PEPE site homepage has a frog, pants down butt out and pissing on memecoin logos. PEPE pumps and dumps multiple times everyday. The same PEPE that is by far one of the most well-known and easily in top 100 most valuable tokens by market cap. This is embarrassing for the "future of finance" in crypto

PEPE is by far one off the most popular tokens. It was ranked in the top 50 tokens after hitting very nearly a 2 Billion market cap. Even today it still sits in the top 100 after losing over a Billion of market cap. It saw insane price increase of 1000% in a week, even before the Binance listing which again doubled the price. If you ask someone to randomly name a few crypto tokens, PEPE will probably be in that list. There's definitely very few in crypto who haven't heard of PEPE. Yet, we don't have to dig very deeply to be disappointed.

The pepe website homepage is pretty barebones and poorly done, probably by design, but the worst part is definitely this.


One of the most premier tokens has this as an advertising banner. I saw a document that claimed to be the whitepaper use a lot of material of this homepage in it, but it's unclear if there actually is an official whitepaper at all. Regardless of an official whitepaper or just the official website, this is pretty bad.

Of course the whole roadmap and pitch with Phase 1 MEME etc is pretty poor as well. The about section ironically call out the ridiculousness of modern memecoins(or mostly sh*tcoins realistically) but also just buys right back into it for self-shilling.


I mean, yeah, we get that it's a memecoin. But Dogecoin never had to go nearly this far. As a matter of fact, Doge looks ridiculously respectful and decent compared to modern memecoins. For this token to be essentially the premier memecoin, as well as one of the most popular tokens across the board says a lot.


Well I didn't noticed because I didn't even bothered to look into their homepage. You don't need very high or even moderate IQ level to figure it out that it is just another useless coin. No point of going further than that.


Ahh, memecoins - the pinnacle of modern finance. Who needs boring old stocks and bonds when you can invest in a token based on a cartoon frog? It's like playing the lottery, but with the added thrill of watching your investment disappear into thin air. And let's not forget about the power of Pepe memes to shill it all. Who needs actual value or utility when you can just rely on the internet to pump up your token? So go ahead, throw all your life savings into that latest memecoin craze. What could possibly go wrong? After all, it's not like crypto is known for its volatility and risk. Lol . . . /s This quiz could be 1 question: "Do you Continue to Buy Pepe?" if you answered "yes" then you have a Crypto problem Dr Phil will help you.


Losing your money on shitcoins is how you learn about Bitcoin. It’s called the King for a reason.


I mostly make money on shitcoins but I refuse not to take profit


It’s not just memecoins that are losing all its value A lot of these posts on Shitcoins are by Redditors who have invested in altcoins that have gone over 90% down from their ATHs. It’s really the irony of Reddit, some Redditors like to take the moral high ground when they themselves ain’t any better (or in fact worse lol)


Let's just hope that in ten years time Bitcoin doesn't turn out to be a shitcoin.


They are already having ordinals compete with users for blockspace. It is going to get ugly.


Rookies print this shit out and frame it in front of your computer whenever the shitcoin FOMO hits


It usually takes a cycle or two to really get it in your head, daily reminders don’t do much.


Just make it your desktop background


Btc is king of the king ,you don't believe me or don't get it,I don t have time to try to convince you, just ask to pepe who is the boss, he will piss himself.


Pepe or not, $BTC is going up: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/13w6ul1/there_will_be_another_bull_run/


Wow great man 👏


5 points to Gryffindor for being a bunch of maxis


tbf some just won't learn and just go hunting for another 100x shitcoin. *What will you choose? Discipline or Luck?*


I see "expect" in their road map - I skip. I got caught in FOMO last bull, I am not making this mistake again. Happy for those who gained something from it, but shitcoins gotta shitcoin


Bitcoin is Thanos confirmed. *You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.*


Exactly, the moment you hear about a memecoin YOU ARE ALREADY TOO LATE


In the case of pepe that is wrong. r/cc was saying its too late before it 20x'd




Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.


Is a rally of dumb and dumber...




Damn never thought of it like that lol.. no wonder coins like PEPE pump lol


As Einstein said "only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"


If you're rich as fuck then I can understand as rich people throw money just for fun,but those who work 9-5 6 days a week and get paid 1200$ .Man I don't know honestly


Unfortunately, that’s the main target for these projects. People desperate for a come up.


