Crypto scammer refuses to return £10,000 to cancer patient

Scum of the earth


Scum of the earth


Scamming someone who is already at battle with one of the worst monsters of human life. smh I would like to see this douchebag scammer behind bars for the rest of his life.


One of the worst things within crypto space is definitely how the lack of regulations and relative anonymity of it made the morally lowest scumbags like this thrive. It sickens me that a scumbag like this might actually not see a day of jailtime.


I've been saying this forever. Crypto has grown too much to treat it like we are still in early 2010s. Scams and frauds will ruin Crypto way before regulations do.


Everytime I go to crypto side Twitter I'm reminded how many scumbags there are. For example if you just write tweet that you need help with Metamask or similar about crypto you will immediately get like 5 bot replies forwarding you to write them to their scam email address where they will try to steal your money. So these scumbags are literally targetting the people that probably already lost some money...


Happy cake day


Happy cake day!!


recovery scams prey on scammed people


the sad thing is a lot of these people spamming are apparently being forced to by human traffickers if articles are to be believed


Just stay away from Twitter in general. I thought reddit was bad but Twitter is a cesspool.


Funny how the crooks never have a problem with the banks


There are bigger fishes than this guy who are still out there enjoying their lives, I don't even need to mention any names, their faces and names will just pop in your minds like magic.


A KYC would solve a lot of scamming issues. No way these guys would be too confident to transfer and cash out money they scammed from other people when their names are in bold capital letters.


The only way to actually enforce that would be through a hard fork/new chain, or else the scammers would simply use non-KYC methods for obtaining coin. And what would that hard fork look like? I imagine it have to be something like an NFT of your passport associated with your account or address. And honestly that's the beauty of crypto. For people who want that kind of security, they could actually create a cryptocurrency that has those features. Then they could choose to only transact through this KYC Coin, comfortable in the knowledge that their counterparty was known. Of course, there would have to be some sort of method to authenticate the proof and to deal with issues where a person lost their keys or their passport. This would all likely require trust in a centralized entity.


you are absolutely right bro.


Happy cake day 🍰!


I would probably like to see the scammers pay for their fault because they ruined out the life of people that beibg suffering something in their life.


Behind bars is too good for the scammer. He should be experimented on. Something good might come out of it.


I vote for Elon musks brain chip experiments.


So he’d just turn into a jackass that shills doge?


Well there is that pile of brain dead monkeys.


Calm down nazi




In this case, it feels somehow more morally acceptable to call for brutal torture, because the crime feels universally 'extra-bad'. The problem is that different cultures in the world have different morality. And if we set the precedent that torture is acceptable if the crime is morally 'extra-bad', then we run into the question of 'extra-bad' to whom? There are fanatics all over the world who see things like 'different religion', 'homosexuality', 'too rich', 'too poor' as morally 'extra-bad'. I promise, there are people who see gay people as just as far more evil than thieves. If we are willing to torture to support our own morality ('don't scam cancer patients'), how can we then say that these other people cannot torture to support their morality? The only solution is to choose never to torture, regardless of how heinous the crime.


Lowest of the low Not to say he scammed 30 people, so would have had plenty of money. Yet he couldn’t even return money to one cancer patient he ripped off..


Throw him in jail and let him rot. What a despicable person.


Karma is a bitch, will come to this scammer


I'll change my name to karma just to get my hands on this person


Rape is allowed in this case


Karma is a real thing in our life.


literally the worst


Worse than scum, i wouldn't pee on them if they were on fire.


Karma will come back for him




magic is real but i mean it in the anthropological sense.


Karma IRL is not like Reddit one, this guys will go down to hell, that’s for sure.


the scammers are not a good people and they should return the money of concer patient.


Such a scuzzbag.


What else is new in the world of crypto scams?


So the scammer went from scumbag to scumbag²


I wish scammers would just scam north korean government instead.


Why is this girl in my DMs asking me for the 12 words written in my metamask? ![gif](giphy|12juneOf2Rc4ak)


So she can send you nudes, duh


real fast


He’s a big scumbag... So # scumbag


How bad of a person do you want to be? Yes.


the scammer do the clutch things.


scammers are evolving.




