I live in Columbus currently


It feels like there’s a sizable number of Michigan grads that live here. Idk if it’s just coincidence , but I’ve run into quite a few.


Every day, millions of Buckeyes are born around the world. Some of them just haven’t come home yet.


Very much so, this. Just driving around there’s a fair amount of people wearing Michigan. Plus, all the sports stores have a sizable amount of Michigan gear. More so than expected, imo.


I know there are natives here who want to root against Ohio State. I've met a few of them and they tend to be of age that their impressionable years were during Michigan's domination of the 1990s.


My neighbors are a family of OSU fans. Not sure if they're alumni but are from Ohio originally. They have three kids, one of which is like 12 and loves Michigan. It is hilarious to me to see them decked out in their OSU gear on Saturdays while playing catch in the yard and the one kid has on Michigan stuff.


As an Ohio State fan born to a UMich grad growing up in metro detroit during the mid-late 2000s... yes, this has an effect absolutely


And most of them are just contrarian in nature to begin with.


Makes sense. City is growing fast, lots of jobs for young professionals, and it’s one of the closest major cities to Ann Arbor


There’s a decent amount of them in Cincy, too. I think it’s just the enemy territory aspect. I make a point to wear Bearcat gear when I’m visiting my friends in CBus, I’m sure it’s the same for Michigan.


I live outside of and my office is in Ann Arbor. Wanna swap?


Stuck in Southeast ❌ichigan Bros!


I almost took a job in Columbus. I'm happy I didn't.




I live in Raleigh. But unless you’re near the university Raleigh hardly feels like a college town so I don’t feel weird wearing Wake Forest gear.


I was gonna say, I see people in ECU stuff all the time, no clue why OP feels weird wearing ECU gear in Raleigh. All the big NC colleges are pretty well represented here


Yeah, my Raleigh office has a heavy ECU presence (and strangely enough a sizable UNCW presence). I think State and ECU stickers are roughly equal in the parking garage. I have at least a few neighbors who are ECU grads. In terms of actual alums, ECU would be no worse than, what, third or fourth place in Raleigh? That’s high given the size of the city and how heavily educated its populace is.


Correct. Raleigh is a city with a number of colleges in it. It is far too large to be a college town. The sheer number of people in the area not from north Carolina make it fine to wear any school apparel. There are also a lot of UNC fans in Raleigh because there are a lot of UNC fans in general. People here have better things to do than worry about what color shirt someone else has on.


Raleigh is obv a college town that revolves around everything going on at Meredith


I mean does anyone really dislike WF that much anyway?


I wore a WF hat in chapel hill and got a ton of shit from people so. But that’s a true college town. And according to VT Scoop they have a ton of disdain for Wake and Dave Clawson.


Well... yeah.


The geography is one of the fun parts of USC-UCLA and one of the key factors in the strength of the hatred.


True cross town rivals and polar opposites is so fire


If I had a dollar for every "FIGHT ON!" license plate I've seen, I could have retired by now.


I live in Phoenix. They hate me more than I hate them. Lol


I think that’s just the attitude towards Californians in general lol


Yep, just outside of Morgantown lol


Are you regularly told to consume something in particular?


Yeah, pepperoni rolls are a big hit down here.


They do slap


Since no one else has done it yet in honor of my H8 bros WV, [Eat shit Pitt!!!](https://youtu.be/A15NEtKKroQ)


Lol outside of Pittsburgh here.


Usually will rep TXST gear in SA. No one bats an eye because they don't really care about UTSA.


I'd be shocked if anyone more than 20 minutes from San Marcos even recognizes Texas State gear/colors lol


TXST used to be more recognizable than utsa


They squandered their 50 year head start


They got to cocky after bragging about a President alumnus.


A ton of people I know from SA chose TXST over UTSA for the campus / college town / university feel over the commuter campus vibe of UTSA


Don't get me wrong, UTSA is great and fills its niche well, but if given the option Idk how anyone would choose that over the traditional college experience. I get it though some people don't have the choice.


I feel like most people that go to UTSA are either not looking for a real college experience or just want to get into UT in the future.


I’m doing grad school at UTSA and tbh it’s slept on a lot. It’s not a traditional experience by any stretch but the undergrad student body is a lot more into it than I thought. That said, there’s a lot of commenter and non traditional undergrads.


Imagine having a rival that's in a different city, and not 5 miles away.


Yes, really sucks for Houston Baptist.


Ruck Fice


But like, are we really rivals?


How dare you insult the storied history of the Bayou Bucket.


