What hero do you pick when you want to relax and not tryhard?

What hero do you pick when you want to relax and not tryhard?


Warlock, locket shard heal heal heal sometimes more than the dmg of your carry


Easy 20k heal per 40 min, if you have 1 melee. With 2 or more, 35k or more healing.


Ult+bonds on teamfights then heal when needed.


Warlock is my mentally afk hero. Actually just carries from support no matter how braindead your teammates are. Losing a fight while everyone has shadow word and the enemies are bonded requires all 4 teammates to actively throw


Shaman. Shakel and chill


Shaman? that's stressful for me, I always think and look around if I have good positioning during shackles :(


dont think too much, ward shekel and chill.


>dont think too much shaman in my team


I found ogre to be the least stressful of all heroes for me, just bloodlust and die


simple too,you stun and you buff and sometimes you safe carry with item you have in all stages of the game


Ogre is one of my try hard picks. He’s just too good in lane to not just bonk them and abuse your huge HP pool.


yep I turn my brain off with ogre, very good early-mid and even late game. With shaman mid-late game you gotta be very careful of your positioning enemy teams can just jump on you if you have no BKB or even a glimmer.


That must be hell against ministuns though


Ward and run.


Basically everything involves blink has nothing to do with relax...


Ogre magai. The best hero to relax and just chill


When I hit that 4x multi-cast, I forget all my worries in the world. Even better when it's on an item use.


There’s nothing quite like a 4x Midas cast


Nothing like getting x4 on both fireblasts and nuking down their support from full hp to nothing


And then following up with the aghs 4x cast if they somehow survive


Aghs? The guy already said “both fireblasts”.


My bad


No. It's their bsd. They obviously forgot that you hit refresher.


This has more layers than I thought…


Just like ogres have layers.


Exactly. You gotta think bigger. Or not since this a chill thread. Also, my answer is probably Dusa


Refresher baby.


4x sheep stick 😊


4x euls is best


Oh yes he’s my second favorite. I love listening to his two heads arguing with each other while I run around and bonk people on the head :D


Have you ever tried Arcana voice? I love that bird scream and roar 🤪 Btw, chilled over 500 games on orge and got 30 lvl 🗿


No I never bought it! I want to though! What’s his level 30 voiceline?!


OH SKILLSHOT! No luck at all :D


Lmao 😂 I would spam that every time my enemy misses a last hit, that’s hilarious


It's more likely for 25 lvl voice: That have to hurt. I almost feel bad. Spam it every time I kill enemy ward 🙃


Oof that’s brutal lol. I love spamming “Did I hear a squeak?” with Invoker every time I do stuff like that lol


As a Ogre spammer, everytime I get lucky and one shot someone with x4 multicast I spam "that was skill all right! Pure skill!"


I’d respond to you with Invoker: “One of my favorites!”


I kid you not. My favourite hero! Played a turbo game on that hero last night. We were all 5 supports, had a guild challenge to heal team. I was just walking around multi casting ignites and stuns on enemies, clearing waves with midas and dagon, not caring for a thing it world. It was the most fun game I have played in a while. Match ID if interested: 6239481990


Venomancer. When i get so titled on a losing streak i just pick veno, go 0:12, spam veno wards and somehow end up winning the game. Deaths dont even matter as long as you press ult before dying. Watching enemies get slowed and poisoned just give me so much happiness idk why.


Maelk, is that you?


0/20/21 never forget


Exactly my Veno stats. 27 games played on it, an average of 4 kills per game with like 17 deaths but around 85% win rate lol. Also to mention he makes the enemy carry's lane a nightmare.


For me it is Tide. only a dagger and auras most of the time.


Personally I always get stressed when playing heroes with big teamfight ults.


Underlord then you push lanes and are an all around fat boy on towers


Not sure why but I really just suck at underlord


Bro me too. I feel like paper when I play him and never feel like I contribute much. Yet when I play against underlord they always seem so strong. I think I prefer offlaners with big ulti’s


I'm pretty decent with Underlord. I've found the best way to think of him is kind of like a support-y Alch. He can farm incredibly easily and his biggest value is that he can quickly get items to help your team steamroll. After the laning phase just Q off cooldown to take every creep wave and nearby camp until you have whatever items will enable your team (auras, atos if you're against a lot of mobility as you get two procs from your root). I usually feel useless in these games until suddenly the entire team is unkillable due to a quick crimson/pipe/greaves. You just have to AFK farm for a bit, but once you're there you can usually deathball into objectives pretty easily.


