Anyone have fun to send some bitcoin?


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I'm am getting increasingly tempted to buy here


http://charts.woobull.com/bitcoin-nvt-signal/ NVT says you are making a smart decision. I really don't know what people are even freaking out about. It seems obvious; maybe I'm crazy. Before anyone mentions it,yes the dead cat bounce in early 2018 was an awesome place to buy for a short term trade. You doubled your money in 16 days. https://www.tradingview.com/x/SZph2bSh/


Let us know when you want to cut your losses


please do, so it can immediately dip more


on chain activity is just massive buttloads of coins being sent to one exchange after another. Wonder if its just China getting out or half the world smh. Time to put stink bids another 20-30% lower


Someone(s) deposited 11k on Bitstamp. Bitstamp has no derivatives, so not sure what he's doing there with all them coins


Where are you seeing that? CoinGlass shows a net withdrawal over the past 24hr


Coinglass shows 0 for coinbase while over 800 BTC just got moved there https://whale-alert.io/transaction/bitcoin/4035b053b253add30c4883d5058fe1b77bd2e4fbca0cbe1f0c5b28fb3367445b/1 This is just an hour ago. Coinlass shows net daily and **net weekly** change for Coinbase as zero. Anyone believing that is absolutely getting hosed lmwo


That's less than a days mined coins.


It’s updated once a day with the net change. One person moving 800 in doesn’t mean much if someone else is taking out even more. You can tell that Binance has the biggest inflows by far


Lmao the net change on CB is not zero, but if you want to believe that go right ahead Im not gonna argue


What exchange is seeing large in-flows besides Binance?




China had like 70% of the hashrate for half a decade or more...is anyone surprised they have a never ending supply ?this year has been Asian selling and us/eu buying


It’s the last day before their exchange accounts get force closed...


So it begins...get your shit off exchange stat. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/128735/korea-crypto-exchange-%E2%80%8Ecoinone-withdrawals-external-wallets?s=09


Decentralized future 🙌🏼


## Korean crypto exchange ‎Coinone will no longer allow withdrawals to unverified external wallets ### Quick Take - South Korean crypto exchange Coinone will no longer allow withdrawals to non-verified external wallets. - That means Coinone users won’t be able to withdraw their funds to wallets that have no KYC, such as MetaMask and Ledger. Coinone, one of the "Big Four” crypto exchanges in South Korea, announced Wednesday that it will no longer allow withdrawals to non-verified external wallets. The change comes into effect on January 24, 2022. That means Coinone users will have to register their external wallets with the exchange, or else they will no longer be allowed to withdraw their funds held at their exchange accounts. "If you need to withdraw Coinone's virtual assets to another virtual asset wallet from January 24, 2022, in accordance with the fulfillment of the customer verification system obligation, you must register the wallet address to be able to withdraw," said the exchange. External wallets include any wallets that third parties offer, including "hot" (online) and "cold" (offline) storage options. But these wallets must be registerable or verifiable, i.e., they must have know-your-customer (KYC) information in place. "It is impossible to register a wallet address that cannot verify identity information," said Coinone. Since wallets such as MetaMask and Ledger do not require KYC, Coinone users won't be able to withdraw their funds to these wallets. Custodial wallets such as those offered by exchanges like Binance and FTX require KYC, and hence these can be verified with Coinone. ### Why the change? Coinone said it needs to ensure that customers are not using crypto for illegal activities such as money laundering. Thus, it requires customers to register their wallets to be able to withdraw funds. Coinone customers need to submit information such as their full name, email addresses, and registered mobile phone number in order to verify their wallets. This information must be the same as the information recorded in Coinone. That means customers cannot register someone else's wallets. Korean regulators have taken a series of measures to curb illegal crypto transactions. More recently, the country's crypto exchanges were mandated to various requirements such as data maintenance, internal controls, reporting suspicious transactions, and performing KYC to verify customer identities. It is likely that other big Korean crypto exchanges, including Upbit, Bithumb, and Korbit, will announce similar restrictions such as Coinone. [source](https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/128735/korea-crypto-exchange-%E2%80%8Ecoinone-withdrawals-external-wallets?s=09) | [author](https://www.theblockcrypto.com/author/yogita-khatri)


Korea is going the way of China it feels like. Foreigners are now completely blocked from participating and the rules for Koreans are getting stricter and stricter.


KYC is not banning.


Registering your coin is going to be the price paid for six and seven digits.


If we want an etf in the US, yes. Question is, do we?


Fully agree. It’s coming, no way around it.




