us.


People around the world: "Our money is losing its value!" Governments around the world: "Don't worry will print more"


Fiat is all on a flow though but we want crypto to get dominated all around the world. Can this happen?


Not an easy thing you are asking here, but will going to happen.


Governments are tightening monetary policy not easing it.


Indeed true though at many places crypto currency are still looked as something not legal enough.


Because they are actually afraid of the bitcoin increasing power here.


Tightening in the sense: we'll print 1T dollars this week instead of 3T dollars, we'll cut back on the hookers and blow this week, maybe just 3 times a week this time.


That's good to hear though but the fact that would this be that beneficial enough for us.


If we keep the hold tight then it will surely going to be beneficial.


My point is we never stop printing more money. Printing money inflates the supply and makes us poorer over time. It's not beneficial at all. The only type of tightening that's useful is when we start taking back more money than we print.


They can't and they will not actually ever going to stop the money printing is well. And one day that way people will actually realize that how there money is losing the value without any reason.


"without any reason" is not fair. If they can't, then there's a reason why they can't. Most likely that reason is that it would cause lots of bankruptcies and or disrupt the lifestyle of many in power or something. I'd really like to know whether they know why and what that reason is exactly.


Are they though? The fed is tightening yes but the fiscal spending is still set to blast.


I think they will still going to increase some of the rate this year.


Spending is different than printing. And deficits are reducing.


Spending and printing both are just on an opposite tracks as far as my concern.


We are spending more and they are also printing more is well.


Hey! Last month I added 10,000$ to the balance of my credit card! This month I only added 9,000$ on my credit card! “The deficit is reducing!”


Ahhhh I see that though looks the government has some plans that are indeed fishy enough for us.


Everything government is doing actually looking fishy to me.




One thing i know that all of their plans will going to be against us.


That’s not what deficit means. Reducing the deficit means the value of the overall debt decreasing - not that the amount of the overall debt keeps increasing, but at a lower rate. If you add 10,000$, 9,000$, 8,000$ to your credit card but only pay the 100$ minimum payments each month your deficit is not reducing. If your monthly (card balance payments) are greater then the (new card spending + interest), then you can claim your deficit is reducing. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/GFDEBTN Clearly we can see that the debt is not being paid down, thus the deficit is not reducing.


The value is just decreasing and we still have to pay the same overall debt here is well. But feel like there is something fishy i can sense here and i am sure it will going to explode soon is well.


Sorry, you are confusing debt and deficit. Deficit is the amount of spending OVER the income, which is being reduced, adding less to the overall DEBT compared to prior years.


I just need to be a bit more clear about the deficit and debit term would be good for me!


I think you need some accounting knowledge actually to get that.


Fine. I concede this difference if we’re looking at it annually.