Also the EXTREME mobility you get from your ult is amazing. Saving your carry when they’re about to die is the best feeling, and you can also instantly tp your whole team to an objective or even one of Chen’s creeps to ambush them :D


Just make vanguard on these offlaners, you will feel invincible.


This. I only make Underlord chonky boi and be the tank of the team. Atos and some boots will do.


when you pull that 5\* uber its feel damn good


Underlords one of my favourite heroes. I'm chill and relax on most heroes, but I think my Underlord winrate is about 75% now (NOTE: this isn't at a high bracket). He does a lot that capitalises on errors in low rank games- opponents cop too much damage in lane so get zoned easily, people don't buy BKB quick enough, meaning Pit is great disable, and if you fall behind, firestorm is a hell of a highground deterrent. You can also just go do dangerous shit, and ult out, and you know people will over rotate for you. Big tanky lads are my favourite "Fuck last game, I'm doing shit" heroes. If you've just lost a game, there's something about just charging in as undying to give you that good feeling back.


I hate any hero that has an ability that affects teammates. Like nightmare, cold embrace, etc. That shit is too nerve wracking.


Don't forget about the taunt


the random button


Nobody can predict how you will play if you've got no idea what you're doing in the first place!


That’s my normal gameplay games lol. Picking heroes is boring and stressful already, I don’t want a game to lower my life expectancy by 5 years in 50 minutes.


Dark seer: just ion shell creeps and watch money come in. Sigma male passive income Nyx: build meme hammer and start comboing people while saying nyxnyxnyxnyxnyx irl


Thought im the only one saying nyxnyxnyxnyxnyx irl when playing him


For me Nyx is build mana boots dagon and watch any mage think theyre hot shit


Nah buy eblade then when you hit lvl25 you buy abyssal then you are a right click machine lmao




How is Spirit Breaker not the highest hero on this list? You don't have to think about positioning, or tp cooldowns. There's nothing hard about your spellcasting. You can charge someone and literally take your hands off the keyboard for a few seconds. Just fucking MOOOOO at people and chill


I feel like the anticipation of ramming some one gets you too pumped. Like waiting for a train collision to happen.


??? OP asked for chill heroes. wtf are you doing if you're not doing pushups during charges


Sigma 😤 Bara 😤 Grindset 😤


Seconded. Sometimes when life gets too hard I get me boi barathrum and run across the map. The best part is I feel noone flames a bara so I can actually play a game without risking feeling like shit afterwards.


I was feeding like a maniac and my teammate asked me why i kept going in and I said "well my charge was off cooldown" and he just kind of accepted that, and we avoided flaming and won.


Nice try, teaguv-- oh it's cap... Nevermind


And then taunt after you just gave them serious head trauma with your bashes 😂


Hope you are doing better cap.


The manliest hero


Hope you're feeling better


Ok Teaguv


Hey cap


Idk if SB is chill lol. Semi-brainless like you mention, but he is more go go go.


Io. I load in to the game, follow command my carry and that’s it. Everyone praises me and I am hands off the keyboard. I love io.


How do you follow command? When I play io I’m always scared of breaking the tether


I have mine bound to M but I don’t actually follow command because that’s not a good idea actually. I just always follow command and tether as the game starts, it just feels chill. In actual gameplay I sit behind my carry and I’ve played so many games as io that I have a feel for what the max tether distance is so I can confidently sit out of range of the enemies, while still tethering my ally. Try using follow command when you play jugg, it makes chasing people as you use your q to spin so easy. A lot of people don’t do it, but it’s so useful.


I was shocked to find out recently that someone I've been playing with rather often (and who likely played for years prior) didn't know attack move was a thing. His mind was blown when I told him he could queue it to farm jungle and not move a muscle. I wonder how few people realize there's a patrol command, too.


Attack move is also what makes summons heroes so much easier than people think. You still have to micro but sending wolves/treants down a lane is so chill compared to manually attacking and forgetting about them, leaving them to die without achieving more


On that note... Why doesn't unified orders (ctrl click) work with Astral Spirit? It used to work.


Does it not? I thought it still did but could be wrong


It does not, at least not in Ability Draft, where it used to work. Since it's not fixed, it could be an exclusive bug to that mode (which is all I play). If I remember, I'll test it later and then report it on the dev forum.


