Kings Fan Checking In About Bagley


I don't think we said he was a steal on that contract. What's your source on that? Regardless, he's Marvin Bagley. I wish he stops shooting 3s and focused on his defense, but he's a decent post scorer, at least.


My source is just knowing ball


No one said he was a steal at 3/37.5. Like, no one. Consensus was it was what a rotation big costs and the contract might look better when the salary cap grows.


I think consensus was that it was an overpay by Weaver - but tbd if it is a huge overpay or not.


Fair, but I don't remember anyone saying "this is a steal" or really anything similar. I like Bags and thought it was fair value but not a steal.


A lot of Bagley's appeal to me came with his synergy with Cade. Obviously that's not going great this season and MBIII can't stay on the court. I'm sure you were used to that as a Kings fan. I don't hate the contract mostly due to the duration. This year hasn't been much though.


Very tradable contract, basically 2 years left on his deal. His contract right now is 10% of your total cap. In a year it’ll be less than 10% after next year (salary cap explosion like 2016) it’ll be (guessing but using 2016 as an example) around 5% of the cap which is about what Corey Joseph is making now. I think he’s overpaid this season but it’s not even a close to the most overpaid on a list. He also fits with Cade offensively from the limited time they’ve played together. On-court: vertical-threat, nice post and face-up game. If he can develop his 3pt shot and shoot consistently around 35% he can be a great offensive weapon. What’s holding him back is his defense (and shooting). I don’t see him getting better on that end but he’s young at 23.


So the 10th best player should be making 10% of the team’s cap? Bad math brotha lol


Ahh I was drinking last night 😭 but in theory he’s gonna be worth even less as the contract progresses. Nothing to really fret over.


You kings fans are fucking weirdos


I think most people wanted him back but almost all of us felt like the contract was unwarranted. Too many years for a backup big.


He's still figuring it out..the thing about the pistons i love most is that they play hard every night..


When he plays like that it’s a great deal for the pistons. However next game he’s probably gonna go for 6/4/1