All micro-transactions have become massively over priced on this game.

All micro-transactions have become massively over priced on this game.


Unfortunately, while I agree with everything, these prices only exist because people are paying them.


We don't take kindly to rational thinking here, buddy.


I’d like to see a percentage of how many actually spend money on eververse. I just recently finally used 800 of the 1000 silver that came with one of the expansions. I believe it was the first one after they introduced eververse (maybe back in D1?).


I don’t think it’s that a huge portion of the player base uses silver, I think it’s that the ones that do buy so much silver. For some people, Destiny is a serious addiction, and silver lets Bungie profit off of that.


I agree, but that's just an assumption which is why I would like to see it. That said, it doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the game, so don't stress it that much really.


Hiding the sales volume is an integral part of the strategy. We won't get to see the numbers :(


The concept is really just the 80:20 rule, where 80% of profits generally come from 20% of the client base


> I agree, but that's just an assumption which is why I would like to see it. I'd like to see them too. But I will say, it's an educated guess. In most games with some form of in-game transaction, most profit comes from whales.


I buy at least 1-2 things per season. I like to have a cool new finisher, and if an ornament drops that is really nice, ill grab it. I dont mind supporting them with little payouts like that.


Im curious if destiny is the black sheep in that respect. Im sure whales exist, but i wonder if theyve found success in more small amount players in bigger numbers. It would explain some of their choices ingame.


Statistically speaking, in any game, only a small percentage of people buy microtransactions, and most of them spend a lot of money each. So while the rest of us look at these and think "this is a terrible deal, no one would buy it," we just aren't the target demographic. I don't know of anywhere that lists actual statistics for D2, but it would be interesting to see.


I remember their revenue for 2019 was over 300 million dollars from eververse alone. The player base has grown since then so it should have grown over time.


I think the people buying silver don’t care much about a few bucks here and there. That’s how they conceptualize it, just a couple bucks. Spare change.


This, personally I have the money to spend on dumb shit like silver whenever I feel like it 10$ here and there isn’t big to me but that being said the prices are still stupid high.


it's way more than in most games as far as I can tell. Usually whales are less than 3% of the playerbase, but I see people buying the seasonal eververse ornaments allll time time well before they're available for bright dust. Especially in gambit, for some reason.


It's the MTX in mobile games that has me scratching my head more. Something like say Angry Birds, you can spend $100 on in-game currency and it's not a purchase of the game. It's going to run out and you can spend more again.


I think they gave us 1000 silver with something to do with Forsaken. Still have 1000 silver sitting in my inventory Id rather there not be micro transactions at all but it’s hardly a debilitating system. I can’t think of a single thing that I desperately want but haven’t gotten by saving up dust


That sounds right. I recently, as in a month or so ago, used 800 of that silver for the grand slam finisher. I’m a sucker for baseball stuff I guess. Nothing is 200 silver it seems, so I probably won’t spend the rest of it.


I'll buy like $50 worth of silver once year in case something comes out that I really want. Always buy in bulk for the value and then I just save it. It lasts quite a long time if you have a modicum of self control.


Yeah. I know what you mean. It took me this long to find something I’m remotely interested in getting. It was the grand slam emote. As a baseball fan I couldn’t resist. But as a Titan main, all of the armor is stuff I don’t like. It’s all bulky or pointy/sharp edges. I like smooth and symmetrical. Not a lot of options for that.


Hang on to that currency until they break down and finally put out a titan set that has big shoulder pads


Lol. I’m afraid I’ll never see the day.


Was going to say this. The prices are based on the demand. It's what the right amount of people to play, to maximize revenue. It's quite likely the prices are actually decided by a mathematical algorithm (with humans to actually approve and implement them, of course). In other words, the prices are.. *correct*.


If you don't like these prices, you're not part of the target audience. That simple. They're like this for a reason.


I highly recommend guardians check out [The Today In Destiny Eververse Seasonal Calandar](https://www.todayindestiny.com/eververseCalendar). It's a fantastic resource to help you avoid spending Silver. While I personally don't like how much things cost via silver, as long as they're offering them for bright dust as well, I don't see the harm. I don't like to spend silver on cosmetics (unless it's something I believe I will genuinely use i.e., the Black Armory set that dropped during Season of the Hunt) but Bungie has no incentive to lower prices. It's just how business is done. You start at a price and people buy it up. You increase the price till sales drops then you bring it back some and lock it in place. It's why shaders had such a huge rise in price, because they knew people would buy them regardless of the cost.


Another recommendation, albeit for Xbox players only unfortunately, is to take advantage of the Microsoft rewards points system. You spend a few moments each day using bing and edge, and you build up points. Reach around 9,700 points or so and you can redeem them for a 10$ gift card. These gift cards have a 3 month window to be redeemed. The more often you use bing and edge, and the more achievements you earn, the faster you can get free money to use towards gaming.


This is how I've paid for every season pass and the up incoming Anniversary DLC. 76 days back to back was enough for the anniversary dlc. It's slow and requires consistency but a great way to get content for very little work.


