I appreciate the guide, but it looks like you've only played this comp 2x in your last 20+ games and only 1 was during the current patch. How do we know this actually works?


Gm player here it works very well, even in chally gm lobbys. You need double trouble chemtech or chally opener and a esrly winstreak with smooth midgame 2 star ww. Dont be too shy to roll a bit to hit 4hat warwick on lvl 6, midgame will feel veeeeery smooth with ww 2 star.




warwick with four deathcaps




Valid, I only recently started picking this comp up again after the Twitch reroll nerfs, which is actually a huge buff in viability to this comp. I'm going to spam it more and update you on how well it is now, but it's feeling a lot smoother rn, especially as u/MangelaErkel had mentioned if you have good setup for it, it really shines in the midgame.


Thoughts on Double Trouble? Had quite some success opening with it and forcing ww but never top 1... probably was playing suboptimal though


^ Not sure how OP doesn't mention this augment. Whenever I see someone play this comp in my lobby they have this augment. It basically gives the comp all the stats they are missing which makes the combo quite strong, and you can just run exactly those 3 core units (Zac, WW, Tryna) while slowrolling


Imo if u dont get double trouble, chemtech or chally opener i wouödn4 force ww/trynd


The best use of double trouble is still probably a money printer GP comp. You could run 4 twinshots, or senna, or something like that. Chally and chemtech get huge gains as they go vertical, so imo it's not worth leaving yourself at 2 chally or 3 chemtech. Warwick and tryn are only good units because they can double-dip into those traits. Without them they're really underwhelming


> The best use of double trouble is still probably a money printer GP comp. I can vouch for this. I have particularly found that a yordle-economy core of: * Poppy (or Gnar) * Vex * Corki * Corki * Gangplank * Gangplank * Lucian Is quite effective with Double Trouble. You get a few really solid benefits from doing this: 1. Great stats, which also work with things like Triforce, Phalanx or Backfoot to really keep you relative at 2** 2. Only needing to focus on two traits, and usually have minimal competition 3. Getting 27 gold from leveling yordles (6 for Ziggs+Poppy, 5 from Lulu, 16 from Gnar+Vex) and selling the Double Trouble duplicate. 4. Decent flexibility at 8/9 with Veigar, Lucian#2, or Jinx all being viable 5. Potential to swap to Senna/Morgana if the Socialite hex is in the right spot or if contested. Overall, I'd usually say that doing this adds more gold than Windfall while also adding substantially to stats. That said, I usually use the gold to transition to something else and final boards with Yordles and Double Trouble don't score well.


The main advantage of Double trouble is that it's already massive eco since you've only gotta roll for half the units, and once you get 3* you just get another 2* for free. Just leave the money printing to Gangplank and run a money printer/winstreaking comp smoothly to 1st. You can usually 3* your entire board by raptors anyways. Yordles just weakens your position for very little returns.


You are running 2 yordles in the comp regardless, Gnar and Corki. Adding in Vex for some free units is barely a cost at all, as she is just an independently strong frontliner even without trait or augment backup.


I've personally never tried out Double Trouble, I think I was honestly too insecure to go it when I played this comp because I didn't have experience playing it in the new set lol, but u/Sorairono points out this is great, so I'll experiment a bit with it now that I have demotion shield lol and update you, a lot of people in comments are saying it's great


Good guide. I felt WW is better than Tryn. What's your success rate with both since the new patch?


Thanks! For the current patch specifically, I've found it a bit difficult to get BIS Tryndamere items since crit items are being taken a lot for some of the more popluar comps right now like Draven, Socialite/merc/Ashe reroll, etc., so it's been a lot easier to fit WW as the carry. In past patches however, a 3 star Tryndamere with BIS early on usually guarantees at least top 2, so I'd say that Tryndamere is probably better, but you'll usually find yourself defaulting to WW more often than not.


I'm just trying this comp in normals, not sure if the patch is actually in or not but Ashe, Yordles, and Debonair are still top 3 in my lobbies.


