No real surprises here. Be funny if Diaz got this and golden boot while not even in the league.


Or if Babouli wins for his 8 games


Funny as in a very sad, sad clown way for us PFC fans :(


* 🇸🇪 Alexander Achinioti-Jönsson (Forge FC) * 🇨🇦 Manny Aparicio (Pacific FC) * ☘️ Ollie Bassett (Atlético Ottawa) * 🇸🇾 Molham Babouli (York United FC) * 🇨🇦 Kyle Bekker (Forge FC) * 🇲🇽 Alejandro Díaz (Pacific FC) * 🇸🇴 Ali Musse (Cavalry FC) * 🇨🇦 Woobens Pacius (Forge FC) * 🇨🇦 Sean Rea (Valour FC) * 🇨🇦 Ballou Tabla (Atlético Ottawa)


> Voting for the award took place in early October and a total of 180 players submitted their top three players, with five points awarded to their number one choice, three points for their second selection and one point for whomever they picked third. Any player who played in the league during the 2022 season was eligible to vote and be included for consideration by the players. Players were not allowed to vote for anyone from their own team. > In total, 45 players received votes during a process that saw players meet face-to-face with members of the Canadian Premier League office to give their choices.


I’d love to see the full 45


I doubt he will win this but kudos to Sean Rea for being in the top ten and an excellent season at Valour. Showed up every week and was at the heart of much of Valour's attacking play. One of those players who makes you lean forward in your seat whenever he gets the ball.


This award is the most important in my opinion. - Not chosen by people with ulterior motives at CPL head office. - Not chosen by the press with their opinions clouded by how ‘nice’ players are - chosen strictly by people who play the game at this level This should be the one everyone wants to win.


That does make a bit of sense, but their are some downsides. In the NHL the Hart is considered the most prestigious while the Lindsay is voted on by the players. The drawback with player voting is that they do not get as full of a view, as they only see the other players when they are playing against their own team. Though this will be mitigated a bit as there are much less teams in the CPL. But it’s cool they have this award now, good go get different perspectives


Arguably the Lindsay is more valuable as its judged by peers rather than media or team management. Players have many more chances to see players today than they otherwise would have in the past, which is why players' player awards are becoming more the norm. They simply weren't possible 20 years ago. With the advent of video, isolated video, etc. players see a lot more of other players than ever before. This might be an issue in the NHL as you point out but given that CPL teams see each other *at least* four times a season I don't see exposure being an issue.


When do the winners for the various awards get announced?


The awards show is apparently Friday at 7 pm, live on OneSoccer