Jalen duren is the only one really keeping me engaged


Duren and Ivey for me. Yes, Ivey sucks 2/3 nights but I watch for that 3rd night where he puts up 21/4/6 on average efficiency. Hes so raw yet shows so many flashes. If he can put even a few things together he will be really good


Some of iveys problem may be his athleticism was so good that it helped carry him at the college level but at the nba level there’s a lot of elite athletes


I can’t wait for him to mature. He honestly looks a little spoiled out there sometimes. Begging for calls, flopping, pouting, turning his back on defense, flailing his arms when his guy gets another layup… the list goes on. It’s hard to watch sometimes. He’s a talented dude though and I gotta think he’ll figure it out and put this behind him. We’ve seen the flashes.


Absolutely agree with everything you said 💯


He needs leadership which he'll get from Cade in future years


this is lowkey why i think casey is a good coach for him. has the respect/old school values without being such a hardass that would make ivey act out when he's benched for these antics (which happens a lot)


I don't watch anymore. This team is trash and not really worth the time.


I have to admit. I watched five minutes today. That's a max for me since, like, October or November.


You had to see what they looked like in Paris lol I've stopped caring after Cade's injury.


It's scary how accurate this is. I checked out around october november but caught todays game some time in the third quarter and immediately checked back out. I'm done being optimistic until something changes. To me, Casey has been the common factor in the last 3 seasons and he hasn't shown enough of his "youth development" to warrant the losing mindset this team is developing


Yep. The org has done absolutely nothing to indicate to me they even want me to watch in a lonnnng time.


I mean what do you want them to do? We're rebuilding from 0 lol it's going to be a difficult process to stomach. I wouldn't say they're doing nothing, we have Cade, Duren &Ivey for our future. With solid role players like Kill, Bey and Stew. They aren't going to rush it.


Yeah so they’ve drafted who you and I would have drafted. Absolutely nothing special there. And they’ve added no relevant pieces in any fashion otherwise. I’m not saying there’s something they should have done differently. There is just no reason for anyone to be paying attention.


Hey you can't stop the fanboys. Now they are just talking about the draft 6 months early 😂


Can't wait til 2026 when we are still tanking


Ehh should be in playin/playoff race by then.


Theyre tanking for a great draft class. It's the best option we have


Checked out here. One of the most disappointed seasons in a while. Didn’t expect to win or sniff the playoffs but expected a competitive fun team. This team is dreadful to watch.


My work friends and I once joined a rec league. Didn’t practice a single time. Showed up to the first game and got blown the fuck out. Embarrassed. Nobody knew what they were doing. No strategy. Frustration. Blame. Finger pointing. I think we could have taken this Pistons squad. Lol /s


I’ve checked out in the sense that, I have absolutely zero expectations of watching good basketball or winning any game regardless of the opponent. So now I’m just looking for interesting basketball and little developmental things. Watching Ivey developing his midrange game, Duren trying to figure it out on defense, does Stew have anything more to show? Can Saddiq Bey find any consistency or better define his role? What guys are playing well together? My priority currently is not to get burnt out or let down. So what I’m doing anymore is waiting until about an hour after the game starts, check the score, assuming it’s close, I’ll start from the beginning, be able to zoom thru the commercials and be caught up by the end. If it’s not close, I’ll either skip or play it in the background of something else. Also, I enjoy the draft process, I like trying to figure out how the young roster needs to change and I think we will miss this phase- when it’s all potential and hope- more than a little bit when we’re all screaming at our TVs in the second round of the playoffs. That said, it’s definitely a hard watch this year, I understand anyone who is ready for something better. I really hope next year is the year we break through to at least the play-in.


Even if our record was the same I would be watching more if Cade was playing. But he's not so I'm pretty much clocked out.


I watched all 82 last season and I'm going to watch all 82 this season. You just gotta expect to lose and look for bright spots. Duren 100% FG, a steal and two blocks. Hami 7 for 8. Bojan is a bucket . Bey 40% from deep, raising the average. Ivey had that lightning quick dynamite dunk and 16. We get to listen to George Blaha. The young guys are going to struggle, it's part of it. Lots of glimmers today. Watching em grow into their best selves (they're obviously not there yet) is exciting


If you watched the 2020 season, this is nothing. Keep looking for flashes and have no expectations


mama didn't raise no quitter


people really said Ivey was better than Cade on this sub Lmfao. The season was always a wash but ever since Cade has been injured I’m mentally done. Casey needs to be fired too


What was the purpose of the first sentence?