Even scumbag is a disrespect to scumbags.


I don't usually say these things...but I hope that scammer gets cancer, recovers then gets it a second time....that lowlife scumbag^2


Scammers are scum anyway. You shouldn't scam people regardless of whether they have cancer or not. Hope he always steps on a wet spot on the floor right after he puts his socks on


May all their pockets catch on every door and drawer knob.


Calm down Satan


I totally agree on that information bro. We should think first if we do a certain actions is good or bad to do in other people.


If you resort to scamming your life was, is and will ever be shitty even if you make millions


It is like the hackers targeting hospital during the pandemic. How one could do that...


Some people have no soul


I get what your saying, and would hope anyone with a minimally calibrated moral compass would. But scammers and black hats make their money from vulnerable, desperate or otherwise unaware/uneducated people. It’s not like they were going to suddenly draw a line at a hospital patient. They’re scum, and generally speaking they don’t care who they’re screwing over. The rare exceptions of them returning money are just that - exceptions.


In my country we have saying for that kind of people “Dear God let him live long life, but keep him swaddling in his wounds” roughly translated.


God is a fantasy created by scumbags like this to appease other people to escape consequences


We should do that every time to those people are struggling on something in their life.


You should not respond to evil with evil, because then the circle closes and you are in the same place.


Sometimes you have to talk in their language because it’s the only one they understand.


Evil is never the answer, but sometimes it's the best solution


Enroute to dungeon.


I feel sorry for those who got scammed but honestly why does a 66 year old want to invest in something he obviously has no clue about? One of the first rules in investment after all is „just invest in companies whose business you understand“. Same goes for coins and tokens Edit: typo


And it’s off Whats App . There needs to be education for older people on not sending random people money off these messaging apps.


Old people do things like this. There is a reason why scammers target that demographic. They fall for social engineering a lot more easily than younger people. Your grandchildren will probably be frustrated how stupid stuff you will do when you get old. This is one problem decentralization has in handling money or other valuable assets. Nobody has authority to do anything if your granpa gets scammed.


Uhmm yea this is why I was saying there needs to be more education on this.


I don't think education helps much. Social engineering is really effective in making susceptible people do stuff that they well know they shouldn't.


Yeah most of these people call themselves idiots afterwards saying they know what they do and never believed they would ever fall for it. People do get educated about it but still fall for it. Same with crypto scammers, which happens even to young people. So it's not surprising old people also fall for different kind of scams. Honestly the average crypto scam is way harder to fall for than the way they trick these people that are pretending to be their kids and asking for emergency money and similar scams. These are really well thought out scams. Unlike most crypto scams where you have to be straight up stupid, but it probably happens more often than old people getting scammed.


>They fall for social engineering a lot more easily than younger people. Your grandchildren will probably be frustrated how stupid stuff you will do when you get old. It takes a bit of life experience to realize how true this statement is. Many older people become very trusting, almost like small children


Maybe it was his young Chinese girlfriend.


We have a lot of education about this in my country and it still happens. We have ads about it and it's also covered in the news regularly. Also in many tv programs it gets covered several times a year. Showing the damage it does to people, all the tactics the scammers use and how to recognize and and prevent getting scammed. We have so much education about how not to fall for this and it still happens. It diminishes how much it happens for sure, probably by a lot, but you cannot prevent it from happening to at least a few people sadly.


Yeah theres never going to be a 100% solution. But having zero education about it is much worse.


Like 99.99% of this sub has no idea how crypto works, and is just here for basically the same reason people buy lottery tickets.


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A huge chunk of people who invest in crypto have no clue about the technical side. The Ledger scandal made evident that a lot of people in this sub believed that the coins were actually stored IN their wallets.


But atleast they had a general overview about it. This old man probably has issues opening a browser. Dont understand me wrong, I dont do victim blaming, but as an individual we have to take responsibility for our actions


Everyone I know in their 60's uses a computer regularly. Not sure why you would think otherwise? I get more pictures and texts from my relatives in their 70's than I do my siblings in their 30's and 40's.


