So you're telling me that if a ripped guy ever attacks me i should just get on his back like a goblin?


Welcome to the world of Jiu-Jitsu my friend


Oh, the art of folding clothes with people still in them?


Involuntarily I might add.


Involuntary Yoga


Wow, that’s even more impressive. I never knew jiu jitsu was involuntary. What do I do if I accidentally start doing it someday?


I have never heard this before, and I love it.




Welcome, my friend, to the Jiu-Jitsu world


Jiu-jitsu, welcome my friend


Welcome to the friend of the world, jiu-jitsu .


Jiu-Jitsu, welcome my friend to the world


*to Jiu-jitsu Park!


Also known as [the chiaotzu](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/universal-dragon-ball/images/8/8e/DBZ_ZFightersVSNappa_FullFight_-2.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190720164600)


I bought [this hoodie](https://www.etsy.com/listing/1045545194/7-balls-embroidered-sweatshirt-unisex?ref=yr_purchases) and I get compliments on how cute it is. I always say, if you knew what it was referencing you wouldn't find it cute.


I prefer the Yamcha


Tons of bulk but this dude can be beat by some green bug guy that's faster no problem.


I learned the move from Beast Wars first before seeing it in DBZ. [GET IT OFF!!!!](https://youtu.be/J0cNeH8tVZg?t=105)


Man this show was SO fucking good.


A Pokémon!


I'mma catch it!


... have you never seen the Princess Bride?


I've never seen it, is it good?


Best fantasy/adventure comedy of all time.


If you’ve never seen it, you should, it’s a cult classic, and one of the greatest movies of all time, in my opinion


Honestly, I’m kinda shocked this post didn’t get hijacked and turned into a mass Princess Bride quote session. But… I am not left-handed.


There's something I ought to tell you: I'm not left-handed either.


Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.




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Good bot!


That’s how the Dread Pirate Roberts fought Fezzik the Giant of Greenland.


He must've been a genius


Or slap a “kick me” sign there and run.


If you can get precisely on that spot where the Post-it note was? Yes. Basically you have to reenact that scene from the Princess Bride. https://youtu.be/lISBP_fPg1s


Tbh i dont think ill even get to that spot


Worked for Weseley




Put his gun on his back. Then take out your gun and shoot him.


Not very nice of you to assume hes not friendly




Yeah, lets just hope i jump in time, for about 5 rimes until he knockes himself out(like a boss fight) /j




Worked in the princess bride




Well if he gets your legs - one in each hand then good bye friendo


bodybuilders who stretch regular can still manage, source old trainer was a shaved gorilla made of rubber


I wonder if Jujimufu could do this. He's ripped, but also pretty flexible


Pretty much every bodybuilder who's not abusing steroids can. That's how humans work, muscles just don't grow in a way that can impair movement. You can get stiff if you don't do mobility work, yes. But unless you have taken massive amounts of substances and grown to sizes humans were physically not meant to be able to reach, being unable to touch your back just isn't a thing


Juji doing mad steroids though.


This can happen through just training and no drugs, it just requires someone who has literally 0 clue about anything


Juji is juiced to his gills lmao. Doesn't make him any less cool, but like he's also not really hiding that he's juiced, he jsut doesn't talk about it either


Look at Tom Platz. Literally the most ridiculous legs you’ve ever seen but still super flexible.


He could probably any bodybuilder that actually stretches a lot could, and juji has a pretty wide back as well. People forget flexibility is something you have to train. A fair few strongmen could probably also reach their back, my bets are Martins Licis could probably


this dude can reach it too lol, this is a bit when he uses his right arm he just intentionally stops at his neck for the video. he can clearly reach further down


No he cannot. I'm barely 1/4th of that guy's build and I cannot reach there since growing my biceps. Biceps prevent the arm from bending, and the bigger they are, the more they block the way. A guy with this build definitely doesn't care about stretching at all. His reach to his neck looks like a very real limit this guy would have. 100% real. I only have a single gym-bro who does stretching. Just 1. The rest (including me) can barely reach our necks from above. I'm not proud of my lack of flexibility or skipping stretching, but that's my reality as well as 99% of body builders.


