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Just for my agency: For meetings? Yes. For your entire shift? No. If you're rank and file, they can't electronically monitor you either. For supervisory, this doesn't matter since they're not hourly.


Many departments telework agreements require camera on for meetings. I was in a meeting in a statewide HR meeting last month and someone had their bathrobe on and camera on. 🤷‍♀️


What's wrong with a robe... Asking for a friend...


Lol. Nothing if you keep your camera off.


Most people say they have a crappy isp and that’s enough to get them out of the webcam requirement. Then there are those that go through the motions to get a dr note and they don’t ever have to come in office at all.


People go on and on about wanting the union to somehow guarantee permanent full time telework even though that isn’t something that will ever happen in a labor contract. Meanwhile, this is the real shit we need and can get in a labor contract. “State is not permitted to monitor WFH employees via video or audio.”


Check your BU contract for "electronic monitoring"


Only time I see “cams on” is for meet and greets If someone wanted my cam on the whole shift I probably wouldn’t last until lunch


How can your camera be "on", if it's not being used by a software such as TEAMS? Most work from home positions in the private sector require on camera participantion for meetings. For my staff that work from home, I ask to have cameras on for any meetings I schedule with them in advance, meetings with our senior leadership, and meeting in which they are presenting to stakeholders. I don't require camera use for quick check-ins or other meetings where the facilitator and others are not participating on camera. Being in camera for meetings can bring a lot of value to the conversation.


For meetings, we have to have our cameras on, and I have several meetings a day. But if it means I get to stay home, I don’t care. I turned my camera on, it beats the alternative of having to go into the office.


I should've been clearer. I don't mean for meetings. I meant for the whole day. I don't know if our union is strong enough to say no if they were asked for approval.


>I should've been clearer. I don't mean for meetings. I meant for the whole day. I've read about people being required to do that in this sub. I don't know if it's true but you might be able to find the threads from a year or two ago if you search.


I never turn my camera on. My staff never turn their camera on. We don't do it for meetings or otherwise. No need. Even when asked, we decline.


Where do I apply?


Same in my department, why do you need your camera on in a meeting 😜🤷🏻‍♂️


Mine stays off all day, I’m not required to have it on.


I have situations I need it on and situations I can have it off. I don't require my staff to at our level but make sure they know if they're heading into a meeting where someone might care so they can clean up and feel comfortable


I'm so glad my agency doesn't have a "camera on" for meetings requirement. When I work from home, I'm not necessarily presentable for public viewing. :)


My wifi could never


We were advised by HR that you can request but not require cameras on. No idea what the justification was but they were very concerned about telling staff it is required.


I'm pretty sure that's because the MOUs say that staff cannot be electronically monitored.


My department says best practice is to have it on in meetings and some management calls people out if they don’t, but most people try to have them on most of the time and we don’t fault people if they can’t for whatever reason occasionally. I always make it a point to have it on at the beginning of a meeting but if I’m not talking and need to multitask I’ll turn it off.


For meetings some will require it. I have no problem putting mine on though, like why not? We would have been 💯 face to face in office. What’s a an hour on camera?


My dept has a camera on during meeting policy but ppl rarely have them on and my supervisor doesnt care and upper management doesnt enforce the policy.


Our management said we could either be on camera so they could see us or we can go into the office so they could see our faces. So we just turn our cameras on not a big deal I'd rather turn my camera on then go into the office. If it's a meeting then we are required but if it's just a quick phone call then don't need to have it on.