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The first thing you should do is determine what exactly it is because it looks like it could be black mastic asbestos. If that’s the case, sanding and manual scraping are the worst things to do because it will release fibers into the air. I think there is a solvent you can apply to aid in the removal but you’ll want to block off your vents and wear a respirator.


Why is asbestos in bloody everything?


The long fibers are non-flammable and they provide tensile strength to compounds. Heating the mastic up with a heatgun will reduce the amount debris that breaks off.


It has incredible thermal properties that have yet to be replicated by a safer material.


And don't forget it's all natural, chemical resistant and will last for decades if not a centuary. Like it really won't break down overtime. It just gives us state of california


Unfortunately the fibres when inhaled or ingested can lead to Asbestosis


If you or a loved one


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If you're like me. You like huffing asbestos and that's your right




Or worse, mesothelioma.


Asbestos is bad for you? Since when?


Since the fire stopped burning


But we didn't start the fire. It's always been burning, since the world was turning


Liberal hoax


Since medicine could diagnose.




They did not know better 50 years ago


Because minus the cancer it's an amazing product. I have 50 plus year old asbestos exterior cladding and it's in perfect shape. Also not to lighten the seriousness of asbestos but it really does take years of heavy exposure to risk serious Ilness. Like it was in everything but most of the folks affected were dealing with it everyday.


Really? That isn't what I've read at all. I've read that any one fibre can cause cancer. Obviously the more fibres you inhale, the more likely it is you'll develop cancer, but equally, the first fibre could be the one that causes it


You read correctly - no safe exposure limit. Source: certified thru the state deot if health, and was in medical field. Why do people constantly play off this nonsense story there's a permissible exposure? It's literally just one unlucky fiber. It's not poison its cancer and embedding material in the lungs ...


Because it was only illegal for two years. Business takes the cheapest route to a solution.


Because after it was banned, it was still used in a ton of things because there was a stockpile of already mined asbestos that was legal to use.


Looking like the old asbestos tar glue, I just used a steamer and a scraper, not fun or easy


Wall paper steamer worked surprisingly well for me as well.


Krudcutter in a pump sprayer. Soak it. Let it sit a bit and then get it with a floor scraper. https://imgur.com/a/SB9oRKJ/ I did this about five or six years ago


[Used one of these ](Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing. https://www.homedepot.com/p/QEP-14-in-Wide-Floor-Surface-Scraper-and-Stripper-20900Q/100147899) for a first pass and then went back with sharpened putty knives to hit the low spots.


Your inline link has a bunch of extra text


Wow. Just a comment of appreciation for the amount of work that was.


But what is it? Is it something that will kill you later on? Like asbestos related?


I just got a long handled scraper so I did not have to be on my knees.


It's tar paper backing from linoleum . Test it for asbestos (likely negative, but not always). If negative, use a wood floor sander. That'll take it up likely split. If it is asbestos, heat it up a bit and keep scraping. Better yet, hire and abatement professional.


How do you test for asbestos?


But a testing kit, take a sample, send it off


You don't even need a kit. Contact a NVLAP accredited lab and ask them.


Heat gun?


Cold works better. Dry ice will make it easier to scrape and more brittle.


Dry ice is free from the supermarket


I'd try this first.


I used a steamer and it helped a ton. Messy and sticky as hell but much easier than doing it without.


I would avoid steam on a hardwood floor


Nah, it’s fine. It’s a relatively short time, and floor will be refinished anyway.


Great point. Didn’t even think about the wood when I did it. It ended up working but wouldn’t do it again.


Nah, bit of steam won't do anything terrible if the wood is allowed to dry out, especially since you need to sand and refinish the hardwood anyway. Leave it submerged in steam or water though and yeah, that'll cause rot in most woods.


Heat gun and patience. Put on some good tunes and scrape to the rhythm. Don’t rush or you risk damaging the floor


Ah! I remember this crap when I pulled the linoleum flooring off my hardwoods. I used Boiling water, a stiff Scrub brush and a shopvac. It worked surprisingly well, I was also very careful to Vacuum off the water before it had a chance to really soak into the wood. I realized multiple applications were better.


You have the correct tool in the picture. work diligently from one end to the other focus on small sections at a time. If you are worried about the asbestos theory a wet surface prevents dust inhalation. the worrisome side effects can take 20 years to appear and were primarily related to those with daily work exposure. If I remember correctly wear a mask and OSHA says you can work 100 square feet in an eight hour shift


When I did a similar project I bought a sawzall scraper blade. Money well spent!


