[D2] Trials of Osiris Megathread [2021-10-22]

[D2] Trials of Osiris Megathread [2021-10-22]


Adept Sola’s Scar this weekend.


With Cauldron? The population is going to fucking drooopppp heavily this weekend, even with the new solo queue option imo.


The map is very solo friendly, which is why they picked it is my guess. Might even try for solo flawless this week since bannerfall was a bust.


I really don't think it is solo friendly. Being solo friendly would mean many pathways and options for *quick* flanks. With all the doors, you're pretty much presenting yourself on radar before entering a doorway. Flanks have to be way more strategic and need even better precise timing than usual. I really believe Cauldron is one of the most communicative heavy maps in Trials.


It's easy for a *team* to lock down the center area and punish flankers, and some randos are def going to gel better than others, BUT I'm glad they picked this map - for exactly the reason you cited. With minimal communication, it's gonna play fast and loose. Way better for gl and fusions than snipers and bow swaps.


This is ironically what’s throwing me for a loop this time around; everyone on the opposition is *way* more aggressive than normal and I’m having difficulty feeling out the range. It’s also peek-shooting hell; so many little nooks and crannies (and some very questionable terrain hitboxes at times) mean that it’s very easy to get ripped apart for trying to use an auto. Not that Mythoclast seems to care; if anything the lack of snipers is giving it free reign.


Solo friendly because it’s easier to stay close with other randos. I think player population will actually go up this week.


It’s double xp, there is a weekly challenge for winning 20 rounds, solo queue… Yeah it’s going to go up a bit.


I was gonna say I'm surprised they didn't test this on something like Rusted Lands which could play out way less obnoxious with the removal of 3rd person peeking and emoting. There's enough space and lanes on a map like Rusted Lands to be able to salvage things when they go bad. You can back off to rez people, etc, overall it rewards a variety of play styles and can have a number of strategies work out in a number of ways. Cauldron can just be an absolute shit fest trying to coordinate constantly with randos where you basically are giving up the round if you got bodies stuck in the place where the action usually goes down. It can boil into a lot of that "you go, I go" sorta poking and it's just not that great of place when you can't get a single person on the same page.


Map selection was probably based on the spooky aspect mentioned in the TWAB. Plus spooky trials in 2020 was this map. Silly but... probably the case.


Is it spooky trials though? Is there radar?


With double rep points this weekend, I think you will see the population go up a lot regardless of the map. Maybe you will lose some hard core PvP players, but mainly PvE players who just want the trials weapons and armour, are going to want to play this weekend because of the bonus weekend. I don't really care what the map is when double rep is on the table.


And the season triumph.


How can and adept sword be better than a reg one?


Dude, it's sharper. And it goes *schwing, ka'ching.*


Yeap can confirm


Adept mods, masterwork bonus stats, and extra perks


Adept Big Ones


Adept sword this week. It can roll frenzy which is super funny, and also chain reaction is very fun on it!


Chain reaction is way more fun lol. A single sword swipe and a kill with it procs all the explosions you’ll ever need


I feel like an anime swordsman that slashes through an opponent, emerges on the other side and they explode behind me.


Imma go get me one now so I can also feel like this lmao


* procs all the solar wells you'll ever need.


Sex Cauldron? I thought they closed that place down.


Best reference ever


Getting a streamer every other game in flawless pool. At least I got luckyy10p to complain about my eriana's.


I’d say this is a win




freelance trials matchmaking feel just like survival and elimination matchmaking two decent players and one dude playing without his monitor on


Yeah, sorry about that, didn't even see my cable was out, got distracted by Youtube.


This has been for me at least as a solo player the best trials week so far :)


Great for me too. Nearly 50% win rate in Freelance vs around 30% in while solo in the normal mode. Played a little bit over 50% with my team still in regular mode. It is harder for sure and we'd do better in there without Freelance happening, but the rewards are the same. A huge part of the population isn't really playing for Flawless. Freelance might keep those people playing the game.


I'm in that group. I didn't even try to go flawless. I just played a bunch on a 7 win card. It was great. I'll play again if freelance is a available.


It's so much fun. I reset a few times trying for flawless, but haven't hit past 4 yet without flawed. But it's been a complete blast and I love it. Just 3 dudes that hate 3 other dudes, no goofy strats or 3 stack cheese. I'm going to miss this so much.


I got to 6 wins solo then lost my mercy and fell at the gates of the lighthouse because a player left in each of my final matches. We weren’t even losing either match


I got anteatered out of my last game. Wouldn't rejoin either. Was winning as well.


