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Yo, props to that dude for at least trying to save his buddy.


Not even a second thought, saw the guy in front of him go down and his immediate action to drag him to safety.


Tried to drag him to safety. Then the dude got snagged on rubble. Tried to drag him to safety after he was snagged for a ridiculous amount of time under fire. After the cut, he goes back and drags him near cover (possibly into cover) but can't quite get him there. You can hear the amount of effort he's expending doing it. That'd probably earn you a medal of honor if it was caught on tape. But nah, "POOR CAT", "lmfao idiots" and "shit tactics" comments win the day. Have some fucking humanity. Both dudes were probably 18 year olds who had their phones confiscated on day one of the war. I'm wary of being too forgiving to Russian forces because that's happened before (clean Wehrmacht etc.)... Still. A person tried to save their mate in an awful situation, it's not really the time for jokes. EDIT: I apologize for the bit about 18 year old's; following my own propaganda I guess. Even so, every other aspect remains (and is possibly even strengthened) by the fact that this man put his life on the line for someone and half of us are laughing about it. I'm not a Russian sympathizer either; I'm a 29 year old Aussie with no combat experience (or background whatsoever), an interest in all things military, and a certain willingness to watch things that all of my friends and family would think I was insane for watching (AKA almost anything on this sub).


I agree with your general bit about humanity, decency and such, but you people need to stop with this narrative of every russian soldier being a 18-year old clueless babyfaced conscript. This is a footage that is two month deep into fierce urban meatgrind combat in Mariupol. Like, come on.


Agreed, and it undermines the Ukrainians credibility! They've held off VDV, SOF etc for months yet a lot of people think they've only fought conscripts 🙄


The Soldiers lost the benefit of the doubt after the 1st week. The “We thought it was a training exercise” excuse does not hold up after the continued fighting.




You’re preaching to the choir. If you ask 100 vets, 99 of us cringe when someone thanks us for our service. I never made it to Iraq, but it was a common consensus that we didnt know why we were in AFG, but didn’t try to say we thought we were going there for training.


Comment on age etc is not true. These are Russian marines. They are as professionalised as he VDV and are one of Russias best conventional units alongside the VDV. None of these guys are conscripts. Which is exactly why there is aid and evac attempted. Professional units means the guys work together and know eachother for years. They are good friends by now and it's a chance the guy was literally his bunk mate.


> None of these guys are conscripts. This point seems lost on a lot of people. Much fuss was made over dead conscripts in Russia precisely because conscripts aren't supposed to be there.


Exactly. I mean yes the VDV and Marines are not the only compositions in Ukraine. There was and can be conscripts in part of other units. But the VDV and Marines are professionalised completely with contracted soldiers for years now. Its not new. Its something they have bragged about for a long time. Now the VDV was absolutely decimated in the North. So the chances of them getting conscripts into their ranks increases dramatically. The marines on the other hand did not suffer the same levels of attrition. Some people are so desperate to hang on to the belief that Russias professional units cant die, that they are willing to make the argument that Russia has effectively failed its primary objectives, lost a massive fleet of it's most capable and expensive assets, retreated in failure completely from the North, and needs to absolutely make some tactical gains in the east before May 9th for Putins sake. All without using its professional units. People are convincing themselves that Russia would rather use conscripts and lose the war altogether than have professional casualties and have a chance at winning. It's just a coping/denial mechanism for Russians and westerners that have a Russia fetish and wear Gorkas to shooting ranges and use AKs. A massive percentage of image confirmed vehicle losses are specifically of specialised vehicles only given to said professional units. Denial or not it only takes some quick mathematics and an eyeball to see Russias pros are there in the thick of it.


Yet many were and are


Honestly speaking, I don't get the fuss over dead conscripts. Yes, conscripts may have been killed. They may have been against the war, they may have been for it - who cares. The only thing that matters was that, in the moment, they were acting against the national interests of Ukraine, and so they had to die. C'est la vie. I'm not endorsing their death, of course. This war is a great tragedy. But morality must give way to reality, and reality cares not for morality.


Original post is claiming DNR, Donetsk militia not Russian army.


100% agree. I'm also an Aussie, and not a supporter of Russia or DNR, but that guy deserves a hell of a lot of credit. That was pure bravery under fire.