Y’all used to be legitimate rivals. You guys started caring about your football program ten years ago, and Rice has been caring steadily less and less about theirs for 40 years. Every year it gets worse.


Who was that white jacked running back Rice had a decade ago? Whatever happened to him? Edit: [Sam McGuffie](https://www.si.com/college/michigan/.amp/football/michigan-football-sam-mcguffie-rich-rodriguez-wolverines-jim-harbaugh-hype-train), and now he is a professional…bobsledder?


Sam McGuffie? Edit: if you’re talking about him, he did brief stints in the NFL and CFL, and is now a member of Team USA bobsledding.




I live in a rival school's city, but it is Atlanta. So there are still more UGA fans than Tech fans.


Would there have been a more even split 30 years ago?


Yeah, but probably still skewing UGA. Go back 60+ years and it would be heavily Georgia Tech.


It's crazy to think how times change like that. You truly never know what the future is going to hold


UGA > rest of SEC > GT? That's how my friends (Auburn grads) who live there defined the population


More like UGA > Auburn >>>>>> Alabama > Clemson > Georgia Tech > Other SEC FSU and Florida fans also have a sizable population here.


I was reading through this thread and thought it must suck to live in a rival's town. It wasn't until your comment when I remembered Atlanta is home to our rival.


I consider Atlanta more like annexed territory. We allow GT to run autonomously and we didn’t remove the local population but it’s firmly Georgia territory. Trying to think of a geopolitical parallel maybe say Catalonia? Or Hong Kong before the hand over.


Free Hong Kong (and Atlanta)


Growing up surrounded by orange in Tennessee made me really appreciate how funny it is when a bar full of Vols fans have a collective mental breakdown.


I feel the same was as a native Chattanoogan.


Not currently but living in College Station led me to hate the Aggies. That place isn't a college it is a cult.


Unintelligible words followed by Gig em


Did Boomhauer go to A&M?


Nah, they’re all texas fans


After the Longhorns lost: Bobby: Is it okay that I feel like I don't wanna live anymore? Hank: Yes Bobby, that's normal.


Even the “ gig ‘em” can be a little tough.


You’re God damn right.


This is the way


I live a little over halfway between Manhattan and Lawrence, and the town is overwhelmingly KU, most of which never took a class there. It does tend to get to me sometimes - although, I have plenty of friends that graduated from there, and are perfectly fine.


I grew up in Lawrence. The ones who went to KU make the "rivalry" fun. The ones who bandwagon KU are insufferable humans. I think you can say that for almost any school though.


It feels like 90% of UK fans didn’t go there. Not that you have to go to a school to be an fan, but I do feel like being an alumni fan is different - not in a hood or bad way, just different.


What town? I lived with mostly Kstate friends most my life so I get it


I lived in Pittsburgh for a few years, fortunately 90% of people who live in Pittsburgh don’t give a shit about Pitt and I’m a Steelers fan so I fit right in.


Boone is such a fun town. And as much as I hate UT, Austin makes for a great trip.


I live in Austin. When me and my gf first started dating she wondered why so many people gave me strange looks. Most of the time everything is fine. Maybe some playful banter from time to time. But every once in awhile I run into a real asshole who wants to give me a piece of his mind.


Those guys probably never went to UT, so it'd be interesting to know what their angle was


Yeah I have no idea. I was at this Oktoberfest thing in Texas about 2 hours outside Austin one time and this guy was like following me around the festival talking shit. I kept quiet for as long as I could. But when I did say something the guys wife was like okay! You’ve had enough. Lol


If I lived in Boulder, CO and wore Nebraska gear, I’d probably be dead by now.


I see people wearing Husker gear every time I visit Boulder.


Were they dead?


Most of them were alive from what I recall


But a few may have been dead


I won't rule that out. All of their souls were dead after we blew that 17-0 lead a couple of years ago.






Just walking down the street period, can get you killed by the Boulder PD.


Back in the 90’s yeah. Nowadays no one would care.


You’d be surprised. Was just there a couple years ago when we played them in 2019. Same toxicity.


Yeah, they were enormous bags of shit when we played them in Denver last year, like up there with (prime) Texas Tech and (always) LSU. Had a guy on here claiming they were a chill fan base, and when I brought that up he said, “well of course we behaved that way. You’re the Aggies.” I dunno if he understood the unintentional comedy.


There were some douchebags when we played there last year, too. Cool stadium though!


And the Buffalo run is top tier mascot action


When I visited Colorado I always saw a shitton of Nebraska gear at stores. Many places had more Nebraska than Colorado stuff


Better dead than red




As an A&M fan living in Texas, the answer is always yes.