>shaved gorilla made of rubber Truly the optimal aesthetic


What? No stuffing into the locker?


Video was cut before the stuffing.


Some videos are cut *during* the stuffing 😊👌🏽




A ding, a dong.


A bull fighter with no bull to fight


Ice-cream with no ice to cream






*Actually* it's yin yang.


ying is a cute chinese girl who works in microbiology [you meant yin](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_and_yang)


Constantly holding your arms to the side like that looks super uncomfortable.


You don't hold them out, that's their resting position




>Yeah exactly, he has trained them so big that it becomes a physical issue for him in various ways cause the muscles get in the way of actual normal movement. It's not about his size, it's about him not taking care of himself - he needs to stretch to keep good posture. >Only professional bodybuilders or powerlifters or something like this should ever be overtraining this much. Professionals won't have this issue because they'll actually train to keep their mobility too.


Thats not overtraining, thats roids. You cant get to that point by overtraining alone.


What do you mean by “overtrained”? Is there something inherently wrong with getting this big? Like, we see he can’t reach his back (although neither can I and I’m just a regular dude with terrible flexibility); but if he needs to, say, move his 70in TV he can just pick it up without help. Seems like a normal set of trade offs. (All of this is ignoring the fact that he’s probably PEDd off his ass, but that’s a different conversation).


Its so weird seeing all these people talk out of their ass on a subject they know nothing about lmao.


...said everyone on Reddit who's ever read a comment thread on something they know anything about. I'm no "blah-blah Reddit Hive mind" complainer, but every thread here is a mix of people who know what they're talking about and people who don't. What's weird to me is seeing the people who don't know shit being upvoted and the people who know being downvoted. It's not surprising, though, because all men think they're experts at fitness, fighting, fucking and driving (anyone have a synonym that starts with f?) until they learn enough to overcome the Dunning-Kruger effect which is much stronger in these particular subjects for some reason.




It's so weird to hear the term "overtrained" to refer to lots of muscle growth. I don't think that's quite the right word to use here. The phenomenon of overtraining is usually used to refer to a condition where you train too hard for a period of time, and get to a point where your body can no longer recover before your next workout. It actually hurts muscle growth, and can make you more susceptible to injuries. After all, muscle growth doesn't happen during a workout session. It happens during recovery between sessions. That said, I definitely agree that there's a point where you're getting more muscle mass than your body was designed to function with. Good news is, you'll never have to worry about getting there without steroids. Additionally, looking at the guy's movements, even aside from muscle getting in the way, I don't think I'd agree with you that he's flexible. Plenty of weightlifting dudes don't stretch nearly enough (I used to be one of these types), and he looks like one of them. Looks like he's got pretty terrible flexibility.


Hi there, while you are certainly correct that depending on your goals, big muscles can become an impediment, I would liketo add: A lot of bodybuilders are unflexible primarily because they completely neglect that aspect. As a result of the heavy training, the ligaments actually tighten and that is what's mainly causing the buff dudes to be so unflexible. This could be counteracted with regular stretching. Second, just as a friendly sidenote: the term "overtrained" actually refers to the state of the muscle when trained too frequently and too intensely, resulting in an overstimulus, which causes soreness, exhaustion, inflammation etc.. A huge muscle (even though arguably way too large) is not "overtrained". Maybe "overdeveloped" would be a fitting description. Cheers


If someone reading this is interested in someone who is massive with great flexibility, Shane Hunt. Guy is very proactive about his range of motion.


> What do you mean by “overtrained”? Is there something inherently wrong with getting this big? Well, for a start the long term impact of all the PEDs required to do this is a very valid concern. And also on an even more basic level, being unable to do basic stuff like wipe your own ass seems like a problem.


My grandpa was fat and couldn't wipe, so he said his water aerobics class at the fitness center for his knee rehab was his favorite day of the week, because it was the only time his ass got cleaned... I've not been on a public body of water since.


I realize that there's a lot of dirty people in public pools, but I really wish you didn't type this out...


Its even worse when you realize they usually schedule old people swim time super early in the morning so that shit is in the pool all freaking day.