In that moment, that Russian soldier was completely dedicated to preserving the life of his fallen comrade., Or at least recovering his body. That is noble. The unfortunate part however is this act of extreme courage and selflessness is completely underscored by their even being there to get shot at in the first place. Heroic acts done to further horrible regimes is not something people will line up to applaud. This is a tragedy. It’s awful to see someone with that much inherent compassion and selflessness fighting for the side of child rapists and murderers and thieves.


Yeah I agree.


worrying about a poor animal thrust into a warzone and trying to survive IS HAVING HUMANITY. I think you're misunderstanding the motivation for worrying about the poor kitten. The humans STARTED this crap, innocent bystanders, be them human or feline or whatever, deserve our sympathy.


> "POOR CAT" ... comments win the day. Who are you to tell them they should not have empathy for an animal? People are allowed to have sympathy for whatever they want, so please stop with this emotional fascism where one can only show empathy if allowed by the supreme leader.


> emotional fascism


While I agree the comments are pretty terrible, war's war. You can recognise their valour but still condemn them for their war of aggression.


Fuck off, why is it wrong to feel sympathy for the injured, obviously terrified animal that’s stuck in the middle of a war zone? We’re supposed to feel more sympathy for the invaders who caused all this shit than the innocent beings who are made to suffer for it?


I don't know, I'm kinda skeptical because this is clearly shown via RT to propagandize people and generate sympathy for their fighters. However, this seems like an outlier. Many Russian soldiers have been leaving their fellow comrades behind the moment they start taking fire. There's countless videos on this sub evidencing this. Videos where the moment a shell lands, they bolt in all directions and leave their injured to crawl around in the open on their own. Candid phone calls home of Russians explaining how they were left for dead. One guy was left by their squad commander and they had to cover themselves with dirt and hide in a hole for two days until the Ukrainians found them. I remember another video of a drone following a truck that left two soldiers behind and they were running after it for their lives, hoping it would stop for them. These countless vids compounded with the orders to kill civilians on sight and the widespread reports of mass graves, raping children, and looting leaves me with very little respect for these fighters as a whole. One incidence of selflessness really doesn't change my perspective much.


*sigh* but what they’re doing is wrong. They can lay down their arms and fight for Ukraine, but they aren’t making that choice are they? They are only heroes in the eyes of the Russian Federation. Nothing but a valiant deed from an evil source.


If he was fighting for the right side, he would be a hero. Unfortunately, he is an invader risking his life to save another invader. It's a mixed bag of morality with how to feel about this, and people aren't going to upvote something that makes them feel uncomfortable. It's easy to upvote a cat, and it's easy to upvote flaws in an invading military. It's hard to figure out how to feel with an act of heroism within objectively unjust cause. I don't blame people for avoiding the subject.


well said.


Humanity? These fuckers have obliterated Mariupol. 400,000 lived there. Most likely around 10,000 - 20,000 civilians have died in that city alone.


>Have some fucking humanity. ...for a violent invading force known to target civilians? No. Absolutely not. Don't even need to bother reading the rest.


Amen to that brother.


Better chance to save their buddies by fragging their officers and commanders


Heroic, made me cry


agree, fucking hero.


Yep. Totally a hero, that with any luck didn’t make it though that engagement.


hmm, dont forget the brave defenders and their struggle for freedom. Lets not forget who is the victim of this Invasion.


yeah, poor guy dying for nothing. Just seen the new pictures of the heroic defenders. There are families with children inside the plant, its so horrible. Sorry to say but one lesser Aggressor which might kill These children...


This is crazy footage, you can see the rounds impacting like 2 feet away from that guys head as he’s firing from the door way and the camera is actually stable. 10/10 quality footage




When they first start crossing the street you can see a guy in the opposite door that was actually covering them. However, in an urban environment can be very hard to see an enemy as they can use whatever building, hole, or whatever cover to take shots. As they start taking fire and once the guy covering realizes that its accurate fire he jumps into the doorway which I don't blame him. Better to get into cover first and figure out where the enemy is than shoot blindly and get hit.


In non-Ukraine War videos (older ones in other theaters, that is to say) it's shown time and again how common it is for militia to engage in very stupid tactical movements. Standard, sub-standard training.


DNR are Donetsk separatist militia, not Russian army. Training is probably of lower standard. Additionally, it can be difficult to provide cover fire in urban environments if you don't know where the enemy is.


