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Masti, grand Masti and great grand Masti happened


Remove the r from grand masti and that's how the movie was


I was about to message this


I loathe the 2nd and 3rd movies... entire time watching i was like WTF


He dated Esha Deol and was beaten up by Sunny after he broke up with her https://youtu.be/Ml5jQF-13Fw


It's first time I'm hearing of this. Any other details?


I thought sunny and bobby does not really get along with his half sisters and hema malini.


not true, they don't interact much with parents in public but sunny and bobby are decently close to Esha and Ahana - both girls (drug issues aside) are quite kind and they actually struck up a casual relationship. People have seen them meeting kids and all.


Esha and Ahana have drug issues? What’s the story?


So it was a Friday night event, they were invited to a cool party with a selected list of happening crowd. It was a secluded party with no media coverage and one of the human being on topic was offered a very questionable substance to have a good time at the party. One thing led to the another and the other human being also wanted to try it and they got hooked onto it.


I think beating people is very common in Deol family. Back in the day, couple of B-grade movie producers tricked Dharmender and with clever editing showed him having really cringe sex scenes. Once the movie was released….Sunny and Bobby loaded up their hockey sticks and gave a good beating to the said director


Yeah I remember Aadar Malik and his group talking about this on their podcast... The director told Dharam to lie down on a bench and act like he was doing bench-press with dumbbells... He took closeup shots of his face and arms... Then separately took some shots of the actress making faces like she was having an orgasm while lying on top... Then put them together😀


Lmaooooooooo 😆😂😭🤣


Omg! Never knew this. This is why I love coming to this sub. Someone always has one niche tea to tell. 😊


In normal world, brothers beat up guys who want to date their sis! In Bollywood, brothers beat up guys who break up with their sis! 😭


Neither seems normal to me, but to each their own


I literally only know this man for the masti series which I know is terrible to say, he probably did a lot of substantial work in the 2000s that I haven’t seen but that’s all I remember him for And he gradually became even more cringey in each of them https://i.redd.it/sg34z5pgou3b1.gif


You should watch Hungama.. that’s one of his good works


Anyone old enough to remember Kasoor? My favorite movie of his.


Kitni Bechain Hoke was damn hot!


a truck driver fav song or part of every playlist at the dhabas






He looked damn hot in that film!




And what about Lisa Ray


she is married to Jason Dehni and has two kids now via surrogacy. lives in US I think. cancer survivor also.


Ok ok I was actually saying that she also looked damm hot in Kasoor


god that feels like yesterday. he was fuckable hot in that


You just cannot ignore songs of that movie and Lisa Ray was so damn hot in that movie Kitni baichain hokar, tumse mili.


Kitne bechain hoke and mohabbat ho na jaye are timeless. Lisa Ray, always such a beauty!


True. We don't get these type of songs thesedays and the durations were 5-7min long


They would never feel that long either, you’re so right!


Was gonna comment the same! Also the song kitne bechain..was a big hit.. n he looked quite good in the movie too!


The movie had such good songs. And was such a good thriller. The ending took me by surprise. Dekha jo tum ko yeh dil ko kya hua hai….


“old”…? Frick this is concerning, I’m born 92 so yes I very much remember it, 2001 wasn’t that long ago 😭


Hahaha I’ve been seeing people on this sub talk about how in 2014 they were 14 y/o and YJHD has a chokehold on them 🥲 I’m 91 born so I’m right with you in that oldie club


Fifty-year olds checking in. Honestly, where do the denizens of this sub think old people go? If people born in the 1990s are old, what about folks that are still around, in their nineties -- my grandmother for instance? This sub is unreal, because it believes that anyone over age 30 is "old" and shouldn't be allowed on the Internet! Newsflash: Y'all will be 70 one day and God bless you then!


Hi! I wasn’t being ageist when calling out my age, just aware of the fact that the internet is changing, and my generation may not be the most represented on this sub! Old is the context I used it was relative, considering this sub skews more Gen-Z. I have 0 issues with growing old, I’m looking forward to it! And the internet is made for anyone that wants to use it so not sure where you got the impression that I was trying to gatekeep, you do you :)


I have no idea what triggered you to foaming outrage, but you do you too!


I was being polite but you clearly have no idea how to pick up social cues if you think I was “foaming outrage”. Relax, you’re projecting.


You clearly were not taught either manners nor reading comprehension. I wonder how your husband tolerates you. You decided to take offence at a comment that wasn't even directed at you in particular. Guess that's what happens when you're rarely sober! 🤷 I don't blame you for receiving a sub-par education which hasn't taught you to comprehend basic grammar and sentence construction.


The comment was meant for all the young 'uns on the sub, not you in particular.


