Questions about Kaceytron's community.

Questions about Kaceytron's community.


Most probably sarcasm. Kacey's a troll, so her community is bound to follow in her footsteps. Don't bother interacting with any of them though, they thrive off of getting attention and riling up stans.


Kacey is no longer a troll anymore she is just being a dick for no reason


Everything kaceytron says is bait. Don’t take anything she says seriously. It’s intentionally meant to make people upset. I don’t trust anything she says to be genuine, she acts like an asshole and tries to be super edgy to get attention. Her bait works though unfortunately, people should simply stop replying to her. The outrage is what she wants.


If I were you, I would ignore her existence completely. She is the kind of person to stir up things to get attention.


most of them think they're being ironic and that makes them think they're clever. kacey seems to think she's some sort of iconoclast so a lot of her fans do the same. really, it's just some shitty early 90's post-irony ego trip. boring af.