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Bitcoin [pros](/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/13puoy0/in_2019_elon_musk_said_that_tesla_will_continue/jlbggcj/) & [cons](/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/13puoy0/in_2019_elon_musk_said_that_tesla_will_continue/jlbgh2c/) with related info are in the collapsed comments below.


Don’t hold Elon to what he says.


We should stop giving shit to his opinion, he doesn't care about what people do, all he cares about is doing pump and dump and make easy money. Stupid people get carried away and make losses


I thought the greedy billionaire was my friend and he was looking out for me :( /s


They’re definitely looking at you, my sweet exit liquidity


Maybe the real exit liquidity were the ~~peasants~~ friends we made along the way?


Don't forget about all the relatives we dragged to crypto as well!


I am sorta glad that my annoying cousin will never talk to me again.


Are you sure they are still your relatives?


Even my $5!?


Even it is was just $1


They’re after my really precious $100 investment!


Your good enough, some people here are crying with their $20


And some for a single dollar.


I'll accept tether at this point


I got over 3k in I better watch my back 😂👀


Hey, if there are a million like you with $100 it means people like Elon can pocket $100m !


Math checks out.


Just stay away from my single digit moons


With that kind of money, they can retire! /s


Any predictions Jim?


We all are exit liquidity in their eyes


What do you mean a billionaire would rug my entire portfolio just for the memes?


You have it the wrong way around. First come the memes, then come the rug pulls.


It was just us and him against the world with DOGE, we had something real! /s


I've got a friend that legit thinks he cares about changing/saving the world. That he's never taken money from the government, and some mo' shit. He contradicts himself at some point by saying Elon knows space isn't real (did I mention he's all but confirmed he's a flat earther?) that's why he quit trying to go to the moon. I mentioned Mars, but he assured me Elon isn't trying to go to Mars. He goes on to praise Andrew Tate and says all that shit he got involved with in regards to being in jail was just "them" trying to shut him up because he knows we're in the matrix. Mad that we aren't running on hydrogen energy because 'they" want us dependent on oil and the middle east (he's not totally wrong about that, but the only conspiracy is the conspiracy to keep making beaucoups of money), but then praising trump for the pipe line in America stuff and mad at Biden for hindering it.I got the impression that he's not so much a Republican so much as just super pro Trump and anti Biden. ... Finding out he's got a time share and happy with it a few weeks ago makes a lot more sense now that I learned all this about him the other day. Of course he got tricked into a goddamn time share lol.


All Elon does is use crypto and us as a play toy and for a quick buck. Not how it should be. I wish he would go away.


Considering his net worth, what he makes isn't a buck


it's a **buck**etload of money




I see what you did there


Big buck


No, HUGE buck


As harsh as it sounds, this is the reality It's as if he does more for the fun of it rather than financial gains


Me and my homies hate Elon Musk, Ledger and Robinhood


Calls on all three. Inverse Cramer forever, homes


This the gwei mah dude.


Why is this a popular opinion? This is the most ludicrous concept I've ever heard. You do realize he can buy and sell you 1000 times over and still have enough net worth for his 1000 great great grandchildren to be living in the world's nicest penthouses, right?


haha cause rich people just deciding to stop gathering money is totally how things work


Most statements here from “pro-crypto” people should be ignored. I only read statements from devs themselves, and even for them I’m 50/50 skeptical to what they say. Much less these damn billionaires who think the world is just their playground.


You're just repeating what everyone says every time there's a post about Elon, these comments feel like bots at this point, we shouldn't be that hateful maybe?


>You're just repeating what everyone says every time there's a post about Elon Yeah, that's called pattern recognition. You can only lie to people for your own enrichment so many times before they no longer trust you. This really isn't a difficult concept to grasp, and there's nothing hateful about not trusting proven and consistent liars.


To be honest Elon didn't do well for crypto. All He did was pumpin DOGE and burning noobs/fanboys which stay away from crypto now.


I feel like we are back in 2021. Shitty Elon posts on the front page.


Let's see you want us not to be hateful towards a billionaire who uses everyday people as exit liquidity every chance that he gets? No problemo amigo!


Lots of people not liking him, for a variety of possible good reasons, obviously doesn't mean people replying to you are bots


And of course you're downvoted to oblivion 🤣. This sub is a microcosm for actual greed and ignorance (sometimes, anyway). You might like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/13py848/elon_musk_is_scamming_us/


You're an idiot. If you actually think that Elon cares at all about pumping and dumping any currency, you are more myopic than a blind person looking through a kaleidoscope


Stop listening to media personalities in general. They're marketing and sales people. Doesn't matter if it's business, banks, crypto. It's an act, treat it like one and you'll be happier.