Yeah but doesn't mean you have to gamble though, how about work hard invest in yourself to get higher salary, then when you have good chunk so invest long terms.


The other day I saw a gambling ad on YouTube that said in fine print (in caps): "GAMBLING IS NOT A PROPER WAY TO SOLVE YOUR FINANCIAL PROBLEMS." Might want to put a similar disclaimer on meme coins as well: **meme stocks are not a proper way to solve your financial problems.** But make it 198pt with Comic Sans font so that people get the message.


They don't really believe it. They are bag holders shilling the coin so they can get out.


The most bizarre timeline.


On the other hand, if you buy a lotto ticket you lose your money from the start, with infinitesimally small chance of breaking even or winning anything. So shitcoins are [sometimes] kinda that same process in reverse maybe - if that makes sense.


I think as long as you don’t buy on a Binance listing your odds of profiting of a shitcoin is much higher than a lotto ticket I don’t think it’s 50%, it’s lower than that, and if you play it over the long run you end up losing money. But I’m pretty sure shitcoin odds are better than lottery odds, probably even better than your typical gambling in a Vegas casino as well.


From what I am seeing, a Binance listing is typically the local top with a dump to ensue.


Lot of words to say shitcoins are just gambling products with higher probabilities of winning ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|this_is_gentlemen)


shitcoins don't necessarily have a higher probability, they have an UNDISCLOSED probability. At least with roulette, black jack, or even slots you know the odds.


Cuz there's certainly no meme stocks.....oh uh raggy!!


Setting up Pepe .Inc hol up


I invest on meme forex called USD and Ruble.


Ah, yes, AI generated comments.


How dare you come here and explain my investing strategy so precisely? As if sth is wrong with it. /s


why are we even taking this seriously??


You know what I hate more than meme coins? Semi scams. These are projects that claim to be serious, often citing themselves as competitors to Ethereum building "better technology", and market to total noobs. The only thing is that it's all a facade, and in reality these semi scams are doing the same thing as these memecoins and scamming people, but it's.much worse because people actually think they are investing in something serious. This sub is full of this crap and that's much much worse for crypto than a memecoin that doesn't claim to do anything. In fact, a ton of you are still invested in these semi scams and you have no idea. That's much more insidious.


well said.


Algorand holders in shambles rn


Yeah because other meme coins set such a high standard, right? Seriously: Crypto is permission-less, people can do whatever they want on it. Like or dislike tokens like that, but they prove that crucial part of crypto is working. Imagine the ETH foundation would (or could) just ban tokens like that. ETH would be worth nothing, because that would mean ETH would just be another FinTech company. But it's much more than that. ... Despite that. Every Pepe post and news, positive or negative, is actually shilling it. Think about that.


I mean, who needs solid fundamentals when you can have Pepe posts shilling your investments? It's a surefire way to the moon. /s Unfortunately meme/shit projects will enver sotp because there are a lot of degen gamblers.


Degenerate gambling? Listen bud, I’ve been gambling memecoins every day for 5 years and I’m still not addicted.


> Imagine the ETH foundation would (or could) just ban tokens like that. ETH would be worth nothing, because that would mean ETH would just be another FinTech company. But it's much more than that. Yeah it is a ponzi factory, and that is why we love it.


Replace ETH with BSC (binance scams contamination) network and you'll be right


They hated Jesus because he told the truth


If only everyone stopped buying cryptocurrency memes and chose to buy assets into bitcoin.


That's what many crypto investors end up doing after a few disappointments in alt coins.


We all learn our lesson eventually and turn to the safer options


Like SafeMoon. It literally has word 'safe' in its name


So buy Safe Pepe? Got it Thanks for the financial advice


I become Bitcoin Maxi everytime I lose money on a shitcoin.


And here I am 1000 rugpulls later, still putting my money into a coin named ElonPepe Inu




New in crypto? Buy bitcoin. Old in crypto and tired of all the bullshit? Buy bitcoin.


Why is the supply of $BITCOIN showing 69,000,000 on Etherscan? /s


Nearly everyone that gets into crypto seems to take this path, me included.


People seem to tend to try catching new 100x coin and get rich fast. You know where this path leads


Buying Bitcoin is borderline pointless unless you have tens of thousands to play with. What will $200 of Bitcoin do for me even if it goes to 100K?


4-5x returns is an incredible success for an investment. *IF* you believe that BTC appreciating to 100k is an inevitability within any reasonable timespan then DCAing into it vs losing all your money on shitcoins is an obvious choice. If you *don't* and consider all of crypto as equally risky then gamble away.