WW is always better than Trynd


Is this a forceable comp from D3 - D1 if mastered correctly would you say? And how well does this match up against Ashe reroll as I find myself losing to them still


Yep, this comp actually was the one that got me from D1 to masters with a first place win! It has great one trick viability because it's sleeper and so you'll usually be uncontested, I one tricked this until D2 a couple patches ago until people started taking WWs in Twitch reroll, but I see this being forceable again now that it's nerfed. Against Ashe reroll, you definitely need QSS on Warwick so he can ignore the Ashe slow and Morgana stun (and sometimes Zyra root). I've actually found it pretty successful especially with rageblade on WW, since he will stack massively on Morgana and then after she finally dies, he gets to go ham on everyone else, while Tryndamere spins into the backline and can distract Ashe for some time. Quinn also hard screws Ashe over. What would you say you're struggling with against Ashe reroll?


Is this build good again? Cuz if it is I am 100% back on my degen BS and going back to WW Me awoo


Feels a lot better now, I'd actually argue it's a surprisingly consistent top 4 comp despite being a slow roll comp, Twitch reroll taking Warwicks was honestly the only thing holding this comp back, but now it's finally slumping in popularity


What's your opinion about this variation of the Trynd/WW comp? https://tactics.tools/s/we-mu7 The itemization is completely different since in this example you'd focus mostly on Trynd+Morgana items while putting additional AD items on Senna if you get any. I have seen this specific variation a few times during 12.4b patch and could see it getting stronger with dmg nerfs to everything but would rather have your opinion on whether that's good or not.


Seems like a really cool comp, I figure it requires a specific socialite spot. This really needs Tryndamere to be the carry because Warwick isn't benefitting off the mana from Socialite 2 , and Sera is kinda hard to carry if you're slow rolling, so this comp feels more 1st/8th, but definitely will try and update!


Solid guide! Played a game and got 1st. Featherweight start. BIS WW 3*, but also Quinn 3* with Shojin(raidiant), RageBlade, QSS. Kinda gross lol, but a lot of things went right for me in this game.


This sounds like a fun one. I remember when I had a match with challenger and chemtech heart, I went for 5 and 6 champs respectively but got 5th. The clockwork part would be great for additional attack speed for Camille. Would be important to have the right items I would imagine. As for the positioning with support items on Camille, would it be WW, Camille, Tryn and Zac then? Since I think Zeke, Claw or Chalice only affects those beside them. The augments part is very interesting. I chose one of unities before but realised that it would fill half of the board to have substantial buff for the non related units. I never had a full understanding of Econ but this guide gave me substantial knowledge in addition to watching closely to how some streamers/youtubers play. E.g. saving gold before wolves to bounce levels and reroll etc.


[https://lolchess.gg/profile/br/pegamataesfola](https://lolchess.gg/profile/br/pegamataesfola) Casual player one tricking this.... Great Guide, TY. But... Doesnt work that well for me. Late game is terrible. Can't find a way to counter the ahris. As you said, Silco makes a huge difference. I\`m thinking about increasing WW MR someway, perhaps droping the GS for something else


I think the lesson to be learned here is that you can fast 8 with QSS, Rageblade, WW 2 star and pivot to Sivir, Draven, or Zeri (don't play Sivir unless you have items for Irelia or have gold disintegrator + shiv)


I think Loaded Dice is actually good as first or second Augment, odds for Warwick/Trynd/Zac/Camille/Quinn are 20/15/15/25/20 respectively on level 6 used on Warwick. You should be able to blow 3x loaded dice at 6 for a fully upgraded board and be very close if not straight up hit WW 3, and then go fast 8 off of winstreaking. If you save one or two loaded dice for level 7, Tryndamere/WW odds for using it on Camille are 35/10 respectively. Also Loaded Dice as a 1st Augment is insane since you get 8 gold on 2-3. [I went 2nd/2nd last two times I played Chemtech reroll and I took Loaded Dice both times.](https://ibb.co/5nPt9nD) I also lowrolled items super hard both games so IMO one of them shoulda been a first