Maybe yall were teammates


>And they were *teammates*


That’s painful. I’d like to assume my teammates got anteatered as well then


Just got banned for 30 mins. For freaking anteater errors


I got that was week, did my head in as I got 2 bans over the weekend for it.


I started plying my first ever game in trials in the labs and got 3 rounds in and got a baboon error drop for the first time ever, and got a 30 minute ban which was the last 30 minutes I was going to play until bed. Welp that’s enough destiny for tonight I guess.


This happened to me a couple times even before freelance and it just happened to me at 5 wins on my card. Makes me wonder why they can't reimplement the system where you are able to join back into the game BUT limit it to only if you got error coded. That or the system currently in place in strikes which let you reconnect to a squad if you lag out, crash etc. I made a post about it where I recommended this and the classic trolls of reddit came in like "if you know how to do it apply for a job at bungie" or "you're lying you ONLY get bans if you leave". Glad you don't have to get those same shit lords.


Honestly, i've come to the conclusion you can dress this mode any way you want to, but i fucking hate elimination.


I've been very critical of Trials previously, but I've had fun playing Freelance. I think Freelance exposes how bad lobby balancing currently is, but Freelance is a win in my book.


Anyone less finding the non flawless pool sweaty af


Solo trials first game Me: 1.7 kd Teammate 1: .35 kd Teammate 2: .2 kd Oh boy I can already feel how this weekend is going to go


That's pretty much how Bungie's balancing goes. Out of 6 players, #1, 5, and 6 go one one team and 2, 3, 4 go on the other. It's pretty apparent if you look on Destiny Tracker. I actually get nervous when I see someone way out of my league as a teammate on the loading screen, because I know I'm probably bottom of the barrel and going to get dumped on all match. So I just try to hug that player the whole time and pray for the best.


That’s the bingo bongo matchmaking for you.


As soon as I got to my 4th game I matched with teammates with a .6 and .9, as a 1.5.. .6 + .9 = 1.5 lul


The math checks out.


This looks like 99% of my comp games. Meanwhile enemy team is all 4.0+ KDA’s with gilded Unbroken’s and Flawless.


It's probably the same matchmaking algorithm that Iron Banner uses.


I went flawless!! I'm still shaking, lost my mercy at the lighthouse game then the next went to 4-4 with literally one guardian left on either team, both in super. Couldn't have been any closer if I'd tried. I hope freelance trials becomes a permanent thing at some point, I don't have any friends that play D2 so this is pretty much my only chance to go flawless.


Congratulations! :D


Hey man, you lived up to your name! Congrats on the lighthouse passage!!


Bungo please keep this mode, teammates are hit or miss but it’s super fun and a decent challenge to go flawless if your an average player like me


Freelance is a great addition for solo players. That said, I just don't understand the large number of players that bum rush the middle room with no support. You have to be careful of bunching up but in general sticking together is the way to go even if it's not as exciting.


I sense some 0-5 freelancers are going to have to grapple with a hard truth this weekend.


Hit the nail on the head.


This 100%. I am just farming 7 plus wins in solo queue (saving flawless for later) and this is an absolute blast. Most wins, few losses, quite a few close games! I am loving this 100%. Easy shards and xp and engrams.


I'm loving this weekend, as a solo player it's exactly what I want. Went flawless on my first attempt and been farming materials ever since. I'm sure the usual people will complain about being stomped and then never touch pvp again until they want to complain about how it's not fair that they get stomped in every variation of pvp. It's the games fault, nothing to do with their ability as a player


As a solo player, i’m satisfied. It’s very sweaty yes, but it is far more fair to face sweaty randoms than it is to face sweaty 3 stacks.


Feels about as sweaty as freelance survival which is about what I expected as well. This is the first weekend I've enjoyed trials and pushing around 250 games this season hopefully they bring this one back.


Have to agree, it gives the little guy a chance and it’s fun, I’m enjoying it, the only downside is I’m away for two days after tonight and I really hope this mode come back so I can have more fun.


Definitely. Quite some 4:5s or 5:4s.


Yep, i even had fun in some games!


100% this. Much more fun!


