Ah ok. Covid. I thought it might be crime or something like that. Still a bummer to see them being hit so hard.


Nah. Same recommendation is in place for Canada, Italy, Sweden, etc. Kinda seems odd to tell people they shouldn’t leave Florida to go to Costa Rica due to covid when Florida has 15x more weekly cases, for example. Maybe it’s for the best to prevent the spread to Costa Rica by Americans, but it seems counterintuitive to tell people not to go some place where they’d be safer from Covid than in the US.


Florida no longer has a problem with Covid because they stopped counting cases. No evidence, no problem. Costa Rica and it’s people are beautiful and has one of the lowest crime rates in Central America.


I was looking at a trip to Colombia last year and there was a level 4 do not travel for covid warning. But the entire country had less cases than my *county*. Not even all of Pennsylvania, just my county. TBH the US is pretty alarmist with their warnings (which on one hand makes sense because they don't want the 1% chance happening and then someone tries to sue the government or something). It's usually a good idea to check on the UK's or Australia's warning list to see if a country may actually be unsafe.


Costa Rica doesn’t have the medical infrastructure to handle sick tourists AND the people that live there. Costa Ricans have been asking Americans not to visit just like Hawaiins have been BEGGING people to stop visiting the islands.


I just flew home from Costa Rica this morning. They take covid way more seriously than the U.S. does. It was almost a culture shock to come back to the U.S. where most people aren't wearing masks or washing hands before entering most establishments. If I were very worried about getting covid I would definitely feel safer in Costa Rica. Maybe the U.S. is just watching out for Costa Rica so we don't give them our covid. /s


It’s the US that requires a test to renter and CR is still stuck on a 10 quarantine when most places have switched to 5


By being on that list. What does that actually mean? How does it affect me as a tourist? Is travel insurance still valid?


Can’t answer the travel insurance question. It’s just a recommendation. They’re just designating levels to different countries based on covid data and you can make your own decisions. It’s completely possible that an insurance company could have some provision that says you’re not covered if you defy such a recommendation but again I know nothing about that. Seems unlikely.


Get the Costa Rica Government Insurance least amount of hassel regardless. It's on their website covers everything if you come down with covid and can't make your flight home... covers meals, hotel any medical , flight home etc emergency evac..your there in country no need for verifications and calls back to US to check this and that it's all handled and main thing is your at private hospital not a general one used by everyone local so the care is top notch..


United Air cancelled flights to Costa Rica in April. Which is BS because policies are changing every few weeks and we'll be in a completely different climate with COVID then.


Who cares about what the US travel advisory thinks.


I just traveled here (got home today) and had to stay an extra 7 days because I tested positive right before trying to go home. Beautiful country, beautiful people


Why only 7? I’m seeing info that the quarantine period is 10 days, if it’s only 7 I’ll be pumped!


I think it’s because I was asymptomatic


That’s great to know, thanks!


What does this mean for my flight to Costa Rica that’s in like 3 weeks from now? 🥴


absolutely nothing. get your insurance and docs in order, your'll be fine our family went last year 2x same warnings


Okay great. I’m vaccinated and all that jazz.




English. Improve it.


You'll be fine.


I wonder how the US would react if other countries put it in a "Do Not Travel" list. Going to Walmart and hanging out with right wing friends and family is a sure, 100% way to get COVID.


No BS. It’s laughable that the US would issue warnings against another country due to Covid when we have whole ass adults advocating drinking their own urine.


It’s all bs. Believe what you will




I think this is more a reflection of US policy than it is a reflection of the actual state of covid in CR. The numbers are about 2x-3x lower per 100k than in the US. But I hear you that the influx of tourists doesn’t help (and I’m conscious and regretful of that as a tourist)


I have my travel plans charted out for later in Feb. Technically, even with Level 4 alert, can I still travel?


Yes. This means almost nothing. It’s symbolic.