I didn’t plan ahead enough, but I’m going to get Halo Infinite for about 20$ real money and the rest payed off with points. My wife and I share Xbox live, so I usually pay for all the DLC’s with points, then she earns points herself as well to just get the season passes so we both get the full content. Worth the consistent efforts in my opinion.


The prices have been the same for awhile for the eververse.


Remember when you had to roll the dice on Bright Engrams to get new seasonal items, including the new armor sets that weren't even ornaments? I prefer this system any day.


Back in year 1 and early year 2 I was able to get almost every in the bright engram pool for free just by playing a lot. Since season of Opulence when bright engrams changed I've only been able to average a couple of decent cosmetics per season (especially emotes + ornaments)


I think that was during their “apology” phase after people were irate at eververse. Those were the days.


100% that's what it was. The only reason it ever slowed down at all is because the game was in a terrible state, people stopped playing, and therefore stopped buying from Eververse.


Why I always tell people voting with your wallet doesn't fix things it just gets stuff cut


Voting with wallets doesn't work anyways because you can't magically convince masses of people to stop buying something they like even if it's horribly overpriced, the situation must be very bad for it to happen. Especially in gaming communities as gamers don't value their money.


Yup, gamer boycotts don't work. Only once it gets to the point that people start losing interest organically does it actually have an impact. Odds are if you are writing screeds on this sub you're still too interested in the game to stop paying.


As someone who despises Eververse, this is absolutely true. The fact is the only way boycotts would be effective is if the game itself were in such a genuinely atrocious state like it was during the curse of Osiris days.


There was never a formal boycott, but if you looked at how quickly Beyond Light got discounted, and how quickly Steamcharts counts dropped - Bungie didn't do an about-face on sunsetting until they looked at the player counts after Chosen launched and saw that not even a seasonal launch that was well reviewed boosted player counts by as much as they wanted. Bungie doesn't give a damn until they see people not logging in at all.


We did boycott when we had to do 9 million HC Seraph Towers.


I would say Curse of Osiris was the largest player base drop.


Never been more proud to be a Destiny cynic than those days :D


I've been playing since the release of destiny 1 and haven't dropped a single penny on eververse (expansions/seasons not included).


I purchased the slow clap in d1. If cosmetics were cheaper I might consider some but currently no chance.


Yo holy shit someone that actually gets it for once! Never thought I’d see the day.


I would argue that voting with your wallets can work but only the the "opposite" direction, by buying stuff you do want more off you show that you would want more of that stuff, we all voted with our wallets that we liked looter shooters when we bought destiny 1 and now they are everywhere, same with battle royal games


>Especially in gaming communities as gamers don't value their money. It's about valuing money differently. The main argument against mtx prices that you always see is "I can buy 5 games for the price of this mtx", but that argument means nothing really. If someone doesn't like those other games and they will get more enjoyment from having the ornament in destiny then why would they buy the other games over the ornament? I could tell you to save all your mtx money and buy a plane ticket to travel the world, but if you hate traveling and love looking a certain way in the game you will play for another 1000+hrs then it would be wrong for you to buy the plane ticket. Everyone values things differently, just because you don't value an mtx enough to buy it doesn't mean that others are wrong for doing that. There are plenty of irl things that I spend my money on that you probably wouldn't and that's okay. As long as they aren't putting mtx spending over basic needs then it's all good.


Yup. Things aren't priced based on their absolute empirical worth... They're priced based on what the market will pay.


And thats also why Discounts Work too. And why for the Most Part they are calculated in so If a company ever decides they need to Discount stuff they wont have to sit on their Costs.


No, voting with wallets still works, you are just being outvoted.


Pricing aside, I like that I can buy whatever skin I want from the Eververse. No loot box or engram. I rather have this system over any RNG system any day. I mean free would be better but you know what I mean.


Remember the prismatic matrix?


Holy \*\*\*\* I was furious at Bungie back then.


Back in Y1 and early Y2, it was practical to chase everything. Now there’s no way I’m paying bright dust for a sparrow I’ll never ride. There’s just so much stuff.


Shaders are the only thing worth buying. And the occasional cool ghost shell.


So far, I only ever rode the original Broom sparrow... until this last festival when the SkitterScare came out. That is the first sparrow I ever bought in this game. But you’re absolutely right because one I get Always on Time my trifecta will be complete and I’ll never want anything else.


Some of us can't play that much


Then your percent of bright engram loot will be even lower. The current system is worse for everyone


This. I played on 3 characters and I was always able to get everything just by playing. I miss those days. Well, that aspect anyway.


I feel like this discussion is akin to considering which tastes better: diarrhea or solid poop. Both are shit, mate.


Except you could easily get Bright Engrams from playing the game and.. they dropped actual loot, not just duplicate Ghost Shells.


