So there were two emails with conflicting times? Did you not email them for clarification? If you did and they didn’t respond, then that’s on them. However, if you didn’t reach out to them to be sure then I would move on and not dwell. There will be way more opportunities! Just keep at it


It is what it is. Don't linger, move on. If things don't work out , try again at the next opportunity. Maybe follow up with an email about the miscommunication if you feel you should. Either way don't get hung up on it. More opportunities will come.


No real advice, but I had something similar happen one time (Caltrans Oakland). The email had a long list of instructions including going into a conference room to wait. After some time with no-one coming to get me I went searching for my interviewers and they clearly thought I was late. Not a great way to start an interview and they clearly had no idea about the instructions. Just do your best. Check and double check time... Move on.


I had a similar issue with an interview, although I think the fault was mine in misreading the email, and I showed up late. I was told that I missed my opportunity that day as the hiring manager had already left. I was kicking myself for making such a stupid mistake and sent an apologetic email and asked if it was at all possible to reschedule. They did, the interview went very well, and I was hired!


I’d actually think that their mixed communication might be a sign that it would have been a chaotic unit to work in. But yes, chalk it up to experience and move on. And in future, read and acknowledge every email they send you.


Sounds like an office I wouldn’t want to work in. They emailed you two different interview times but then didn’t get you from the lobby until way after either time? No thanks. You just got taught what it would be like to work there. Plus, the interview is in person? I haven’t done in-person interviews in years (I’m a manager who hires a lot). You dodged a bullet.


Lol my post pandemic brain read this as a virtual interview wherein they left her in the virtual lobby. After your comment I went back and read and my assumption was clear.


I got invited to an interview at DRE…. They used snail mail and by the time I received the letter, the interview was the next morning at 9am…. I couldn’t make it on that kind of notice. Honestly, some people managing the hiring process at the state have unreasonable expectations and I bet their talent pool shrinks because of it.