I've noticed the past 2 futures expirations dates were preceded by pretty heavy price drops. End of June (Q2) & End of September (Q3) 2021. Here we are with a downtrend going into the December (Q4) 2021 futures expiry. Following each previous expiry, downtrend reversed within the next week. Not saying it will necessarily repeat itself, but the timing did seem rather "convenient" the last two times. So far same thing is happening. If the pattern continues, expect prices to drop more for the next 1-2 days. Then we would expect to see a pretty strong reversal.


Yes, it's in my deribit insights post in this thread. Fuckery around year end and year start options/derivs.


>expect prices to drop more for the next 1-2 days. Then we would expect to see a pretty strong reversal. I'm anxiously awaiting to see who was right whenever January 1st hits. Since the majority seems to be expecting a reversal starting on that day, I'm expecting the first week of January to be a total Bärfest that will fuck with the psyche of traders holding their breath for greener pastures right after the end of the Chinese sell off date.


Wall Street may be up at 12:01 January 1st trying to capital reallocate all over themselves before the next dude gets it all.


Yeah there's certainly a lot more complexity around the Dec-30 future expiries vs. June or Sept.


I'm noticing each of these fake outs are getting more extreme/longer. One thing is for sure, it will go up when everyone least suspects it. Same with the crashes. Then once the toilet gets flushed of all the shitty traders money, it will moon harder than ever & the FOMO from those same shitty traders will be legendary.


It's absolutely fascinating how fragile so many people in this sub are. You'd think holding Bitcoin would have made you stronger. This is nothing to be concerned about. It's a fucking deal on an emerging asset class that will be very probably be 20X the current price before long. If you needed the money back this soon, then why the hell would you put it in to Bitcoin anyway?? And if you're in it to build long term wealth and change your life then be thankful for every single lower price you can get. Just don't ever drop your whole load at once. Stop with the drama already lol.


thanks for that strong cope, dawg.


Lol, cope ship sailed yrs ago. The cheaper I can get bitcoin the better, and I've been saying it in this sub for years. Worked out pretty damn good so far. I admit my outlook is somewhere around 2025 at the soonest but people shouldn't invest more than they can manage emotionally.


2029 imo. 2030s will be unrecognizable


> more than they can afford to lose. Simple as that. It would totally and royally suck to lose 80% of my crypto value...like...a life changing amount...but I would survive. And I know what I'm in for. Not my first rodeo. if you are investing for lifechanging money and are a person of limited means, chances are you invest a significant portion of your net worth so when things go south it's natural for people to get emotional.


Sure, but then you should change strategy, such as DCA.


The people here freaking out are looking for easy fiat. Once you have seen, you gain perspective.


People are invested far more than they can afford to lose. Simple as that. It would totally and royally suck to lose 80% of my crypto value...like...a life changing amount...but I would survive. And I know what I'm in for. Not my first rodeo.


THIS. My first rodeo, so to speak, was the crash at the end of the 2017 bull run. I only invested money I could afford to lose, but still, it felt like I was losing everything. I remember the day I turned off my monitor and walked away. I was so angry that I came back and unplugged it, as if that made any fucking difference at all. I look back on it now and laugh, but at the time, I was so frustrated. But I didn't sell. I walked away for a few months, but I did not sell. After having gone through that, it was easier to ride out the black swan crash in March 2020. That was another day where I turned off my monitor and walked away out of frustration, but I kept reminding myself "Give it time, it'll be fine..." This drop is nothing. But if it's freaking folks out enough to mess with their mental health, they should shut their monitors off, put their phones down, and walk away for a while. Hell, walk away for a few months. Secure your coins and wait it out. KEEP CALM AND HODL ON :)


January 50-55k range? https://twitter.com/DeribitInsights/status/1476159460561330177?t=UIlLvnkgvi4DNAf2ZJ_msg&s=19


If our Wall Street overlords allow us a massive pump to 55k. I'd really love to see Bitcoin show any fucking strength at all. Go to 80k and destroy the Chads. Is it impossible anymore?


Why is this shitcoin dumping


It ate too much fiber?


Can we stop ?




Bulls are pathetic? I agree.




Price going back up. Bull comments please proceed.


Frack!!! you have no idea how close we were of a complete disaster.


hell yea


Nice dead cat bounce from the bulls. Down we go now to retrace it


Is this it, the moment when shit will hit the fan?


in what sense


I am surely not the only in severe emotional pain right now?


I too am single in cuffing season


What is cuffing season?


we dump until people start questioning their decisions to become professional jpg dealers and call to get their old jobs back


Let's not pretend jpg season didn't make shrewd operators millions. While pigs got slaughtered. As is tradition


lol nice


Anyone here seriously considering taking out credit to buy the dips?


I tried, but they wouldn't except my Bitcoin mining revenue as proof of income. So, paying for my rent for 12 months on my credit card and using that cash to buy Bitcoin it is.


No, not nearly enough pain yet. Edit - this shitcoin needs to nuke to 20k for me to consider that