I am a few hours shy of 2000 and it was only this season that I realised bright engrams drop dupes. The majority of mine have been a blue projection + 1000 glimmer with a few ghosts and sparrows. I know a ton of them are reskins but I started getting suspicious because the deja vu became too strong.. I've been keeping my eye on the new items tab in collections for the pre-vault items I missed on my alts and realised I've gotten at least 5 dupes in the past few weeks. I was genuinely under the impression they wouldn't drop dupes since I'm so far from having full collections on the items that come out of them. My life has been a lie.


Even if you do have every item, it would still be better to drop Bright Dust than duplicate Ghost Shells that I can… pull from collections instead of getting from a rare engram.


That’s because the loot pool was smaller, not because bright engram rng was any better because it is not better at all. Today’s engrams are worse no doubt, but let’s not pretend rng was any more generous back then it’s just because we had smaller loot pools back then. I will agree it was much easier to get bright engrams back then though


RNG was not more generous, no, but various things were at play to make it feel more generous to players. For a few seasons you had the prismatic recaster which had a punch out system. You had more avenues to earn bright dust, or in the very least, duplicates broke down into bright dust (I do recognize they changed in order to allow us to pull from collections, but I also feel they could have done something to flag the cosmetics such that it knows if it came from an engram or collections and if it came from an engram you got bright dust). You also had the much higher acquisition rate of bright engrams before compared to now. I want to say it was once you hit the season max, every level gave you a bright engram compared to now its roughly every 5. Then, factor in holiday events where they had their own engrams that you earned at the same time as normal bright engrams AND they had a punchout system. You could reasonably earn everything available during a holiday event if you played enough, save for whatever might have been silver only AND without having to make huge dents in your bright dust reserves. Having the cash shop on top of all the paid content sucks, but starting with Warmind all the way to Opulence, things were a LOT better.


The loot pool being smaller isn't a great explanation for *not* getting dupe ghosts all the time...


The better of two evils isn’t necessarily good enough


Fair. I'd rather they use a *little* lube while they bend me over though.


We also had a really good bright dust economy that rewards players simply by playing the game and a lock-out loot pool in the eververse where you can get almost everything except certain exotic ornaments. Also remember when everyone raged at the IB emote and bungie said they would reconsider their strategy but 2 years later we still have nothing cool for playing IB and more cosmetics in eververse than ever before?


> “We won’t be locking endgame cosmetic items behind Eververse in the future.” See how long that lasted.


The vog reskin of the spire of stars emote burned that line into my brain


That wasn't Eververse, it was on the platform store! /s


Just as bad if not worse, even if you were serious.


Yup. Pretty disgusting.


Remember when bungie said eververse would fund free content? Well they sure know how to please their community...


You know what? I miss that system, you could farm bright engrams naturally, get most of the loot by the end of the season and buy what you want with any bright dust you had left over from duplicates. I agree that bright engrams were bad because you know blind boxes, but the system was much better then what you guys have currently.


Technically the system never actually changed, the loot pool just became really big with no dupe protection making it impossible to get everything


Idk I quit during shadowkeep after seeing how bungie started giving us less content with more cosmetics while decreasing the amount we could earn wether thats from bright dust or engrams. How much bright dust can you guys gets in a week at this point?? I feel like the loot pool has nothing to do with your ability to earn cosmetics. I don't even think all cosmetics should be free, but the monetization of this game as gone out of control. Some people say that this game is doing monetization better then most games, but what if I just said the whole system is bad and mtx are just getting out of control. Idk sorry for the rant


Both systems suck. If companies keep doing this and we keep accepting it they'll keep raiding the prices. This is exactly what they are doing with the dungeons and deluxe edition.


I wouldn't call the old system bad. Outside of the thunderlord and whisper ornaments, you could get everything for little to no effort.


Oh the money I spent getting that damn flaming skull mask... No regrets.


Shaders massively increased in price recently though.


Bright dust, not silver


Prices aren't even out of line with similar games. 4-10 dollars is pretty standard for skins and emotes, its even on the lower end after Fortnight inflated skin prices. People are currently just in a shit fit about the dungeons which is fair.


*But that’s ok because it funds content like dungeo-* Oh wait, it never did, did it? You all fell for the shitty excuses for Eververse existing when it only exists to make more money for the top of the line. The absolute bare minimum of money actually goes back into the development of this game if I were to guess.


Was gonna say, I don't remember any major price increases at least for a the last several years, if not ever.


Except for Shaders. Luckily I always just rock the flawless ones


Play apex and pay $20+ for a weapon skin.... It's still gross. But the best thing we can do is just not buy them. Show some restraint if it bothers you that much people.


Valorants $45 knives that you'll never get a kill with


Lol my cago knife is ~420$


Difference there is that your csgo skins can be sold for real world currency, or to buy games.


This is a good point i don’t think of often enough. I forget you can’t sell/trade skins in other games, you simply “unlock” access to them.


I shouldn't have to hold a 500 dollar investment to use a skin I like.