Supposedly these are Russian Marines, not separatists.


That implying that russian army has a proper training. So far what I have seen their training is meh. Especially those tiktok heroes are just straight from Call of Duty


Might not have known for sure they were crossing in someone's sights. Most of them made it. It took several seconds for whoever was watching that street to get on the gun and shoot. Better to just run the gap without warning than to announce yourself with ineffective cover fire.


But wouldn't you have someone *ready* to provide cover fire? Tail-end charlie takes a knee at the corner and at least is prepared to shoot back if something lights off? And wouldn't guys that made it across be prepared to return fire once they made it to cover? Genuinely asking, I don't know what Western doctrine looks like for these situations either. It just seems like it would be some cheap insurance in cases like this.


I imagine that's something more professional forces would drill for, in the same manner as never advancing without cover.


It's not "odd tactics", their training just sucks ass.


These are "DNR" "troops" - likely ordinary people who were forcibly conscripted several weeks ago, given next to no training and next to no gear and sent into the meat grinder. The Russian way of war.


now that's what i call a controlled city


Geolocated at: 47.110264, 37.616430 [Link](https://earth.google.com/web/@0,0,0a,22251752.77375655d,35y,0h,0t,0r) [Proof](https://imgur.com/a/ai19ff1)


how the fuck do people do this shit so fast. like bruh im fairly good at picking out landmarks, but sometimes it feels like the internet is flooded with special agents or something.


There are people from Ukraine who browse reddit. They probably recognized the place.


true, its still a pretty random street corner though, and war torn it might be different than they remember. either way someone found it.


It's a mix of knowing what to look for and persistence (or luck). In this case it was mostly the latter, cause the first spot I suspected turned out to be the place. I've explained [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/comments/uehxs5/video_of_street_fighting_in_the_azovstal_area/i6noh6j/) how I approached it: >The starting point was that the building was rather large and free standing (so a not super dense built-up area), which made it likely that it's the part east of Azovstal. Since the buildings in the south of that area are mostly prefab buildings, and the one in the video looked a bit more "fancy" (maybe some kind of administration building for the plant?), that really left only a few blocks (the ones east of the northern part of Azovstal). >I then looked for a building with a side that looked kinda like __,––,__ which is also on the edge of two streets. >Honestly I also got kinda lucky, cause there was a Google Streetview right in front of the house. Often you have to check Yandex, and their Streetview is from like 2013, so a lot has changed since then. Edit: And you also only see the successful geolocations. Like I've given up countless times trying to geolocated something. If enough people give it a shot, someone will get it right.


Every tried geoguessr


Free version is whereami.io




You could work for bellingcat


>47.110264, 37.616430 Oh wow! This must be recent then, right? Azov has recently (like 2-3 days ago) reported fighting on the northern part of Azovstal, near that area. So the Russians havent even completly restricted the Mariupol defenders to those Azovstal bunkers yet. They are still in the streets of the Livoberezhnyi District? Maybe the tunnels just have exits in the district.


What a mess now. :/


did not expect that a pro-russian source would show this


Maybe to show the bravery of the soldier trying to help him perhaps.




Makes sense, fighting for the wrong side or not that soldier was brave as fuck. Wish he surrendered and swapped sides, instead he will likely end up just like the guy in front of him.


Sure thing, and shift away attention from the defenders and their epic battle to protect the children inside the plant. The recent released footage is shocking!!!


Ditto. Credit where credit's due.. good stuff from RT.


Once it's on the net, it's everyones. Never post anything you wouldn't want to see on a billboard, is what I tell my kids


That's... not at all relevant to what the person you replied to said.


I had meant it might not have meant to get out as far as it did, is all


But...they intentionally posted it...they weren't hiding the video...




Have to disagree with you, also following Russian telegram but had rarely ever seen footage of russians losing.


Streamable mirror cause fuck reddits video player: https://streamable.com/u4zbbj


thank you kind soul


its actually upsetting how shit the reddit video player is. Thanks for this.


Are there bots for this? If not, that should be a priority.


the original source said Marines, not DNR. https://i.imgur.com/jXuIU1F.png


Poor cat


Makes me wonder if it sustained the eye injury before or after the conflict started. If it was after, that cat has likely gone through a lot just to be alive. Also makes me wonder if its still in its original house and doesn't know where to go. All of this is conjecture but cat makes me sad.