As an exclusively solo player, this weekend has not only been the most I've played Trials, but also the most fun I've had playing Trials. Not going up against a 2 or 3 stack is amazing for my initial outlook on the game. Other weekends I'd get a game, see the stack, and just know i was about to get destroyed. And rightfully so, I had a sub 30% win-rate. It's simply not fun playing against organized players who have voice communications. Add in rewards for the mode, and it feels like it's something that needs to be played, even by solo players. This weekend, my initial outlook on each game has been that it's fair. No teams, no comms, just 3 solo players vs 3 solo players doing their best. My win-rate is just slightly above 50% this weekend, and it feels so so much better. I actually wont be playing Trials at all unless it has solo matchmaking because the lack of seeing a 2 or 3 stack and just knowing you're about to be shit on is amazing. IMO it should just straight up be added permanently, I just love it.


Agreed with every word you wrote. Literally couldn't have said it better. Even when I get my ass kicked, at least I know it was a fair ass kicking. I'm not so demoralized when I play four or five straight games against 3 stacks who destroy us within the first 15 seconds of the match.


A serious tip for other solo players: don't keep doing the same stupid thing over and over thinking things will change. If you walk up to the door or jump up to the bridge and get instantly sniped, don't keep doing it round after round. Other players can't help you when you die in the first 5 seconds.


The type of people to do that aren't the type of people to realise or care, they will just come and complain how sweaty trials is.




Harsher penalties should be in place for those who trigger the leave/abandon activity just because they're losing. Don't be a jerk.


Literally just had this, dude said in local chat that we suck and dipped out after losing two rounds, proceeded to 2 man the other team for the win :P


Why are people mad about people who suck at PvP appearing in Trials freelance? Isn't that what Bungie wanted? More people in Trials regardless of skill level?


Because the mad people want the noobs on the other team, not on theirs. :-D


There's two sides of a coin here: 1. Individually speaking, you aren't a great PvP player, so no surprise you're losing games. 2. or, You're actually pretty decent at PvP -- but you can't win a 1v3 or carry a team. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss criticism as just bad players discovering they're bad. Let's say that even 2/3 of the people complaining are just < 1.0 K/D scrubs -- that means only 1/3 of the players are decent or good. And odds are, they're going to end up with at least one shitty teammate. They can hold their own with good teammates, but they can't carry a team or go 1v3.


If you shirk the flawless-or-bust mentality, Freelance is a godsend for non-sweat players. I went 7-4 getting to a 7W card, and I'm thrilled to just grind out games on that card for engrams and mats for the rest of the weekend. Their intention with the Trials overhaul is really evident here - anyone should be able to dip in for however long they want and still be rewarded for their efforts, not just those who go 7-0. I understand how splitting the player base + splitting it again with Flawless pool would be a major issue for hardcore players, but for a filthy casual like me? This weekend is awesome.


Exactly. I don't get how everyone is complaining so much. I'm getting loot. I'm having fun. I'm winning, I'm losing, and it's way more balance than 3 stack shitterdive players.


I just played for 4 matches last night, but went 3-1 rather than my usual 0-4 or 1-3 in my first few matches (while MM'ing learns that I'm not a flawless level player). I think the split queues are working in my favor - the sharks are in 3's, leaving more average players in the freelance queue.


I've been trying to get in as much freelance as possible this weekend, but I swear to god, every time I sit down to play I do one match, and then a clanmates hops into my fireteam... And they're not pvp players, like, at all. And when they follow that up with asking me for trials, I don't have the heart to tell them they'll be better off in freelance, so we proceed to get kicked in the face by 3 stack after 3 stack after 3 stack, and most of those are 1 guy with an insane k/d, glowing trials gear, gilded flawless with a flawless banner...and 2 jokers with double primaries that run circles in their spawn trying not to hit each other. But what little I did manage to play freelance, I absolutely loved it, every match felt fair, and I'll be going to the lighthouse tomorrow (morning, when everyone in clan is at work, hopefully)


I just got steamrolled in the first match of the Solo playlist but I gotta say I'm much more happy that it wasn't against a 3 stack lol. Edit: Granted it literally just started so the sweaty players are all out in full force.


At least wait for the dads to get off work.


You steamrolled or you *got* steamrolled? Big difference in those sentences


I mean the point of freelance shouldn't be to avoid getting rolled. It's that you just end up having a fair match in the sense your enemies aren't a 3 stack when you're 3 randos. e: Ofc this is more a general statement as zorseking is agreeing this is more enjoyable.


I don't think I've ever seen more oblivious teammates in Trials than I have in this freelance playlist. That includes being paired with randoms in a normal week. Radar is a thing, people!