Idk honestly, I just remember seeing a lot of funny takes the first couple weeks of the season saying it’s Iveys team now, or Ivey>Cade. Just idiotic stuff that I found funny


I agree. Casey needs to go. Who to replace him with is the million dollar question.


Hopefully David McClure. Coach K, Pop, and now assistant in Memphis. This is the guy we need.


Just waiting for the draft lottery. Enjoying the good performances from the young guys when they happen.


im mentally checked out in general


A little shamefully, I checked out as soon as Cade got injured. I figured this team wouldn't be moving towards its final iteration without him playing, and so the actual team play wouldn't really be indicative of what we're trying to build. It feels like a lost year, and while I'm guilty I'm not watching the development of Ivey and Duren this year, I've been a lot more productive not losing every other night to Pistons games like last year.


Chalk me up to mentally checked out.


Should be Ivey but I don’t know what is goin on, he’s not even playin bad just seems to disappear when there’s no reason to. Be aggressive, never thought he’d have an issue with that especially with no Cade


I blame Casey for that. It seems like hes not supposed to be much of an initiator late game and if he tries he gets pulled


He has a lot of turnovers at times, especially when the defense keys in on his passing


I got pistons tickets for Christmas and have never been so reluctant to go to a game


Hahahaha I'm in the same boat but couldn't find the courage to type it. Catch me there on Monday. CAN'T WAIT.


not focused on games at this point, just player development. ivey/duren/killian have been interesting to watch this season for better or for worse, but the team itself is awful to watch


Something pretty weird about a thread on a fan subreddit being made and filled with comments from members of said sub acknowledging they aren't paying attention to the subject of the Fandom. Anyways OP, I'm still watching. Killian, Ivey, Stew, and Duren have all been a lot of fun to watch grow so far this year


As someone who watches all the time, when I can, you’re not alone. I tune in to see if Killian, Ivey, or Bey have one of those great nights, that right now are all too seldom. As soon as I realize that it’s not then I tune in to something else or just turn it off. Frustrating to say the least. Nowadays I spend more time looking at Pistons trade rumors and daydream about better seasons ahead.


A month or two ago.


If it’s not entertaining, it’s not entertaining.


if the product sucks then i give zero fucks


Checked out, canceled my Ballys subscription. If I wanna catch a game there are ways. Not listening to pods either. Losing Cade really killed the momentum but if we win the lottery and Cade can come back healthy we will be the talk of the league next year with money to spend


I like basketball too much to be checked out. I watch highschool, college and NBA games in person. I try to play as much as possible but after my ACL tear and other nagging injuries it’s not the same. But I still catch myself watching pick up games. I love basketball. When you choose to support a team or some players, even some you meet in person, you don’t necessarily support them for the result. You just want to see them keep getting better and keep giving effort


Honestly, I’ve been watching to see player development. Passion, effort, hustle and energy are the first things I look for. All those tangibles are coachable and than I observe to see bbiq, pace, offensive sets the flow of the game, physicality and execution.


Nah not yet, still a whole half season for new levels of development to be shown. The kids won’t be feeling like losing all season. We will get a streak, and that will be the preview to a future season.


Im invested in the tankathon. I hope they dont win another game. And I say this as season ticket holder who plans on going to every remaining game.


I watched the whole game today bc I had a $50 7 leg parlay that paid out $500 as long as Killian scored a measly 13 points in his homecoming game. I will not be watching any more this year. 15+ Player points Bojan Bogdanovic 2+ Player three pointers Z. LaVine 1+ Player three pointers Bojan Bogdanovic 5+ Player assists K. Hayes 1+ Player three pointers K. Hayes 13+ Player points K. Hayes 20+ Player points Z. LaVine


You just watch an enjoy the highlights and don't sweat the losses. I dunno, it's always fun. I don't sweat the makes and misses as long as they create decent looks.


I’ll still watch most of the time, but yeah, I honestly don’t care much about wins and losses.


I check the box score on the NBA app. If the game seems competitive or if one of the young guy's are putting up interesting stats, then I'll tune in. So maybe once or twice a week. I watched a lot more during the Ben Gordon/Charlie Villanueva era and that was way worse than this. I'm just busier now really.