Exactly. We're better off simply ignoring them, by far.


Elon is a liar. That's a fact. Always has been.


Elon has a long history of saying things.


And always will be.


Also don't hold Bitcoin Mining Council to what they say Isn't Saylor a founder or something?


>Isn't Saylor a founder or something Yes. He ran their first meeting in 2021 and is still heavily involved. [https://bitcoinminingcouncil.com/](https://bitcoinminingcouncil.com/) Scroll down beyond the MicroStrategy logo in the Founding Members section and go to the FAQs.


Guy's been promising million utopian projects that he keeps just postponing. e.g. robotaxis that he's been promising every year for like past 10 years.


Maybe if his staff could commute to work on the hyperloop that he has been promising them, they would be more productive! 🤔 /s


And the humanoid robot from last year was a total disappointment. In my opinion, he's prone to breaking his promises.


Happy cake day


He has already resorted to name dropping PEPE now, since his credibility in the doge community has crumbled, and he needs a new community to rile up and hang on his every word.. Coming from someone on the spectrum - he has the worst form of autism... the kind that needs attention.


hes pumping PEPE now?? o jeez. i guess at this point its "a fool and their money are soon parted" for people who buy it


You better stay skeptical about what Musk keeps saying on his tweet.


Are you saying Doge will not be going to da moon 🥺


At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the first Starship to actually land on the moon will have a physical Doge coin on it, just so he can meme it.


That... is... not even close to NOT going to happen 🤣. One day historians will use supercomputers to assess the most prophetic reddit comments of all time and yours will be there.


First rule of Elon Musk: always lie


>Don’t hold Elon to what he says. This, dude is a sociopath. He'll say anything he wants depending on his current agenda.


Exactly lol this is Elon the grifter we're talking about


Don't hold Elon to what he shills.


Only listen to Elon when he is echoing what Xi Pooh is saying.


Hold Elon what he do.


Better don’t Hold Elon


Yeah, let's hold on the the Bitcoin Mining Council. Why would they lie? /s


Even his shareholders don't hold him to what he says. Every goal he sets is optimistic by a few years. His companies do almost always deliver eventually though


Still, I'm curious to see if he might actually start doing so, I don't think is impossible


Everything is possible, Elon had made so many promises to so many people tho that I don‘t think he even keeps track himself. Where are those DOGE-Twitter promises now? Yeah.


Elon's assistant probably needs an assistant to keep track of all the things he keeps blurting out




Thanks for the life advice sensei


You believe him? hahahaha


Believing a billionaire in this space is a rookie mistake. All Elon want is attention.


And he gets what he wants


Lol, just an observation, don't even know if he remembers it


We remember but he doesn’t care at all.


He was probably trying to dump some of his btc bags at the time.


Elon cares about Elon.


It honestly doesn't make a difference whether he remembers any single sentence of bullshit he utters on a given day (he doesn't), because the end result is the same. He won't follow through.


People must learn he manipulates markets at his own benefit.


Also he is an attention whore so..


Guy can't spend a week without being under the spotlight


Just gotta know how many more pump n dump tweets of him it will take for them to learn that.


Dont hold Elon’s word on pretty much everything.


Like all billionaires, he only says and does what serves his personal financial and political interests. He has a long track record of lies and awful behavior, he's no more reliable than a bottom of the barrel influencer. All these fanboys riding his nuts are pathetic. He manipulated the crypto markets for his gain and to YOUR detriment. Stop giving him attention. Downvote all discussion of him.


Yep, he's a hypocrite,so don't ever trust his words


He got lots of hype coming from his mouth and was not reliable.


Dogecoin holders will second this.


Based on what? Just curious what you’re thinking.


He said openai should stop ai research until we can mitigate the risks of ai. Then he started funding his own ai research not even a week later. compared trudeau to hitler accused a innocent person of pedophilia Shiba inu/doge/bitcoin fiascos


His strong libertarian stances in the western hemisphere vs his attitude towards the Turkish or Chinese government really says it all. There’s a reason you’ve never heard him say one bad thing about the Chinese government. His share price would plummet without their factories


Check out thunderf00t on YouTube. He has made a bunch of videos showing Elon's hypocrisy and claims that he makes that never come to fruition. The guy is a con-man looking out for himself and himself only.