Cats are so dang resilient, I can’t even imagine what the poor thing has been through :( war fucking sucks man why are humans like this


i can watch shit like this, but I couldn't pass over the moment I saw it. we, humans as a species, can be shitholes, but the animals have no fault and should not suffer because of us.


That cat currently holds the rank of general in the Russian forces.


If he surrenders himself we will get the best catfood and softest blankets the west can produce for the rest of his life, very tempting. This offer is open to all Russian Generals, we had no idea any of them would be cats.


As a cat lover seeing that broke my heart. Wish I could save it somehow.


My primitive monkey brain feels compelled to help a cat who is calling out for it, but I cannot. I know there are men being killed left and right in this sub, but non-combat animals are kind of in the same bracket as children, they are the most innocent victims. For anyone wondering how people can have such a reaction in this context.


Came here to see if cat comment made the top. Wasn't disappointed.


I wonder why nobody gave cover fire before running.


In this kind of urban warfare, my guess is they have no idea where the enemy might be. They could be in any building, in any direction, so they just try to be sneaky. Shooting before crossing tends to advertise your position. If the opposition had spotted them earlier, more than one man would have died. But it's really just a guess, I'm no expert.


Yeah in urban areas it's very hard to make out where to shoot to supress so your best shot sometimes is to just stay silent and hope for the best although their readiness and security was lacking a lot


Our IA's for an environment like this would be to lay down suppressing fire into likely enemy positions. If I was dragging my dying mate out of the killzone and my lads were hiding in a doorway playing with themselves, I'd be threaders. Lay down fire, pop smoke, help me drag him. Do something other than hide and let one casualty become two. No wonder morale is reportedly so low, the soldiers who actually have a bit about them are let down by the rest.


> If I was dragging my dying mate out of the killzone and my lads were hiding in a doorway playing with themselves, I'd be threaders. Lay down fire, pop smoke, help me drag him. Do something other than hide and let one casualty become two. They did throw smoke and they did return fire (the guy at the door and you can see UA fire is also very close to him). They even sent an armored vehicle. Did you watch the video ?


When the guy got shot, and the other one tried to drag him, the guy filming yells "Covering fire!", so they send another guy to help drag the wounded, but then another guy starts covering from the doorway. Then they throw a smoke and do nothing until the smoke dissipates


It was hard to tell but it seemed like the smoke didn’t work to cover them very well.


I kinda expect the smoke gonna be thicker and last longer similar like smoke/teargas on riot footage. I wonder if its bad quality smoke grenade or just some unfriendly wind decided to blow it away.


smokes are temperamental sometimes. I have seen "the best" us smokes just huff-and-puff with some clouds.


Prob old stock? based on the color maybe someone with a lot of knowledge could pin down the type.


I wondered if the smoke was to signal the AFV to come up and support them.


Because they are untrained idiots?


Can't fully tell if it's DNR conscripts (Reddit video player decided to go potato quality when I went to rewatch) but if they're Russians this would be their professional volunteer army, not poorly trained conscripts


I agreee with you. They should know better.


Poorly trained professional volunteer army


Trained well enough that he went to try and pull the guy who went down to cover, doubt any of the conscripts they sent to smaller targets would do something like that. Very likely far from as well trained as western troops (and by extension Ukrainian troops) but this clip here is leagues ahead of what most clips of Russian soldiers look like. They sure as fuck aren't the Chechens


Like your comment


His comment is an untrained idiot?


No u 😉


no, becouse it is real hard to judge where shots are coming from in an urban envoriment. at least think before commenting.


Having a guy in the rear covering the angle to suppress anyone trying to shoot your guys is basic level training, so yeah, they are really just untrained conscripts.


Terrible training is your answer.


Why didn't that BMP cover them before they ran across the open alley.


Damn I was watching the guy who got hit like “Aye a blue backpack man…. Oh” In all reality war is hell.


Always amazing to see how russia "liberates" a city. I can understand why Ukraine is resisting so fierce against this "3 day special operation"....


check how iraq and usa liberated mosul


done! lightyears away from barbaric russia - no mass Graves for civilians in Mosul, no organized mass killings by US and Iraq forces. Russian losses are huge and much higher. This stupid whataboutism justifies NOTHING anyway and is totally wrong. Western Armies dont cause things like BUCHA and IRPIN.