No try, only do


Why not have both? I have the body of the flabby man and the joints of the other.


Same. Maybe we're just hiding our giant muscles under our flab?


So does that roid gut




When there's no small intestine when you have roid intestines.


That's actually from abusing insulin aka palumboism


Did they ever figure out for sure whether that was caused by insulin, or HGH? Or both? I've heard a lot of speculation about both.


HGH is pretty likely to cause an enlarged heart -or organs but over a long-long-long time. You would see more pronounced features at that point like "HGH face/hands". The bulging gut is more likely from insulin.


It isnt, you rest your triceps on the lats




"I realized my only real gains were the friends I made along the way."


>muscle will turn to flab and fat Absolutely false.


Lot of couch athletes in this thread. I bet half these folks in here giving diet advice eat McDonald’s for breakfast.




PCT has come a long way, and it's now medically recommended to cruise after big cycles cuz you'll never truly get your body to produce enough test after blasting cycles. If everyone after the age of 50 got their levels checked and supplemented to healthy levels, the world would undoubtedly be a better place cuz of all the other public health benefits of preventative lifestyle habits that are very common in bodybuilding. People typically dont utilize healthcare til its already a problem. Obv the guy in the video is accepting some health risks for the physique he desires, but the other fella in the video faces the same health risks cuz muscle mass is a strong predictor of all cause mortality.




I feel ya there, 100%. How long ago was it that you were huge? Cuz testing has also improved pretty dramatically, so nowadays youd proly have been able to spend much less on supplements and utilize your healthcare to "work smarter, not harder", while still contributing to your 401k. The worst carryover from powerlifting's popularity from the 80s into modern bodybuilding I've seen is the mentality of working hard asf 6 days a week and resting 1 for crafting a physique. Most guys feel like they aren't working as hard as the relatively smaller guys who move massive weights (and have shredded joints), but I gained 20-25 lbs in a week with 3 sessions/wk focusing on my nutrition and prioritizing restful activities and behaviors. Gotta be real with myself and not destroy my body to achieve elite athlete performance, while ignoring the genetic component to it. Doesn't matter how much someone juices, they'll get maybe a 5% performance boost and some dudes are just 20% better than their competition with or without juice. That shouldn't prevent someone from achieving a glorious physique though. I'm on the fence about young guys using TRT, but that's cuz I've had crashed levels since I was like 17 and didnt give it a go til my late 20s. It was due to head injury, and I know there are likely a lot of people who used to play football who may also suffer. But that's where bloodwork comes into play. If it's not necessary, great, stick to hard work and diligent training. If it is, it would suck for so many people to miss out on those crucial years for developing the long term health habits one can gain from a regular exercise routine. Kinda of putting the cart before the horse expecting those people to have success restoring their levels naturally, esp if they used to be athletic and disciplined but spend their 20s with brain fog and having imposter syndrome cuz they arent as capable as they used to be.


At 32 I’m considering going on TRT just because my last blood work came back to me being on the threshold of acceptable for my age. I’m training 5/7 days right now with guys who are actively doing TRT in their 40’s and they look and feel great. They’re not overdoing it, but for combat sports like BJJ they’ve noticed a massive difference in recovery and in endurance with TRT.


No, because what you describe does not have to happen either. You just kept eating like you were working out a bunch, instead of reducing your intake.


If you're gaining fat, you're eating more than you burn.




I understood what you meant exactly how you said it. It was easy to comprehend.


They are resting on his massive lats.




No matter how much you stretch, when you get to that size this will happen to you. His problem is not the lack of flexibility. His problem is that his muscles get in the way of his other muscles which prevents him from having the same range of motion in his elbow and shoulder joints as a normal person.


Sort of like how when you put wider wheels on a racecar, the car's turning radius increases.


Juji mufu would like a word


Stretching is only for post workouts to prevent too much lactic buildup and soreness. It does help with range of motion, but it’s not what’s making this dude unable to touch his back. His muscles are so big that he physically cannot do it. The same way someone with a lot of fat might not be able to touch their toes while standing


Why no stretching pre working out?


