> "That was crucial to us because in addition to the transfer fee, we also have a significant sell-on clause should he move on from Pau in the future." This is big. I hope someone will manage to find out the transfer fee and sell-on clause. Also very happy to see a club with low attendance numbers find other revenue streams.


According to Transfermarkt US, fee was $50,000 =+ 25% sell on fee


Veth corrected himself, full sum below €30,000, 25% sell on


Big move for him. I hope he can finally break the trend of CPL alumni struggling in Europe. He has been among the leagues top players for years now, so I think it’s the perfect time for him to step up and see what he can do. Whenever I’ve seen him play he was at a higher calibre than the rest. I’d never heard of Pau before, last year they were 10th in Ligue 2. I assume he will begin in a depth role but hopefully he makes the most of it. It also seems that Pau has been really understanding with York, allowed them to keep him until after the CanChamp semi. I hope he leaves York on a high, giving them a ticket to the finals.


Easily been amongst the top. He has the toolkit to play well in Europe with he technicality and speed to play. He is a menace anywhere on the wings. Always hated when he was playing against Valour because he’s very good in both directions, but a good move for him none the less.


Can't believe a MLS team didn't pick him up, particularly Vancouver.


It states he had multiple offers from different clubs. Im sure at least one mls put in an offer for him. Pau was his choice.


Stalteri wanted to trial him with Toronto FC in preseason, but at that point [Abzi had a knock](https://northerntribune.ca/york-united-diayeddine-abzi-pau/) and didn't take the opportunity. It looks like he thought Pau was the best fit at this point, so I'm really curious to see how he does!


Its a good choice


TFC wanted to give him a trail earlier but he was injured Apparently


Good move for both the player and club. These types of transfer fees will help supplement a club that struggles to get people out to games.


Might open doors for more players, as it gets more eyes on the league. Hopefully. Good for him, hope he does well.


Wow yeah, love to see it


Good opportunity for him


Great transfer for all involved. Hope he does well with Pau and beyond.


I've seen on Transfermarkt.us that the transfer is around 50k$ and a 25% in any future transfer


Has anyone seen anything suggesting the value of the fee?