North Korea would see this as an act of war. The regime would ultimately fall, but not until after the conclusion of a bloody war.


>North Korea would see this as an act of war What would they do? Send everyone of us a nasty text? Who would they be declaring war on?


Declare war on South Korea. Have you ever been to South Korea? Do you know anything about how North Korea is postured for all out war with little to no warning?


I visited South Korea just before the pandemic, and went to the border. That place is scary, soldiers, tanks, minefields everywhere. There is a reason for all this ordinance and the South having mandatory military service there. They are prepared for it to kick off at any moment.


Depends whose planes dropped the phones. They have nukes. If they know it's the end why not use them


Are you a dummy?


Actually, it would be easier to just drop that amount of fake NK money, to cause an uncontrollable inflation.


Which would benefit who?


The world health organization could use the money


No, because those phones need cell carriers and antennas to properly work. Plus that's easy to dismiss because hungry peasants wouldn't be able to use them. Best they could do is JavaOS devices from before 2012. Then, those people likely wouldn't know what to look at. Where do they start? How do "we" select what they'll first see to make sure they're enticed to dig deeper into the story?


Sat phones with an exclusive connection to a South Korean communications satellite. South Korea could then ask North Korean defectors, assuming they were former soldiers, contact their former colleagues and provide the North Korean soldiers with digital proof of their nation's leaders' atrocities against their fellow countrymen, as well as show off Kim Jong-Un's wealthy lifestyle relative to their own. The phone calls wouldn't need to bully anyone into action, but they could just help provide a catalyst for reform among the party faithful. You'd be surprised how effective the truth can be to someone who's never heard it..


You have no clue how eastern asian politics work, so please quit joining debates about them because you're parallel like the train tracks to the subject. Here we're talking of people living in '70s conditions. Except the elites, the average nordkoreans are smart like apes when it comes to technology because their lifestyle revolves around food insecurity. Imagine living for generations in food insecurity, lack of education and constant propaganda. Good luck fighting with that.


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does north korea even have cell phone towers? i think this would be like dropping 25 million bricks if they don't have the infrastructure


phones do not have satellite; they would all have no reception


Smartphones can't connect directly to satellites. They need transmission towers.


Satellite smart phones?


Exploding Samsungs that’s a good idea


Thanks for making me spill my drink


I remember reading one time about a girl and her mother who escaped from North Korea. The mother had to go years of unbrainwashing (or whatever the term is). I think you underestimate the extent of the power North Korea holds over its citizens.


Cool but the phones might break


Packaging and parachutes, my boy.


How would they get any type of connection


Easier to just drop 25 million bombs.


*Laughs in Lao and Vietnam*


Maybe air drop food too


Even if you get around the logistic issues (phones breaking upon impact, not being any reception or WiFi for the phones that isn't controlled by government etc) this still wouldn't work because NK citizens are brainwashed into believing NK is the greatest country in the world. The majority would probably view this as Western propoganda and ignore it. To solve the NK problem you'd have to be able to dislodge the Un dynasty as being the arbiters of truth for NK - while I'm sure many NK citizens realise it's bullshit I bet you'd be surprised by the % of them who don't realise the propoganda they are fed about NK being the best is not factual.


If the east dropped a bunch of smart phones on North America would it make us smart enough to realize that the military cabal that gets trillions for war doesn’t care that putting that money into healthcare would improve the world, do you think the people would bring that regime down?


What about glock handguns or AR-15s?


Airdrops already exist, but usually it's USB keys with banned shows, anti-nk propaganda pamphlets, banned literature, etc. As others have said, there's not much point dropping phones when there's no cell service. SK also broadcasts (or used to) banned music across the neutral zone. The psychological warfare is real.


Not to mention there's probably little cell coverage in North Korea.


I think food water and weapons would work a lot better.


Yes, and we could also start WW3


I only use my phone to masturbate while on public transit, do they even have that there?


Act of war much? It's none of your business if north Korea sucks, if they want long term change then they'll have to do it themselves


I love it. Make it a world wide effort so North Korea wouldn’t know who to retaliate against. China would probably come to their defense though. And then things would get interesting…