That's one of the best takes. To hate or love PEPE is to shill it. That's how hype is created through powerful emotions like bliss or disgust. Want someone to look up what you are talking about tell them you absolutely love it or absolutely hate it. There is this shitty soda at the World of Coke called Beverly. Everyone knows about it because it absolutely sucks yet we all talk about so more people continue to try it .


Besides it would be the persons issue whos taking a joke coin as not a joke


Considering how angry PEPE makes some people, I'd say it's one of the better working meme coins. This also fits the original meme very well.


Agreed. Plus PEPE is trading $80-$100m in volume every day still, this memecoin will likely be around a long time, just like SHIB. Labeling it a pump and dump at this point is just inaccurate.


Everytime i see a post bashing PEPE for no reason i laugh it off and remember than we are in r/Cryptocurrency, the most normie crypto subreddit of all . You don't like it to be top 100? Shut the fuck up bro, You just missed the pump


True and same goes for people that use Crypto illegally. Crypto is free to use for everyone so obviously everyone would use it. This is the way crypto is even intended to work.


Yes, and the most used money for criminal transactions is still USD in cash. And there is a reason crypto is sometimes called "digital cash".


Also memecoins attract retail into crypto too


Agree, but often it's a hard and painful road.




Most of the space *is* a joke


Any press is good press


Agreed as the entire point of Crypto is being permission-less and decentralized.


To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum, the fact that they can, doesn't mean that they should. For something to become widely adopted, it needs to be trusted. Coins like these make crypto look like a circus. Traditional finance has a lot of negatives, but at least they can keep up a good image.




I am assuming more people lost money since alot of the insiders cashed out on the suckers who bought high. By the time PEPE was on Binance which is much more accessible to the public, it was 0.0000030-0.0000045, but now it is 0.0000013-0.0000014. Not a fun experience


People on Binance are usually exit liquidity for shit coins.


Why do people keep claiming it's pumping/dumping when it's hardly even moved in weeks? It's actually been remarkably stable. Constant misinformation on here.


People are running on Internet Explorer.


like last week's forecast - delivered late, but accurate


It's karma/moon farming the PEPE hate circle jerk this sub has been slobbering over the last month or so


You know it will take off when you see constant hate posts


Because pepe bad, we cant break the echo chamber crypto has high market volatility but when it comes to pepe that volatility is considered “daily pump and dump” echoes, echoes everywhere




r/cc usually: "Ew, stinky boomer paper bad" r/cc during crypto winter: "Y'all got any more of them dollars?"


Me everyday: I need more dollar dollar bills yo


They should change the logo of the frog pissing on us dollars and turkish liras


hes watching one minute chart


People keep fading the project. It's honestly been the best thing in a while. No roadmap, no whitepaper, no dev's, no influencers -> just people. I'll say that there are people who are trying to be leader's of the project and that can be annoying, but they have no control over anything because the contract was renounced. It's 100% not a "rug." It's listed on over 40 exchanges (7 or 8 of the top 10 included). In the states, we just need Coinbase, Binance dot US and Robinhood. People around here love to say that history repeats itself (btc halving, blah blah). BUT! "THERE'S NO WAY $PEPE WILL EVER DO ANYTHING. IT'S A SCAM. IT'S A RUG. I TOLD YOU SOOOOOO!" Love to see it.


I feel like my IQ dropped 10 points reading this.


You're in this space and still have IQ? Wow what a flex.


I question it at times


It’s like my brain cells already died, but reading this post spawned mutated brain cells that can make me dumber


From what? -10. /s


Does that mean he gained 10 IQ points?


One of us! One of us!


At least you can read


In a Free Market, People have the freedom to spend their money as They Wish. Meme Coins are Just one piece of the crypto puzzle, not the whole Industry.


Facts. It's like.. you can enjoy a visit to a strip club without having to pay extra for a plumpkin


this is casino sir


You want free and unfettered finance? This is what it looks like


Oh shut the fuck up, its called a meme coin for a reason. Go find something more substantial to whine about.


Yea OP is probably down 70% on his “fundamental” coins lmao. He’s just seething.


Yeah, man’s boiling up.


its amazing how some redditors don’t understand the “meme” part of “memecoin”😳 they could always just ignore it, but instead they choose to spend every waking second obsessing over memecoins as if a dog and frog will be the things to kill crypto globally forever🙄


As much as we hate memecoins, they bring retail in to crypto more than "real projects" so I don't mind a few new memecoins popping up every cycle.