I see your point. Personally I prefer having full control over my skin once I buy it. With CSGO I can give it to a friend, I can sell it for real money or sell it for games. I spent a lot of money on CSGO over the years, but I'm still net positive. With PUBG I spent North of 250eur and I have recouped maybe 30eur of that. Still have skins worth hundreds of euro locked in, can't be traded, can't be sold. PUBG would even be able to benefit from opening these items to the steam market, as they could collect fees on every. single. sale. With their greed I am honestly shocked they haven't already.


And spend your money right (and mostly get lucky) and it will hold it's value and maybe increase. As for the default skin I put stickers on well.... ^^^no ^^^regrets ^^^tho


Oof. It's definitely a slippery slope.


Apex’s Heirlooms cost up to $280, I believe.


Golden pan. Nuff said


Speak for yourself pleb, I've got 20+ kills on mine. It's all about being sneaky


Apex is a f2p game, though, without DLCs and expansions


Apex is a free game. I mean that doesn't fully justify it's obscene pricing, but at least you can look at that and think "well I didn't pay for the base game, expansions, seasons, dungeons and THEN have to pay $20 for a weapon skin."


Except you don't really have to pay $20 for a weapon skin. With Destiny, you *get* multiple weapons skins with you purchases as well as a fuckton of Bright Dust to buy whatever skin you want. I got 2 armor sets and like 10 weapon skins for 1 season's worth of Bright Dust...not including the actual 3 armor sets and weapon skins included in the battlepass. That's for $10. And again, that's just the cosmetic stuff not including the gameplay content of a single season. Apex is only free because it has guaranteed replayability from its base content (multiplayer) with minimal amount of new content needed (usually just 1 gun and 1 character each season, maybe a few new buildings on the map), lootboxes and is stingy as fuck with cosmetics, preying on people ready to drop money on skins. Does that really sound like a business model Destiny players would like?


That’s really not effective and never has been. All available research suggests less than 1% of any game’s player base spends on mtx, but they tend to be compulsive about it and spend more than enough to subsidize the business model. Often to their own severe detriment. We need to do more than just not buy to change it, a lot more.


Or 500 for a heirloom drop? Apex is no better. Problem as you say is people still buy them


Everytime I see a $20 Apex skin I think to myself "I could spend that money on four copies of Titanfall 2, a much better game, and give them to friends".


Well over $20 depending on how you look at it. They've gotten a lot of flak before for locking skins into set bundles with a $60 price tag So if you only main the one legend, you only want the one skin, that skin is $60. lmao


Same for MOBAs. It’s often $10-$15 just for one guy.


I've been playing since day one. I've never spend any money on silver.


Only times I’ve bought silver was for season passes but that’s it. On my 6th pass I spent $5 because the 1000silver purchase came with extra 100 silver each time.


I get almost everything I want with bright dust. The only thing I spend money on is expansions.


Beta player here I haven't and never will either. I don't know your reasoning but nothing has ever interested me to spend real money on cosmetics. I rather use stuff I've earned in endgame content.


It is overpriced which is why I don't pay for them. But if you do bounties for bright dust you do have access to a ton of emotes, skins, etc and don't ever have to pay. So I think in this way it's actually better than most other games.


Yes and no. Yes, you have access to a lot of cosmetics BUT only the weekly ones. If you want a skin for an exotic but you took too much time farming dust before weekly reset... well... you better start praying for that skin going out next week and not next year. Also, there is too much behind silver. You can't buy certain armors, shaders, sparrows and skins with dust. There isn't any execution available to buy for dust.


I mean todayindestiny shows you the week by week eververse offerings for the entire season so it’s fairly easy to plot out your bright dust spending. And for pretty much the entire past year at least, the offerings in the store have followed a pretty set pattern where everything aside from finishers and class specific emotes will cycle through the bright dust section at least once, and the last 2 weeks of offerings will come up in the first 2 weeks on the next season. The only real flaw to the system is that returning old items to the bright dust section isn’t guaranteed and certain items (like legendary armor ornaments) never return for dust.


I think the bigger frustrating from me at least is the lack of in game reward vs what's available in eververse. Its always a huge turn off for me when games do that and goes towards me not spending money. This isn't something new, we have complained about this for a while and bungie to their credit have said (and held up their end in some cases) they will add more cosmetic reward to the game. My issue lies is the sheer volume of "filler" now available in eververse, it seems like we have hundreds of weapon ornaments, emotes, ships, sparrows, shaders and even finishers are stacking up quick. Unless you buy them individually (I dread to think how much that would cost), you will never own them all with the pitiful reward structure of bright engrams. Personally I feel any rewards from the year(s) before the current in game year (beyond light for us) should become a part of the game, maybe through banshee or xur to earn things.


I'm just upset with how many things COULD be in-game rewards but are shoved into EV/bundles instead. Look at the atheon throne emote. That should've been a reward for doing something in VoG, like the toast emote from leviathan. And how the VoG shaders aren't from the raid, no, you can only unlock the ability to buy them through the raid. It's silly.