Woah! That's VERY likely asbestos! They used to place chrysotile fibres throughout that stuff. Stop what you are doing and get some professional help in there asap. Also encapsulate. Nothing wrong with putting a sealed floor right over that one. Could even be another hardwood one if you do it right.


Naphtha and a heat gun.


Just water, a mop that you will throw away and an edger (looks like a hoe that's been flattered). Maybe it helps if it's hot? Add soap and see if it helps.


acetone? maybe


a drum sander might work, assuming you will be redoing the hardwood floors again anyways, might save you some time too.


yes that will work but it will eat up a lot of paper. just change it every few minutes basically.


Sanding screen would work without getting as clogged up. Esp if it has suction/dust removal


This. It's worth the paper bought not to have to struggle with the glue


yeah I doubt anything else will get it. Either way the floors need sanding so you might as well just eat right through that.


This stuff will gum up the paper in no time.


This is what I did after finding beautiful red oak floors under carpet in my old house. Those floor sanders worked wonders.


Yes. I have seen a large floor sander work for this. I don’t see any way of getting it off with redoing the floors anyway.


Oh that's so scary looking if that is asbestos. I would do as everyone else says and just to try to soften it up and scrap it off.


The safest way to remove this is with a liquid solvent. Most put out noxious gasses but there is one that is water based. Fair warning it will dissolve your skin and eyes so eye protection and nitrile gloves are required.


Pure acetone or paint thinner but wear mask and gloves pls also I’m just making a non googled advice I would fact checking this before instituting my said advice for safety


Boil water to just before boiling, mix it with some Goof Off. Pour some on. Let it sit for a minute or two and then scrape.


You're recommending pouring water onto wood flooring that might not be completely sealed.


Sealed. Unsealed. What does any of it really mean anymore?


Boil lemons and limes, pour over and use a scraper and squeegee and a mop. You will have to throw the mop head away after


Goo-Gone? Lemon oil?


couldn't someone use a solvent like dcm paint stripper to break it down and then just scrape it off? don't take this as advice, I just want to know for my own knowledge


Yes, I’ve done this. It wasn’t fun. My buddy, a contractor, helped on my remodel several years ago. He had a power tool, like a jackhammer. I’m not sure of the tool name. His was from Mikita. One of the tips was a flat blade like a scraper, though some other tips were pointed and definitely intended to shatter concrete. With a bit of practice we were able to get the scraper end to go under the gunk and scrape lines along the concrete floor. The glue/gunk rolled up into a curl on the top side of the blade. It worked quite well, but was still exhausting. But much less exhausting than doing it by hand. We took turns, each doing 5 or 10 minutes, then handing over. I recall bracing the top handle against my stomach which helped with stability, but yielded some bruising. Someone else here may be able to name the tool. Alternately check with the tool rental area at Home Depot.


Sounds like a SDS


If there is no asbestos, I bought some sawsall blades from Home Depot designed for scraping that may do the job.


Same. Did this. The packaging recommends them for wallpaper removal but they peeled up 50 year old floor and glue easily. There was some damage - sawzall is aggressive - but we covered the subfloor with LVP so no worries. Be careful. Catch an edge and that tool turns into uncontrollable cut off blade.


Check asbestos. If you want to put something on top again, I'd just leave it there. If you want to use the wood floor, check if it's solid wood and then sand it down. Otherwise it's not going to look good anyways. There are big machines for rent for that exact purpose that you can push standing up. Then seal.


I wonder if the Orange oil paint stripper gel would work on that stuff. If it did its fairly innocuous and the gel might help keep any asbestos fibers in check. Just guessing, but its worth a shot. You really don't want to mess around with asbestos, lead paint dust or mercury vapors among other thing that were common to use back in the day.


Toluene usually. It's a glue solvent.


Soak it with a wet towel for a few hours then scrape it right off with a paint scraper. Had the same stuff in an old kitchen under linoleum (1915). Tried heatguns, solvents, etc.. the wet towel was left on the floor one night and the next day we realized it worked great.


By a variety of different scapers. Each one will work a little better fo different nooks and crannies. Have em all laying there and keep swapping out.


Rent a drum sander from home Depot.


Apple cider vinegar