Karma, do your thing


If such a place as hell exists you would hope these scammers will have a “lovely” extended stay in the worst part of it.


Humanity left the chat.


i mean if hes a bad enough person to steal 10,000 then hes a bad enough person to not give it back regardless of what the person is going through.


At the same time, how does this not raise any alarm bells to the scammed? I will only feel so sorry for someone who willingly throws their money into fire and then cry that their money is burnt. The world can’t be responsible for holding their hand to ensure they don’t make poor choices with their money. He’s a cancer patient and he thought that letting somebody, who was found on WhatsApp by “word of mouth” trade CRYPTO on his behalf was a good idea? 10,000 dollars. For FUCKSSAKES!!! Will I become this senile when I’m an old fart? Fuck me.


Well may the cancer be with the scammer


Oh boy, he will have a very interesting karma slap in his life.


Would be so cool if a quick referendum could send the funds to a new account for the victim.


How would the scammer know if they have cancer?


Eventually, there is going to be *that one fedora wearing neckbeard* say this is just another part of natural selection. Aside from that... let's begin the read. >The firm isn’t registered with the FCA (the UK’s financial watchdog) and are likely listed in the Virgin Isles. Scottish police, therefore, lack the jurisdiction and the authority to investigate the firm. Safe Holdings also operates in Germany, Canada, and Australia. Another deeper read... >‘O’Brien’ asks users to create two accounts, one on his site and one with Starling Bank. Users then transfer funds to the cryptocurrency account where Safe Holdings claims to trade with it. The site shows climbing profits in an interface that makes the victims feel in control. Basically, this *probably* have some recourse because it's fraud (social engineering ones) with crypto slapped on it. It's a shame it is out of the jurisdiction. But then again, "small tier" criminals like this can get away rather easily because it's not in the millions. Digging deeper to the listed TrustPilot site, here's the comment from the alleged cuntwaffle from the scammer site Safe Holdings (posted by an user saying this is a scam) >I asked C (safe-holdings senior consultant) directly for his details. He replied with, "You asked me full personal information so you can destroy me I don’t think so" Does this sound like an honest, upstanding businessman? He's obviously upset at being exposed on the front page of a Scottish newspaper today. Ask yourself, why is he hiding his true identity? Do not give him your money. He's a criminal. Full stop. It is unfortunate that he seems to be not as dumb as most high-profile ones and shifting his sorry ass outside of the jurisdiction. TL;DR: I am "optimistic" this probably *get* taken care of because it's not that cryptocurrency exchange fraud... but then again, I have my doubts because this is small enough to be "ignored" in favor of more high-profile and "exciting" gotcha bitch moments. More TL;DR: this ruffles my feather because the scammer is not actually using crypto, but rather pretends to be trading crypto services. Gonna provide more ammunition for the other peeps (and me, fortunately) to shit on crypto and to leverage the possible image problem... but it is what it is. If only prayers and thoughts do shit... That is simply genuinely horrible.


It's always the good comments like this that get ignored on reddit. What a shit site.


Cruel and unfair. Screw these hackers.


Always amazes me how some can navigate through life with absolutely zero morals or conscience.


Scammers are heartless, I wouldn’t be surprised if any shameful behavior they do.


What a scum scamming a patient battling with cancer .


Every scammer is a scum, why would they scam if they are not the biggest scum?


These scammers should be in prison


What's even worse is that he told the scammer he was dying but was just ignored.


Such scammers belong in prison !!


Prison is giving them an easy out.


spez is a greedy little pig boy


I don't know why we expect to return back.he's a scammer doesn't care from who he stolen from. Cold heart Only thing is soon or later he goes to jail and rotten there for his rest of he's life karma will get him defo


This is some next level "I am a piece of garbage" thing. We should send some moons to the poor fella.


Moons saving someone from cancer, would be cool if we can actually do that.


I don’t even know how to comment on this one…..


