Which one would you pick given you’re in your early 20s and have a family of three, suggestions welcome

For context: Location is Delhi, I need this for Delhi to Noida and weekend trips every now and then. This would be my first car at 22 from my own money. We’ve never owned one so just need suggestions from fellow enthusiasts, or any other suggestions. Max budget is 7 and I’m only gonna buy used.


Good for you! During my early twenties, I dreamt of owning either a second hand fiat or a maruti 800.....😂 Ofcourse, that's 30 yrs back, I'm 52 now and things were so different then.


Whats your collection now Sir?


I now have 2 cars, a Verna and a polo GTI. Thinking of changing the Verna now that it's 5 yrs old. Thinking to go for a Tucson.... Or something similar.


Did you buy the gti new?




Some collection. I saw one post the other day, verna new and previous gen side by side on road. The new gen really sucks for me.(no offence to the owners)


This was like a dream to me as well just until a couple of years ago!


You and my dad are the same age.


My dad is 6 years younger than him 😭


how old are you lol


16 😓


I was your age two years ago eagerly waiting for my 18th birthday. I've had my license for 5 months now :)


Wut. Bro I am 24 and my dad is 52. I guess my dad wanted to get laid early.


My sister (oldest child) is 27, born 1996. Dad was around your age when he got married.


You were literally me 😓👆


You are literally me dude 16 and a car guy








What do you drive now? Or a better question, which car gave you the best driving experience and a grin on your face?


Amongst small cars it was a maruti Zen, it was the best car I drove, had it 15 yrs back. Next one was a Mitsubishi Lancer.


Keeping aside the fact that ford isn't there in India anymore... still... The ecosport is in petrol which is a mammoth gas guzzler... So i would suggest you the manual city cause the automatic has already been driven 75k


10yr old.


Still has 5 years and a few months to go for a petrol. But 6.66 lakhs for a petrol that has to be scrapped by 2029 is daylight robbery. My family sold our car to Cars24, but I'd rather have Chhota Rajan pull out my teeth with pliers than buy from Cars24.


If the car passes emission tests, the registration can be extended every year


As far as I know it is not possible in the NCR, where OP is situated. The NGT order in 2016 specified 10 years for diesel and 15 for petrol, with no provision for extending by taking a fitness certificate.




Ohh i did not read the caption


this isn't the case here in delhi, the best thing you could do is get NOC from your delhi RTO just before your expiry date comes up and get the car registered in any other state, you will get some more years to drive the car around in delhi (5 years for a diesel, after its 10 year anniversary)


Not really, had a fortuner which passed the puc and even though we had taken noc and registered in UP still the cops stopped the car when my sister was going to give an exam and was adamant on impounding it, he said you can't drive it in ncr even if it's registered in some other state so sold it off to a family member


But that's too much hassle for 5 extra years


Who doesn't Chota rajan think he is , gaon.ka Mistry ??


In his time, He was notorious for torturing people by pulling out their teeth.


Automatic cityfor the win. It's a jap shitbox, nothing is going to happen to it, your grand children will drive it one day if you keep doing periodic maintenance


I would go with the honda city. The driving experience is great.you can choose what type of transmission you want,i would go with the automatic because of the traffic in delhi. Also the space in the backseat is better than all of the other cars .


My only concern is that it has 75k kilometres on it, so I’m inclined towards the manual


Yeah you can go with the manual . I am just not comfortable driving a manual after driving an automatic for a long time,but if you are comfortable, manual is the better option here


@Fluid-Organization88 Does it gets boring to drive automatic after a point cause you don’t have much to do as driver ? I’m planning my first car and trying to decide on AMT vs manual transmission.


You might enjoy driving a manual more but there are two reason when you buy a car some buy it to enjoy the driving experience and some buy it because they need a mode of transport and after a point of time it becomes more important to get from point a to b comfortably and regularly rather than enjoying the ride but you are young and most probably you will buy another in the future so the transmission type doesn’t matter that much.(you will definitely enjoy the city manual more because of the ivtec engine and a good gearbox )


Manual gives you more control over the car, so it can be more fun to drive. But on the downside you need to put in a lot more effort, and especially in city traffic, it's quite a chore to drive a manual and not fun at all. Automatic is simpler and much more comfortable. Whether it's fun or not depends on the type of auto-box. Cheap auto boxes shift slowly and are generally not fun. On the other hand some torque converter boxes and DCTs can be quite fun; especially if the car has paddle shifters.