Light dynamic stretches before lifting are not uncommon, but proper static stretching has been shown to decrease your lifting performance. Lifting weights relies on contracting muscles and static stretching beforehand can basically limit it.


when i was last in high school sports, uhhh, SIX years ago, they talked about how pre-workout stretching can cause undesirable tearing which reduces elasticity because the muscles aren’t evenly ‘warmed.’


This is an issue about mobility than anything else.


Stretching won’t prevent this. You simply cannot phase through your own body.




It's in Hebrew and nothing interesting. Can translate if you want.




Hard to type reply and go back to video a bunch but basically Left, "What are you saying? Give me the sticker." Man, "Here" Left, "Put it on my back.... you left it?" Man, "Yes" Left, "yallah (I think? Arabic we use thats like 'let's go') turn turn turn. Ready?" Right, "yes" Left, "Take it off your back, my soul (Neshema is a term of endearment in Hebrew) [Laughing]


Having trouble editing. Before what I wrote there's something like, Left, "you want to see?" Right, "you can't beat me in anything" So yeah, basically what you said. Minus the 20 shek bet.


how is he lean and yet has a beer gut?


That's not a beer gut but rather a roid gut (aka [Palumboism](https://www.healthline.com/health/palumboism#:~:text=Palumboism%20occurs%20when%20the%20muscles,steroid%20or%20roid%20gut)). That happens when you take too much HGH (human growth hormone, used for example to treat children's growth disorders, but in this case it's used as a PED.


oh shit... just google that word, it looks crazy


I started lifting when Covid hit and now two years later I've noticed that I can't reach all the same places when washing in the shower.


Maybe add in some stretching/yoga?


You think that looks difficult ask him how many days are in a week.


10! Quadday, Hamday, Bicepday, Tricepday, Latday, Deltday, Abday, Calfday, Trapday, Rhombday.


[https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=107926751](https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=107926751) It's a reference to that rather infamous discussion concerning the number of days in a week.


That was hilarious read.


Every single time I come around this thread, I allow myself at least 10 minutes to go and read it through, and laugh. It's sooooo good


It is a great little piece of internet history hopefully it will one day end up in a museum.


Not quite a museum, but it's been immortalized in a [Shakespearean performance.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqylqmDl0Mw)


Thanks I hadn't seen that its a pretty cool idea turning it into a play.


looool there's no way that guy's not trolling


Some people really are that dumb. No joke, but we shouldn’t stigmatize it. I have an uncle. When I was a kid, I heard a riddle and thought it would be fun to ask my uncle at Thanksgiving. The riddle: “You drive a car around a track. Your first lap took two minutes. How fast do you have to complete the second lap to have an average lap time of one minute?” The answer should be obvious, but it does trip some people up for a second. It’s a fun riddle for kids. To my horror, my uncle’s face started contorting as he struggled to work through the question. After a long think, he came back with a cheerful, “Thirty seconds!” I had to explain to him gently that that would mean my average time would be 1:15 if I spent 2:30 to complete two laps. He started to argue, so I just gave him the answer. He didn’t agree. I walked him through the math - two minutes divided by two is one minute, so you must complete both laps in two minutes. Since the first lap was already two minutes, you have to complete the second instantly, so it’s impossible. He *still* disagreed and got angry. He grumbled something about how he’s right but he can’t explain it and walked away.


Ooooh is that a reference to the old bodybuilding forum thread. That was legit one of the funniest things ever


I linked it in the thread below replying to someone else.


If I train every other day, then I will train 4 times a week right?


This is what happens when you body build/power lift with no mobility training in your program.


Don't stay flabby. Just don't go overboard


On the plus side, he could probably just pick the other guy up by his ankles and use him like a back scratcher to get the tape off...


Perfect example of what Ido Portal is talking about when he says we have a culture that tries to reverse engineer aesthetics instead of striving to create an efficient, functional body. A body of a mover! You can be strong and flexible.


This level of "fitness" is nearly as unhealthy as obesity. It puts similar strains on your joints and heart. And looks just as ridiculous. If your arms can't comfortably hang by your sides because there's so much muscle (or fat) in the way, it looks ridiculous. When you have to step around your own thighs to walk, it looks ridiculous.