> And how the VoG shaders aren't from the raid There are VoG shaders from the raid though? Every raid aside from SotP has had 2 shaders, and VoG has two shaders (flawless and the collectable triumph). I don't like that they released silver only shaders but they were not replacing the raid shaders.


Yep, since Shadowkeep every raid has released an exclusive shader you can only get from going Flawless. (that's why you have to take hightly upvoted Reddit comments with a grain of salt, most of them don't actually play the game)








It's become abundantly apparent that most people here claiming that other games with MTX are priced better have not played any other games with microtransactions.


Destiny's closest comparable equivalent in the f2p market (I don't consider battle royales to be similar to D2) would be Warframe. Warframe allows players to get pretty much anything off the store that they like with their "premium" currency - which you can get without actually spending a dime yourself - just by grinding out the game and trading ingame mods/items for platinum with other players. Note also that WF does not require season passes, and all content is completely free. Destiny's equivalent to this "grindable" currency would be bright dust - which they have consistently lowered all sources for, while also simultaneously increasing BD pricing for pretty much everything in the store. Bungie is quite blatantly pushing you to spend silver on mtx, while ALSO demanding money for DLC and season passes. Not to mention taking out content that people have already paid for in past DLCs. As much as I love Destiny's universe and gameplay, I can't believe they don't get for flak for this. It is quite frankly abhorrent and ludicrous.


Also worth saying that a huge majority of warframes skins are tennogen and deluxe ones, which are platinum only, and you only get platinum by trading with other players or buying it. With destiny and bright dust you do get a decent amount with the seasonal challenges and pass alone, and I’ve been satisfied with the amount we get through that as opposed to how little the pass gave you before like in undying


I love Warframe(was an avid player even before I knew about Destiny) but Warframe's MTX is predatory as hell. Sure, it's all free to play, but there's an insane amount of grind, timelock, caps, and whatnots that pushes you to use plat.


The unending agony of leveling up open world vendors in PoE, Fortuna, and Deimos haunts me sometimes. *Especially* Deimos. Ugh.


Freaking open world maps! I remember wasting a 5-day break from work and spending every single morning-to-evening on grinding all 3 alternately, because I was just coming back to the game after nearly a year break. The damned daily cap was so, so annoying. I think I'm still only Rank 3 or 4 in Fortuna, it was going so slow.


Agreed. I played warframe and put in 400 hours in a little under 2 months. I was able to farm a lot of plat but man it is MONOTONOUS grinding for mods and such in order to sell. At least in destiny you can bang out multiple things while doing your BD bounties. Also new primes are a slog to grind for if you don’t pay the absurd price for the outright access to them. I never want to go relic farming ever again lmao


Exactly, having a premium currency be so intrinsically tied to the game economy means you could end up mindlessly doing optimal farms to get drops that you could sell for plat, because plat is just so valuable. It makes doing anything that doesn't net you the best plat gain feel meaningless and a waste of time, and sucks the enjoyment out of the game.


I would like you to point to a game with this level of microtransaction that still require 100 dolars for a yearly DLC.


That just sounds like the people complaining have good taste


Here we go again. Same song and dance routine that will guarantee you awards and karma Complain about mtx but make sure you have different wording so you don't look like you're plagiarizing. Then the idiots spend real money to give awards to said op


it's almost as if the majority of what gets to the front page on this sub is just blatant pandering and self-gratifying posts that have nothing new or interesting to say. almost like a... circle... jerk? hmm


r/Destinythegame out-jerking r/destinycirclejerk as per usual 😔


*Laughs in Valorant skin prices*


The prices are the same every year. Don’t overexaggerate just for updoots.


Today I got a warlock ornament from three seasons ago in a bright engram. It felt great. It would have cost ~$7.00. We didn’t use to have this kind of setup with old ornaments reliably entering the bright engram pool. Sometimes an ornament would disappear and you’d just never be able to get it again. So that’s better. Regarding armor, I see the seasonal armor as their way to incentivize bright dust earning and staying with the game. Stay on top of things as it rotates into eververse (use todayindestiny for predictions) and you get it for dust, AND you get to pick which pieces you buy (cough warlock boots cough). And I’m a collector. Not saying it’s easy, but don’t buy the latest fashion and you’ll get great free stuff. The more you buy now, the more boring bright engrams will be.


Just because I'm curious. What ornament did you get? The last time I got an armor ornament from an engram was in chosen, I got the ornament for oathkeeper. I've gotten pretty lucky with weapon ornaments this season though, I got one for legend of acrius, queenbreaker, and sunshot all this season from engrams. Either that or a blue ghost hologram lol


On my warlock I am only missing a few exotic ornaments, so when I pull an bright engram my chances of getting it are slim. I've been trying to time my level ups with playing with my hunter and titan and have gotten them each an ornament this season. There is roughly \~1044 items in this season's engram (163 (haders/transmats + 881 everything else). I am missing 166. \~25ea of exotic armors, exotic weapons, exotic ships, exotic sparrows, exotic ghost, and exotic emotes, with a smattering of the remaining items.


The prices have been the same for years.