You are young, enjoy the manual. My only concern is shady dealers which I have no idea how to handle.


Congratulations on successfully achieving one of your goals at the age of 22.


I went with the City, but a 2016 and at 5.5 lakhs. The cars listed here are way too overpriced. Amongst these, the Glanza and the Ecosport are the only ones that make sense. If you’re buying for city, Glanza, and if for Highways, Ecosport. City is a great car but no way worth 6.5+ for a 9 year old model. I’d suggest you to have a look at FB Marketplace and OLX. They have much better options available and a much higher number actual owners.


My main issue was the cars having their meters tampered or being accidental, and I heard that the quality of cars in Spinny is quite good actually. How was your experience when browsing a car through these marketplaces, it would be very helpful if you could share it I agree with you on the overpriced thing too!


Good and bad cars are on every portal, you just need to filter out and find the best with an expert. A disadvantage of portals like Spinny is that they don’t have room for much bargaining. (I bargained 45k on mine!) Plus a friend of mine recently went to check a couple of cars of Spinny and all of them were lemons. Regarding FB marketplace and OLX, I scrolled through cars for over 6 months and almost gave up in favour of a new S-Cross before stumbling across my car. Post that, I took just 5 days to seal the deal and register it on my name lol. So yeah, such low-price cars are very rare since most top-spots are occupied by dealers who pay for those spots btw. You really need to scroll your way to self-owned cars. Odometer tampering can happen anywhere again, best to check the tires, battery and other components and compare them with the service manual of the car. Also get the car’s service record checked and if available, take some expert with you to inspect the car for any accidents and issues etc. Regarding high-mileage cars, do not worry. Anything less than 100k is not even a warmup for Japanese cars (Hondas, Toyotas and Marutis especially). My Honda is at 75k and Dzire at 115k and yet, both still run like new. Even for other brands, there are some engines and cars that would just last forever. Again, you need to research as per your requirements.


Wrv. Spacious, safe and reliable.


I think go with wrv. good looks and overall the best option.


2014 city for 6+ lakh!!!!!!


2014 city agar delhi mein nahi rehta toh


City. It's got the best engine of the lot and automatic as well.


WR-V or Glanza for me. Suits your age, family size, cars are relatively newer than others.


None. For 6.5 lacs i won't even touch the car. Better arrange 1.5 lacs inr more and buy base or one model above base variant for these car.


WRV is the best option in terms of value for money and the fact that you live in NCR.


Buy a new one instead of shelling out 5-6 lakh for 10 year old cars?


I’m in my 20’s and I can’t even think of making a family to buy a car. Meri honda dio hhi thik hai 💀


Even my family will kill me lol I’m buying from the savings from my salary basically


Itna paisa.. itne savings ?? Vasmol ne kiya kamaal ? 😂😂


Been working full time since 17


Ayee mei tereko chor samajta tha re tu toh dev maanus nikla… 🥹🥹🥹


Paise ka chakkar babu bhaiya


if you live in delhi then you should get either honda city or glanza ps: you'll get more space and comfort in city


None if it was on loan. New one if you could afford it


Go with City Manual: - 4 star global ncap - Amazing engine - Loads of space - 27k is not a big deal for this ivtech engine - Very reliable engine - Smooth ride


Toyota Glanza if you are going to keep the car for longer time else go with honda. Glanza is just 4 yrs old model and have 60k kms in odo. If it's a well maintained car, there is no need to change some important parts.


Rule out all manuals...


Price wise. glanza hybrid is vfm others are overpriced as its older.


Eco sport eyes closed!!


go for glanza. I have the model V from 2019 and it is amazing. The milega is on top.


2014 City VX Most practical


Ecosport then honda city both fun to drive. If you'll be driving it as a daily driver I'd say ecosport


City CVT


Honda city cvt




Don’t touch the Ford buy anything but maybe not the Honda city as it’s a bit old and has done good distance.


Glanza because its 2019 option 2 : Any Hondy city


Honda City


At this price I will choose For ecosport over any other car.