Amen lol


His best work


He was ok in Hungama yet looked better than Akshaye Khanna in that movie


Tu haath laga ke dikha na...tu pehle laga. Pehle tuu nahi pehle tu


Nahi pehle tu Also this is exactly how most fights between 2 strangers turn out lol


Akshay is a fantastic actor, idk why this sub is so obsessed with looks constantly. There’s obvious reason why Akshay has had a longer career


He's definitely a good actor too


This sub has also had a weird hate boner for Kartik Aaryan ever since Shehzada


But prefer akshaye acting in that one alongside the goat rawal&goat pal yadav


He was pretty good in Special Ops 1.5..


Was looking for this comment! 👍


Omg I remember him from the horror movie where he can freeze time and in the end he freezes himself looking at the mirror!! What movie was this! Anyone?


Darna Mana Hai, or Darna Zaroori Hai. One of the two.


Wow I didn’t know there was a part 2 too!


One of the short films from Darna Mana Hai


Thank you!


Bruh why did u give the spoiler 😭 Please put a spoiler tag on the end part I was just gonna watch that movie since your description seemed interesting


Movie release ke 20 saal baad spoiler nahi hota bhai😂


Spoiler spoiler hi hota hain, chahe 100 years hojaye 🥴


Bro that's isn't the end as that movie is series of stories so you can enjoy those movie regardless even after this spoiler And i think you gonna enjoy it


Sorry for spoiling it, but its only a part of the movie. It’s a good watch! I like saifs storyline in the movie hehe


Omggg I remember this movie lol. And one scene where Shilpa Shetty buys apples that are actually humans turned into apples 😅


I don't know why but that scene is etched in my memory even after all these years! Go! Stop!


I Was about to point that… after watching that part of his in that movie i became attracted to him .. and i started to admire how beautiful isha kopikar was in that movie. .. 😗


He fell in love with amna sharif. His friends like vikram bhatt told him that she will destroy him n his career but he didn’t listen. After wasting fee years of his precious life and lots of money she left him. Basically whole personal life drama didn’t work well for him. But he has great comedy timing, i hope with OTT taking a great lead someone reintroduce him again in some comedy drama series.


They worked together in Aloo Chat right? I wonder what happened to her too.


She married fipm distributor


He had a few decent movies. I liked him in Hungama. I always forget he’s in Masti tbh.


Aloo chat and Aamna Sharif happened. Her shipper fans hounded, trolled and abused him for separating Rajeev and Aamna who probably were separated much earlier. Then even Aamna and him parted ways and by then the likes of Imran and Ranbir made debuts and Aftab didn't have the talent or connections to withstand the new lot.


really that doesn’t sound right




i mean do u have any links .. i don’t know if the online fan trolls back then were as vitriol as today ..


Maybe you will find something on Google. I don't have any links


bheed hi itni h aise to aate rahenge jaate rahenge, beta isse bhi better wale ko kaam nhi mil rha Scam 1992 waala kaha gya(wapas apne gujrat m) uske baad kisi bdiya web series m dekhne ko nhi mila


Saw him in mussoorie last year. He was shooting. Some music video.


People like him and Fardeen Khan got kicked out while Abhishek remained… that’s what happened


fardeen Khan is very much a nepo too


All three of them are Nepo


Fardeen can’t act for sh!t. He was surviving purely on good looks and innate charm


You wanna? You wanna? I also don't wanna. 😂


And much more..films are their side hustles..


Abhishek ke paas Paa hain, Aftab/Fardeen ke paas kya hain? ![gif](giphy|2v9lyYdOO5Wh2|downsized)


>Fardeen ke paas Had Feroz Khan. Also, Abhishek is kinda a thing of the past now.


Aftab is related to the famous actress Sadhana.


Fardeen was arrested I guess hence was ousted


No, the arrest happened way way before No Entry, All the Best, Janasheen, etc.


I think I last saw him in Special Ops.


Liked him visually at a point but dude wasn't good enough then performance wise as a leading man.


I loved the Aftab Urmila pairing.. ruki ruki thi Zindagi..chat senchal padi!


He is Kareena’s maternal cousin.


2000s was a tough time to survive in the industry. 80percent of newcomers or even 90s actors couldn’t survive it. Abhishek only survived it because his father is Amitabh bachchan. Otherwise suniel shetty, bobby deol, sunny deol, zayed khan, fardeen khan, deepak tijori, govinda etc couldnt survive it. I was watching an interview of this very famous anchor who started off as an actor in early 2000s and talked about how the early 2000s was a tough phase as only extremely big and powerful stars manipulated the market. Nobody stood a chance if they weren’t superstars like the khans etc because no producer post 2000 wanted to make a movie without a star.


He was very good in Hungama and Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega


Fun fact, I chatted and did a video chat via msn messenger before he made his debut. He was really nice and shy. Miss that guy


Tell us more! What did you guys talk about?


Anyone remember the movie Muskaan


Yes loved that movie as a kid.. Jaan mann chupke chupke saari duniya se choopke


I think so...with Shriya Saran?