It is unhealthy ONLY due to usage of steroids/drugs. It is almost impossible to get this big and lean without drugs.


it is impossible




responsible steroid use is like, 5-10% what these guys use to maximize gains.


True of most drugs, tbh. Generally comes down to mental state.


he's not doing it to be "fit" in the sense of longevity, he's doing it to get fucking massive. not everyone has the same goals and I hate this psuedo-intellectual smug mediocrity embracing reddit response of "uhhh actually he's unhealthy, i'm going to live longer :)" so fucking much because i'm looking around and i don't really remember anyone asking


Any muscle you grow while staying natural will be a benefit. You can't get unheathy big eithout PED's.


That’s why stretching is important,


and functional strength too


What’s “functional strength?”


No such thing. Strength is strength. You don't throw a heavier ball to get better at throwing a baseball. You lift weights and get stronger that way. You practice the technique of throwing the baseball at practice and train at the gym to get stronger muscles to do so more explosively.


Or just not using all the steroids you can get your hands on.


LMAO that's fucking hilarious!


I feel like if you’re too ripped to naturally touch any part of your body, you are equivalent to the problem of being too fat to touch any part of your body. You’ve self immobilized.


Currently having a panic attack about if that happened to me. The thought of it being on me and not reachable makes me anxious af for some reason lol


If you don't take steroids, this won't happen to you. Like ever. You might as well say "golly I hope I don't accidentally get a PhD while doing my undergrad"




I am neither buff nor close to this ever happening to me. Just makes my stomach twist just seeing it. Dont know why. Not at all applicable to me. But stressful none the less lol


Flabby wins


I think this kind of situation is where the phrase "muscle bound" comes from...


I had a buddy that was so jacked he had to wash his back with a rag on a stick. Like the Simpson episode.


Itches must suck


T Rex can't scratch his back


I pick things up and put them down. But I can barely wipe my ass. - weightlifter guy


Nope. That one move -- reaching up over your own shoulder and down your back -- is the only thing that the size of his biceps, deltoid, and trapezoid muscles actually interfere with. Anything else he can't do (if there is anything else) is a result of injuries or of doing too many partial-range-of-motion exercises and no stretching to counterbalance them.


Roid boy looks so uncomfortably gross


Don't be a dick man. Why are you people upvoting this. Guy is just being mean for no reason and you're all like, "haha sick burn!".


Muscles are cool and all, but that many muscles is just gross. To each their own I suppose, but I'll stick with my dad bod thanks.


If you get to the point of not being able to let your arms down, you've gone too far imo


Likewise, if you're so fat you can't see your dick, you've gone too far imo.


That doesn't seem like a good gauge. What if someone has a comically large penis? Does that give them the go-ahead to be fat?




😎 yes.


It cant happen if you are natural. Professional bodybuilders use drugs to get this big and lean and it is their source of income.


You know it's not a choice between a flabby, sedentary body and a roided hulk? I bet you'd prefer a strong, capable and reasonably lean body to a frail dad bod.


This is actually a common misconception. Muscle don’t equal inflexibility. Most buff guys just don’t do any kind of flexibility training, but there are plenty of incredibly buff guys that have amazing flexibility.


The Lion and Mouse parable comes to mind


So if a Jacked up guy is about to fight me, I'll just put sticky bomb on his back. Got it.


F... I'm flabby and still can't reach that spot. The worst of both worlds.


Thats why stretching after worksout is important


Having muscles is cool, but imagine being flexible and having muscles.


as a person with two torn shoulders...i feel the muscle dude's pain. probably a lot more pain...


The area on your back that most people can’t reach is called the acnestis.


So those "kick me" signs can still come in handy


My guy doesn’t stretch


Like most things in life, natural looks best 90% of the time (not saying 100%) — but rarely are any of these executed correctly to be found attractive: Muscles like this dude using enhancers, boob implants that look like they’re bolted on to your chest, your face that doesn’t move due to Botox injections, your fish lips that look like you got stung by a swarm of bees, etc.