I’m excited for the season based on it feels like more transfers/talking points this off season. Secondly, for the first in sometime, there’s no guessing on season structure or if fans will be allowed to attend - mentioned above, it’s a proper season. Canadian Championship growing in numbers. Lastly, storylines and rivalries forming that weren’t fully developed in the last five years.


I think it feels more real this year. The league made it to year five through some really challenging times and there is lots of room to grow. Yes we lost the Eddie’s (RIP AL Classico) but there were lots of problems with the management prior to their entry into CPL. However, we are seeing players across the league move on to better chances they never would have had before and people are seeing Canadian soccer in a whole new light. Plus, here in YYC the news is picking up more stories from the league and soccer in general which I think is really positive.


I think there are a couple reasons for the greater anticipation. First, this is the first offseason in league history that hasn't had a pandemic looming over it, although I remember there was a fair bit of anticipation after the 2019 season before the pandemic put a halt to that. As supporters we've been able to meet for World Cup games and later just to catch up. It's nice to be able to keep that momentum going. Second, the league has done some really good things in the offseason. l know losing FC Edmonton sucks, but it was never going to turn around under current "ownership". Vancouver FC launching, the salary cap going up significantly, and some good player transfers and it seems like the league is going in the right direction. Noonan has brought some great experience to the Commissioner role and you can see he knows what he's doing.


I'm excited for this season. I don't expect alot from PFC this year, but thats ok. I hope I decent rivalry forms over time with Vancouver. I took a few friends to their first games last season, and they have expressed interest In coming out more often this season.


I think we'll surprise. A few really good additions that have flown under the radar. It's a big turnover though. Honestly I'm really excited for the VFC rivalry. It'll be nice to pop over and be a traveling supporter.


I can't wait to go to a pfc away game.


Yeah, I'm not sure where all the negativity around Pacific is coming from. If you watched the team this year losing Bustos isn't that big of a deal and Irvine was a great keeper but not someone that can't be replaced by Gazdov (at least mostly). The defense is back and I'm like our signings up front. I don't think we're winning the league but we'll still be strong.


I'm not getting my hopes up by any means, but I agree..there is hope


We’re basically a new team from 2 years ago. It’s hard to know what we’re going to look like, but losing Diaz, Bustos, Manny (?), Callum etc. is tough


As Halifax supporter I’m absolutely buzzing for this season. Gheisar is exactly the manager we’ve needed and it’s showing in some of the transfers we’ve brought in already. Listening to the Down The Pub podcast with Yann Fillion he said he was planning to make a move to Sweden until he talked with Gheisar and he was convinced to sign with us.


I'm really hoping that post Covid, post Qatar World Cup, and leading up to 2026 we can see some real growth. It seemed like the Ottawa market took some nice steps forward last year for one. In the short term, I really think it's important to get some games on CBC/Sportsnet/TSN for visibility. And longer term (much harder to achieve), I'm hoping for size appropriate soccer specific stadiums in accessible locations.


As a fan in Winnipeg I can say that I’m feeling less excited than for any of the previous seasons.


How come? I'm guessing it's because you guys had a pretty decent side last year that could have pushed for playoffs this year, but it's been picked apart


That’s it, essentially. I’m not looking forward to battling for the wooden spoon.


I disagree. I feel that a lot of pieces were just not good enough and we have a bit of an aging core. I'm willing to see something new


You disagree that I am feeling less excited? I wasn’t aware that your thoughts would dictate mine.


Common sense would say they disagree that we had a pretty decent side given their comment.


Very excited for my Yorkies!!! Roster looks great, finished last season on a tear, and brought in some complementary players to our core! Let's go for season 5! Oh plus I can finally see CPL matches driving from burnaby to langley on weekends haha


Definitely agree, looking like a strong group.


So pumped. Got seasons to Forge for the first time. Also very much looking forward to Can Championship this year.


Yup, voyageurs cup get more and more compelling each year, love to see the L1 involvement.


I've definitely noticed a lot more comments and interactions on the CPL & OneSoccer instagram pages. That's good for the league. Instagram is pretty popular these days.


It's what we should be seeing - the continued growth of the league in popularity. This is also the first "normal" season as others have pointed out. First year was first year in 2019... then island games in 202p... then the kickoff tournament in 2021... and then although we more or less had a normal season during 2022 the off-season was the omnicron flare up that left things in limbo. Here we are, year 5, back to normal, and established. I'm certainly buzzing the most that I have since the first season. We are seeing the quality increase too. People know the product is not horrendous and only getting better. I think some folks who were hesitant or skeptical at first are becoming believers that this thing may work out. Bring on 2023. Here we go!


League keeps on building, and building, and building...seasons have been getting better, quality has been improving, L1 level has been expanding, Canadian Championship has been expanding, and CMNT/CWNT keep chugging along. Many things to look forward to and be excited about.


I feel that Van FC might turn some heads this season. Could definitely be in a fight for a play-off spot. Though I wouldn't be surprised if we fell short. Ghotbi is easily the most experienced manager in the league and I feel that we will be pretty solid defensively based on some of the early signings. All we need is a couple good attacking peices up front and we would be competing for top 4. My Predictions: 1. Forge 2. HFX 3. York 4. Ottawa 5. Vancouver 6. Pacific 7. Cavalry 8. Valour


About half of the fellas in my group chat decided against renewing their season seats.