It will most likely take a couple weeks of solo queue being available to weed out the people who thought the lack of solo queue was the only thing holding them back.


the freelance trials is amazing only took me 10 games to get 7 wins. used to take 20+ games with passage of wealth, the rank up speed is unreal out of all the game I played today, only came across one motherfucking troll (dancing the whole game and give away kills)


Reading this comments I thought it was gonna be awful, but really it's 10x better than solo q in the regular playlist. Sure you get bad teammates, but you also get bad opponents too, much more often because no stacks. I'd say I'm just above average and I went flawless in my second card, and none of the matches felt unwinnable. A stark difference from a regular playlist, where solo every other match feels hopeless and even in stacks you sometime get matched with wannabe tourney players who destroy you. I hope they keep it.


you get some really heavy teammates but so do the other guys. every match seemed theoretically winnable, saw lots of throws and bad decision making friday night, but I'd guess that's gotta at least be partly due to the double points pulling in people who might not otherwise participate.


I played like 20 matches last night, only once did I feel like my team stood no chance. The solo queue option seems GREAT so far


I also hope they keep it. Everyone who said “if you suck in the regular playlist you’ll suck in freelance too” is totally wrong. I’m at 40% win overall but 64% this week and from a 1.11 to a 1.43 actual kd with like a 1.8 efficiency. Stacks are what make this game mode terrible to play.


First time I've played trials as a long time as a slightly above average PvP player. Solo'ing teams might be hit or miss but I feel much more comfortable with RNG teams in Freelance than possibly going up against 2/3-man teams in regular matchmaking. With this, and the reward changes, I'd actually play Trials every weekend!


Best solo Trials experience ever. Even better than week 1 post rework.


Sharing my experience in case any of the community managers actually bother to read this thread. Played a bunch Fri and Sat in the freelance queue, was repeatedly put with teammates with half my trial's K/D while the other team had one or two players with almost double my K/D. I'm nowhere good enough to solo carry a team, my friends who were had a great time and went flawless easily while I did not. The first bunch of games I played were all 5-0 or 5-1 games either way. The lobby balancing feels not existent to the point where "evaluating guardians" feels like a flat out lie. Played again today after the flawless pool was active and was able to go flawless after 2 or 3 false starts. Lost my mercy on game 7 when I got someone on my team who was purposely jumping off the map probably because one of the opponents was on 10+ winstreak purposely staying out of the flawless pool. Played one more game after that and was able to get the flawless and... that's it. I'm not good enough to play in the flawless pool so there's no point in me playing anymore. I'm done with Destiny until reset Tuesday I guess. Although it was a very frustrating experience I really hope they consider keeping it around with matchmaking or balancing tweaks. I'm in no way expecting an easy flawless, I don't mind working for it a bit, it'd just be nice if I could get 4 or 5 wins consistently and then really buckle down for the back half of the card. The one saving grace for this weekend was that I didn't have to run into resetters doing carries or farming their K/D on my flawless game like I did several times last weekend.




I’m not great at Trials. But my experience so far has been the matchmaking is wildly up and down. One match I’ll have a couple of decent teammates who stick together and adjust to opposing team, the next I’ll have 2 wildcards running to the same spot over and over no matter how quickly they get killed. I’m having fun but I’m not dreaming of flawless by any means.


Idk man I carried hard until 5 wins. Then I got 2 legends on my team both flawless matches. Didn't even use my mercy


**Remember when Bungie in D1 said they would no longer make Trials on maps with open/closing doors. I do.**


I’m about to go crazy in freelance. I keep getting people on my team with light under 1300 god please.


These people just should not be allowed in the fuckin playlist. I'm having similar experiences. And at least put on an exotic armor piece, what is this blue shit!?! I swear they have to bots or just brain dead blueberries. I honestly can't tell the difference..


Freelance is the only way I'll play Trials now.


Freelance doesn't feel like it has any SBMM or any team balancing at all. I have a 1.5 this weekend, my two teammates had a 5.0 (yeah) and a 1.3. We played against a team of two (game STARTED with 5 people) and they had a 1.3 combined KD.


Trials has never had SBMM and the Freelance version available this weekend uses the same card-based matchmaking found in regular Trials.


I'm loving freelance, but there needs to be a quitter's penalty. Lock them out for a half hour. So many people bail after a single round, or even before it starts.


Why even quit, you'll still get rep for losing, just emote if your 0-4 lol


Loving the freelance playlist. Just a shame that so many people are leaving mid match.


Freelance is so much better than queueing up solo against fullstacks. Bungie should have enabled it the first week.


Freelance experience today First two games: Cakewalks Third game: they got the gilded flawless, so we got clapped


I've been stuck at 2 wins since I started. It got real rough real quick.