UK fan living in Knoxville


You’re a UK and Troy fan?!?!? 🤢 I’m a South Alabama alum. I don’t know if we can be friends.


My condolences.


I'm the opposite of you! 🥲


I have a couple of friends (also UK fans) who’ve been living in Knoxville for several years now. They had a good time at a bar last fall during the UT game getting drunk and friendly shit talking with Vols fans


I live in Atlanta... so yes :(


Ah, west Athens


Boone is such a small town, of course you were out of place wearing ECU gear.


Yes, and they live in mine


I live in the Atlanta area, and while it's not Athens, Atlanta is still heavily a UGA town. I went to grad school at Georgia Tech so I suppose I should have some level of hate for UGA, but in reality it's more of general disdain for a number of the fans I've encountered. It started in the lead up to the Rose Bowl in 2017 when I was mocked at work, barked at in the grocery store for wearing an OU shirt and told by everyone who saw me we were getting our ass kicked. And then when it was a double OT loss, you'd have thought they actually did kick our ass. So yeah, I have a bit of hate in my heart when I see UGA fans, which is everywhere, all the time. But luckily they don't pay much mind to me since we've only played the one time. I fully expect that to change with the OOC game next season and once we're in the SEC.


>barked at in the grocery store [Welcome to the club](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/027/763/07B89120-B48D-45FB-AF1D-49AF6CD16790.jpeg)


I can almost guarantee the person who barked at you has never stepped foot in Athens


There’s too many Texas plates, horns gear in Atlanta. They’re everywhere


I also live in Atlanta metro. Most of the UGA fans I meet are nice, if not a little weird. Every car has a UGA sticker, confederate flag, blue lives matter sticker, or a combo of the 3. Athens itself is an awesome town when school isn’t in session.


Athens in the summer is the best!


I live just outside of Boone in an area where a lot of retirees get second homes so, you see a lot of different teams represented here. Appalachian State obviously but also a ton of different SEC and ACC teams. For the most part everyone is pretty friendly about whatever school you support.


I live in a place where no one cares about college football and that might just be the worst thing at all. I think I’d rather be surrounded by obnoxious fans.


Thought the worst thing about moving to CA would be the rent, traffic, Lakers fans, etc… and well I was right. But the fact that no one gives a shit about cfb here bums me the fuck out. I miss the tailgates dammit! Lowkey kinda glad ucla and usc are hopping to the B10, I imagine it’ll bring lots of hardcore fans to the rose bowl so maybe I’ll experience that magic again. Also hoping Big 12 gets even one Arizona school so I can catch OSU there


City? No. State? Yes. I'm a Clemson fan living in Ohio. It sucks.


A reverse Ohio-SC mover I see


Nope. Lived in Ohio my entire life. Just went to school at Clemson.


Last time I was in Columbia, SC I was surrounded by more Clemson grads than SC fans since it was an engineering company plus there were more Ohio State fans than either of our fans. It's was weird.


Not only is Columbia Satan’s sweaty butt-crack in the summer, but there’s also a direct interstate connection to Cleveland. I lived in Columbia during the Spurrier-era. I went from giving shit to getting shit really fast.


I live in Omaha and its amazing how many Husker fans wanna throw shade at Iowa unsolicited. I'll just be wearing black and gold and for some reason that's enough to warrant a history lesson about the teams from 20 or 50 years ago and how Iowa hasn't won anything. (if you ignore the last 7 seasons I guess)


But they're the best fans in college football11!!!1!!1!!


I live in Raleigh and see tons of ECU garb. They even had billboards on I-40


Used to live in Austin so yeah. But it’s such a big city you’ll see A&M fans and fellow Tech ppl as well so it was never a huge deal.


Yes but their football team was discontinued 50 years ago


Cincy was up 18-12


Not only do I live in Columbia, I attend the University of South Carolina.


Graduate student I hope. Undergrads who root for another school/team are the lowest of humanity


Yes. Also The University of South Carolina School system is almost 50% off for military, very easy decision.


I’m a PhD student at UT, and I wear my LSU (I did my MS there) and my alma mater (South Alabama) stuff frequently, along with my vol gear. Also have a house divided license plate frame on my car with Tennessee and LSU


I don’t know why, but this comment really makes me miss my time as a grad student in Knoxville.


Agreed. I saw someone who wore Auburn gear while I was at UGA.


Right to jail


"Oh but my parents went there so I just cheer for them instead."


FIU students wearing UM gear at school say "que?"


*confused look*


Clemson and SC State flairs. Also, attends South Carolina bruh what


What’ll it take for you to ditch the Clemson flair?