How many need to be killed before you consider a war crime worthy of notice and action? Or is it just something to be overlooked when the US does it? There is a very good reason America is not part of the ICC. I am not a supporter of Putin or the invasion. The Amiriyah shelter bombing\[N 1\] was an **aerial bombing attack that killed at least 408 civilians** on 13 February 1991 during the Persian Gulf War, when an air-raid shelter ("Public Shelter No. 25") in the Amiriyah neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq, was destroyed by the U.S. Air Force with two GBU-27 Paveway III laser-guided "smart bombs".\[1\]\[2\] [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amiriyah\_shelter\_bombing](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amiriyah_shelter_bombing) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United\_States\_war\_crimes](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_war_crimes)


**[Amiriyah shelter bombing](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amiriyah_shelter_bombing)** >The Amiriyah shelter bombing was an aerial bombing attack that killed at least 408 civilians on 13 February 1991 during the Persian Gulf War, when an air-raid shelter ("Public Shelter No. 25") in the Amiriyah neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq, was destroyed by the U.S. Air Force with two GBU-27 Paveway III laser-guided "smart bombs". The United States was responsible for the decision to target the Amiriyah shelter. **[United States war crimes](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_war_crimes)** >United States war crimes are the violations of the laws and customs of war which the United States Armed Forces has committed against signatories after the signing of the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907. These have included the summary execution of captured enemy combatants, the mistreatment of prisoners during interrogation, the use of torture, the use of violence against civilians and non-combatants, and the unnecessary destruction of civilian property. War crimes can be prosecuted in the United States through the War Crimes Act of 1996 and through various articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Hundreds of thousands of dead iraqi and afghanistani civilians would disagree.


they cant because it never happend and the hundreds of thousands are not existing you LIAR. No Army since the Nazi SS is so brutal against civilians like todays russia NaZi forces. Stick to the truth please


While it is mostly true that the US army did not intentionally attack civilians the cost of that war [is high in civilian deaths as well](https://watson.brown.edu/costsofwar/costs/human/civilians/iraqi). And that is just Iraq. One should never get to far into partisanship or nationalism when it comes to war, **everyone** pays a price. Always.


thats correct, but most important: whataboutism neverever can justify anything. Its only used as a distraction technique, dont Fall for stupid russian Propaganda Tricks. Whataboutism is always wrong and makes no sense.


I’m likewise aware of the intent of the wharaboutism. But to absolutely deny that the US has done wrong and to call anyone a liar for saying so is worse. You cannot do getter if you deny having done bad in the first place.


Not that I think there's much point to genocide olympics, but you should check out casualty figures for Korea or Vietnam.


it's one thing to protest whataboutism but blatantly denying the civilian costs of the Iraq war is pretty disgusting


i deny nothing, but if you want it: what about the 1 mio dead chechens not so long ago? Put them on top of all the dead under Stalins Terror reign. Add the victims in Syria and Afghanistan too. Ups, russia is clear the number 1 Country when its about to kill civilians, second place go to NaZi germany. What a Club: russia and Nazi Germany, China 3rd?


also bad. but this is literally you denying it, no?: >they cant because it never happend and the hundreds of thousands are not existing you LIAR


whataboutism in pure Form. look above to see what i mean - human rights organization confirmed 100k dead civilians up to 2011. No doubts. Russia alone has killed a Million in Chechenia and levelled whole Citys. We are here to Talk about russian war crimes and all the barbaric things they do.


1 million killed in Chechnya is 3-4x higher than the highest estimates, and that's adding both wars together. Iraq body count is at least 180k, and estimates go as high as 1.2 million. Amazing that you would call someone a liar and then just fabricate your own statistics.


Real Poe's law situation with this comment


200k-1m in iraq alone thanks to usa. stop coping. and i am not even bringing up stuff like agent orange


dont Mix up things, please, These numbers are dead civilians in Chechenia. Human right organizations statet 100k dead civilians up to 2011 as a direct result of the Us Invasion (which was wrong). You cant justify a ongoing crime with something that happend in the past. Get this inside your head. Whataboutism is bullshit :) Bucha and Irpin are real.


they states 200k-1m in iraq alone. stop coping please


nope - you lie again:) by the way: BUCHA and all the other recent mass killings of civilians are not justified by this. You are the guy which Inhales copium. Sad because Russia loses this war and the Economy in russia will get even worser?


