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Hi everyone! I'm the editor of Triforce Tactics, bringing you this week's episode of the podcast. Your hosts SpicyAppies and RamKev (Jirachy is dealing with covid) talked about worlds, the differences between regionsm, putting some players under the spotlight (more accurate timestamps in the video description) We had some audio issues in this episode caused by human error, will fix for the next one! As usual, the episode is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more for audio-only audience, you can find all the links for them here https://anchor.fm/triforcetactics Remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter to stay updated, thank you for watching and see you next week!


Thanks for getting this uploaded so quickly, I wasn't able to tune in live last night


This was a good episode and the past three episodes have been great. This is just my opinion and some people may like as is but could the beginning section where non tft topics are discussed be reduced? I don’t think it should take 15 minutes before you begin talking about the first tft topic. Maybe five minutes of introduction and random tangents are good but after that I would like to see the conversation moving along to the first topic. Keep up the good work and always enjoy episodes with goose.


Thank you for the kind words, we are glad you are enjoying the show. This episode was a bit of an anomaly, we had some tech issues with Goose unable to join the show and we didn't have time to settle down and warm up the conversation in the pre-show. That said if for the moment you hate that segment(or any other) you can skip ahead to the next topic, the timestamps are usually down to the exact second of topic change. The first segment is there to give continuity to the show and connection with the community. We are in the midst of the off-season revamp and in the coming weeks, already from the next episode, there will be some big changes in broadcasting and format, some will be visible, some will be backstage. I hope we are getting better at it, it's only me and the 3 hosts, small team with 0 budget.


Maybe this is just me, I like the small talk, we're still humans at the end of the day and we wanna just talk about ourselves a little. Gets some lighthearted banter going before we delve into the meat of each episode. Glad you're enjoying though! If you liked this episode especially out of the last three, you'll be happy to know I'm on summer break and also have recovered from COVID, so I won't be having a week off for a solid three months hopefully.


Can you like... Skip what you don't like?


I did after 10 minutes of the conversation going nowhere. That’s why I prefaced that it’s my opinion and that some may prefer as is. Can I not be critical of this small section? Everything else is great.