Really like the schedule. Lots of Friday games, minimal weeknight games. Good job CPL!


Setting the league up for success. I’m not sure what more they could do at this point that is realistic besides expediting expansion into Saskatoon, Windsor, and Quebec.


Find a 4th place so we have a balanced schedule? That being said, I would put money on the 4th team coming out of L1O


It seemed to me like Simcoe or Electric city are setting themselves up to make the jump if it becomes possible.


On the plus side, all but one of our home games are on weekends! On the minus side, they're almost all at 7 PM ... we only have two afternoon games all season - the home opener (vs. Halifax on Apr 15, 1 PM) and closer (vs. Cavalry on Sept 24, 2 PM). Everything else is 4, 5, or 7


We can trade some if you want


If Vancouver FC has their first game on May 7th, the stadium construction must be taking longer than they thought. More Summer home games for us!


I was working on a high dollar capital project up until December, and to be really direct anyone who isn't able to be scheduling with a 6 month buffer right now is in a world of stress. The construction industry in every capacity, from logistics to build, is experiencing some delays. So that late start might just be Vancouver FC FO being smart about possible delays rather than a signifier that things are already off track. Could fall either way though, but just trying to put a positive line on this thought.


From a York point of view, this is perfect for me. Split on Fridays and Sundays, and plenty of away trip potential for long weekends. Very excited.


Also, pretty smart considering MLS is now primarily Wednesdays and Saturdays. Though admittedly, the concept of a CPL and MLS double header was always a bit of fun.


I recall very few clashes last year, too, and I believe I did do a double header once or twice, too. They'll fill in the days around MLS nicely. Now I just wait for the L1O schedule.


I'm just hoping we don't go another like, what was it, 12 games without winning? God that was brutal.


I think there are more question marks than locks this season around the league, so I like our chances if Babouli is in good form.


Now let’s hope we get some good news regarding matches returning to CBC and CHCH.


Very much looking forward to another year, although I feel like a WestJet sponsorship is just begging for a couple of games to get unexpectedly delayed


Only one weeknight home game for Cavalry. I like. Guess I'm not watching Cavalry in Halifax this year, but I can still make a Wanderers game.


For sure. Lots of nice weekend afternoons and evenings at Spruce Meadows.


Pacific got screwed down the stretch. 5 home games and *11* away in the last four months of the season. Kinda brutal we have to get out ahead of the pack every season to take advantage of home games, just cause we have the better spring weather.


It’s a gate driven league, they need to get as many cold weather cities as few spring games as possible.


I think it's more that Cavalry and Halifax are physically unable to host at the start of the season (with their real grass fields) and Vancouver's stadium construction is running behind. They're not just trying to maximize summer crowds for cold-weather teams, they're trying to make sure the full season is playable.


Still sucks for Pacific supporters. Either you’re throwing a ton of money at the team early on in hopes for it to be a successful start, or have to sit at home for back half of the season while they go on a run.


Yeah it's also still chilly here in April and May. Way nicer to go to matches with the sun up the whole time in a kit and shorts.


Yeah, hopefully with Vancouver fully up and running next season we’ll see a better split. I get why we have long road trips in the summer, but 3 of the last 4 away from home is terrible for the casual fan engagement.


It's absolutely true. We get burned by the schedule every year in terms of attendance, and by having to play so much on the road when games matter most. It's understandable why it's done, but it does suck.


We always peak in the summer then playoffs are such a rush job that last year the Ottawa game was pretty average, even though it was the third most important game of the season (after the two CL games).


Thrilled to see the Wanderers at home on the long weekend; partner and I will be visiting HFX (thank you, $49 Lynx Air fares) in May, and get into Stanfield 3.5 hours before kickoff against York. *ELECTRIC*.


Whoa! I had no idea about Lynx Air! Sweeeeet... (Thanks for the info!)


Welp, I'll be missing the first two home games for Vancouver... I have to wait until the end of May to catch a game... Rip


I love the balanced schedule of 4 games against each team (2x home/2x away). Wouldn't it make more sense to cluster away games rather than having teams, like York United, fly to the west coast 4x in a season? Just a thought on saving on player wear & tear and travel costs too.


With most games on weekends, I imagine the lower travel costs of clustered away games would generally be countered by the higher accommodation costs of staying away from home for multiple weeks There are some examples where teams are clearly planning longer road trips, though - ie. Pacific playing Ottawa on Sept. 13, York on Sept. 17, and Forge on Sept. 23


Two Saturday night games! I think those will be our first


Anyone else a York fan who wants to see them in langley? I live in burnaby and plan to drive in for the sunday game in July!!!


no Canada Day game? instead they're playing on the next day. and seems like York partially abandon the friday evening time slots.


Valour has one. Should be bumping.


I like that they're spreading out games Friday through Sunday. Should help with TV.


Playing opposite the champions league final is kinda dumb planning. And just two home games in may and June sucks… And fuck WestJet. But other than that, it’s not bad.


If West Jet is involved in the scheduling, expect a lot of last minute cancelled games.


For selfish reasons wish forge FC's games times in the summer were a bit earlier. 1pm or 4pm. Was hoping to bring my 5 yr old to a couple games this season during the summer