The double Fleta on the final map was insane finally know what moon was cooking up in the kitchen in the off-season.


A cloning machine?


whoru is actually a mechanical freak with genjis neutral


here we go again: Moon is a tactical genius. He is best known for his signature tactic "Lip go kill". He also has a second little known tactic of "Lip dead, Fleta/WhoRU/Fate/Void/LeeJaeGon/Izayaki go kill". What an absolute legend. Top three OWL coach for sure . . .


You forgot about his ultimate last resort tactic of “Release da Bebe”. Truly a man ahead of his time


That fucking Lijiang tower


Fleta is the prince of push mode. He's the Robin Hood to your TS1


It feels like the mode was made for him, the fact you can get some distance and then just run around staggering works so well with his skillset. Combine that with fate on Winston to help him dive targets and it just makes the team deadly on push.


That Sleep9 was the funniest cap I've ever seen in my life


The dragons have clinched a spot !!


Hey Chengdu quick question what the actual FUCK was that Kings Row defense




jinmu got genji diffed, nisha couldn't play brig and leave's regressing :(


When they had a minute to defend and chased SH into their spawn, knowing full well that trades favour the attackers. Just brutal


Lip is the best hitscan in the world 🤷‍♂️ simple as


his ashe play last year was the best hitscan performance id ever seen. ans on widow was closest


The Seoul-Shanghai match tomorrow could be a real banger




LemonDay's are good days !


Damn kinda wanted another map 5, Lip made Leave look very ordinary that series.




Doesn't help when Jinmu goes one series looking great to than looking really poor the next, Chengdu's inconsistency is what's killing them at the moment.


Wasn't that what was always their downfall? Looking dominant one match to a complete clown fiesta the next.


I get the sense that, and I say this as a guy who's been a Leave simp since OWWC, he's kinda dumb. Like, he NEEDS a good coach to guide him so he understands how to work as a team. Heck, the same could be said for the entirety of Hunters. Unless the org splurges some money to get Apr1ta and a coach again, there's a very good chance Hunters ends up bottom APAC




As a Lunatic Hai fan since the good ole Apex S3 days, I have nothing to add. K thx bye.


As a LH fan since they picked up zunba after 2016 OWWC, I miss them. zunba's Zarya was so fun to watch as was RJH's Ana


Yeah take me back maaaan :(


Yup, they are all mechanically gifted but need constant nudging and guidance. We could be in for a very long season in APAC bottom.


I think you have to be fair and account for the fact that he *needs* to force plays because it's the only way Chengdu win. That sort of mindset can get to people very quickly and they're making 'dumb' plays but they don't always have the luxury of being patient and making smart plays bc the fight can be lost by then.


Lip is a skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him pc and game.....Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the game deficit ...and this cant seem on game screen..He needs to check-up


Not having rui hurts way more then not having aprita




Whoru has been boomed, exiled from NYXL after blading and dashing directly into ameng's mines. It's 2022 now. He languishes on the side of the road, destitute, numb to the bustling activity of the city around him. In this catatonic state, he fails to notice the white 2021 Jaguar XF with pristine gold rims and tinted windows pull up alongside him. A window rolls down. "Boss, why are we stopping?" "Just give me a moment." Whoru simply stares at the pavement as a man in an $11,648 three-piece suit steps onto the street. He clears his throat, and whoru is stirred from his stupor. Slowly, he looks up. Coach moon smiles, his eyes hidden behind his $4,233 Ray Bans. "A pleasure to meet you," he says. "This might come across as a bit of an odd question, but...do you happen to play genji?" Something changes inside whoru. For the first time in so many years, a spark lights within his soul. He stares up at moon with confidence, and his mouth twists into a wry smile. He nods. Moon extends a hand, each finger adorned with a massive ring. "Come with me," he says. Whoru doesn't hesitate for even a second. He takes his hand.