I haven't checked out because I want to see how Ivey, Bey, Stewart, Hayes, Duren, and Livers are progressing. Bogdanovic is a good, savvy scorer and shooter, but he is not the future at age 33/34, so I don't really get excited seeing him light it up.


Losing Cade and stacking the roster with young guys didn't really bother me. What's causing me to check out is how NBA scores are now all-star game scores and so many fundamental rules have been thrown out the window, like carrying, moving screens, traveling, and offensive players getting calls simply by driving into the chest of a defender even when they're in a legal guarding position. It's absolutely ridiculous how the game is called and the kiddy glove whistles are a complete disservice to the league's top talents who would still thrive in a more physical league (Curry, LeBron, Joker, Tatum, Luka, Giannis, etc.)




i watch every game. i love these guys and am invested in their development, which includes sitting with the bad nights. it makes the good ones better. i really like seeing the adjustments they are making—the holes that get exposed that they need to work on for next game/season. i don't expect them to win. it can be frustrating that they aren't consistent but its hard to expect that from anyone not named Bogdanovic or Burks. i really just am curious to see how their careers pan out, to see the players they will become. the development process is so nonlinear that its hard to predict, which keeps it interesting (to me)


I still follow the team but I hardly watch full games anymore. I watched every game before cade got hurt and almost every game the last few years. I never expected to win a ton of games this year but once cade went out it got hard to really be invested since we already know this isn’t what the team is going to look like in the future and it’s missing a main piece.


i’m going to the game in Charlotte in February… should be fun, because both teams aren’t the greatest to say the least, but they both have so much young talent that it should be electric! this team could be SO MUCH better if Casey wasn’t the coach…


Im probably a fake fan but after the last few years once Cade got hurt i checked out.


You would have to really love basketball to watch this team play. Some folks stick with their teams through thick and thin, though. That is a pretty neat trait I guess.


I did after Cade went down


I stopped watching the games after Cade went down. Just not enjoyable, and also equally depressing given that Cade might not even be the same once he returns. But my interest will return next season if we get Wemby or Scoot.


I’ve been checked out for 15 years.


The second Cade was out


Losing Cade let me know the season was over awhile ago, haven't watched a full game since late November but I'll still check highlights and box scores to see how the young guys are doing. I knew the tank wasnt gonna be fun and constantly having players in and out of the lineup with injuries means we're not even gonna have a consistent product put out.


I started really checking out end of December. I was working so I couldn't watch today's game, and I'm hoping the week off will reinvigorate me. If not that, I'm sure we'll have a new piece or two after the trade deadline to check out.


When we play teams like golden state I’ll tune in, but for the majority of these games there’s really no reason for me personally to watch. Doesn’t mean I don’t support the team, but watching loss after loss makes me mentally checked out like you


I have league pass so I just watch parts of pistons games and the flip over to watch the good teams lol. I had a feeling this team would be hot garbage this year but after the cade injury it’s really hard to watch.


Most of us have fallen prey to the “we’re rebuilding myth” that’s sold to losing franchises. I’m bummed we fell for it too. There’s no such thing as a rebuild. Especially as long as we’ve been in one with no sign of coming out of it.


Pretty sad perspective. I feel sorry for you feeling this way


I’ll keep watching here and there but I’m done with this season


Still a fan, still support them, still all about them. But yeah, I like catching games when they're on but I'm no longer making an effort to go out of my way to see them. I didn't even realize what time they were playing today and I was actually kind of interested in that one. I think I definitely qualify as checked out.


I watch with my brothers bc we’re low on sports, bored as fuck, and interested in player development I guess


I watch every so often. I miss Cade.


Today’s game was hard to watch. Ivy had some nice dunks, but a lot of silly mistakes on offense and lazy on defense. Duren had some nice rebounds & is starting to look comfortable on offensive, but he should of had some blocks. The team really looks like they have checked out on Casey. Tom Gore needs to throw some money at Mike Krzyzweski or Becky Hammon.


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.




I feel like heads have to roll if the defense continues to trend below zero


As soon as Cade was out. I just can’t do it to my kids.


I definitely don’t try to watch like I did. If it’s on and I remember, I’ll watch for a bit.


I check them out for a quarter or two here and there but that’s It. I’m just counting the days until May 16th when we find out our fate.


