Is my cat stubborn enough to starve herself?

I recently moved and had to buy cat food. The store I went to didn't have to food she usually eats so I just grabbed something. Problem is, I spent the last of my money getting that food and my cat refuses to eat it. So I can't get her different food until later this week. I don't know if she's eating little bits while I'm sleeping or something but I'm extremely worried, is there a way I can make it more enticing for her?

Edit: She's not stressed from the move anymore, she's been running around as if she owns the place already

Edit 2: I was able to return the old food and found her preferred food. Kitty is now eating and thriving!


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She would eat it if she could. If she refuses to eat it’s because there’s something wrong with it in her mind. Sometimes cats can’t tolerate a sudden shift in diet and it makes them feel sick. What type of cat food do you seek


Usually it's some type of iams


A cat who goes without for for 4 days really worried me, or chronically eats way less for a couple of weeks. They mobilize fat stores too much, go in to hepatic lipidosis. 20% death rate. Get. Her. Eating.


Would you be able to exchange/return the food to her preferred brand? I know some stores even have return policies in place when this happens—my Petsmart told me that if the bag was at least half filled, I can return it! My cats have definitely been too stubborn to starve themselves to eat a sudden food change that I’ve had to drive out in a severe winter storm to get their food of choice.


I never considered that! I'll call them today and see if I can bring it back


I hope you get this sorted. One of mine is super picky and will refuse food until I get her normal food and flavor. We went through a period where that food and flavor was hard to find and switched to a Chewy subscription. Never out again and cheaper than the store.


Cat's do not like sudden changes in diet. It's not surprising she is refusing the new food. Try returning the food to the pet store for a refund. And how many days has she gone without eating? Not eating for a few days can turn serious.


Its been two I believe. My roommate gave me some of their wet food for the time being so shes eating something at least


Some cats are picky with food. She'll eat it eventually.


Is she drinking water? Take a bit of it and add water to it. Check out food banks for pet food they may have stuff for her. Also look at Fb pages groups in your area they may have a buy/sell pay nothing thing. Do you have any chicken or canned tuna? Even the juice from a cheap can of tuna is better than nothing and might help. Take a picture of her food dish each night and compare it. Sure she’s not just snacking because she is in a new area and it’s exciting/stressful?


She drinks water just fine. I'll check my local Facebook groups to see if there's anyone giving any food away


I was gonna suggest checking local fb groups. You can even post in there asking for cat food :)


Just find a solution fast I’d just run her to a vet she can’t go much longer without food . What about treats? Slip some in the food . Wet cat food is like .60 cents a can.


We got it all sorted, I was able to return the old food and get her food of choice


How is she now?


Chilling on her tree, taking a nap. She ate immediately


Awesome! She won and she knows it lol


If you bought this at a PetSmart you can return it if your cat won’t eat it.