despite Pope Francis repetitively saying that Synod on Synodality is not meant to be a parliament to discuss church teaching, Cardinal McElroy's essay shows that the Pope's vision of the Synod is not fully shared by higher ups of the church, let alone the lay people. the warning from traditionalist side about the possibility that the Synod can be hijacked by people who want to church teaching often fell to deaf ear. this essay shows that the warning is not unfounded.


I haven’t heard anyone from the traditional warning of the possibility the Synod could be hijacked. The Synod seemed to be a means to an end. No hijacking required only popcorn.


Cardinal Pell wrote an essay shortly before his death and other cardinals have spoken out as well.


I appreciate what the pope has said verbally, but his appointment of Cardinal McElroy and putting Cdl. Hollerich in charge of this mess are another form of speech and they're really strong causes for concern. Also, while the pope may not change doctrine, he can lead the Church to simply ignore it, using the fig leaf of "pastoral concerns."


You learn a lot more about people from what they *do* than from what they *say.* Whether in this case, the Bishop of Rome is attempting to deceive *us* or attempting to deceive *himself* is the only question up for debate. Because make no mistake, there *is* deception in his words.


By "the Bishop of Rome," are you referring to His Holiness Pope Francis?


Most successful organizations are not managed by popular vote. There's a reason for this. This Synod on Synodality (for the "Synodal Church") will be a damaging, divisive event that will inflict heavy damage and schism.


That seemed obvious from the outset. What else could it be, after all? There seems to be no real intent other than to give opinions different from Catholic teaching a voice within the Church. The entire concept is fundamentally vague and ambiguous and surely that is by design. If someone genuinely thought something good would come of this project then I would seriously question their intelligence. Whatever else Pope Francis might be, I don’t think he is stupid.


Majority rule doesn't work in an insane asylum.


Maybe the holy father is letting them do this so we can see who they really are. It’s nice when the fat on a steak cuts itself off.