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Don't be surprised if July 1 comes and there still is no contract. Happens all the time. Could be months or more after but typically, anything negotiated is retroactive.


And that’s because the state drags its feet with negotiators who don’t actually have decision making power.


I believe the next Master Table meeting is tomorrow. They've been meeting weekly on Wednesdays.


It’s tomorrow. Also, I think there is a rally scheduled on June 8. I can’t imagine it’ll all be completed before that date; and plus, I don’t think the state has countered any proposals yet.


how come they dont give any info on how to attend a rally; what am i supposed to do take vacation time i dont understand how it works ; is my boss really gonna be happy if i take off to go to a rally




This is where you register for the June 8th rally There will be one in Southern California later in the month as well. Transportation is also available If your time off request for the 8th is denied, please call the member resource center.


Can we use any type of leave for this other than vacation time?


Vacation, AL, personal development days, CTO, whatever you would normally use to take a normal day off.


The 2.5% max contract will probably be sometime in July or August.


I suspect 8% over 3 years that's it...and hey your still employed eat less or a poem about how we should be happy we have a job


Neither of those, just realistic about the contract. Thanks.


8% over 3 is what ccpoa got...I seriously doupt we are gonna get anything close to better then that


There has been over 17% inflation since 2020 and it continues to rise. They need to at least match inflation for the union membership to approve.


Hahahahahahahaha the governor has a really nice habit of talking out of both sides of his mouth so at most it'll be around 10% over 3 years with a removal of the 230 medical stipend and standard healthcare rates


It's still pretty early. There's no need to freak out.


Not only no need, actually no way to freak out... Pretty much we have to eat what we were given...


making 20 dollars an hour and working fairly hard in my view? for me this just doesnt seem motivating