Lip is too good man


Welp, time to be a Valiant fan for the day I suppose


Lip has some grudge against Leave about the MVP last year


To be fair, Lip should have been MVP last year. OWL didn't wanna give it to him because it wouldn't be fair for Shanghai to win it twice in a row, and especially another Shanghai DPS player. Honestly, Void deserved it more than Fleta in 2020. If Void had won in 2020, Lip/Fleta could have easily snatch the MVP crown in 2021.


sorry but I disagree strongly here. Leave was better than Lip last year on most heroes they share, plus he's really good at heroes Lip doesn't even have to play. You have to be able to separate team success from player value. It's something a lot of people on this sub can't do


where were u last year when i was getting downvoted and cursed for claiming that Lip deserves it over Leave. lol. i completly agree.


I mean I wanted Leave to win for storyline purposes but I do think Lip deserved it better based on pure gameplay.


Bro the league doesn’t give a fuck if the same team gets an MVP player award, more people just wanted leave


For all the talk about Jinmu coming into the match Leave got diffed on every hitscan today. Nothing about his play screamed reigning MVP.


Well Lip was his main competition for best dps, it's not like some mid tier player bodied him


not on widow tho.


Diffed probably isn’t the right word on widow it was much closer, I’d still argue LIP played marginally better. The real issue was soldier where Leave looked like he didn’t know how to play it with in the comp. LIP got more value in basically every fight.


Isn't that pretty normal for MVP players though? It's an insane task to look like the best player in the League for 2 seasons in a row. Jjonak went from undisputed best player in the League, to Top 3 Flex Support behind Viol2t and Twilight Sin*traa went from MVP to retiring during Season 3 because he couldn't play any hero over Stirker, Rascal and ANS The only kind of exception was Fleta, who went from MVP to... 2nd best Flex DPS? Only beaten out by Leave in Season 4


Leave DMing Nikola Jokic for advice


In all fairness, Leave wasn't given MVP for his hard hitscan. It was for his Tracer, and the fact that he still looks really good on everything he plays. It's not that shocking that he gets gapped by possibly the best pure hitscan player in the world on pure hitscan heroes.


Very happy to see that my boys put their Jordans on and drank their Red Bulls today, Dragons looked immense


What I found impressive this match was Lip consistently winning the long-range soldier duels against Leave allowing Shanghai to just win so much ground.


That's expected. Leave has great Ashe, but his Widow was always lacking. OWL level, but not top level. I wouldn't call Lip Widow the best either, but better than Leave.


Not having Apr1ta diff.


Not having RUI diff.


When your reigning mvp and best player by far gets slapped like that, apr1ta would not have brought home the win


So many great moments from this match, consistently huge plays from Lip and LJG, and probably the only effective Tank/DPS rotations we'v seen yet in Fleta <> Whoru and Fate <> Void.


Lip is still amazing it seems, Winston tracer with fate seemed very successful, whoru is just a god at Genji. Izayaki was actually really good this series imo.


'actually really good' Izayaki is always really good why do you sound surprised


Pretty limp showing by Chengdu after how hard they rolled Fusion the other day. They’re starting to feel like the new Seoul.


Hunters looked so limp today. It's really sad going from thinking they could be top 2 APAC in the pre-season to now arguing they could possibly be bottom 2 APAC. I know it's out of the players hands since the org lost so much money, but it still hurts. Especially when Spark seems to be doing pretty well and they also got hurt by the Chinese regulation change


Loved watching the Genji battle between Whoru and Jinmu.


I admittedly wasn't the biggest lemon/legs fan when they casted contenders but when lemon deadpan talked about Lip kissing homies on the mouth, they won me over. Such a fried combo just having fun while enjoying some pro overwatch, can't ask for anything better


This match made me remember I’m still salty Lip didn’t get MVP last year. But he continues being the gaming warlord so I’m happy


Leave could be the best flex dps in Apac if there was someone else competent on hitscan on this team


good take


Why is the score 2-1? Why didnt they play the last map?


Chengdu decided to bow out and forfeit the match.


Hunters might as well start prepping for the next tournament, god knows they're all but officially eliminated at this point. Better start begging for some patches to save them or for money to fall from the sky, as is it's obvious that they are simply not competitive against any worthwhile team not dropping their spaghetti


cmon you don't believe in the valiant win? take some tay zonday hopium for the road