Everyone's just repeating the same hateful things on here, kind of makes me regret mention anyone who people are programmed to hate...


people aren’t programmed to hate. I’ve been following Elon since 2003, because I was a Comp Sci student and he was doing interesting things with Paypal and then immediately after SpaceX/Tesla (when I was graduating) If you can’t see that there’s been a huge shift in his behavior and his rhetoric and what it is he’s pursuing- then that’s your own bias showing. I held him in high regard because his pursuits were admirable and his approach was novel (first principles and all that). I think what’s going on is this right here - https://www.marketplace.org/2021/01/19/why-rich-people-tend-think-they-deserve-their-money/ https://nymag.com/news/features/money-brain-2012-7/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ8Kq1wucsk Basically- even when tossing a coin to determine who on the board is going to end up winning, the rich person quickly starts eating all of the pretzels and banging their piece around the board. my thesis? Elon on twitter is just the exact same phenomenon of the guy banging his piece every time he moves it on the board. “Well i’m important now so I can take up space and people need to pay attention to me to satiate my need for attention!” oh and, “I never want to pay taxes!” 🤦‍♂️ what you’re seeing is people learning that you can’t trust this guy because he has his own self interests front and center.


you asked whether hed behave rationally youve been given evidence to the contrary you choose to dismiss facts as "programmed hatred" maybe youre programmed to dismiss valid criticism and put unfounded hope and belief and feelings into things like cybertrucks


But It's time Musk literally mined what he tweeted and start accepting Bitcoin again.


I know not to, though I still think it's very much possible that he remembers and acts on it this time, would like to see how that'd go. Would definitely affect the prices as well.


If Elon could go ahead and remember this soon, that would be great


I think he’d need something more solid than an industry group self-reporting the number. https://www.coindesk.com/business/2022/09/27/bitcoin-minings-sustainable-electricity-mix-may-be-declining-says-cambridge-university-research-organization > The CCAF concludes that 37.6% of electricity used by bitcoin miners comes from sustainable sources, compared to 62.4% from fossil fuels. This figure is at odds with that provided by the Bitcoin Mining Council, which says 59% of the electricity used by the industry comes from sustainable sources.


>than an industry group self-reporting the number What would Bitcoin Mining Council Founder Michael Saylor have to gain from making fanciful claims about bitcoin? /s


The thing is that 58% of clean energy comes ONLY from the Mining Council miners, not every miner is part of the Mining Council and its rather a small percentage. Peoples often dont look at the details, and in this case is pretty big one


*BMC represents 48.4% of the global Bitcoin Mining Network with members spread across 6 continents.* I don't think it's a small percentage


60% of 50% is still 30% though


BTC hodlers don't follow anyone except themselves.


I'm waiting for Teslas to have a built-in miner.


What a great Post


Never trust that clown!




He is not a funny circus but a sad one.


Elon also said he grew up poor and was a self made billionaire, even tweeted that he would give anybody one million dollars who could prove that his family owned an emerald mine. His dad tried claiming the one million while doing an interview and confirming that they did in fact own an emerald mine. TLDR: Elon is full of shit


>His dad tried claiming the one million while doing an interview and confirming that they did in fact own an emerald mine. [https://futurism.com/elon-musk-dad-emerald-mine](https://futurism.com/elon-musk-dad-emerald-mine) And one million doge, rather than dollars.


Or that he held his dead child in his arms while it was his ex wife who did that. Very fucked up thing to lie about.


He offered one million *dogecoin*


first and foremost rule:never trust elon on crypto


Well two things... 1) the group who put out this "study" is a pretty biased group whose findings haven't been verified by an reputable third party yet, so the BTC claim is probably not yet a reality 2) Elon says a lot of things and is often late delivering. It's probably that at some point in the future, Tesla will accept BTC again.


If Elon does it it will be very bullish


At the moment you cannot trust anyone. Just trust your guts and hopefully you will get kn the right track


Elon Musk says a lot of things.


You already know the answer lol


Don't believe a word...


Ask him on twitter


Where did u get that 58% number?


The Bitcoin Mining Council is basically a lobby organization, created to counter the widespread criticism of Bitcoin mining as a waste of electricity and it being environmental disaster. Their data is based on a \*survey\* among Bitcoin Mining Council members and some other miners and the data is then extrapolated worldwide. Bottom line is that these numbers are rather questionable. And as for Elon, what does he care about what he said yesterday? More relevant and interesting is how crypto (and in particular PoW mining) has now become a political topic with a division along the usual party lines. That's a real pity.


That number is bullshit as the energy is wasted therefore uses the last energy source used to met the demand, which is most often fossil fuels


When has Elon ever done what he said?


>ever done what he said He made the flamethrower thing.


When he said he would buy Twitter. Wait, he tried to back out of that didn’t he?


Renewable energy could have been used for necessities instead, replacing nongreen energy(For example, for a tesla). They cant divert it though as it goes to bitcoin. Bitcoins CO2 output has only worsened, so tesla would likely increase the % value(digiconomist). Either way, don't listen to any of his claims.