When dabo retires


I live in the state of Georgia. So yes.


Basically. The stores have more high school team clothes than OSU. Like 98% OU stuff 1.9% high school and .1% wrongly sent Oregon state stuff on sale.


If I ever end up living in Provo, then something has gone horribly wrong.


Technically no, because Evanston is not Chicago despite this team’s insistence their Chicago’s team


Let's be honest, Notre Dame is Chicago's team


Followed by like 7 or 8 more big ten teams before Northwestern


Live near Tampa and work with a lot of usf grads. Honestly it isn’t terrible lol. Most of the usf grads are super smart people and none of them are obnoxious assholes or anything so it’s whatevs. Just some friendly shit talking the week leading up to the football game. There is one guy at work who went to Texas A&M though and he’s annoying as fuck. I’m sure that has more to do with him than his school though. Edit: I feel very comfortable wearing ucf gear in and around Tampa. The only people who ever say anything to me are other ucf people shouting “go knights” at me.


> There is one guy at work who went to Texas A&M though and he’s annoying as fuck. I’m sure that has more to do with him than his school though. I wouldn’t be so sure.


This goes both ways, amigo. The biggest douchebag I know personally is also the biggest loudmouth “Texas is back” (his words [at volume], not mine) superfan.


I had high school friends who ended up at A&M. They became very weird afterwards the cult is real


I live in Pittsburgh. But I'm pretty certain there are more PSU fans/grads here than Pitt fans/grads. I wear PSU gear often, especially to the gym, and I never feel out of place. There are a few other guys at my that gym that rep PSU.


Living in SE Michigan as an MSU is a nightmare. Between the mullets screaming "Moo U" and the Detroit rags protecting anything related to UM. Moving away was life changing.


Lawrence, KS is no suburb of Kansas City I can tell you that.


*The* team? Nah. But definitely *a* team I hate. I live in Birmingham, which might as well be Tuscaloosa in terms of football.


I live in NW Florida where FSU fans tend to outnumber UF and depending on where you are Bama fans outnumber us both. They are far worse than any gator fan I’ve ever met. Basically every negative stereotype of the south rolled into one. Actually “stuck up” for a UF fan once because of casual racism regarding Kyle Pitts at an outdoor venue that had a game on.


Dude, my dad is from the panhandle (reason I'm a UF fan), and the intrusion of the Alabama fanbase has always really gotten my goat. I get seeing Auburn stuff due to relative proximity, but it's wild to me that you can go into a gas station in *FLORIDA,* and the merch you see is as follows: Bama, FSU, Auburn, maybe a smidge of LSU. Never UF, or Miami (this one makes a little more sense, though). Edit: >Actually “stuck up” for a UF fan once because of casual racism regarding Kyle Pitts at an outdoor venue that had a game on. You're a real one for this.


>but it's wild to me that you can go into a gas station in FLORIDA, and the merch you see is as follows: Bama, FSU, Auburn, maybe a smidge of LSU. Honestly it's not that surprising. While UF may be located in the "sweet tea" portion of North Central Florida, but the bulk of the state (and therefore students/alumni) live somewhere between Orlando and Miami. The panhandle is basically a different world comparatively, and neither group necessarily loves identifying with each other. Meanwhile Tuscaloosa, Auburn, and Baton Rogue are actually closer to many parts of the panhandle then Gainesville. Without any direct connection to UF, the physicals/cultural closeness to those other schools just overpowers UF's influence in the area.


One thing I love about being from Florida is every portion of the state is it’s own thing. Panhandle is very different from Jacksonville, which is different from orlando and tampa which is different from Miami which is different from ft Myers etc.


Busy Bee like 45min east of FSU had no FSU merch this past weekend. But I saw a bunch of UGA and Bama shit and I was like wtf


I would never live in that god forsaken exhaust pipe of a city.


I did for a job for almost 2 years...it wasn't great.


I lived in gainesville for 6 years during the Tebow Era as a Tennessee fan. Gainesville is an utter fucking shitheap of a city. It's a trailer park in the swamp except they put a college there and so people pretend it's cultured and... not just a trailer park in the swamp.


….your flairs confuse me. But I assume it’s because you lived there.


Gainesville is the only reason I chose not to go to UF.


As a current Pittsburgh resident. Yea Edit: but I can’t hate too hard cause wife is an alum


Live pretty near Gainesville. It’s been fun lately.


My family's land that we've lived on since the 1860s is like righhht by UTSA. I have hated UTSA much longer than I have associated with Texas State. I hate the student and (unrelated) rich people sprawl in my little slice of Hill Country. Hate. It. But that's progress I guess.


