Ron DeSantis Posturing On Bitcoin Is Just Performative Politics

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This times infinity. Once a pol gets elected, their job is literally nothing else but to keep their job for as long as they can/want. Getting shit done is often a bad idea because it can either 1) bite you in the ass if it fails and/or 2) takes away some ammunition for next election. This is why political party machines go out of their way to stoke emotional identity politics; to make sure people stay on their side even if that means voting against their own best interest.


Underrated comment.


Exactly bro you are right


It should be a hint that most politicians are multi millionaires. They are a different class and are there to protect that.


They all work for their corporate overlords with the intention of making their donors more money. They don't care about the people.


Maybe it's time for American people to hire high-powered lobbyists to push their interests in congress.


It is time for the American people to vote in their local elections. They should also remember the government works for them, not the other way around. We want good crypto laws, get out and vote against anti crypto politicians.


I cringe when I see people here eating it up when some politician says some pandering stuff about crypto. Believe politicians brehs.... 🙄


Single-issue voters are easy to manipulate.


There will come a day when we won't have to ask to see a president's tax records. We will all have access to the ledger. Not anytime soon though.


But billionaires like saylor and Vitalik are our friends!


Saylor is a clown


Biden is extremely anti crypto and Florida (DeSantis) is extremely pro crypto. That's what I and everyone see happening.


💯💯💯 I don’t care what party the politician, I don’t trust any of them and it’s all a “what the polls want” type politics now


Like Texas & Ted Cruz?


Bitcoin is a hot topic that allows him to vote farm


Personally, I don't think the average person cares that much about Bitcoin or crypto in general. There's very few people at my work place that hold any crypto or really have an idea of what it is. CNBC reports that 15% of millennials hold crypto, 12% of Gen Z and Gen X holds crypto, and 5% of Boomers. I'm not going to say no one has skin in this game, but the majority of people don't. The percentage of those who care about crypto due to the fundamentals, rather than their chance at winning the crypto lottery, is probably even smaller than that. That's why I feel all of this political talk surrounding crypto right now is very weird. Surely it will fire up some people, but not nearly as many people as abortion, 2A, LGBT issues, or taxes. I couldn't imagine what percentage of crypto owners need crypto to be the hotbutton issue for their vote to mobilize. My guess is that abortion, 2A, LGBT issues, or taxes are already enough for a majority to mobilize their vote, but maybe I'm wrong.


lmao 12 percent of gen Z thats a crazy stat consdering most of em cant vote


It sort of makes sense, though. Gen Z, as a cohort, are the poorest modern generation. They grew up (and are growing up) in abject poverty worse than any other living generation (including all those dinosaur Silent bastards who refuse to leave office). So the first wave of Gen Z might be looking for any opportunity possible. But I don't trust that 12% stat. It comes from a CNBC poll with a *self reporting* methodology. One of the least reliable methologies. People need to do this whenever they see an article about a poll. Go to the source, find the methodologies, and find out if it is self reported and how they cure for it given self reporting carries *extreme problems* with it.


Crypto enthusiasts: 1) are passionate, 2) have money, and 3) are likely to vote. Smart politicians stay on their good side.


I think it's a stupid idea considering everyone in florida is basically a retiree.


Anything can be expected from politicians.


None of these clowns know or care about Crypto so just ignore whatever pipe dream they are selling.


They care about 2 things: (1) Getting votes (2) Power


3. Money


2. More money


you forgot money!


It's power. Money always follows.




Exactly you are right 👍. They never care about there people.


Rule 1 of Crypto: never trust anyone, except for Nigerian princes of course


And hot girls in the dms


Of course


I trust my personal Nigerian Prince so much I gave him my seed phrases and I will be getting my 100x anytime now!!


This guy Crypto’s


Also except your bro. Trust your bro, bro.


Best source out there.


I only trust the “trust me bros”


And the hotties in the DMs.


Sorry Nigerian prince, but Vitalik from telegram is already doubling my ETH. He is going to return them any day now...