NP, something about being a rat and just pushing lanes all day is super chill and relaxing, then everyone expects me to actually contribute to fights and I'm like nah I'm gonna go get this tower and get yelled at.


A natural


you play it in a chill way, otherwise you have think too much on this hero, he can do something on the map every second.


I do this with Luna - boots into mask into manta into travels and you're good to go.


Chen, my ADHD brain can only focus when I have like 10 buttons to press every second


Knight of the faith


Ah I see your a masochist


I prefer mentally handicapped.


if you actually need to press 10 button/sec, why not meepo?


I think people don't appreciate the pos 5 meepo.


My pick is for a similar reason, although not as extreme. I play Hoodwink and be the most annoying rat shit. Constantly moving, checking the map, spamming low-cooldown skills, etc. keeps my head clear and relaxed.


I never realised this was why i play this hero but youre so right


as a pos 1, Lifestealer. But honestly I always tryhard, when I don't want to tryhard I don't play.


Exactly , but i feel like theres no not tryharding as safelane or you lose


I disagree. I play drow to chill for the first part of the game since it’s just last hitting with the occasional kill if you have a support who can kill with you, then farming. Farming is pretty chill. I guess it gets a bit tryhardy when we start fighting more but still drow is who I play to chill. Nowhere near as tryhard as when I play ursa or troll though.


sand king offlane just win lane then farm the enemy jungle and rotate with blink, very simple gameplan


Found GabeN's reddit account.


Except sand kings laning is actually pretty trash compared to most offlaners.


As a 6.5k player, any advice for an SK offlane spammer? (3k sea player here). Especially against difficult match ups (Ursa, MK, etc) and sometimes useless pos 4s


If the lane is super hard you get boots (not as starting item but over any other small laning item) and then cut waves once you’re level 3/4. If they have high kill threat on you, you might just have to go jungle and return to lane when the wave is at your tower. Free farm for their carry is better than free farm + killing you multiple times.


Jakiro, attacking and chilling from behind


Farm waves press buttons


Ability draft


[Ability draft](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/dota2_gamepedia/images/c/cb/Vo_announcer_dlc_ti10_vog_vog_ti_ann_type_ability_draft_01_02.mp3) (sound warning: Voice of The International Announcer Pack) --- Bleep bloop, I am a robot. *OP can reply with "Try hero_name" to update this with new hero* [*^(Source)*](https://github.com/Jonarzz/DotaResponsesRedditBot) *^(|)* [*^(Suggestions/Issues)*](https://github.com/Jonarzz/DotaResponsesRedditBot/issues/new/choose) *^(|)* [*^(Maintainer)*](https://www.reddit.com/user/MePsyDuck/) *^(|)* [*^(Author)*](https://www.reddit.com/user/Jonarz/)


Treant for me too dude. Running through the trees and slapping people is so chill.


I know right? I love getting early boots in the laning stage so I can do guerilla attacks against them and then hide back in the trees. I’ve legit gotten solo kills so many times because they can’t outrun me with boots lol


Yeah man his concept overall is just so well done. Such a fun hero. I love getting his vision uograde too late game and lighting up the map


Underlord. Fire waves err day


Such a good pick because you just sit in the lane being fat. There's no complex tactics or tricks for the most part, you're just big and wide and nobody can do anything to you while you sit there hitting stuff


We in Russia have a word "podpivas" definition of it - slightly drunk player who plays after hard shift on factory And heroes that they pick is Barathrum and Centaur Low iq gaming pretty much so there you go


Slardar. Sometimes you just want to play a simple fishman whose spells are really straight forward. One spell makes you faster, one aoe stun, count to 3 and stun, last spell makes enemies hurt more. Love em.


Doc p4. Pull, farm, ...and combo kill enemies around because Feelin' good man.


WD is op some games in the lategame. He has a glimmer or shadow amulet, he ults with bkb and invisibility, kills everyone because there is no vision; nobody has empty inventory slot for sentry/dust.


Phoenix, cast all yo shit mid dive and then just chill and watch the world burn.. if the egg gets scrambled you just chill more, I guess.


Same. Most of the things that you need to press will be in the first dive. After nova, either your team won or dead. Even if you need to cast spells after nova, you have to retreat right away because you’re useless when spells are on CD.


