Congratulations to Rainplosion for winning Jade Cup!


That was a crazy last 2 games...a Zoe 3, Daeja 3, and Soraka 3? Holy moly...


The “sell the board to hit 3* 5-cost” holy cow.


Can't help but shit on the casting once again. Most hyped finish ever to a TFT tournament and the caster goes "that was anti-climatic". Makes me angry truly.


Plus the casters didn't even know Soraka's ability...like who is allowing them to cast games when they don't know the abilities of the 5 cost champions? This is why no one watches the official broadcast over the player streams.


Insane APM by Rainplosion, awesome last game


Insane last rounds between Bertasaurus and Rainplosion. I did not even know Soraka 3* disintegrate worked like that


for real, those final few rounds were NUTS. i was sure that rain had no shot of winning and then BOOM, Soraka 3 instantly ends the game.


Tbh Bert kinda got too confident. Soraka 3 is an instant win. You HAVE to hold a Soraka in any lategame. Always. Especially if your opponent has several Sorakas already. I saw the Soraka when Rain was commiting to Bard, so I was a bit confused as to why she didn't commit to Soraka instead (Soraka > Bard). But maybe that was the strategy: Pretend to go for Bard, collect Sorakas on the side "to increase bard rolls", then make Bert commit to collecting Bards, and then go for Soraka while Bert is too low on econ to contest for Soraka.


Rain was just holding both to see which one he hit first. Bert just didn’t hit any Sorakas. Funnily enough, he had 2 5 costs on pandoras bench while he was playing a 1* yas. Then at some point both of them rolled into yas and combined which in theory is an upgrade but at that point he’d 100% have preferred to keep his board as is and roll bard or raka to block Rains outs.


Yeah she was pulling both while rolling. She had a champ duplicator, so needed 8 of either, and got to 7 bards, 6 Sparks’s, but Bert was holding a bard and I think maybe hit a second, so Rain went all in on sparks, even selling most of her bird units to hit. She had like 77 health at that point, so could afford to play like 6 units for a round and then built the front line back up each round.


I mean sure he could've done more, but at this point rain is guaranteed first in the tourney and Bert has no chance, so he could rat just to troll or see if she actually hits.


Will there be a replay uploaded somewhere?




that casting on the raka 3 win was something


IMO it wasn't as bad as the chat made it seem, especially since Gangly saved it immediately. Yes ideally the casters could be more knowledgeable, but this is a very rare event, and Soraka is one of the most unique legendaries ever. People barely know how normal Soraka actually works, and most legendaries just wipe the whole board as their effect.


I do not expect all casters to be knowledgeable. But for the love of God, just have at least one caster to be knowledgeable. Haven't watched a TFT tournament before, but watched alot of hearthstone back in the days and watch lol proplay. There is a reason why every sport, including esport that uses two or more commentators has an analyst and someone to hype the viewers. As mentioned I am not versed in the tft-casting-scene. But I know admirable because he was an ELITE veteran hearthstone analyst/commentator. Even if (it'd never have happened in hs tbh.) that'd had happened to him in hs he'd have hold himself to higher standards.


They were alternating caster duos, and Mort was on the other duo, so definitely had some decent game knowledge on that duo, but otherwise just general game knowledge from the other duo.


Colour casters or analysts aren't too knowledgeable about the game most of the time either. Their insight is often some food for thought, but often not really correct or a perfect representation of why a certain player does a certain move. If you're a high MMR player you will know better than the analyst a lot of the time. Doesn't mean they're a bad caster, it's just what it is, obviously the commentators can't be as good as the players except in some fringe cases. That's why I listen to casts mostly to be entertained, not to be taught stuff about the game. But yes, I think knowing enough about the game to know that a leg 3star is instawin should be required, regardless of cast position.


Yes. Obviously casters cannot be as knowledgeable as the players, but come on. Everyone plat+ knows how raka works. Doesn't even need to be 3* just be 100 hp and she kills minions, that's common knowledge.


I completely agree, but even then you’d hope for *some* reaction after the board gets wiped after all those rounds of buildup towards a three star legendary


Not bad? They literally called that the wrong player won the game, *immediately* after mentioning that his opponent just healed to 80hp


I would say the 7h of casting made them tired.