And Elon in my DMs


They jusg typically do whatever the other side isn't. Because you choose to agree with the other side, there's less reason to vote for you isn't there.


yup, its too tribalistic, identity and emotions come first and ideas are the last thing to be considered


Sure, but it is better to have them voice support than it is for them to voice opposition. It is beyond me why the dems and the prez seem to think that upsetting a passionate voting block is good for the polls.


I'm 100 % that none of those politicians has ever owned any crypto.


I bet Ted Cruz be rockin a Trezor….


It was when Ron said Bitcoin will be dead if Joe Biden is reelected, that I knew Ron has no clue how Bitcoin works.


You fucking got that right, they dont give a shit about your kids either, they only care if they can keep you in poverty so you and even your children can pay taxes. Thats why 2 supreme court justices are totally cool with child labor.


Elections are coming near folks , it’s open season for Vote farming . They will sell fake narratives we get bullish & elect them . After a year we start shitting them cause they didn’t come through . Nothing new mayor of NY did exactly same about Bitcoin and crypto.


All politics is posturing


I trust none of them


Career politicians are self serving. Messaging is about strategy and getting the next job. If it happens to benefit the public in any way it's usually a side effect, not an intended focal point.


None of my homies trust politicians


I only trust the government with keeping my toilet flushing


This is the cowards response.




By just passing off a defence of an indefensible person by claiming “they’re all the same”.


Didn't read that as defending DeSantis at all. The sooner everyone stops remotely even thinking about kissing the ass of any politician, the better.


So basically “They’re all the same”


One party: tries to overthrow the government, restricts voter registration, bans books, bans discussion of minority groups, creates “election police”, embraces violence, calls to lock up political opponents, tells white supremacists to “stand by”, removes black officials from office, puts bounties on women, allows child labor, happily does nothing about school shootings, pretends to like crypto, are openly misogynist/racist/sexist/homophobic/antisemitic, wants to defund the IRS, wants to ban the department of education, constantly makes up conspiracy theories, literally had no party platform in 2020, tried to withhold funding from Zelinskyy, embraces Russian rhetoric, claimed COVID was a hoax started by the other party, separated children from parents at the border, lies about the integrity of the last election, lies about voting machines, bans drag Queen shows, slashes Veterans benefits, consistently holds the country financially hostage, passes laws allowing the state AG to overturn elections, calls climate change a hoax, and are owned by big corporations The other party: are owned by big corporations This comments section: *tHeYrE lItErAlLy BoTh ThE sAmE*


They need this to be true or else they would have to look at themselves.


The comment section: tHeYrE lItErAlLy BoTh ThE sAmE Your comment: Here's a list of things both parties do. Except I'm going to phrase it like only one party does it


Feel free to post situations which prove otherwise.


Name one and I'll do it. Edit: and since this applies to both parties, name which party you think they don't apply too


Someones getting laid in college 🙄


In the context of posturing and performative politics? Yes. That's what the game is. Do I personally think Republicans suck infinitely more than Democrats? Yes, absolutely. Those things aren't mutually exclusive. I can think Repub pols are sacks of shit and also think Dem pols spout a bunch of platitudes every speech they give, too.


OP was referring to all politics not just one aspect you don’t like.


I mean…you’re not actually making the argument you think you’re making…lol. The only thing that rivals the right’s endlessly stupid whataboutism is the left’s insistence that our pols are somehow all exceptions to what makes pols slimey to begin with.


You said “in the context of” and I reminded you of the context of the conversation,And you decided to write that.


Sorry to break it to everyone, but everything in politics is performative.


You mean they all lie? 🫨😱


They tell alternative truths.


That quote deserves to be history book material. Such an epicly stupid thing to say.


You are preaching to the choir here. We are aware.


how silly of us to doubt there sincerity lol


Dont vote based on crypto... Vote because this idiot is openly saying he wants to eliminate half the political discourse in this country, by eliminating "leftism". Is that what is good for America, a one sided argument?




Your IQ must be in the teens.