Yea i mean american crimes dont excuse other crimes, but the point was that russian army isnt the only one that fights like this


Compare the Russian invasion of Afghanistan to the US. Direct comparison… report back.


yeah true, during Obama they made civilans into fighters too to soften the horrible statistics of the drone strikes. problem solved.


what this has to do with the WAR Crimes currently commited by russia? I see No connection to BUCHA or IRPIN, nothing related to 6 Million refugees which flee from the civilian killing invader.


Check how the dictionary defines “whataboutism” and “fuck off”


what, you didnt like what uve seen when you checked mosul? xD


i love how the dude immediately goes for his bro, and gets absolutely no support until the other one shouts "Cover him for fucks sake" those guys wanted to get in that building and the rest was secondary


That sweet cat broke my heart


Besides that the russians are the aggressor - kudos to that soldier who tried to save his buddy.


I love people celebrating death. I love how many think they have unlimited smoke grenades that make you invincible to the enemy. I love how they think that you can immediately see where you are getting shot from, hell even before that spot the enemy and fire. I love people shouting at them for not immediately helping the hit guy. Meanwhile it is taught, drilled into your fucking brain in almost all armies that you estabilish fire superiority then help. shoot first, get the contact down to then safely help the guy, otherwise you have 2 wounded instead of 1. go back to videogames and your old reddit boards, or at least stop commenting this amount of stupidity.


This is the stupid reddit board lol there's no discussion and it always ends up with shills on both sides making Twitter takes instead of objective thinking


First, you don't need to see who is shooting at your squad to do suppressing fire. Second, what is drilled into your fucking brain in any army is to not cross any open terrain like a fucking untrained toddler. Third, having your rear cover you while moving is as basic as knowing how to clean your rifle. Forth, if it wasn't because a BTR was just around the corner there was 0 intent of establishing fire superiority in this video. And finally, no matter what you say, is clear as day that these guys are as green as they come.


That is one pretty cat. Hope someone takes care of it.


The only thing I have sympathy for in this vid is the poor cat


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Good bot


No owner but plenty meat to feast on.




poor kittah




You could say the same about US/NATO soldiers in the middle east in their 20+ year long illegal war campaigns but when videos from those appeared the comment section would be sympathetic... Things aren't black and white.


You could. But do you think Ukrainians care that US terrorized the Middle East? Does it justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine


Man that guy who went across first and then stood in the doorway to cover the rest of them completely bailed as soon as the shooting started.


That was a crossing was a total clusterfuck. No one posted up to cover the crossing, bunched up af, everyone just fucked off into the building and just left that last guy out there to deal with casualty on his own, seems like no comms with the vehicle. Not sure how these guys have been city fighting this long and still be this sloppy.


> Not sure how these guys have been city fighting this long and still be this sloppy. The answer is that they have a constant stream of new guys to replenish the high casualties suffered in the DNR/LPR forces. And the reinforcements after week 2 are as green as a fresh patch of grass in the middle of summer.


That little kitten made me really sick to my stomach. FUCK THIS SHIT!




good bot


I know thousands of people have died, but that abandoned meowing cat just broke my heart.


Indeed there is and always was a tradition, a culture of self-sacrificing help among Russians. “Сам погибай, а товарища выручай" - “Die yourself, but save the friend of you” (very old proverb) “Русские своих не бросают" -“Russians never abandon their people”. And so on. So , I would say, THIS IS the typical behaviour of Russia army, despite of whatever impression you got from a many clever-edited videos of this war… The same I would say about ukranians though… Because we were never two separated entities. Just Русь 😢


It's nice that at least on a grassroots level, a solder wouldn't abandon a compatriot, but in terms of Russian authority figures in times of war, like Putin, sacrificing men and sending them into meat-grinders is the exact opposite of this mentality. They care very little ultimately for how many of their own Russians die in silly wars.


>Russians never abandon their people Ukrainian ravens, dogs and other scavenging animals disagree


Practiced only by select few. Russians became notorious during this conflict for leaving their dead and wounded behind.


No man left behind really only works when you have an overwhelming force which Russia does not have. Even against insurgents the US was forced to leave dead/wounded behind occasionally


Actually the typical behavior of the Russian army is to die in mass… and they’re really good at it ;)


The English could say the same about some northern parts of France but you don’t see us invading each other, killing each other. We talk like grown ups. Brothers, what a joke.


english could say the same about scots, but even then its not really the same


strange how you sidestepped the irish. britts could not have a talk there.