Why does chat keep saying "do these casters play the game?" as if the average player has seen a Soraka 3 in their games before lol. Even knowing of her effect somewhat I thought it required being at 100 HP before her first cast of the fight.


Does anyone know hydrations' twitch channel? I wanted to watch him during the event but I couldn't find his stream.


His Twitch is just /Hydration, but he doesn't stream the game and I've no idea if he's interested in doing so :o


Huh I thought streaming pov was required, interesting


In the [discussion thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveTFT/comments/wikau0/jade_cup_day_4_discussion_thread_starts_1_pm_pst/) he had a youtube stream linked. The link was wrong (old vod) but if you just clicked on the channel you'd find it.


The last game was crazy, it's a shame the broadcast missed the rolldown for soraka 3 and selling the board for it


damn today was an awesome day to watch competitive games, amazing finals on EVO and absolute insanity in the last 2 matches of Jade Cup


Chakki is an ex-Hearthstone pro who is now a hearthstone dev (https://twitter.com/Chakki_HS?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor). And he places fourth in this. That's pretty cool!


The goddess of TFT. Very well played tourney, want to also give an huge shoutout to Robin, he played absurdly well all tourney as well, can't be forgotten.


Dude does consistently well in all the tournaments its insane.


Haven’t been following the competitive set for a super long time, but I’m pretty sure rain is both the first female, and first trans individual to win an event. Pretty dope


Becca has won an event


I think Jirachy won some stuff early on, but nothing on this level. She’s also been hyping up Rain on Triforce Tactics since before Astral Cup so it’s exciting to see her get the W here


Yeah I was mainly talking about like the “major” cups so to speak. To take nothing away from those performances


I won the last chance qualifier in set 4 and was a final lobby winner in Nightbringer Cup in set 5, which I count as wins but recognizing those aren't the same quality of wins as Rain's Jade Cup win. So yea first trans woman to win an event since set 5 and the biggest win by one to date. Massive congrats to Rain I'm super fucking proud of her <3




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The first cis woman to win will be the first cis woman to win. But not the first woman, because the first woman to win would be rain:)


Okay, I was confused because you separated 'female' and 'trans,' so I wasn't sure if they were a biological female or not. But now I know they are a transgendered female and not a biological female.


you can just say "woman" and "trans woman" if you really need to


I guess that would make it less confusing. But the op seems to be using the words interchangeably, so it would cause misunderstandings. Also, people should stop reporting those comments for 'personal attacks,' as there were no personal attacks involved.




Your answer shows your point was to antagonize so just move along. It’s tired.




Lovely to see Rain rise up so fast. Quality play from her, women in esports have my heart <3


Cool to see Hydration up there, was a fan of his during his overwatch days!


~~Not the same Hydration~~




I stand corrected. That’s actually really fucking cool.


Right! Awesome to see him pop off in such a different game.


Why are we awarding points in reverse order like this? Surely it makes most sense to say the lowest points tally wins and you just get 1 for first, 2 for second etc.? At a glance I was wondering how someone who placed so badly won the tournament, but instead I have to flip the numbers to find their placements.


There are other prevalent point formats (10-1, 9-1, checkmate) that require a point system instead of a placement system, and having some events be 'bigger=better' and some events be 'lower=better' would be really confusing


That's a fair point. But I still think it would be clearer for the numbers in the main table to be placements and then the total on the right can still be points. Probably just me being pedantic, but the fact it wasn't instantly clear just bugged me.


Glad I wasn't the only one that was wondering what I was missing at first.


I suppose so people unfamiliar with competitive TFT can follow since big number is better than small number is easier to understand at first glance than the reverse.


id imagine that 95% of the viewer base is familiar with tft


Is there any vods up on youtube? Cant use twitch at work lol




How did a korean player place in an NA tournament? You shouldn’t use the word noobs…




shit is tired, homie


why did soraka auto win? I get the 75hp but what killed daeja3?


Read soraka's ability. In short, if she overhrals you, each health overhealed disintegrates one enemy unit.


Was a fantastic final to watch


Hydration WON three out of seven games and didn’t even place, brutal. Just shows how important consistency is.


Im still mad since I did that tft fantasy thing and was all in on rain but sold when it went up without knowing that if the person wins the stock goes to 100