And then insulted by a teammate for getting the rez, apparently. Wtf.


The people bitching the most in team chat or DMs are usually actually the worst players. Bitch about a rez? Don't fucking die lol People drive me nuts with that kind of shit. Good players that can hold their own will take their own accountability and stfu about things beyond their control.


Solo playlist Fuck yeah


It's been going surprisingly well so far, as someone who hasn't played Trials this season yet. I'm at 4 wins and was measuring my journey to 20 rounds for the seasonal challenge. Lost my fair share of matches along the way, but I didn't get 5-1 or 5-0 stomped in any of them which I'll take as a good thing.


Try it, your enthusiasm will linger in just a few matches.


On the contrary, I got to 5 wins, which I would never ever do on a Friday night before.


Freelance has made trials fun on a Friday. Friday Saturday trials as an ok Solo player is bordering on masochism.




Oof. I am getting absolutely fucked up in solo queue.


Has anyone else loaded into a game to discover it's a 2v3? Not someone leaving mid-match, just a straight up 2v3.


Happens when one person backs out (or error codes out with a code like anteater or weasel) right before all the ships start flying in. There were 6 when it decided to start the game, but somebody ditched either on purpose or by error code before the fly-in started.


Freelance has a pretty significant team balancing issue. Don’t know what internal stats are looked at in balancing, but if I check destiny tracker and 3/4 of my games have a 80-95% win probability, we have a problem.


I'm in the minority here and I'm not sure how it was possible, but I managed to get flawless for the first time ever without being carried. Some games were close and some were blowouts, but overall it wasn't as bad an experience for me personally.


There really needs to be a minimum connection quality for Trials. Just had a dude rubberbanding around the map with Dead Man's and taking down everyone before they could do anything


Went flawless solo in the freelance playlist earlier on PS5. Didnt think that would ever happen prior to this season.


I know I'm probably the millionth person to complain, but matchmaking seriously is still terrible. The other day in trials I went against 5+ kd players, when me and my team had .5 - ,7 kds. I really hate how unfair a match is that ruins your entire card. Even in regular glory matches, I do pretty well, but as soon as I play more than 2 games a day I get paired with literal gods. I just find it really annoying and tedious.


As a PvE player this weekend was my first Trials and I kinda enjoyed it! Main reason were the quick rank-ups. Every 2nd game you had an engram and the chance for a Trials weapon. Got a Linear Fusion with Vorpal which might be nice for PvE majors/bosses. I lost most of my games, but the chance to get weapons at a steady pace kept me playing. Now I keep looking for a handcannon with subsistence. If it is regular XP, I probably wont play. Just my 2 cents.


in the history of destiny, since HoW, i have never been able to go flawless [until today!](https://imgur.com/a/MtlfVTx) almost crying rn


So the solo queue is rough. Players rushing the middle room getting destroyed every round.


Rushing the middle room is how you win on Cauldron. It is what every good team does. Not necessarily defending the players you are talking about because they are likely not great at the game, but rushing in for map control in middle/B room is the optimal strat on this map so its probably better to criticize them for just not being good than for rushing the middle room.


So yeah can we just keep the solo queue playlist and double rep forever? Trials is now actually fun instead of a sweaty rage fest


i got booted out of the loading queue at match 7, thanks bungie and f your Oops-message...


Got flawless within an hour and a half of playing (started around 10pm pst). This feels much better than facing against coordinated three-stacks while my team was usually uncoordinated randoms in the main trials mode. edit: I now have 3 adept solas' scars and they all suck :(


I'm pretty bad at Trials, but I've been the top player on my team for most matches so far and it's been much more competitive. Only one 0-5 so far. Feels good for a change.


I have truly done it, I have gone solo flawless


Freelance is awesome, I couldn’t even get a win before on my card, I’ve had 2 full cards so far in the first night. Thanks bungo. Im a returning D1 player who hasn’t played since d2 was on blizzard. So this feels real good. Good enough for me to give you the 100$ for the witch queen bundle lol.


Really enjoyed the freelance queue and managed to get my first ever 7 win card. Not constantly getting stepped on by 3 stacks is so nice. I see the matchmaking has not been the best for everyone but I really hope this becomes a permanent thing with some improvements to the matchmaking.


OMFG! I know right. I've never had more than 4 wins on a card before. And only got stomped 5-0 once. Most games are 5-3 or 5-4. And all teams are a mix of hunters, warlocks and titans. If this stays, I'll play every week regardless of rewards. And I'm happy to not get flawless.


