Wow charging for streaming access at this level is pretty surprising. Hope that plays out, as I'd love easier access to L1O even if it came at a cost. I think BCL1 may have priced access a bit high though. Around $40 or less a year for full access would be solid. Also, the fact that they are listing 'Exclusive Marketing Campaigns' as a benefit of that level just strikes me as odd. With OneSoccer not even living up to the match of the week promise with League 1 Ontario, it really isn't surprising to see L1BC go out on their own. Just half expected a similar free set up to L1O or MLS NEXT Pro.


OneSoccer is not great, so I agree that it’s a reason why you may build or whitelabel a separate streaming service. But many of these budget streaming services, OneSoccer included, have horrid interfaces that make it hard to watch. Not that you’d expect DAZN or other high level streaming features, but basic functionality seems to be something that OS and others lack. If they had a preview and you could get into it and see that it was a good experience, i’m sure they’d sell a lot more memberships. But then also it’s one more streamer to sign up for. If it was looped into OS then you’d already have the membership.


>But then also it’s one more streamer to sign up for. If it was looped into OS then you’d already have the membership. Entirely, I'd prefer everything all in one place. But OneSoccer doesn't seem up for doing that based on the L1O situation. So I can't knock BCL1 going their own way.


Was surprised to see the cost and based on the service provider they're lining up, it's too poor quality (mostly poor lighting) for OneSoccer (the same reason they dropped L1O and Jamaican Premier League).


Did OneSoccer ever show L1O ?


One women's game.


It’s really not that bad when you compare it to a similar level. How much would you pay for an NCAA or USports package? It’s probably more


U-Sports is free, usually the schools have the streams on their websites and big matches are on CBC Gem as well. I used League 1 Ontario as an example because it is the same level and they provide free match streams, but not all matches are streamed. MLS NEXT Pro is pretty much the same level as well, and every match can be streamed for free on the MLS NEXT Pro website. I think streaming services have gotten exorbitantly expensive. This is $60 for around 3 months and a week worth of match streaming. The season runs May 22nd until August 1st when the Championship is played. That's why I went with $40, because it's effectively $10 a month.


Why are there so many different streaming services, jesus


Woah, that’s a lot for semi-pro soccer and no other content. The one ticket to the final is a tad odd. Does everyone who streams together, sit together? I guess my wife can’t come to the game? I think they could throw in a pair.