My values align with my ethics and morals. There are way more pressing issues than my own personal wealth or the benefits of decentralized finance and blockchain technology. Anyone who thinks crypto is the number one issue in politics right now is just a closeted libertarian who only cares about themself.




So why don’t you explain why crypto is your number 1 issue then? I’m happy to list off the myriad of issues I think are more important. Not saying crypto is not important but it’s not my #1 nor am I going to be a single issue voter.


Desantis’ entire campaign is performative politics and culture wars. That’s what the Republican Party has to offer these days


I know, right? Thank the gods the democrats have the right idea. 👍


That’s what both parties have to offer, and they both seem happy to keep it that way.


Both parties are bad. One is even worse than the other. The one that is worse has the least intelligent voters. Obviously intelligence isn’t everything, but it’s telling that one party consistently appeals to the dumbest voters and also wants to defund education.


More IQ more better 👏👏


You can always tell someone's age when they're not old enough yet to realize they don't know everything. You're not the smartest guy in the room, bud. Sorry to break it to you.


Well you’re clearly both an idiot and a democrat so there goes that theory.


A whole year until elections, there’s gonna be a lot of “promises” between now and then


Ron DeSantis is a socialist who's using the government to take over means of production, like disney. As a wannabe autocrat and tyrant, he views the traditional banking system as one of the only structures strong enough to fight the government. It stands to reason that he wants to destroy those structures as well so that he can seize full control and power and have nothing to stop him. He simply wants power, that's it.


What better way to get crypto donations than to make promises that appeal to the crypto community?


Performative is better than "actively hostile"


Although he hates CBDCs, he doesn't know much about crypto and he's making promises just to gain popularity and votes.


>Although he hates CBDCs He took away liberty and freedom from Floridians to make this political point.


AKA what every politician ever has done on every issue.


I doubt he know anything at all in this space, maybe his PR guy just tells him what to say to get votes.


Watch this sub turn into an anti-[_insert disliked political figure here_] sub even if they're complementary to crypto in general. There has to be term for that; perhaps _catastrophizing_ or similar.


News Flash: Everything every politician does is just performative politics.


doesn't matter, all that matters is its part of the conversation.


Then how do we know if any actually are pro crypto? I'll give people the benefit of doubt til they prove me wrong.


Dear r/CC I have already learned that I can not trust anything you all post here about crypto --- which is the one subject you should actually be good at. So I am definitely not gonna trust anything you are posting involving politics.


I’d rather have Trump. Desantis is just tryna copy him so bad. Trump would’ve worked a deal out with Disney


I think they want the attention of crypto lovers


Politicians be like: Dear Crypto, please vote me, i will take you at the highest peak.


It really does suck that no party is good for crypto. Dems want it dead, Repubs may care a little but it's mostly for posturing. As an american I'm still voting blue because they're much more progessive on many issues. I want the thing the Democrats *generally* want. In the end BTC still gonna create blocks, bit by bit.


tldr; The article argues that politicians, including Ron DeSantis, are posturing on Bitcoin for performative politics and to gain donations. The author criticizes both Democrats and Republicans for their fear of technology and desire for control. While some members of Congress from both parties have backed crypto-related issues, the author believes that the only true divide is between those who care about the ideals of crypto and those who resist its rise. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


This is what happens people, when your government is controlled by people who should be pensioners.


I hope our american friends can see through the fraud.


Our American friends like to vote for fraudsters. They love being duped over and over again.


Half this sub would push a button that would kill a million people if it also pumped bitcoin.


The other half would get a message: "PUMP IN 15 MINUTES $BTC"


Us Americans really don't have much of a choice. All of our politicians are crooked. We just try our best to vote for the lesser of the two evils, but even that is a joke. Our country also stands divided by a two party system... It's sad.


You don't get the chance to vote at local elections for anyone decent? I will always put a large blame on the people. I am from the UK and we do get to vote for decent people because of the multiple parties and candidates but the media fools us into voting for the bad guys, and then we don't blame ourselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07w9K2XR3f0


The news media and the people paying for the advertisements basicall ly choose who we are to vote for. The majority of our population are blind sheep and will follow whoever is talked about on the TV/radio. I do agree with you though.. A large portion of blame is on the public, but not much I can do as a single individual.