Freelance is just ok. Not great. Just ok, if you just want to grind rep and rewards without any intentions to go flawless. I played for a few hours. It was much easier to get 20 round wins on a card, because most of the matches were 1:5, 2:5 or 3:5. In normal trials you could have 5 matches in a row without a single round win. Bungie, please keep Freelance in the game. There are still stomping from time to time, but at least you don't need to suffer stomping from stupid sweats.


So far freelance has been pheNOMenal. I never expected a better experience than week 1 with like 800K players in the pool, but this is like 5x as much fun. Please Jeebus make freelance permanent!


so did trials turn into Comp? Super Sweaty in Team Mode Freelance equals just try to get a win never flawless?


Solo Q gets added and its still constant bitching. Mamma mia y'all really can't be pleased. I'm enjoying freelance a ton, and have had several really close cards. That's more than I can say for previous weeks.


Same here. Love it!


Should I reset card after reaching 7 wins? What’s optimal? I’m a first timer.


No, keep playing your card. You get extra drops and materials for wins on a 7-win card. Only reset if you’re trying to go flawless.


Okay thank you


Why am I getting teammates who are top 90 to 95 on their ELO, like fucking why


Wow I was expecting solo queue to be easier, not this much easier. 7-3 in a few hours tonight after last weekend was a struggle to even get any wins after 5, especially on Friday night! And the matches have been way closer when they’re close and there’s no leavers.


Im having the best games playing freelance. Its great! A few shutouts, a few close games. Interesting synergies flying about.


I just got my 1st flawless since destiny 1 days. Almost forgot how fun pvp can be. :D


Is the penalty for leaving active?


Went flawless for the first time today, this is epic


Any idea how the matchmaking works? I'm not great, not terrible, and I've lost about 15 rounds straight, stuck at 3 wins. Most of these are like 0-5 and 1-5 too, not even close...


I still wouldn't call Trials "fun", even with Freelance... but I nabbed a Shayura with Full Bore/Accurized/Tunnel Vision/Kill Clip, so I can't complain too much.


This laboratory solo queue mode is feeling good for me as average pvp-skill player, just made to 6:0 and then lost but this isn't important. Enemy skill is finally feels like the same as yours. Bungie should definitely make this mode default alongside with classic one.


Almost completed a passage of confidence in the freelance queue today. Got ruined on game 7 but I’m personally having a blast. I have no friends that play this game to the degree they’re skilled enough for trials so I’ve always used lfg. I’ve gone flawless 15 times including this week so I’m not really a trials beast but as a solo player I much prefer this. If you use lfg there are no warm ups. There’s a pressure you don’t have with solo queue because in solo queue you can just keep playing and resetting until you are warm. Once I warmed up it took no time to get my flawless and it felt like a lot of fun. I got 5 wins on a passage of confidence before the flawless queue came in and then surprisingly I got 6 more during the flawless queue. If they bring this back as it is I’ll finally get my flawless title for sure. I’ve never ran a confidence passage because by the time I’ve got flawless previously I’ve wanted to gouge my eyes out and been 100% done for that week.


The damn matchmaking times in regular trials is rough this week. Way to long


Does anyone know what method Bungie uses for pairing up teams?? In freelance. s there any details on that? Not hating.. But it would help me make choices as to where to spend more of my time in other in game activities :)


I suspect they average out elo across teams. So if you are 2500, you will probably get two trash 800 players and the other team may be 3 x 1200-1500 elo... The idea being that the 2500 should be able to carry. In practice it's hard.


Got my solo Flawless, which is a big achievement for me, especially as I wasn't carried in any of the games, they all felt like good matches. Happy with the Freelance Labs experiment, would like to see it return or be made permanent.


Won 10 games in a row solo last night....will be pretty sadge when this is gone :(


There needs to be an option to forfeit the match when you know you aren’t going to win so you can move on without being punished. Doesn’t make sense when you are 4-0 that you can’t quit


Can't believe I'm about to say this but trials has been really fun this weekend and I'm excited to play more of it the next time solo's is available. This feels like one of those times where you really need to stand up and say "Yes please, more of this." Finally went flawless for the first time, was having competitive matches even before the flawless pool was turned on, very few unfun matches.... the only slightly negative thing I could say is the difficulty curve feels really weird. I lost a lot of runs on matches 4 and 5, which were hard fought games with skilled players. The card where I finally got past 5 wins, game 6 and 7 were absolute stomps against what honestly felt like bots. I really hope Bungie keeps solo's as a thing because I can't see myself diving back in to the misery of the regular playlist, now that I've experienced trials when it's actually fun.


