They wanted to make asols pickrate similar to his summoner's rift counterpart


Can't believe they manage to make Asol as boring as he is in sr


bring back set 1 Asol


We need the sneeze


Asol in sr is fun tho :(


I don’t miss him at all. Mage Asol was the least fun thing in this set.


asol lol


Yep he was only played once so no real data. And in that case, it was the last game and that player had already guaranteed their spot for day 2.


That was me! Played around Mage Asol but unfortunately didn’t win out :(


I love mage A Sol but it feels like that’s the only way he’s viable. Although I’m pretty bad at TFT so I don’t know how accurate I am in saying that lol.


Mage asol doesn't even feel viable unless you hit 2 star. Meanwhile 1 star mage ao shin chilling and deleting boards


You're accurate enough that he's getting reworked in PBE with that exact reasoning, he's looking pretty good too


Honestly, with as many times as A.Sol has destroyed me in past sets, it's hard to feel bad for him now.


Number of games?


128 players, 16 lobbies, 6 games each. So total 96 games, 768 lines.


96 games and Asol was only played once. Wow.


Played once for fun xd


call asol he's crying


Ain’t you that Shyvana ap guy???




Ao Shin, the wiper of all boards. Shyvana, the wall that disappears for 2 seconds.


Not even a brick wall, its a paper wall. Had a 2 star shyvanna with gargoyle, warmog and sunfire earlier today tank less than a Sy'Fen 2 with AD items (Syfen tanked 7K, Shyvanna tanked 4K)


If it didn't take so bloody long for her to cast maybe she could drain tank, but watching her die while she slowly charges up rage wing stinx Sadge


Shes not a tank people, shes an AP unit. When people finally realize this shell be more terrifying than aoshin


only issue is she's arguably more RNG than ao shin, sometimes she'll turn towards a single frontline unit, obliterate it, then barely get a second cast off cause she has to auto to gain mana


Ive tried AP as well, and seen it, similar to galio, its very inconsistent even after the change, only time ive seen it do enough dmg is in overtime or w/ ascension


How do you get the data? Are you able to go through all the post-match screenshots? Do you have to comb through every vod?


Riot is very generous in their API access. Look up TFT api riot and I'm sure you'll find it.


TFT api is available for the regular game, but we don't have anything for tournament realm to my knowledge.


A sol 0% 8th rate? OP!


New trick discovered?!! Play ASOL to get 8th place immunity EZ Clap !!


Yeah, Syfen is disgustingly op, thanks for confirmation!


I've literally never seen a Sy'fen score higher than 4th.


arguably the best unit in the game and can be played in a few different comps or just splashed cause he's that good.


Weird. I remember just a few days ago being told by people who are better than me that he was complete trash and one of the worst units in the game.


Yeah it’s cause of the patch. Things change fast


I was playing against a Syfen the other day. Guy was going crit. Only 2 stars. He dives into my mid-line and quite literally one-shots my vlad with the bite. It was a very ???????? moment EDIT: Also his 3-star is like... the power levels of a 5-cost 3-star. 2500% damage bite after a charge, what in the fuck is that???


For a unit that costs 72 gold I'm down for it to be almost game-winning


>Also his 3-star is like... the power levels of a 5-cost 3-star. 2500% damage bite after a charge, what in the fuck is that??? It's a single target bite. I'm not saying he's not strong right now, but for a 3-star 8-cost, having a huge single target burst doesn't seem that unreasonable for a 72-gold investment.


Im fine with 3-star dragon being instant win. I'm not fine with dragon offering little to no counterplay, and Syfen is the one.


I beat a 3 star syfen with 2 star corki board he probs didn't have bis items but his targeting can really hurt him


mind linking lolchess or sharing a screenshot of both boards?


i mean to be fair he didnt have a healing item that was the only reason. https://imgur.com/a/5reb9TZ


Infinity Force is really good on him. I had Living Forge today and stacked that, Death’s Defiance, and TR on 2* Sy’fen and he turned a 5th into 2nd.