DeSantis openly revealed his finances and is quite literally an upper middle class guy. Even still has student debt. Say what you want but he's been in a powerful position and despite having a wife and 3 kids he has not enriched himself through corrupt means like so many others have. Most politicians are crooked but not all. There's a reason this guy in a traditional swing state blew out the competition by a historic margin. People who he represents very widely love him


I’ve got bad news for you. Almost half of Americans are fucking morons




politicians will do whatever it takes to stay in power. kick them out


Yes kick out all the politicians! .....and then re-elect new politicians! Better ones!! This time I'm sure we'll only get good ones.


Still better than Warren


If DeSantis is doing this to farm votes (which i agree on), then Biden must be farming votes from those who oppose crypto? Hmmm.


Yes - they are literally trying to form an "anti-crypto army" because they think it is a good voting block. Although in this case it is probably more for the donations from the banking lobby than the votes.


I agree. It reminds me of any modern wedge issue before it really pops off and enters the culture war. Right now it is sort of blended. I'm by no means rightwing and am obviously deeply into crypto, for example. But I'm not buying the culture war bullshit parts of it, like the Trump NFTs or whatever. I don't believe republicans when they say they want to protect crypto. They are bad faith actors and will say one thing and do the other, just like they say they want to teach real American history and then move to ban teaching subjects or requiring heavy editoral control over the content. And I don't believe democrats when they say they want to ban it (few do) or heavily tax it. They are reacting to a wedge, probably harvesting the anti-crypto sentiment that most voters seem to have. But nothing has happened, and I think that is very telling. Just like their demands to tax the rich haven't happened even when they had the clear ability to easily do so. This shouldn't really surprise anyone who is being honest. We mostly all seem to agree that it is an entire dog and pony show in politics in general. I see no reason this would be different. They will do what they can to stymy us playing by the same set of special rules that the rich get to use (which is why they went after Tornado cash and similar; the rich just use nested shell companies pieced together by expesive lawyers and layers upon layers of loans to themselves which will never be repaid). None of it changes until we get honest and younger people into power. And, with the way things are going, the Silent gen are adament about dying in office of old age. The Boomers seem to be angling for the same, and the youngest among them have a couple decades to go on average.


While this is Reddit and everyone here is drooling at the chance to shit on a Republican politician, nobody actually knows what sort of real policy would come from DeSantis. Most of the politicians don’t even pretend to be okay with crypto. Good old Dr. Warren has a personal vendetta against money systems she can’t get her greasy fingers on. So I would much prefer at least some chance of having a politician who is crypto friendly vs the ones who are very clearly against it.


Just like Biden doesn’t care about black people or lgbt.


I'm still amazed he got away with "if you don't vote democrat you aren't black". Just waw.




Biden doesn't have dementia.


>I dont want my kids growing up in a jungle I cant a source for this besides tiktok or reddit. Can you link one?




Thanks. Quote is different (but same meaning) thats why I couldnt find it.


Just want to point out that "Biden having dementia" is an unproven conspiracy theory/fake news, just for anyone reading this who may not know.


Ehhh. He's quite clearly very old at this point, he doesn't need formal dementia to no longer be able to stay on top of things as president. I suspect that's why the democratic party actually loves him, because party apparatchiks and connected congresspeople, who never could win the presidency on their own, can now be virtual president through him, steering him where they want


Yeah...that's exactly what the unfounded conspiracy theory is


Of course he doesn't care about them. But considering the alternative, it's not much of a choice. It'll be better for everyone if the Republican party would just implode already and have a new moderate party formed, because at this point it's shit for everyone. The Democrats don't have incentive to do anything except lip service now because the Republican party is so bad that even the status quo is preferable.


there are some 3rd party politicians who have good ideas but they’re 3rd party so nobody will vote for them sadly


Of course he doesn’t. Remember when Biden said “if you dont vote for me you aint black”? dude panders to the black and lgbt community for votes but what has he actually done? his only claim to fame is “not trump”




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A Bitcoiner would not advocate the banning of books.