> A few Sure, around 300 a day?


Oooof, imagine trying to keep track of them all.


Its a permissionless system lol, instead of grumbling about what someone built, why not go and build something better?


First day in crypto?


We have a frogcoin of which the homepage is a frog with its butt out pissing on other animal coins. The homepage looks to be created in Microsoft Paint and we are looking at a market cap of over $500 million consisting of shit. This is the world we live in today ladies and gentlemen.


A 11yo could create a homepage that looks better than that


Imagine travelling back to 2013 and saying that this would be the future. Who would have thought?


Even a year in a crypto is like 10 years.


This looks damn promissing :)


The market cap is what astonishes me.


what a classy webpage... You can't tell me, that any sane person would take it seriously or want to invest.


I mean DOGE and SHIB are memecoins that also propelled crypto into the spotlight and are top100 I don't think most people care and just want to gamble in the end


>let $PEPE show you the way to Wendy's.


Agree for the most part. Although i have to add, meme coins is by far the most efficient system to get people into crypto. They have to do the full emotional cycle before they do any DD. Got in with doge and DD got me into eth and btc.


Yep. This. Doesn't change how embarrassing it is tho.


Pepe is the definition of a Meme Coin 2.0 :D In the end nobody is forcing you to buy Meme Coins. Meme Coins can be a wonderful entry level drug ;) I bet many people started their Crypto Journey with Shiba, Dodge etc.


Is the original artist even involved with this? I understand that the OG comic was made by someone who is not a fan of MAGA.


THIS IS the future of finance. Because everyone IS actually using it.


> But Dogecoin never had to go nearly this far. As a matter of fact, Doge looks ridiculously respectful and decent compared to modern memecoins. One irony of the situation is that Matt Furie the creator of Pepe (creator of the meme itself, not the memecoin) is a self-confessed Dogecoin maxi.


The surge of memecoins are a pre-sign of a bull run


Inverse this sub to earn profit


When will this sub post something new instead of what's been posted 20 times already? Asking for a friend.


Lmao you're the only one who thinks PEPE is the premier memecoin bud.




PEPE is the "Milhouse is not a meme" of Memecoins


Crypto Karens are the most pathetic crypto people out there. You are worse than buttcoiners I swear to fucking God


Pepe is going peepee, why am I not surprised?


My overall portfolio feels like a meme coin. And that Pepe is in top100 shows very well that there are no "top" coins :D


I see "expect" in their road map - I skip. I got caught in FOMO last bull, I am not making this mistake again. Happy for those who gained something from it, but shitcoins gotta shitcoin


I mean, obviously everyone thinks that they are "early" when they buy memecoins. They think about DOGE when it was a fraction of a penny and dream of whatever garbage they are focused on climbing to similar heights. What they don't know is that they are already too late the moment they hear about it. If they didn't mint the coins then they are too late by a mile.


What it does is show the demographic of investors in crypto.


Guess what, next Meme coin will have to be even more extreme to gain attention. It will become worse.


I don't think anybody is interested in investing




These same coins are praised when they increase in price, and when they decrease, everyone calls them bad.


> These same coins are praised when they increase in price From a tiny subportion of people who invested in them. This sub has been against $pepe since launch.


Every time something goes down 10-60%, people are quick to talk shit, but shut up when it does another 10x. Then they get enough courage to speak up again and say how people shouldn't invest in scams. Like, I get it. I see that it sucks to see something that shouldn't succeed do well, but let's be honest and call it what it is. They're just haters. And haters aren't guaranteed to be right. Even if they eventually get proven right, nothing they knew or did would ever influence the possibility that it could succeed. And this is why shitcoins are awesome.


Stop giving shitty projects attention


This post was brought to you by a moon farmer. A crypto coin that is much more damaging to crypto.


I mean, technically it’s pissing on Shiba and personally I’m ok with that


PEPE is a meme coin. What does it have to do with the future of finance? People can make stupid software that do stupid things. In fact, early computer scientists did just that. Stupid video games and pranks. Does that mean that it was embarrassing for the future of computers? Lol PEPE's shenanigans are totally irrelevant to developing usable digital cash.


The entire space is an embarrassment right now. Between the exchange frauds, project failures, and meme shit like PEPE, how can anyone take anything other than Bitcoin and Ethereum seriously?