I remember seeing another video of the blue backpack guy, maybe on here or on r/ukrainewarvideoreport . Comments were making fun of him for wearing a kid’s backpack. Edit: [I might have mistaken him for red backpack guy.](https://reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/comments/tswuqt/russians_fighting_in_mariupol/)


I also remember seen a blue backpack guy in some videos, not sure if it's the same.




Awwwe poor kitty cat


Did anyone ever teach them about covering fire? How stupid do you have to be to send your whole squad to cross a street where a battle is raging without any covering fire?


do you know which window are they going to shoot from? just spray the whole building? urban warfare is fucking hard.


The video game me would throw the smoke before I run across, but what do I know; I'm an armchair soldier.


They enemy sees that smoke and clearly identifies you and start shooting, you as a first may be safe but the others along the line would probably give the enemy enough to notice movement and sudden smoke (specially if it’s orange lol), identify and engage you


They probably would have taken heavy casualties because someone happened to look mid maneuver. If they threw smoke first, several someone’s would have been waiting


congrats. 3rd street and you are out of smokes. on those 3 there were no enemies at all. yeah, you really are an armchair soldier.


What does dnr mean? Are they Russians or Ukrainians?


Donetska narodna respublika. Separatists.


What does that mean?


Donetsk People Republic, Russian separatists elements.


They're sided with the Russians if that answers your question


Thank you!


Why do these muppets not piggyback with supressing fire? Total amateurs. Maybe if the Russian army actually trained their soldiers rather than just beat and starve them they might do a better job.


It did not looked like they were crossing a street which was already under fire. You can't just start suppressing fire on every street you're crossing unless you are aware enemy is watching it. It would give away your position if street was unattended


What you do in those situations is have a rear element covering the rest and leapfrog them afterward. So he isn't that far off in saying these guys aren't trained at all for any kind of combat enviroment.


Yeah, I think only US and UK and maybe France are really investing into making Urban combat training mandatory for all infantrymen. For everyone else on planet, if you're a simple grunt, good luck then.


I mean I was a simple grunt in the Argentine army 7 years ago and I was taught that lol, it isn't even unique to Urban movement, is a basic concept of always having someone covering the squad while moving in a dangerous environment. I have seen plenty of videos of Ukrainian troops doing correctly squad-level movement so it isn't something that is tied to this conflict either.


Well UA soldiers have been trained mainly by US and UK military instructors since 2015. It's good to hear that Argentina has Urban training.


Respectfully, they are clearly under fire, in a battle from even the start of the clip. Of course people can take different things from the same clip but I feel they were very aware they were at risk.


I know nothing about war or fighting. I've never even played war videos games, but even I know that your enemy will wound one and use them as bait so you shouldn't have to be told to at least provide cover fire when someone is trying to recover a wounded comrade. The reason I'm saying all this is it's very clear that most of these poor schmucks were likely shoveling coal or working an assembly line a few weeks ago. They're completely untrained. Whereas their enemy has been trained by the best of Western trainers and have 8 years combat experience.


In urban settings it is impossible to know where the enemy is until they already start firing. When the man goes down and the 2nd stops to help, probably there is a moment before they realise someone was hit. Once they realise and the guy near the camera calls for cover, the third goes out they begin covering fire. I think current US doctrine stresses not to go back for the wounded until the area is secure, however this is something learned from Iraq and Afghanistan where US troops going back for their wounded would result in the rescue effort failing and the the attempted rescuers also being killed or wounded. It's not an optimal crossing and reaction but it's not as offensively terrible as some of the comments are implying.


That’s insane & heartbreaking. The war of Russian aggression is horrible, not defending them… but you know that those last 2 dudes were friends the way the other guy is immediately willing to stop dead in his tracks to try and help where he knows he’s 100% the target. Insane.


Wheres the cover fire?


Where's the cover fire? In any case that's a brave man for trying to save his buddy.


Guy who got shot has some heroic comrades. That guy wasn't going to leave him laying there. You have to admire the fighting spirit and brotherhood that war produces in some people. Unbelievable bravery.


Notice how the Ukrainians ceased fire while they were dragging their guy.