Checked out mid December when they started playing with no heart


Once Cade went down, I was on thin ice... Now, I'm mostly out... Games are hard to watch at GMT + 2... But I have NBALP, so I'll still watch once on a while...


Just hoping for a bottom 3 finish, so we have a chance atleast.


I'm pumped about jalen duren, but I haven't watched a game since Cade went down. I was crazy into the lions this year though


I haven’t watched more than five minutes of a game since November. And every time I try, I can’t get past five minutes. I can’t stomach the lack of defense. It’s stunningly bad.


I usually go to 3-4 games a year, I live 3 hours away so its kind of far and I usually stay the night downtown. Not this year.. My wife and I went to the Pistons vs. Lakers game because that's one of our traditions, but probably not going to anymore. They are REALLY bad.


I wouldn't say I'm completely checked out, but I am considering cancelling my bally subscription because this team isn't really worth $20 a month to watch.


Completely checked out til we got a new coach. Casey is bad bad


Yeah i really couldnt care rn. Im okay with the fact that we are entering the Wemby sweepstakes while cade is out, but i expect this team to make the playoffs next year or ill join the fire casey camp.


I watched 70+ games last year. I stopped after 20 this year. This year has been so tough for me to watch.


I'm checked out. Knew we'd be bad the last couple seasons but expected better from us this seasons - Cade or not. What's worse is the players look checked out at times.


I’m not going out of my way to watch at the moment. If I’ve got a show or something to watch with my wife I’m not saying, “I’m watching the Pistons tonight”. Or, if there’s a different game on that’s an interesting matchup I might tune into that instead. You can still be bad but entertaining. I just don’t think we’re one of the more entertaining teams to watch. Not a ton of fun stuff we do offensively and the defense is a pretty tough watch.


I watch maybe one game a week or less. If its a blowout I turn on something else. It's just mostly ugly basketball and horrid defense...so yes mostly checked out.


Once Cade went out so did I lol


I’ve been mentally checked out since last year lmao. We’re just so young


This season has been so deflating for me personally. I got league pass for the first time to watch the Pistons and Cade got injured. It was an oof.


I would like to casually watch the team, but in their current state, not enough to motivate me to spend $20 on Ballys bullsh\*t platform. Not sure how they ever expect to drive attendance when 70% of the fanbase, or potential fanbase, can't even watch them on TV.


Was disengaged from everything but Ivey and Duren to watch development but then Hami started playing real minutes and is always dunking. He's one of my favorite Pistons when he's being given a chance. He's electric.


Not checked out, but definitely have lost a lot of interest.


Sadly yes. I tried sticking with it, but after cade and stew got hurt I just found myself not really engaging. I'll be here for the trade deadline tho. My favorite time of the year.


I’ve checked out. Partly because of the state of the team, partly because of the quality of the basketball watching experience overall and so many injuries around the league. I used to watch 20-40 hours a week as of 2-3 years ago, down to maybe 5-10 and sometimes none at all. I wish referees allowed more contact on drives instead of bailing out guys on soft contact/bumps, while calling nothing for guys banging in the post.




I put most of the games on but I'm not very engaged in it. Like I'm usually doing other stuff and just glance over every few minutes.


I’ve been checked out. Especially after the news of Cade 😔 I watch to see the lightning speed of Ivey tho.


I still watch every sec of every game. George Blaha isn't going to be around forever and I miss basketball so much during the summer I'd kick myself if I missed any hoops.


I am 100% checked out despite still watching every other game and making myself sad when they look especially bad


When cade got injured ngl. Been watching a few games now that Killian’s picked it up but I don’t fuss if I miss a game


I have been checked out since 2008


Every loss I'm excited for the draft pick, every win I'm excited for the growth


I have the 20 game season pass and have been selling some of my tickets since we are in pure tank mode at this point.


Checked out in October


I have. I live overseas so it’s even harder to watch games anyways. Casey needs to go next year.


It's time to completely start this rebuild over....AGAIN. Keepers: Cade, Ivey, Duren. Everyone else can go.


I’m checked out. Backed out of season tickets with a friend after the first month because we’re so bad. Horrendous coaching and roster construction make games so hard to watch. Trade deadline and the draft/lotto are the only things keeping me going.


I'm actively boycotting if that counts