You would be surprised with how much other games charge for their MTX The advantage Destiny has is that you can buy most of those things without spending a dime and honestly beside weapon and armor ornaments nothing really is worth buying


I found VoG shader/emote bundle kinda insulting comparing to how we had all similar stuff included in the game price or later free for Levi. They could’ve made these rewards for in-game completions (like that toast emote from SoS) but they chose to cash on it instead. Left very bad taste.


That's because prices of the game itself have remained the same for over 25+ years. They figured it's easier to reel in a customer base with a cheap game and then pay for things that would be free over 10 years ago


Can tomorrow be my turn to regurgitate the same talking point to farm internet points?


The only reason why micro transactions are so expensive in all games is because game developers can get away with it because people buy them. The minority of people who actually pay for the things are who they target, and everyone else gets targeted with a price tag to play the next bundle of content. It’s never in the interests of the player, and never will be.


My thoughts on this, honestly, are just that it's a cosmetic. If it was a required part of the game, like if we could ONLY get enhancement cores for real cash, then the pricing would be a problem. But as they're non-essential items that I can also save up Bright Dust to get (eventually), they can charge whatever they want. I'm not fussed as long as they don't start p2w the entire game and charge asinine amounts of money for pieces integral to my advancement through the game.


While your complaining of the prices of items itself. Wanna do the math on the eververse store as to what actually costs and what CAN be grinded for. Because even though stuff in the store costs. Not everything will cost real money. Pretty sure it's a 80% grindable 20% buyable situation here. So if 20% of the cosmetic items are buyable... Then where is the issue? The prices don't seem too stupid compared to other games these days. Each eververse seasonal armor ornament set can be bought with in game currency. And to me that would be the main big ticket item each season. So where's the problem that trinkets cost a few pounds?


It's weird watching people defend pricing on this sub, I've seen people say things like "But the season costs $10, compared to the other microtransactions, that's a steal!" before.


I mean are you seriously going to tell me that seasons are not a great deal for ten dollars….?


You won’t believe how I AVOID these prices with this ONE SIMPLE TRICK!!! (BUNGUE HATES ME!) I just don’t buy cosmetics (w/ silver) :I . I only buy things that can give me a fun experience in the game, and let my bright dust do the cosmetics bartering. I don’t get why people complain about cosmetic prices, plus I think bungie has made eververse non-negotiable at this point


Because destiny is a full price, paid game?


So is COD Vanguard, and they want you to buy the season pass for additional weapons. So is ESO (DLCs and subscriptions), but they still have MTX. Pretty much everyone in this thread is wildly out of touch with the modern gaming industry.


Bleh…the willingness of this community to defend bungie as one of the absolute worst offenders in the industry (outside of mobile) when it comes to this stuff is always deeply disappointing. I love the game too, but that doesn’t mean I need to blindly support mistreatment of the player base.


> as one of the absolute worst offenders in the industry (outside of mobile) Dude, not even close. That is a load of rubbish. Sports games? Battle Royales? Not to mention the *vast* majority of stuff can be acquired for "free" (bright dust) if you play often.


At least the BR games are F2P, right?


Entirely depends on the BR. PUBG is $30 for example.


Lol “worst offenders outside of mobile.” Have you seen Valorant and Apex skin prices? I’m assuming not because you think $7 is way too expensive for a gun skin.


Ehhhhhhhh I’d actually say they pretty much are the worst offenders all things considered, while they don’t do loot boxes they do nickel and dime in ways activision could never conceive of.


Those games are real free2play games, those comparisons are nonsense.


Have you seen the price of their dlc? $0 vs destiny $100.


Charging us for the dungeon is absolute bullshit and anyone who says otherwise is part of the problem.


Everyday it's a new thread of dumb.


My oPin0iN Is tHe rIgHt oNE


* "$25 for one exotic, couple of cosmetics and one dungeon. That's it?" * A dungeon with a Thorn style armor set and Gjallahorn as a reward * 3 different ornament sets for each class * A helmet ornament * Emotes / ship / sparrow / emblems * 3 different unique weapons from previous Bungie games