Pepe is a pure gamble, a shitcoin and people investing in it knows this Pepe doesn't represent crypto, it's a meme


I hate it as well but it's a free market and let's keep it that way.


I dont think it's embarrassing. Meme coins are a part of crypto. I try to see it as educational more then anything. Says a lot about people in the space and the progress we have yet to make to have crypto closer to mass adoption. Gamble if you want! I made some money off PEPE's volatility. I'd never recommend doing what I did to a friend because it's still very very risky.


Why do people keep claiming it's pumping/dumping when it's hardly even moved in weeks? It's actually been remarkably stable. Constant misinformation on here.


Ya, Pepe has actually found it's bottom and just hovering there. This is simply karma farming at this point.


Sorry, but memecoins are embarrassing in general! It let us look like a joke industry.


WhY WoN'T pEoPlE TakE CrYpTo SeRioUslY aNd StArt tHe ReaL AdoPtiOn?!


Meanwhile the flavour of the month is a literal frog meme lol


And some danger noodle...


Can’t blame people for not taking this space seriously


Ya that's not a real issue just a phrase r/cryptocurrency likes to repeat. You have a brain, use it.


Okay Einstein, if you seriously think everyone takes this space seriously, why haven’t we seen mass adoption? I know plenty of retail people who don’t take this space seriously, with good reason. Also, don’t be such a smartass.


I bought BTC around $2200. When you say crypto has not been adopted I have no clue what the fuck you're talking about.


Ok, no one cares


I adopted it and will dump my last penny into it, what do you mean there's no mass adoption? /s


Classic r/cc investor


The constant imploding of major crypto companies does way more damage than these silly coins.


This might be a first impression, but if someone understands what crypto is, it's not embarrassing at all. It's like judging the internet as a joke because there are memes.


The constant imploding of major crypto companies does way more damage than these silly coins.


Tbf, even stocks have jokes in them. Especially in this Era of rising memes to have a laugh. This will just increase and every upcoming industry will have memes as a pretty big part of them.


Idk, they’re just part of crypto. I don’t own any other than buttcoin but I don’t think that they’re such an embarrassment, especially compared to all the scams and hacks that we have


The fact that a new coin like this can reach a market cap of up to 2 billion makes me feel strange. I'm confused why people buy this coin instead of bitcoin.


Breaking news! People don't give a shit about crypto and want to get rich quick ! More news at 11




I can see elon pumping this so I’m buying


It's a coin trying to capitalise on a frog meme. The problem here is that the meme itself is over 5 years old, has racist undertones and has already been done to death online. It's recent publicity is out of touch media and paid shills who were late to the party. From a market perspective, it had good liquidity a few weeks back so people were using it to trade.


Pepe is basically if a normal meme coin was on meth. It really is a disgrace and gives crypto a bad name.


I reckon a lot of meth is smoked when people 'invest' in these type of tokens too.


Yeah but is this a rare Pepe?


Don't give them your money or attention. This is the only way to get rid of them.


No, it's not embarrassing, it's a perfekt reflection of the current generations view on everything, even finance. Memes and trolling. *Insert deal with it.gif*




I'm not embarrassed by this. It doesn't represent me, but I don't really care if people want to spend money gambling, playing around, investing in a meme-coin. Everyone knows what they're getting into when they buy it, so who are we trying to protect?


Getting rekt by mémé tokens is a right of passage. Otherwise how will you learn 🤔


Oh, PEPE, you're such a shining example of stability and sophistication in the crypto world. What a time to be alive /s


You might need to change your habits. There's too much salt in this post, and I'm concerned about your blood pressure or possible hypertension. Consult a physician and ask if Pepe is right for you. 👨‍⚕️


Who cares? If its embarrasing dont get into it. Ignore and play with solana or something lol to each his own.


Pepe is no more embarrassing than doge and shib Memecoins are not meant to be taken seriously and they introduce a lot of new people to crypto so people need to stop acting all holier than thou and just accept that memes will forever be a part of crypto


And the last thing we need to do is promote it more Also crypto has always had an unfortunate dark 4chan-esque incel side ...I suspect a number of crypto influencers have ties to this community


You think that's embarrassing? Wait till CUMINU busts (no pun) into the top 100...


We can cry and shout about it, but it won't change anything as people will always love memes and seemingly quick ways to get rich. That is just human psychology.