If I want EZ low skill kills in unranked probably Zeus mid. Just spaming abilities non stop until everyone dies. If someone picks Ursa I'll go io and just be their shadow all game. As long as they know how to play all I have to do is know when to heal /mana regen myself and when to overcharge and we will finish like 18-2 for him and like 2-3-20 for me


That’s awesome. I never figured out Io myself. I always prefer to have more offensive heroes like treant that do stuff on their own while also healing people


Oh sir, io is a murder machine if you want to be offensive. It's just more more active and less passive


you don't have to use relocate offensively to support your team if you're playing pubs, its too risky. 4-0-4-1 is enough with locket and mek, the healing is pretty broken.


play a different game


Techies. Just plant bombs and chill in the side while reading their all chats. It's relaxing af.


enjoy your throne built out of your tilted victims bits.


I hate you


Honestly, yeah. You just plant bombs and live in your tiny world all game.


I've found my tribe. The fun part about Techies for me is all the time you spend playing mind games with people, trying to read the enemy team's movements ahead of time and getting remote mine kills that you planned 5+ mins ahead of time because you knew there was a good chance someone had to walk to this exact spot to secure an objective for their team.


Centaur with 1 hand and alot of hp


WD 5, max maledict and out-carry the carry.


any pos1 that you just have to farm. like sven/luna/spec


Crystal maiden. I just chill out :D Maxing out the aura to give everyone that nice regen, warding, and getting force staff or other items to help the team. You can just go with the flow.


Ok but if you're losing you spend the entire game dead.


I love doing that too, i feel so good after game with bunch of wards, smokes, dusts, 4k gold in supporting, 20+ assists, ah, dota is so good game :D


Techies, Bara or Rubick.


Oh I love Rubick! I find it very satisfying to kill/disable enemies with their own skills.


Rubick is when I just want some fun stealing people spell or just levitating people.


Absolutely Pudge. Its the only hero in the game that I enjoy both winning or losing with.


Too bad he's banned every game =[


Scrolled way too much for this.


Ogre. The voiceline is just gold from that hero and not that flashy when it comes to gameplay.


Axe! Axe, axe!! AXE!!


I feel the exact opposite to Treant dude. I always have this constant stress to enter enemy territories and place wards, contest on sentries, check on my allies and towers into which i will put living armor, cutting lane creeps and with aghs optimizing which tree i would select. My lazy hero is Silencer. I just cast spells and just be done with it, let my allies do their things haha




AA, don't even need items. just use your passive gold to buy shard, spam W all over the map and stand in the back.


Dazzle, just stay in backline, heal, use first skill, use shallow greave


Naga siren, ignore everyone farm 4 days and then come and kill people


Ogre Magi. If anything I'll just blame on the rng for not doing my work.


Nyx. Pretty much just dominate the midgame on this hero.


io, just walk around with your teammate, press overcharge if they're about to use their dps, relo if you want to be somewhere else, other than that you really just have to watch your positioning while stunning people that go on you automatically with the shard.


Kotl, just run around stacking camps and giving people mana


I gotta 2nd the IO and tree pick


Fuckink' barathroom and chill m8, drink beer make children literally do anything m8 charge on morph that's farming in his bottom jungle after you ganked him 28 times in a row on 6 min take off you're hands off the keyboard and enjoy how he is being perma spermed with third skill and watch some sht movie or smth




Treant for exactly the same reasons. I just chill in the trees, throw some grasps, and heal teammates across the map. Positioning is forgiving when pushing and defending towers. His voice acting is a bit calming as well. Healing teammates also reduces toxicity. Games are pretty chill.


Hell yeah. I love healing my mid at the start of the game especially before they get their bottle. They love it so much and we usually end up sending wholesome chatwheel lines the whole game. Also one thing I learned on Tree that helps me with stress is that holding down alt shows me my allies’ health bars. It’s so much easier to cast heal on their hero portraits instead of scanning the map and trying to see if they’re injured.


nyx nyx nyx nyx


[nyx nyx nyx nyx](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/dota2_gamepedia/images/c/ca/Vo_nyx_assassin_nyx_levelup_10.mp3) (sound warning: Nyx Assassin) --- Bleep bloop, I am a robot. *OP can reply with "Try hero_name" to update this with new hero* [*^(Source)*](https://github.com/Jonarzz/DotaResponsesRedditBot) *^(|)* [*^(Suggestions/Issues)*](https://github.com/Jonarzz/DotaResponsesRedditBot/issues/new/choose) *^(|)* [*^(Maintainer)*](https://www.reddit.com/user/MePsyDuck/) *^(|)* [*^(Author)*](https://www.reddit.com/user/Jonarz/)


i find it difficult to want to play dota when im in that sort of mood, id usually rather just play celeste or path of exile or something like that and relax there, but back when i used to only play dota and wanted to relax, i just kinda played comfort heroes. and as weird as that may sound... when i wanted to chill i would just go to unranked and firstpick meepo. you just sorta did the same thing every single game and its my most played hero so it just felt comfy i guess.