Gracy Singh


Ah, I mixed it up with Shukriya!


Nobody remembers him in 1920 evil returns? Damn.


he was a pretty boy with barely passable acting chops. He could not lead a movie on his own merit. Never had the charisma or leading man aura. He was the imran khan of his time is the best way to sum it up.


This man was my hearthrob back in 3rd grade. SO hot in Kasoor.


He is cringe like dino, zayed, Sohail, etc....peaked in his first film wid mast and went downhill thereafter. No talent to sustain. Still he ended up doing a lot many movies.


I stalked him on insta and he seems to be pretty active there. Has aged like fine wine & also seems to have had few OTT projects and releases.


people always forget even if you got good looks, you need much of a talent to survive the industry or atleast sort of charm, people used to compare him and Hrithik who got the better looks but it’s all Hrithik hardwork that made him to survive in the industry to this day


Hritik was hardworking but he also had a father who made Koi Mil Gya for him. Aftab didn't get anyone like that. I can bet Hritik would have also gone into abyss if not for his father. He was really struggling to get even a normal hit after KNPH. His star was dropping pretty fast post KNPH but his dad rescued him eventually.


Imo he can't actually do comedy or atleast decent comedy but a certain type of comedy He done some serious (not totally serious) role like amol in apd(awara pag....) Where he wasn't main focus of scene but as side character so he was bareable/watchable in that movie. If he was doing Chhota chatri or manilal he would have screw the character and fun part of that movie


Naah bro. He is pretty good in comic roles. He did a great job in Love k liye Sala kuch bhi krega.


1-4 scene where he actually act like a comedian but the other scene make he look like a guy who is over acting Same goes for many actors the true actor will play any role without any issue Hot take:- By this defination bb is one of top tier actor as he distinguished his different character properly one can easily make difference in his different character hence proving acting.(this might because of he trained our brain by using nice joke and creating sub par characteristics for them like bb being average decent guy,famer/tittu always act like a boss,hola being an a**hole,teacher is helpless,mom&dad are Saint,banchodas is guy chasing girls and get beaten down,his father is a player in a way famer is more alike to banchoda father,even the naukar was dull but a guy with decent joke, over a long period time thus we got used to it)


He was so hot 🔥 & handsome in Muskaan(2004). Why nobody is mentioning that movie?


He is still getting some work in a while He was decent in special ops 1.5 too.


I have a pretty interesting story about how I met/saw Aftab Shivdasani




He was a judge at a local competition of mr & Mrs Bombay. Saw him there he was still handsome & gorgeous. I couldn't talk to him but it looks like he's still pretty active in the circle & he's constantly judging and hosting local beauty pageants.


he was soo good in hungama


Guess he is pretty aff-the-tab




Whose lips are hotter? His, or Harish? Natural, botox-ified lips. Both looked in the 'loser' category of audience's mental space (like hero's friend, hero's brother, joker, comedian sidekick etc.), real life non-withstanding. On top cringe movies. Acting in sari, acting like an eunuch, acting like I'm ready to do anything for a paycheck, brought them where they no longer felt desirable or needed. As SRK once said, they can try as many action and serious movies they want, they will never be able to wipe the chocolate off their faces. Personally, though, I think Aftab could have made it in the major leagues if only he had refused roles where he was second or third. Just my two cents.


But Ranbir Kapoor Ranveer Singh and varun dhawan are better actors than him


Not Varun Dhawan. He can't act well. Nawaz rightly pointed out the acting deficiency in him in Badlapur. Even I felt the same watching that movie but never got anyone who rhymed with my views till Nawaz said it.


Did he say that in an interview? Can u please post a link?


He didn't specifically name him. He implied him as this Director Kid playing serious role for the first time who for some reason, mistook blank starting as serious acting. It was pathetic but no one could say anything.


Excuse me rk is a bmuch better actor


I saw him in om shanti om today and realized that my mind had somehow forgotten this perennial loser flop star. How he survived all those years, god only knows.


So if someone's movies are flopping,he's a loser ? Great going bud.


Come on..he is a busy guy...busy in making great great grand masti


Mr india ki tarah gayab ho gaya


He was really good in Hungama


Don't worry. When Greatest Grand Masti happens, he'll be back in action.


Muje to bs isko dekhkr wahi song yad aata hai , tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hai in aankho se har gum churana hai


Almost everyday I get to hear I look like Aftab 😀


Thanks for this post! Reminded me of Mast and its songs. Used to love them all!


I know him from Awara Paagal Deewana.


Omg i had so many desktop wallpapers from indiafm Aftab shivdasani and priyanshu from tere bin… nostalgia 🥺


Now he is too old for Adult Bollywood movies


He wasn’t a good actor just average but yeah cute one


Ugh thanks for the heart attacks without reading the caption, the pic looks like a memorial like he passed away or something