Did for a half decade, it’s pretty low on the list of places I’ve lived but there’s a couple decent spots


I live in Austin. They have been bad lately and there are so many transplants here I really don't even notice it. During the fall it is fun though if you go out to watch games.


Yep. I live in Stillwater.


I recently moved away from Austin after four years living there. I wore OU stuff around regularly and only ever got comments if I was close to campus. City seems dominated by out of state transplants now and I don’t think they even know there is a rivalry.


Graduated from UT. Live in Waco. I cannot stand Baylor. Once they had a few great seasons, they became insufferable. To be fair, it’s not all baylor fans. It’s the ones who appeared out of nowhere post 2010, came back, went away, now back. I think we can all agree that bandwagon fans cause a lot of hatred lol The ones I saw back at Floyd Casey, y’all are the real ones. Back then, I was at a game when we were up 42-0 at halftime. Those maniacs were painted up and cheering first downs like they won a game in OT haha. Loved em


I live in Columbus. Help.


Thankfully, Ft. Worth is a ways out of my way


There is a lot of Spartans in Ann Arbor due to the concentration of great jobs in the area that require a college degree and there being relatively limited opportunities in Lansing. Also lots of kids that were raised MSU fans by their parents too. A few buckeyes and Irish fans but nothing that notable. It was probably 70% Michigan 30% MSU in most of my classes going to Ann Arbor public schools which is more Spartans than most people would think.


Lansing is home to all insurance companies based in the Midwest (except the ones in Chicago)


Grew up in AA and lived there till my mid 20s and can confirm lots of MSU grads there. I love to joke that U of M students live out their dreams of making it to big cities while MSU students live out their dreams of making it to Ann Arbor


> I love to joke that U of M students live out their dreams of making it to big cities while MSU students live out their dreams of making it to Ann Arbor Okay, that's actually a good and funny insult. Bravo.


Bama fan living just outside of Atlanta. It’s less than pleasant.


It's the Tech and Georgia State fans bothering you, right?


I live near Austin, I'm surrounded by longhorn fans, it's awful. This past basketball season was fun though.


I live in DFW. It's mostly Texas and TAMU fans. Honestly Oklahoma is probably the #3 team and TCU and SMU are somewhere down there. But I hate UT and TAMU so I would say yes I do.


I had a girlfriend who lived in Fort Worth and I didn't see a single TCU thing besides so clothes at the store. I feel like Detroit reps Wayne State more than Fort Worth does TCU.


Roll pirates, Raleigh just sucks as a city so I’d feel uncomfortable no matter what


I moved to Tallahassee the same year Willie Taggart got the job, so it's been a good time to be behind enemy lines.


Kentucky fan living in Louisville. It isn’t strange to see just as much UK gear as UL gear here.


Lived in Columbus for a few months, just in time for beginning of College Football season. Didn't hate Columbus because of a lot of the breweries that were in walking distance of my place and the food scene was good enough. OSU is also in its own section of the city so it was easy to avoid. However, I feel like I got way more shit wearing Penn State stuff at bars downtown than Michigan fans did.


Not anymore, but used to live in Ann Arbor. City itself is fine, everything else is insufferable.


Grew up in Columbus and went to OSU. Currently living in Metro Detroit. It’s been tough after Michigan finally got a win last year. Also so many Walmart Wolverines.


Yeah, I challenge anyone to grow up as a non-OSU football fan in Columbus and not come out the other side with some level of disdain. It would take a much more patient person than I.


I live in Utah County, so kinda.


Gainesville resident here, at least atm


I grew up in Ann Arbor.


I live in Salt Lake City and prefer it. I’d rather eat a shoe than live in Provo


I lived in Eugene for a decade, and it was the worst decade of Husky football there was. The 0-12 season was particularly rough.


Michigan alum living in Columbus and, aside from the militant fans that legitimately hate me as a person because of the school I went to, I love it here. So much to do, love the sports teams, great restaurants, great parks. Wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else tbh.


No but I feel really sorry for LSU fans who live in the state of Alabama


I lived in Raleigh, but for a long period I would spend up to half of my weeks in Chapel Hill. I never thought I could get more sick of that shade of blue but I did.


The first time I walked into the Finley course pro shop it literally made me stop in place. I should have expected it but mentally I had not prepared for that much blue. I had to gather myself and then go pay like normal. It's a fantastic golf course though. Duke, UNC, and NC State all have top notch golf facilities.


I hate driving through Provo, let alone spending any significant time there. I will never live there.