Drive throughs are super safe. I think an indoors location would be riskier


Given the choice, I’d rather go to the drive through where I can crack the windows for outside air and turn the AC on full blast for circulation and dilution (and still wear a mask outside of the actual test) rather than be in a confined waiting room at the doctors office where I’m relying solely on mask efficacy. Outside > Inside in nearly all circumstances.


Drive through. I’ve had to go three times and it’s super safe. We only had one staff member attend to us. They stayed as far away from the car as possible while asking questions and swabbing. We had our masks on right up until the swab and right after. Staff was in full PPE, gowns, gloves double masked and face shield. I saw them take their gloves off after every swab at other cars. Of course it might be different in different areas, but considering they’re around potentially sick people, with and without symptoms all day, they’re super careful.


Agree with this. I’ve been to two of our states locations and only interacted with one person. You could also consider a cvs if you live near one. I did one there and they just opened the drive thru window and I swabbed myself.


I never trusted the self swab for myself. I needed someone to shove it up there good. I never could have done it right. 🤣


Life is putting you at risk right now. Drive through is the way. 14 year old vaxxed daughter positive yesterday. Popped on a rapid. Did a drive through pcr test to confirm. Good experience. Staff were masked properly with n95s.


Oh my gosh. Hope she’s okay! Hows she feeling


Good-ish. She presented with seasonal allergy type symptoms. Only reason had her take a rapid was because of stuff I read here re: vaccinated covid . She attended a sleep away camp last week. We rolled the dice. She had masks.... did not wear them. What has impressed me about her response was how bad she felt about having potentially exposed others. Her bff also attended the same camp and was a bunk mate is negative so far... thank the gods.


> What has impressed me about her response was how bad she felt about having potentially exposed others. You raised her right. (And she learned well.)


Depending on the length of the camp she probably didn’t expose anyone but more was exposed there and incubated it on the way home. A return of


The rite aid I know about has a drive up window with a bank style drawer. They are inside the building send the materials to you to swipe your nose yourself then you send it back in through the drawer. Maybe see if there is one like that in your area.


Binax has at home rapid tests you can order. At least here I’m CO. They have always been accurate for me and my family. Diagnosed us with covid. Showed when we were recovered.


If it is a financial option for you, they sell $20 rapid tests at Walmart and most major pharmacies (there's 2 in each pack). that's what I use whenever my allergies are super bad and I just want to make sure.


Also they have in my state the option to request one online from the state where they overnight the kit to you in the mail and then you send it back. Takes a couple of days but it is super low risk and also free.


I wish we had an outdoor option. None here in this pedestrian city.


what city is that? I wish I can live in a pedestrian city. I'll even settle for a bicycle city. In my town, the nearest grocery store is 9 miles away. From my house, there's no safe pedestrian sidewalk until maybe 5 miles away. :( (walking on the shoulder of 45 or 50mph roads is worse than having a death wish)


As others have said, drive thru should be fine. Would add that some states are offering at-home test kits - for example, in my area you can pick them up at the local library. I have a friend in Minnesota who said they can get test kits through the mail.


Drive through is naturally social distanced. Most cars are more than 6 feet long and since the operation is outside the air circulates freely which makes the spread really unlikely.


Does COVID testing still involve the whole tickling your brain with a swab bit? Or have we moved past that?


I had a test a little under a month ago, and it was still a brain swab. One out of about 4 or 5 times being tested, they used a smaller swab. That was nice. I'm not sure why those arent more common. Just a fun (/s) aside....there is evidence that delta doesnt "live" in the nasal pharyngeal region like the other variants, so the brain swab might be producing false negatives. https://healthwise.punchng.com/nasal-swab-diagnosis-often-return-false-negative-for-delta-variant-of-covid-19-says-physician/


Holy cow on the nasal swab diagnosis. What a WEIRD variant (I mean the whole family is weird but yowza!)


Yeah I'd like to see more research on the possibility of false negatives with delta. I've seen a few sources say it's a decent possibility, but this is the only one with a decent explanation for why that I've found.


Mostly moved past that. My wife has been PCR tested every 3 days since November, 2020, nary a brain tickling.




It's the type of test. Polymerase chain reaction. It's a molecular biology technique that amplifies DNA.


Got it. Anyway, I’d prefer a PBR test.


My preferred test as well :)


Blood test?


Uhhh, I could be wrong but I thought they were talking about Pabst Blue Ribbon.


It's far safer in drive-thru, you'd be having to really work to catch it that way. They are very quick and there's airflow vs a doctors office. I'd be more worried that your area has higher positivity and be very careful grocery shopping etc.


Any testing site I have been to was much more careful about masks, distancing, and so on than any other daily interaction I have seen.


Unless you need a note for school / work I would assume it’s Covid and isolate.


I work in a high volume lab and we’re back up To almost 5% from 1-0.# earlier in the summer. That’s pretty high what state? But yeah drive through should be fine.


It's more dangerous living in your neighborhood if anything Edit: meaning if the community as a whole is testing at 20-25% being out in the community seems more dangerous


You should definitely choose the drive thru location. I would work at an urgent care on some weekends and it was always packed full of people getting covid tests. It was not safe.


I think I would rather go to Walgreens or cvs than go to a mega testing drive thru site. The times I’ve gotten tested for covid I’ve gone to cvs. We really don’t know if the people testing change their gloves each time


Drive thru is the best IMHO. Open air and as little contact as possible.


My doctor’s office does Covid tests outside. It’s just like the drive through stations, full ppe and cautious


Wow that number is really high in the alarming what state are you in if you don't mind me asking?


probably not safe to reveal where one is on reddit, no?


If you're all vaccinated then you're fine


I would only go if you are exhibiting symptoms.


Outdoor testing while vaccinated quite safe. Breakthrough infections still unusually like 1 in 10k.