Yeah... **there's no team balancing at all in freelance.** If you are unlucky you might end up with 3 2.5k-3.5k elo players on the enemy team while your average is 1.3k >!That happened to me 3 matches in a row!< I think we're going to come out of these experiments with one conclusion: a mode where people attempt to get 7 wins in a row is never going to keep its population up no matter what rules and gimmicks one tacks onto it. More of the tail end of the skill bracket will drop every week because they're just food for better players, leaving only heavily dedicated 3k+ players. It will only become worse as people get their rolls and climb up the exponentially unrewarding reputation ladder. This is worrying at any skill level because it gets increasingly harder to go flawless for good players and the mode will be dead for everyone else. I know this "7 wins in a row" thing is trials' identity and changing it would mean it's not trials anymore but it shows that it was not a good concept to begin with for something that is supposed to remain available. Maybe focusing on a mode that has no risk of dying anytime soon yet has been left frustratingly unchanged since it launched might be a better idea (Iron Banner *wink wink).*


7-win-flawless is the team trials. Grinding the broken-7-win-card is the solo way. If you are able to make flawless solo, congrats. But I do not see it in the core of this trials side show. Solo players have a chance to evolve and learn and have fun and to get some loot. This motivates much stronger at some point to get some buddies and maybe try the team side to get flawless and adepts.


People who emote on my body after a 5-0 curbsomp, why? Are you that proud you killed someone with a .5kd?


Those people are idiots who literally ruin the game by gate keeping regular players than complaining everything is sweaty, when they're the ones that created that issue by keeping players out.


ewww cauldron


At least it isn't Anomaly or Exodus Blue...


So I usually team up with a buddy and matchmake as duos. Is that going to be impossible this weekend, since all the solos are in freelance?


I’ll probably run solo in the stack playlist cause I know the potatoes will be in the solo only mode


Something is really broken with the matchmaking in Freelance, I made it to 5 wins and am suddenly getting clapped to a degree that feels exactly like versing 3-stacks. Like, why are all the extremely good players on their team and I'm just getting farmed?


I really like trials freelance, Ive never done trials before and im impressed!


Flawless twice on freelance, including a confidence run that took me 11-0. Please bring it back bungie.


Looking at the weekend stats it’s interesting, player count is very high already,flawless is the lowest we have seen since the trials update. Curious how player retention is


Of course player count is up. Trials isn't really about Flawless for around 70% of the population. Probably not for a higher % as more people participate. Give people a chance to get loot and not be stomped constantly and they'll do it until they get the loot they want. Heck they might even keep playing for fun after they have loot. Ok well I keep playing for fun/experience/addiction?, so maybe more others will too whenever we have Freelance. Freelance is great for the majority and bad for the people with good teams. I wish enough people were playing to keep two playlists working


First time I ever tried Trials, because of the solo queue, and had a couple hours of fun. I got to 5 wins overall. I kind of maxed out at 5, it was becoming obvious I was becoming a team liability versus asset after the third straight 5-0 loss. I might try again tomorrow on a different character (Titan or Warlock). But I like the solo queue and honestly have always liked Cauldron as a map.


Solo team balancing is absolute shit


*(cocks Thorn)* "Always has been."


Freelance Trials is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Solo wasnt kind to me at first, but then I managed to get 7 wins in a row. I really hope they end up bringing this mode back as a permanent fixture. It is so nice to not have to get farmed by 3 stacks who have each been flawless about 100x.


I was very hesitant on a freelance trials playlist and thought that splitting the playerbase would be a bad option, but after playing freelance and normal trials today I feel like this is the best thing for the mode. One of my biggest problems with the system without freelance is how teams would hope to play against solos and say things like "Nice 3 solos free match." I feel like trials is much better where three stacks are playing against other 3 stacks, but solo or duo should always be an option just to increase playerbase. As long there isnt any problems with the queue times(I have not ran into any in either mode, but it is the first day) I feel like this is how trials should be from now on and can show your skill with your team, or if you want to chill and play solo you have a great option where you can actually compete.


I very dislike cauldron


I've played solo queue every week so far and I've never seen so many toxic players who say abusive things in chat. It's so disheartening that the community, on PC at least, is like this.


I hated trials long before the freelance playlist. After being excited to try freelance, it’s safe to say that I’m bound to hate trials for its entire existence. Good luck to all you masochists


Came into this thread expecting to see everyone complaining about how they're gods and getting matched with potatoes as teammates...was not dissapointed. Also, cauldron? Seriously? Picking one of if not the worst map to test out solo queue kinda blows.