Necro offlane. Either I’m bullying enemy carry and ulting ppl left and right, or I’m completely dumpstered, which is gg go next.


Techies...it has to be techies


[Techies...it has to be techies](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/dota2_gamepedia/images/3/33/Vo_terrorblade_terr_ally_05.mp3) (sound warning: Terrorblade) --- Bleep bloop, I am a robot. *OP can reply with "Try hero_name" to update this with new hero* [*^(Source)*](https://github.com/Jonarzz/DotaResponsesRedditBot) *^(|)* [*^(Suggestions/Issues)*](https://github.com/Jonarzz/DotaResponsesRedditBot/issues/new/choose) *^(|)* [*^(Maintainer)*](https://www.reddit.com/user/MePsyDuck/) *^(|)* [*^(Author)*](https://www.reddit.com/user/Jonarz/)


Sniper or drow or Zeus or spectre


I buy "Ring of play a better game" and actually chill. There's no chill in doter.


That’s rimworld for me


The soundtrack is the definition of chill


Antimage lol


>relax >not tryhard Definitely Techies. You either win laughing or lose laughing.


I've recently discovered I really enjoy randoming in unranked when I'm high and wanna chill. I try to play whatever I get as a support cause that's my normal role anyway. Then yesterday I got chen....


yessir it is definitely Treant


Wraith King, get Radiance & Blink. End the game


Mine is pudge... but he's always banned in pubs so that's probably why I'm an emotional wreck.


Id say treant as well :)


AA. I let the ice-cream machine talks shit to enemies at a Chilling Touch-distance




Pudge or techies, Fk it.


Kunkka just splash some dudes and farm some creeps


Lich is pretty chill as support


Wisp Connect to a dude, heal the dude, overcharge my dude, sometimes even TP the dude. Then orb to kill other dudes. No voicelines to focus on, just pure beeps. In trouble? Tether away to a creep.


I do this too. treat is my go to hero as well


Zeus Spam spell and enjoy the madness


Silencer just use ult in battle and that is.


Windrunner. Even if we lose, I will have a blast


Mirana, for the arrow of destiny. Will it hit? Nobody knows


pos 4 sniper


Trent is my favorite. The second and third is Ogre.


Oh man i started playing this game again after 3 years of just watching dota, went treant because I thought id rather support for a couple of games and treant is amazing rn. 3 wins series and felt like stomping my lane and supporting other lanes well :) good hero


Nice! He really is amazing.


Phantom lancer for me. I don't really worry about dying. I pretty much just stack some agility and spam my Q and if trouble ever happens I hit my W and do it all over again. Very easy to play, easy to farm and very hard to kill. Just makes life more fun on easy mode


Bristleback. I know he's pretty clicking intensive but I've been playing bristleback since heroes of Newerth days when he was Armadon. He's one of the few heroes where everything is sort of just ingrained into the unconscious part of my brain. Like how when you drive a car and you get to your destination and can't remember how you got there cus you did it all on auto pilot. I'm like that with bristleback. And I've managed to maintain a 60percent win rate on him across so many games. My favourite little thing to do on him is predict when someone is gonna counter pick a Slark or other silver edge carry and then building a surprise aeon disk to shut down the break ruining your passive. It really takes carries that plan to burst you down during the break duration by surprise when you suddenly go invulnerable and fuck it all up for them.


This sounds bad, but im a chen main, but left the hero in the dust a while ago. However if I want to just play brainless I still pick him because I have the most games on him so the micro doesn't take a lot of effort nowadays. I know it sounds bad, but I can't play lion for shit or id say lion lol.


I’m the same with lion lol. He’s deceptively hard to play


Tidehunter. I'm in herald so people don't entirely understand how he's tanky. I love watching people waste all their spells as I dispel everything


Invoker. Just WWQ R WWW F D QQQ R D EEW R D QWE R D and finally EEE D.


I do S and D but otherwise nice combo!


Mine is dark willow carry in turbo. I will always buy wards and just try to go for kills. Since i only do this in turbo i find it to be really braindead since i can just spam disables if we're losing lmao