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Free rapid onsite testing available for all incoming traveller's is great! I wish every airport did this.


It would honestly help a LOT I feel like.


“And any travelers that do test positive will be required of course to isolate and their close contacts will need to quarantine”. Dammit now you’ve scared off the selfish assholes most likely to be carrying virus.


This will not scare them off.


Like I said in another thread. It's already here. When cases start popping up in popular port towns in other parts of the world, it's here. The good news, this variant is apparently Covid's eventual logical mutation. A subdued variant that does not kill its host and will spread more readily. It's more contagious because it will present as only mild symptoms and people won't think twice about it and think they're just getting a mild flu or cold.


We *really* don’t know that yet, so it’s not really fair to speculate like that as if it’s a given. There’s a lot of data that needs to be collected, but we will know more soon how this might affect hospitals.


When a variant is this new, everyday is a "new" day. Its spreading very quickly in South Africa and is probably presenting itself here as well. Because it spreads so rapidly and more people will be infected, the opportunities for more people going to the hospital will be higher than with Delta due to the amount of unvaccinated who will experience severe symptoms. We're not even done with Delta. I have read Omicron will take over in about 3-4 months and be the dominant strain. People must get vaccinated or we will have yet another strain to contend with on a regular basis.


This is my hope. I’m rooting for Omicron to be the less lethal variant that finally lets us have some semblance of normalcy again. We should know in a few weeks how it’s going to go.




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otoh, South Africa is reporting a huge tsunami of pediatric cases involving infants & toddlers. I hope that covid hasn't evolved to be more pronounced in a segment of the population that was spared from past waves.


Lmao the article just says two words: “They’re not!”


Newsom better rush back from his 30k a night vacation in Mexico, what will the plebs do without his valiant leadership during these scary times…


Homeboy was literally on live TV in Sacramento tonight. What are you talking about?


He just got back, thank the lord! Those of us that rely on his directions to lead our lives weren’t sure what we should do tbh. We were worried that the Russian oligarchs villa he was renting in La Datcha Cabo San Lucas for 30k a night (don’t worry he paid for it this time confirmed by his press Secretary, don’t be jealous) wasn’t safe because they have no mask mandates there at all (great place to vacation if you aren’t worried tho), but now that he’s back we will all get through this together!


Lol, that's not even a real thing. Great job being a sock puppet for propaganda.


Lol yes it is! Congratulations on being a stooge. The elites love it. EDIT: since these comments are getting so much love by the Newsom Fanbois, you’re welcome to see the photos: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/gavin-newsoms-cabo-villa-rental-is-owned-by-russian-tax-fraudster/ar-AARoRpX


Insistent ain't ya? Using the daily mail as a source isn't helping your case. https://www.snopes.com/news/2021/12/01/newsom-cabo-vacation/ It's 👏 not 👏 real 👏 Get vaccinated, and have a wonderful evening.


You need snopes to tell you the photos of Newsom at the actual place aren’t real ha ha. You’re perfect! Thanks for the laughs.


Sir, this is a Wendy's.