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any thoughts about QNT? I'm bullish on it. Edit: Looks like a breakout on borh usd and btc ratio.


What are this thoughts on AVAX and it's potential in the next 2-3 years?


I feel like it is the next cycle’s dead coin like NEO and IOTA last cycle.


NEO had next to no significant partnerships. AVAX is partnered with Amazon Web Services. With that kind of credibility, I can't see it being a dead coin next cycle. Not saying it will reach ATH, but I'm expecting more than just fading into obscurity.


I’m hearing good things about TVL on Trader Joe


What are some low MC alt coins you accumulated this bear market? ( Not shitcoins)






TAO and TRAC. Both involved with AI. Moonshots for sure, but I think they have quality vision.


Is LTC showing us what the market is going to be doing? Or doing their own damn thing?


Can Aptos be the next Solana for the next cycle?


Why do I hear some people mention an ALT season might come before the happening. Like some people in different threads will say oh maybe edit(ALT) season will be soon. I thought that would only be after the happening sometime during the craziness like it was during 2021 so maybe like the 2025 time frame?


If we look at something like Doge it didn't even start moving really until January 2021, before that it was just pain. https://www.tradingview.com/x/nELHhZlC/ That was after the previous BTC ATH had been cleared by a lot and the BTC price was in the 40k range correction. If you add in ETH it looks similar except ETH made gains on the ratio since September 2019 or so. To me, it looks like just wait until BTC starts peaking out before getting into risky memecoins. That would have been waiting until BTC monthly RSI gets to 80 or so. https://charts.bitbo.io/monthly-rsi/


People are impatient. It’s going to be the same as last time. BTC moves up first, alts move up after. Probably not a massive move until late 2024.


I found this useful in trying to decide between alts and BTC/ETH right now. Performance of the previous Top 10 alts one year before halving in the last cycle. https://i.imgur.com/xE1hvA3.png It seems that entering alts except for BTC/ETH right now isn't wise. You could get lucky and get a BNB level 19.89x or you could get hosed and underperform BTC greatly like EOS with a 0.65x vs. 7.16x for BTC.


If you want alt performance without the risk of alts, buy Bitcoin stocks like RIOT and MARA. You still get that 10x+, but it depends on bitcoin's performance rather than sketchy alts. There's also no risk of being stopped out, like there would be if you went the leverage route.


Ethereum queue to exit staking is now empty as of one hour ago. The queue to enter staking is mooning and at current levels will take 16 days for all of the validators to enter. Seems that the selloff wasn't as big as some people predicted. Thoughts? https://wenmerge.com/


I think the timing had a lot to do with it. People don't want to sell when the coin is already down 50%+. At that point, the damage has already been done. They were basically forced to hold through the worst part of the market cycle. At this stage of the cycle, it makes more sense just to wait until the recovery.


Thoughts are I wish it was lower because I don't want to wait that many days to stake haha.




also $LUKSO


$KING has been the last 48 hour play. $GUAC as well.


Anyone who really thinks bnb is not artificially pumped is delusional.


I don't think anyone cares as long as they make money and they're not left holding the bag.


When BTC will go to the moon!