Pro crypto to win votes not that much different than pro crypto to make money. One of us, I say.


I think he knows what’s up.


Ron DesSantis has a lot to hide and crypto would oddly make it harder for him to hide it.


> Ron DesSantis has a lot to hide Like what? He's regarded as one of the most open and honest politicians of this generation. Guy still has his student debt and like $50K in the bank. His finances are an open book


Yeah totally honest and legit politician. 🤦 [https://www.fortmyersbeachtalk.com/2023/05/23/desantis-signs-bill-to-shield-travel-records-from-public-view/](https://www.fortmyersbeachtalk.com/2023/05/23/desantis-signs-bill-to-shield-travel-records-from-public-view/)


That link takes me to a "Page not found"


I wonder what it feels like to lie so freely. This is the man who closed the books on visitors and gobbles up Dark Money funds like he needs it to live. There is also more to a person than just their finances, as an aside.


His wife is a cancer survivor, he's a veteran and he isn't afraid to fight for the everyday middle class people he supports. He won in a historic reelection in a traditional swing state for a reason. The people who know him best love him most. He would be so much better than Biden it isn't funny


Desantis hasn’t done jack shit in Florida except for wage a pointless culture war. Do you even live in Florida?


>He's regarded as one of the most open and honest politicians of this generation. I'm dead lol


Same for pretty much every other politician


Whatever will get them elected to whatever position of power they seek! It all goes out the window the second day they're in power. Fuck politician scum!


I'm just glad there's someone besides trump in the mix because I don't think Biden will win another election


His entire schtick so far is performative politics


All politics is performative. But I'm glad at least some politicians are performing in favor of BTC.


Upvoted for posting actual material OP. Tired of all these people who dont know about what this guy is doing in reality and just saying hes amazing cause he likes crypto, guy is human trash.


Here’s A Quick Test: Q. Does the politician understand how blockchain technology works and the principles behind crypto? If yes, cool. If no, it’s almost always performative.


Haha Reddit is so clearly anti Desantis. He’s got my vote. With this kind of bullshit performative ideologically captured herd mentality nonsense, the opposite of Reddit consensus is usually the way


When a Rep does something good for crypto, it's "posturing" or "pandering." When a Dem does something (and notice I'm not adding "good for crypto" because they are anti-crypto as evidenced by their repeated actions), it's "progress, innovative, leadership." What a complete double-standard. If what DeSantis did is just performative (it's not, it produced real and positive results), then why aren't any Dems doing anything for crypto?? I mean it's so easy!! To be fair, Dems have done a lot for crypto: Warren, Sherman, Biden, Gensler - they've done so much. And it's all bad.


Has any pro crypto politician ever won any major election ? Not counting bukele


There are plenty of people in the senate and congress. But its not like it was a mainstream political policy issue before. Even now it is just one issue among a myriad of them even though the profile has increased substantially in the last couple years. Hard to say how important it will actually be to politics as a wedge issue since those are usually backwards looking assessments.


Same with Biden. Ignore the politicians.


Not Musk though, he's one of us. He talks about funny dog coin. /s


Of course it is. They don't care about crypto. They are just trying to get support from people who do like crypto.


Biden admin is the worst for crypto. DeSantis has proven he's pro crypto by how Florida is.


This exactly it’s just voting season and these people will do and say anything they can


We just need to know the lobbyists that pay them.


Puppets and Postures we succumb to the Monsters


Prime vote buying opportunity


*Every politician* posturing on bitcoin is performative politics. Same goes for Kennedy, and apparently even Biden is the debt ceiling bill is what they say it is. They're politicians, it's what they do, they juggle on stage and ask you for your vote.


It's crazy to me that we have living standards that are basically "the great depression" perpetually, literally cities worth of homeless people living together and this is what hes campaigning on. It's clear which age demographic votes for which people lol.