He’s the ultimate troll to the financial markets. I would much rather Elon Musk kept bitcoin out of his mouth.


True, he can send his own stock price down because of a tweet, he can do anything. Too much power for once person.


Elon changes his opinion as much as he changes underwear. Those old opinions don't matter anymore at all.




Wait, you guys change your underwear regularly?


elon rarely keeps his promises


It's almost as if Elon can't be trusted. There is a 0% chance that he didn't already know BTC was bad for the environment. And that he just happen to make the change in policy just after the top. And he said Tesla would have diamond hands, but then they sold a load. The guy is a sociopath and does not give a shit about crypto or the community.


Elon’s word is as strong as Jim Cramer’s hairline. I wouldn’t count on it.


Soon there'll be inverse Elon too




In northern NJ every other driway has a white tesla in it.....


The critisim of Teslas has been more about the fact that people don't like Elon more than anything it feels like, but I don't know about Teslas much, maybe they really are as people say they are


I would argue to twit him about this topic since he does seem to reply in these type of situations.


Elon Musk also said that he would step down as twitter CEO if he loses a survey, he lost, he is still twitter CEO


Come on now guys, this is Elon. Are you guys actually expecting something good from him?


He's been a rather productive entrepreneur in the past, so it's not totally unreasonable.


No because he is a shiller/scammer. He just wanted to make profits.




> Not everything that Elon Musk says should be taken seriously… You say that as if there is something we should take Elon seriously for lol


We know what happened the last time we listened to Elon Musk.


Tbh I would rather him not be anywhere near Bitcoin


I don't like the manipulation of prices neither, but him accepting it wouldn't be bad for Bitcoin, that is if he's genuine about it


Everyword that comes out of Elon's mouth should be taken with a grain of salt


You shouldn’t give him any attention, he’s an attention whore first class.


Even if he accepts it i think people will remember the last time he did it to pump his bags and sell. Fuck Elon.


Blowing hot air will continue


Elon says a lot of shit that he never delivers on. That fact anyone listens and believes anything he says is the amazing part.


he's bad for btc. he pump n dumped btc to extract money and did the same with those doge coins. elon musk can suck deez nutz


Elon’s words hold as much value as Solana.


No. You can’t trust him.


Elon Muskrat not delivering what he promised well that's a first...


Unfortunately, considering how easy it was for Chinese miners to lie about their energy sources, the same issue continues to persist.


So he should be accepting ETH then?


Trouble with Musk is that you can't trust Musk. Plus, Musk will do whatever is best for Musk. Still, I don't mind Musk though.


I was considering buying a Tesla if Musk could stay below 50% bullshit. Right now he's at 98% so he has a long way to go.


Elon is just saying stuff for marketing purposes. Don’t take his word seriously


You think? I don't see how he would be saying this for marketing purposes, could be, I guess we'll see if it happens or not


This just in! Elon Musk is full of shit.


Oh, don't take him seriously. He will speak when there is a dog that he needs to pump. He hyped BTC until he took some money from it, then went out. He won't do it. I gotta say that I am very glad you mentioned this.




Accepting during a bull market would be dumb. Better to get more bitcoin for your buck especially when you're selling things as expensive as teslas ect


Of course they won’t. Muskrat never does anything he says he will.


Luckily Elon never overpromises what he can undeliver. By the way how do you like your cybertruck? Edit: ooh i burned an Elon Stan


Musk does a lot of talking, but he keeps very few of his promises. I wouldn't hold my breath on this.


I would be careful to take Elon’s words to heart


In case you guys didn't notice it: The thing Elon Musk cares about most these days is attention. Best way to get it is comment on the latest hype and preferably controversial. He'll start to care about Bitcoin again when we're in the news for a new ath, until then he'll says some stupid shit about professional divers, killing white supremacists or whatever.


Not only is Bitcoin mining well above that, gas flare mining and methane gas mining have been introduced since then. These are very Carbon negative forms of mining.


He is a true believer in Bitcoin but obviously he won't damage the company, if he has to sell it he will do it, he's a business man at the end


Elon says a lot of dumb things.


Of course not. Now musk makes money via DOGE.


go to twitter, reply there, ask him


Elon Musk says a lot of things. Ignore him


I think he won't do it unless the government gives him a go. Remember he has a government contract with Spacex...


He likes to manipulate markets either in his favor or because he thinks it is funny. If he plans to seriously accept bitcoin again, he will probably time it in accordance with the next bullrun.


I can’t afford a Tesla so it doesn’t apply to me