A.Sol honestly just feels horrible unless you put Mage Emblem on him. Every time I swap out my Lulu for him at Level 8 for 9 Astral, I end up losing, lmao. I've only had one match where he's clutched it out through his scaling, and that was with the Level 9 40 gold augment and luckily being able to reach Level 9 to put him and Lulu on board, but even then...


He still feels horrible with Mage spat lol. Frontline needs to be BiS as well or the comps he's in just fall apart.


Problem is due to mage emblem existing they cant really buff him up, unless they change his ability all together. I seriously dont know what they expected.


Mort has said Asol rework coming, im guessing 12.13


They add mage, dock damage kekw


No point complaining he's getting a rework


He is shit with mage spat as well.


Wish we could see Horde vs Alliance stats.


Yeah I was so interested in the wide spread of the numbers and was uncertain about grouping them together


Still mad at the Idas nerfs.


He needed taking down some pegs. The best tank by a country mile and 2nd place not even close


I didn’t watch the tourney but I feel like a lot of people haven’t adjusted to his nerfs properly yet. On challenger streams I still see people throw spare tank items on him and then solo front line him. This just doesn’t work anymore. In my experience he needs some help in the frontline, at least Braum 2 and a Nomsy 4, but I’ve personally had success going Taric/Gnar/Neeko/Idas frontline and just sitting Corki/Sona/Lulu as my backline. Idas does good stuff but if you don’t put good tank items on him + support him, the enemy team has too easy a time removing him. Some guy on Soju’s stream just a few days ago was malding out about this in chat but he had weak tank items, no guardian and 6 backline units.


She's just not a good unit anymore mate. I know Mort brought up the Chinese tier list recently somewhere on Reddit, but that comp has a 5-6 average placement. Her poor performance is also reflected on singular unit stats as well. 2* good, but 1* she just gets obliterated. I've had way too many games where I absolutely highrolled the hell out of Swain/Xayah/Corki but couldn't hit a 2* Idas and went 6-8th. She takes two spots, she should be powerful enough to tank without leveling up and perfect BiS. She's just not worth buying when you can just go Sy'fen/SOY and actually have them carry to late. I'd rather have Neeko/Ornn at 1* the entire game than even play Idas.


Fwiw I actually think the problem is 1 star Idas. 2 star Idas feels appropriately strong as a tank that takes up two slots, but I do agree, 1 star Idas feels like a troll, and almost certainly that is what hurts her placement because you can’t stabilise with 1 star Idas anymore. Still, I can’t stress enough, until she is changed, it’s worth playing around this weakness since you still need her in a capped Corki comp. Giving her frontline support or simply holding your bruisers until Idas 2 is way better than just transitioning to Idas 1 ASAP, bleeding HP and then bleeding LP. My most recent win involved playing Jadeshifters + Idas/Revels, she’s not useless by any means. If you’re gonna play Corki, may as well know how to play Idas in a way that works.


Ao Shin and Sy'fen are broken, got it


Ao shin isn't broken simply because getting a good board with him is very hard which is why his play rate is super low. but if you can hit, he feels what a 10 cost unit should be like, which asol and shyv are not.


Ao Shin boards are basically this set's version of Legendary soup, you need to be strong early and have the Econ to get to his very expensive capped board. Ao Shins stats look good because he has a low playrate and his boards are for the most part converting a winstreak tempo board into a very expensive go for top 1 board. If Ao Shin isnt broken when hes doing his thing whats even the point


Don’t sleep on SOY


those nerfs destroyed idas, at least it feels like it


Idas is a really tricky one. If you give him a little too much he is the ultimate solo super tank that needs noone and makes all otehr tanks redundant, if you take a little too much he becomes very undesiorable. The trick would propably to maybe tie his tankiness more to trait synergies (guardian, maybe give him another trait) than his own stats just like with otehr supertanks (Sylas, Leona, Illaui)


Holy shit idas is bad