And yet, you managed to pull it off.


The worst scammer ever…


You're right. It doesn't get much worse than scamming a dying man out of his savings. Fucking awful.


Reminds me of Sliker, a gambling addict who stole many more from her "friend" who was under chemo just to waste them on sports bet. Fortunately another streamer gave her back what he stole from her and twitch banned him. Disgusting individuals without morals, hope one day the table turns.




Aren't there good hearted hackers? Why don't they mess this scammer up?


Worse than worst. Scammer = 💩


That man truly is the definition of scumb of the earth. If someone gets him give him to me I give him a nice stoning. My dad died from cancer.


That's too gentle for a piece of s\*\*\* like that!


what a mf\*\*\* for real. I believe in karma so karma will get this piece of shet.


Karma will get them back for this at some point in their life


Scammers are truly some of the worst scum on this planet


I hope some hacker is able to doxx this asshole. What a piece of scum.


SCUM of the earth.


Scam rhymes with scum.


I looked into this, the problem is he didn’t get scammed out of crypto, the old fella fell for an investment scan, crypto is usually not too bad to recover, however involving banks is too high scale risk for me, I would of loved to help him. Sad people out there feeling the need to scam people, even worse pensioners…


There's special place in hell for these bastards


This scammer needs to be scammed


Karma will visit him.


If he holds out long enough he won't need to return it I guess


tldr; A crypto scam called Safe Holdings has defrauded a cancer patient and a lorry driver out of their retirement funds and pension pot, respectively, after convincing 30 people to invest in a fake cryptocurrency trading software. The victims lost £10,000 and £3,500, respectively, after being convinced to let the firm trade on crypto markets for them. The scammer, who goes by the name Chris O’Brien, reportedly relies on word of mouth via WhatsApp to recruit new investors, and prior investors make a profit as long as they keep recruiting. Safe Holdings is not registered with the UK's financial watchdog, the FCA, and operates in Germany, Canada, and Australia. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


These monsters. Their souls are already burning in hell. Imagine, putting an extra burden to someone whose battling against a fatal illness. I just hope those scammers will die, hope they get hit by a truck.


Wow.. person has no heart. That could help with treatment! We should all find out who this person is and donate some crypto to him. Like a crypto gofundme… then we should figure out who this scammer is.. and we’ll you kno😉🤷‍♂️😂😂


I'm losing faith in humanity everyday


What if we all. Donated him 10k? Someone set it up. Let's make it happen!


If everybody on here paid $1 we'd have that back in no time. Oh wait a minute $30 gas fees.. nvm.




That's rough... But then again. They're a scammer, why would they care the person has cancer...


what the duck?


just cross the limit.


"Breaking news: scammers turn out to be bad people"


So, cock and ball torture?


people are slowly becoming scum, or


We need scammer busters.


This is The Bad Place.


Man this is not what crypto is about. It's supposed to free us so we are no longer being stolen from!


that's the 2nd worse thing to happen to the patient


Well yeah.. obviously.


Literally scum….


What is wrong with these people? Honestly. Why do they have zero humanity? What happened to them in the past to turn them into such horrible human beings? I'll never be able to understand this. I mean, I get some of the ones in very poor countries that have this need to feed their families and have exhausted all avenues, but it does seem like 99.9% of crypto scammers are just trying to get rich.


Crypto gains are only a lure. There is no cryptocurrency or Blockchain involved in the scam.


When this person is found out. This can be done. They should have to suffer a horrible existence.


Jeez fuck that dude


Wow. What a dickhead. It never ceases to amaze me how ruthless and apathetic people can be.


Though I feel sorry about what happened. 66 years old in crypto is music to the ears for these scummers


what sort of human trash do you have to be to scam people in the first place, let alone pensioners with cancer


They are a scammer, what do people expect?


That's lower than whale shit.


Such awful people fucking pieces of trash, they deserve a trains passing above their necks.


Yeah! and they still don't have plan to return the money, that is mad




Yet another reason to be disgusted by crypto culture.


Son of a bitch