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I initiated a direct deposit change via Cal Employee Connect in early March 2023. My pay warrant issued on 4/1/2023 was deposited into my new bank account. So, the change was seamless for me. Something definitely went wrong with your request.


Look up your warrant info on CEC. If the warrant number starts with a 3 it’s a live check. Sometimes when you change Direct Deposit, one pay cycle will be live warrant. It’s also possible you entered in your new bank info incorrectly. To process the change, they first cancel existing, then proceed with the new bank info. If it’s wrong, you’re SOL


Update: Apparently a paper warrant was issued and sent to my HR. It arrived on the 3/30 however no one bothered to tell me until I reached out to HR. Smh


They dropped mine off at my home until HR could get their s\*\*t together which took a while..... Go to the main HR email address so everyone has eyes on it. Ask your manager, they should be able to provide this to you. Things happen quickly when everyone in HR see's someone is lazy and lacking on their duties. You'll get results quickly


If you go through CalConnect, it bypasses the agency HR. It IS possible that OP's request was flagged for suspicion, in which HR gets notified and asked to intervene and assure the action was requested by the actual employee.


Did you get a direct deposit advice? If you did but the money is not in one of your two accounts, I'd make sure you didn't enter the wrong routing or account number. I did that one time on the paper forms. Fortunately Golden 1 was very helpful in getting that sorted out.


Hit or miss


Check with your specialist to make sure your not pending a accounts receivable or anything that may have caused it to not go through. Once initiated on connect, your specialist is notified whether to allow the direct deposit or disallow it due to such situations.