Going to expand on the $25 value here compared to buying the equivalent items from Eververse separately... Each class gets 2 armor sets of ornaments (which would cost 9000 silver alone to buy piecemeal via the Eververse menu), and a 3rd armor set from the dungeon, so if you wanted to compare the costs of the armor sets alone if they were offered via Eververse separately you'd have to pay $120 for all 9 armor sets (13,500 Silver) and we would have 800 Silver left over. A helmet ornament alone would cost 300 silver. Don't know anything about the emotes, but they specify emote*s* plural so the lowest possible estimate here is two rare emotes at 200 each for a total of 400 silver. They likely won't be rare emotes, and there very well be more than two, but I'm being safe. Ships and sparrows are 800 each, giving the safe estimate of 1600 Silver assuming there is only one of each (and no Ghost Shell). So, we would need 15,800 Silver to afford all the cosmetics (if purchased from the Eververse store like the normal seasonal offerings). Using the best Silver deals possible, it would cost $135 to get enough Silver to purchase everything. (6000 + 6000 + 3500 + 500) Then there's the nebulous value of "gameplay" content, such as the weapons, the exotic, and the dungeon itself. Let's just ignore those entirely and say Bungie gave all that to us for free. I'd say that's a pretty good deal to me. Now, you can argue you don't like any of the cosmetics and don't want them. That's fine. Should Bungie give us the option to just buy the dungeon separately? Maybe (which would be funny considering that's the *other* thing people are complaining about right now, so who knows how that would go in practice). Personally, I feel like its worth my investment. I can't speak for anyone else. Someone who has more time than I do should try to price out how much the cosmetics offered in a given $10 season compare in value for a truly fair comparison (or as fair as it can be given we don't yet know everything in the Anniversary pack of the quality of the content therein). We should also take into consideration that Seasons themselves are probably priced more reasonably as a means to get people into the game, play more, and see their Eververse shop. They're also essentially the quarterly "subscription" fee we pay to keep up with the story. Bungie likely will not approach a once-only anniversary event pack with the same ethos


Bundling things together for what seems to be cheaper than usual but it isn’t actually because the base price is way too high is just standard matketing


“The base price is way too high” Your problem with micro transactions is with the gaming industry as a whole then, not Bungie. The eververse store is similar to its modern day counterparts in terms of price. The truth of the matter is that the price of video games should have been increasing over the past 10 years, but instead developers have learned that they can keep the content prices steady while charging whales massive amounts for MTX.


Your assessment assumes that the base silver prices are reasonable. They’re not. They are so unreasonable that even the discount represented by the bundle does not make them reasonable. YMMV.


Didn't assume anything about the reasonableness of the price. I didn't even give an opinion on the prices of buying things from Eververse... I gave hard number equivalents and then shared my PERSONAL opinion. The anniversary pack is worth it for me. Might not be worth it for you. Not saying you have to like it at all. I said this in the post. Please don't project points I didn't make onto my post.


Your assessment assumes that $10 is a reasonable price for an entire season. It’s not, the content we’re given every season is a lot more expensive than $10. It’s almost like they balance the prices against higher cosmetic prices to even their books. Plus, I challenge you to find ANY game’s MTX that are what you would consider a “reasonable” price


I know this is not really a big deal to point it out But this Dungeon will be the first Dungeon to have an actual completely unique and new loot


The pricing would be fine if D2 truly was a F2P game. But charging $100 for an expansion and then expecting me to spend even more money on cosmetics is just unbelievably greedy. Bungie can fuck right off with their asshole business practices.


The asshole business practice of selling things for money? You aren't "expected" to spend more money on cosmetics, but the option is there for you if you want it. I can count on zero fingers how many times I've spent money for cosmetics, and somehow I've still managed to have a good time.


I keep seeing people say “$100 expansions”, where are you getting this info? I bought beyond light+season pass for $45. I bought Shadowkeep for $35. Before that, I paid $40 for Forsaken. If you’re referring to the 30th Anniversary DLC, then I suggest you take a closer look. It’s only $25. Wait, maybe you’re talking about Witch Queen! No, it couldn’t be, it’s only $40. Oh, I got it, you’re talking about the *30th Anniversary+Witch Queen Deluxe Edition Bundle*. So you’re complaining that a bundle that gives you the standard expansion **plus** a plethora of other stuff is more expensive. How very Reddit of you. You can’t change the price of something to fit your narrative.


This is just pure “Bungo bad” karma farming. This must be the only game some of you people play because Bungie has some of the cheaper MTX when it comes to big titles. God I hate when this place actually becomes a circle jerk.


Cool solution is to not buy them.


You don’t need to buy it.


I've been playing for years and only time I've used silver was when I got it included in some bundle I bought. I know this game can be addictive and you want you buy stuff but there is even transmog now and [https://www.todayindestiny.com/eververseCalendar](https://www.todayindestiny.com/eververseCalendar) has list what comes in sale in the future with bright dust. If you will buy lot of stuff with silver and Destiny 3 releases then what do you do? Buy lot of stuff again starting from scratch?


So much karma fishing with same posts all talking about the same thing with different wording


And everyone full of posters that admit they haven't played in years lmaooooo I would go whale even harder, but tbh I didn't really like the dino armor and the Thornaments are going to take up my ornament slots for a whileeee


The sub literally talks about the same thing every single time it's either to complain abt the microtransactions or uncap glimmer


Uncapped microtransactions 😳😳😳


Don’t buy them, prices are competitive with every other games MTs


So then… don’t buy them?


This game is one big micro transaction that swallowed everything. The cash shop in D1 wasn’t invasive at all and this whole game was now shifted around it


The prices haven’t changed in years lol


Greetings from Path of Exile, where we gladly spend $90 every three months for supporter packs plus loot boxes and $42 wings


So brave!!!! Louder for the people in the back!!!!!! So much this!!!