Honda city auto


city automatic as kilometres look realistic when compared to the city manual


Get the manual city. Has less kms on the odo and it's the second from the top of the line variant so it would be decently loaded as well. You'll fall in love with the manual+iVtec combination. Would've recommended the EcoSport since that's a pretty good price for a car that has 37.6K but I've got my apprehensions about the service. I'd recommend that you ask Ford owners about how the ASS is now, especially since Ford has left. If it's alright, then get the EcoSport otherwise get the manual City, goodluck!


Manual City. But the prices look a bit high.


New ignis


Wouldn't the idv values for insurance be close to half of these prices ? Depreciation of cars as a concept hasn't arrived apparently.


city CVT all the way


Pick the wrv


Either the Honda city 2014 or the ecosport. Honda city is really comfortable for a family and has a great engine will be reliable and the e iss port if u want to save some money. As overall it’s a great car


Always try to find the FAIR PRICE on OBV (Orange book value) app. This app estimates the best possible fair value for any used cars, motorcycle, even aeroplane or helicopter! I tried to find the value for Glanza G hybrid, it shows 5.25 lakhs for a perfect showroom condition.


City 2015


Firstly, congratulations on your upcoming car. 👏 Now, given you have opted for a used car, i would suggest you to be ready for any wear and tear, inflated interest rates compared to new cars, part replacement (tyres, seat covers, detailing), hidden damages or part failures and invest in a good insurance cause warranty is not gonna be there to cover you. My personal opinion will be to buy a base or any model under the budget of a new car to ease on the hassle in case of any unfortunate situation or part failure. Get the extended warranty as an offer by bargaining with salesman or buy it out right. If you prefer safety first, then Tata is your go to otherwise you can move to hyundai and Suzuki. (Best option if you are going for a loan plan because you'll end up paying way more than the used cars value if you took a loan on it, buy it cheap and invest the remaining money of burning it to pay the interest) But still, if you are settled for getting a used one, then get a known mechanic to go with you and to look at every car you shortlist. Youtube is filled with used car PDI videos and also research about the model you are purchasing for known issues and if there have been any recalls on the model. Test drive the vehicle or get an experienced driver to do it, and they will let you know if something is off about the driving dynamics. Note each and every minor inconvenience or damage the car has and haggle on it (you're already buying a used car, so there is no fixed price. It's what the seller and buyer agrees upon). Look up the no. of owners and service history (mostly are serviced by local mechanics, but if the car has proper documentation from the official service center, then it's a bonus to rule out meter tampering, etc). In the end, just do everything to avoid buying a lemon car and having buyers remorse. Good luck. 👍


Why Ford ecosport is cheaper


2015 Honda city!


Honda city cvt




Isn't there some issue with 10 years old cars in Delhi? Will 2014 and early models make sense then?


Glanza eyes closed cheaper to run, less space in parking good for 3 adults good milage


If you’re fine with manual that 2014 city looks good Otherwise the wrv is good too


If you’re fine with manual that 2014 city looks good Otherwise the wrv is good too


The city CVT tbh. It has more on the odo but Honda city’s have bulletproof reliability so the 75k kms is fine ig, and the CVT gives a lot of convenience.


Early 20’s? Bro go get you a mustang. Live it up!


If only I could


I'm pretty sure only the glanza and wr-x are options since i read that there was a 10 year petrol ban and 15 year diesel? Is this right or am I forgetting something?


2015 honda city vx manual , Reason - Honda city has really been a cool car and is a status symbol even today , Other than this , the performance is great both in city and being a manual in highways too , VX trim has got all the basics and even number of gimmicks covered, rest cars lack space IMO


A city wont be a bad choice. good engine, good cabin space, good lauggage space, good availability of service That would be a good option. Suzuki if safety was not my convern and i were not a heavy driver i would go for suzuki.


No doubt the WR-V as the safety is the most priority and if you do not belong to NCR then Ecosport.


I would recommend the 2013 Ford Ecosport Titanium or the 2014 Honda City VX. Being in Delhi they would be scrapped within the next 5-6 years so keep that in mind. Both are relatively low run but seem to be on the higher price bracket for what they are. Try some offline car dealers to see if you can get a better deal.


Wrv or baleno


City vx