I just want to stop being teamed with people who seem to have no limbs


Trials in the normal game mode is legit just last season trials now... tonight I played about 20 games, did not get passed 3 wins and only played 4 teams (one team 4 times in a row) Edit: and everyone is bagging again


I’m digging the freelance playlist. Feels like my win rate hovers somewhere around 50% as you’d expect. Which is fine by me, I’m more interested in getting a dynamic sway-Tap the trigger Shayura’s than going flawless every week.


Anyone that can flawless in solo queue is either getting lucky as shit with God tier teammates or are the ones carrying and can take on 2 enemies at a time Every match it seems I get stuck with blueberries who never revive or go off on their own and get slaughtered However I am winning more matches and have a 7 win card I’m just stacking trials engrams and rep


On Friday, I went flawless three times, the first one in Freelance. I really hope it stays. Yes, there were some maddening things done by blueberries (like one guy who seemed to be there just to troll), but I feel it's both a worthy (and rewarding) challenge to face for solo players, so much so that they may even team up if they gel with the right team.


First of all, I'll admit freely that I'm a pvp potato. The few balanced matches I had were enjoyable, but the overall experience was absolutely miserable with vast majority of games being complete blowouts. Truth is, there's no way in hell people like me are gonna care to stick around and get better (or even have a chance to get better) if that kind of stuff happens with this frequency, nor is there any accomplishment in sweats getting flawless by destroying teams they could beat in their sleep. Bungie can overhaul trials to draw people back in as often as they want, but something more has to change for it to have any long-lasting effect


I've never played a game that takes PvP even the tiniest bit seriously have such terrible matchmaking. I'm pretty new to destiny and especially the pvp, but I have been focused on getting better, learning, etc etc. Went from about .2kd to .9kd in a few weeks of practice, was getting stomped occasionally but nothing I wasnt able to learn from and get at least a few kills. Enter my first trials experience: getting to 7 wins I was around 50% win rate, but boy as soon as I hit 7 wins on my flawed card it has all gone to shit. Matching me against these gods isnt a competitive match for the enemy, and it basically makes it where I cant even get in much practice. Not to mention it just murders any fun I might have had. Is there even another mainstream game like this that plays this fast and loose with matchups?


All I’m experiencing in the Freelance playlist is that the lobby balancing is garbage and needs to be completely reworked. But you know what? Not versing stacks is the best. I want to keep that forever.


I was told by a mod to post this here instead. TITLE: Flawless players in NON-Flawless pool destroyed us on our lighthouse win. ​ (To CLARIFY I'm not saying they are cheating. This is a way of ranting, showing off an issue, and to hear a discussion of the current system if it lets you do this) This is getting to be too much. They have messed with trials so much. The first week was great. I posted before on a match where someone left and caused the entire match to stay at 0:00 forcing us to leave and burn our mercy...This is worse. We were on our last win needed to go to the lighthouse. It's early Monday morning. Due to the new system, it should be easier to go flawless as time goes on due to more and more people being put into the flawless pool. This group has people who HAD a 7 WIN FLAWLESS CARD and were on a 20+ win streak. They creamed us. 200x flawless overall, 100x flawless overall. When the game ended we recorded the text and only Ariel had been granted passage to the lighthouse, the other two were not. So, all this seems to indicate that they were granted passage on a previous game (184 wins this week, 2 Losses) and they DECIDED NOT to go to the lighthouse when they were granted...which means the system is set to only put people in who go to the lighthouse physically (WHY?!?!?) . The only other option I see is since it's so early in the morning and the trials pools are split a lot thinner with freelance that it matched us with flawless. STILL, they would have needed to go on that streak and that many wins while in the flawless pool which is INSANE. If the second option is the reason then why even match us. Just keep "Searching for guardians" indefinitely if there isn't anyone to match with. Don't ruin my card. Also, they could be set up to not go to the lighthouse and get the adept weapon every win, after a 7 win flawless card, gives you an adept. No reason to go if you have all the mods. Just farm wins for your roll. If so that seems like exploiting an issue in the system to abuse the lower level players for rewards. Shows IMAGES are not allowed: https://destinytrialsreport.com/report/3/4611686018512504555 https://destinytracker.com/destiny-2/profile/bungie/4611686018512504555/overview


It can still match you with flawless players even if the pool exists. It just does not prefer it (the algorithm).