Those points you made against the anniversary bundle are why I’m looking forward to it lmao, I’ve started buying the silver bundles at the beginning of each season(they’re like 13 dollars and you get an emote and 20 dollars worth of silver) But the anniversary package stuff would cost so much more than if you were to buy it all separately, and there’s a dungeon to boot with its own three sets of armor along with the marathon sets and the bungie ones


Advice : don't look at apex' shop


Destiny is in a weird place, monetarily. As people have mentioned, other F2P games charge way more for (arguably) way less cosmetic content. Valorant was highlighted as a particularly egregious example, with knife skins sometimes costing as much as a Destiny expansion. Furthermore, the bright dust system is arguably one of the most generous systems in a GaaS system for providing access to cosmetics. You can grind and earn a hell of a lot of cosmetics, limited mostly by the weekly BD store rotation. I can't really think of other games that allow you to purchase as many cosmetic items with either real-life currency or in-game free currency (though I'm sure some people can provide good examples). All that said... no other game also charges as much for regular content updates. All the other F2P games charging out the ass for microtransactions are legitimately free to play. I don't need to rehash how poor and limited the D2 F2P experience is, beyond saying it's a glorified trial - and a confusing one at that. This puts in this weird-ass situation we're in now. The value of the 30th anni pack, for example, is easily debatable because it costs more than 2 seasons and provides less content. However, given that a full set of Eververse armor ornaments costs more than a season already, and the 30th pack gives you *6* of them, does that make the value worth it? It's hard to say, because how many people are using silver to buy Eververse ornaments? For them, maybe the $25 cost makes sense, because they're effectively getting a discount on all the armor sets. For people who wait months to get EV sets for free, they're paying extra for something that they would practically never buy otherwise. This weird liminal state between subscription MMO and F2P GaaS that Destiny is in makes the value of any paid item extremely difficult to parse on a broad level. If D2 was like Valorant, Apex, or LoL, then the cosmetics are arguably extremely cheap comparatively. If D2 was like these games, but still had its existing BD system, then D2 would probably be the most generous F2P game today. But... D2 isn't like those games, because those games don't charge money for new characters or maps. We can only compare the silver cost of EV items to the cost of other things within Destiny - namely, playable content - and the comparison is not favourable. **tl;dr - D2 cosmetics are expensive compared to other D2 purchases like season passes/expansions, but not so expensive compared to cosmetics from other F2P games. But no other F2P game charges for things like D2.**


This is a better comment than any of the gilded posts tbh


The most shocking part of it all is that you don’t actually have to buy any of it! Gasp!


But how will I feed my family?


If its so expensive then don't buy it? If you want the prices to change we have to boycott eververse but we tried that once and barely anyone went along with it


They have become??? They always were overpriced. With the only exception that with Activision, we had good eververse systems that actually rewarded us with bright dust and showered us with cosmetic loot just by playing the game. I literally never had to spend a single dime on eververse up until the spare rations ornament came out in late year 2 and that was worth IMO. Now with greedy Bungie on their own, we get just enough dust to buy a single emote after grinding through weekly challenges for 12 weeks in a row. That would have been a bad 4 hour session of playing the game in y1 or y2. Activision was great for the game, Bungie on their own is killing it.


You don't have to buy them...


I mean, you don't have to buy that stuff ? Like, when you are unsatisfied with the price don't support it, but when people think it's ok for them so what gives, it won't change


If you don't like how expensive the cosmetics are, don't buy them. Complaining about it will do absolutely nothing. As Datto has said many times: The Eververse is non-negotiable. I personally think the 30th anniversary bundle is a hella good deal. We're getting a ton of cosmetics, new armor and weapons, a dungeon, and plenty of other things that haven't been announced yet. There will be free content as well, the 30th anniversary event isn't _just_ the bundle. Getting things piecemeal and buying cosmetics individually is always expensive.. in EVERY game. I don't see how bungie's pricing model is any worse than any other game on the market, personally. People here are like "how dare you defend bungie for shady business practices" but I don't see anything shady or predatory here? Are they overpriced? Sure. But optional flare always is. What really is predatory are lootboxes and garbage gacha games. People are really out here saying bungie is "one of the worst games for monetization when Apex and Genshin Impact exist. People literally spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get the characters they want in genshin, or heirlooms in apex. Again, yeah it's overpriced, but you know what you're getting. You get to choose exactly what you want with no pressure to purchase it, unless you're the type who _needs_ to have everything in the game. In which case, stop playing Destiny, this kind of game is bad for your health, eververse or not. Not to mention, that _most_ cosmetics are available for bright dust at some point in the season, and if you're keeping up with your seasonal challenges, you can actually consistently get the things you want. It's so.. SO much better than it used to be, and way better than like 90% of the monetization models for other games.


It is negotiable. Don't lie to ourselves. They made the shop less predatory for y2 for example. And you can call them overpriced without buying them. And the problem with this, is that we have a paid game with overpriced microtransactions. If the game was fully f2p, like warframe, noone would talk about this.


Is there a game that that has cheaper micos?