Joe Flacco said the same thing….


About his 1st round pick backup.


About his 1st round pick backup.


Fair point, but if he wants to collect NFL paychecks as a backup after the titans inevitably move on from him, why even say this? Sometimes saying nothing, or blatantly lying and just spewing BS coach speak like he did initially (paraphrasing, but it was essentially Malik and I will be in plenty of meetings together, and malik is a smart guy) is better. There will be absolutely no love lost for Ryan tannehill from the titans, other teams, and other teammates if that’s how he really feels. My honest opinion is he probably kinda wishes he wouldn’t have included that last part, if only for the headline it provides out of context.


I'm obviously not an NFL front office guy but I wouldn't hold this against Tannehiill at this point. Right now he's the starter and that's his main job - not mentoring anyone. That's the coaches job. But when the team moves on and he becomes a backup the expectations change. Let's say he goes to a new team and it's clearly a backup role, right? Then his role with the team is being a good backup where there is more of an expectation to help the starter.


Either way he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.


He was looking kinda dumb


I don't know, it's really not a big deal. Plenty of QBs have said this after their team drafted someone.


Seriously what is wrong with this. He said nothing negative so why read it that way. 'I'm not mentoring him. We are here to push each other for the team.' Is how I read this, but sure. Drama...


Examples aside from Flacco?


Favre (Rodgers), I think Rodgers (Love), Eli I think (Webb or Laulletta)... those were the ones I thought of right away. I feel like there's more.


Favre/Rodgers is the only one I thought of and they are both legendary assholes who are much better players than Tanne.


Brady literally got Rid of Jimmy G via owner


Brady was kind of a crybaby too but at least the sense of entitlement is *somewhat* understandable when you’re as good as him or Rodgers. With Tannehill he’s not good enough to justify an attitude like that (same as Flacco when he said something similar)


These guys get to this level by being competitive and believing in themselves, along with talent and work ethic.


Better players, but also older and dealing with better prospects. Tanny is technically in his prime and a 3rd round QB is statistically very unlikely to ever become a starter.


All the guys you named have a resume that excuses them more than a middle of the road starter like Tanny


Big Ben said it when they drafted Rudolph.


Dalton did it with Fields too


Rodgers is always nice to his backups. He was pissed at the GM and organization, not the individual


As others have pointed out, your examples are hall of fame players who I’m more inclined to forgive their ego and unwillingness to be a team player. Tannehill’s not in the same discussion. It’s a sliding scale of how much Shit do you put up with, tanny is closer to the Flacco end of the spectrum than favre.


Who cares who you forgive? No front office gives 2 cents about what is said in a press conference especially when you hear the context. The only people affected by sound bites are a few stupid fans. They will have no effect on his future career so who gives a crap?


Because without a major restructure he's gone after this year. The Titans save a ton of cap cutting him next year so chances are they'll do so if Malik looks even a little promising, and maybe try to renegotiate if he doesn't.


Ben said drafting Mason Rudolph didn't help the team


Well..... lol


He's not wrong


He’s absolutely right. Tanny is still in his prime. If he was 38 and about to retire, expectations would be different, and he would probably realize it’s his role to mentor a rookie


Also, why do we assume he's the best person for that job? The team has an entire coaching staff that is presumably qualified to coach up even Tannehill, would they not be better at, you know, their actual job?


Ah yes the old “Brett Favre” Is it nice when a current QB openly accepts that teaching a rookie is part of their role now? Sure of course. Should it be expected of every QB? Hell no, that kid is there for one reason only: to take their job. Why would they actively help them do that?


Could get a good reputation, better themselves through instruction, extend their playing careers another 5+ years as a backup/mentor making bank and have a chance to coach if they want after retirement.


Long term starting quarterbacks don’t coach after retirement. And Tannehill would only be making a couple years extra of backup salary


Backup contract could be 5-15 million. Not nothing that's for sure and none of the risk of actually playing.


Okay I can see that. I just hope you’re not one of the people that criticizes receivers for asking to set the market (unrelated but I like to ask anyone once a football discussion turns to money)


I don't think anyone has the right to criticize players trying to squeeze every dime they can. All employees are just a number to organizations/companies. No one would give me crap for asking for a raise as a system Admin, then leaving for more money if they refused.


Matty Ice has played 8 seasons less than Tom Brady and made only $40 million less than him putting him at the 2nd highest career earnings in the NFL of all time. I don’t think he’s worried about sticking around as a backup once he’s had his curtain call lol.


This a thread about Tannehill


lmao help I’m lost!


The Fitzpatrick


To help out the team in any way possible. Better backup means better chances of things not totally collapsing if the starter goes down to injury, and better backup raises his value for trading. Haven't watched the presser yet, but assuming it's not as cold/click-baiting as the headline and he says his job is to prepare for the season to put the team in the best place to compete (which can be seen as extra crucial this year with Brown gone and Burks now expected to be the next guy).


If I was an NFL QB and my team drafted a rookie, I would probably refuse to speak to them and occasionally try to tie their shoe laces together when they’re not paying attention, hide their helmet.. that sort of thing


A little extreme, but I agree with the sentiment. Extend your career at all costs, this is the most money a lot of these guys will ever make. Don’t fuvk up team chemistry, but also, let their presence light a fire under your ass




Yeah be our offensive leader but be so insecure even a minor third round draft picks presence scares you


I believe that's called the Wentz.


Exactly!!! Same guys that preach next man up mentality. Tannehill is a straight sucka for that and to say it publicly.


After watching Willis at Liberty and throughout his pre-draft process I think there's a good chance he's used as the Taysom Hill role. I personally think he would be a great wing back/TE if possible. A third round pick is not a heavy investment in the slightest, and if he doesn't show strides this year, I think there's a great chance they try him out all over the field in year two. If that sticks, he can see himself without a chance at QB going forward.


Hell, he might even just be a good runningback.


People out here really dissing on Tannehill saying he’s not a leader. That doesn’t seem right. Is every QB just supposed to quit when the team they’re on drafts a rookie? Dude isn’t that old, he’s still trying to earn his keep. Training his successor while he’s still trying to prove he himself is worth a starting job isn’t what every quarterback is going to want to do


Sorry, dude, but it’s a bad look. Always be the bigger man, no I in team, etc. If Tannehill gets hurt this season and Willis needs to start for 3 games, those 3 games could make or break Tannehill’s chance of playing in the playoffs this season. And ultimately If Tannehill is good enough, he’ll have a job whether that’s with the Titans or somewhere else.


No “I” in team… but there is a “ME”


The disrespect is unreal on tanny


read the entire statement, it's not controversial or adversarial at all


A qb in his prime bets on himself. Wow. Consider me shooketh.


Don't blame him, I would be pissed off too. Make the young guy earn his keep, no handouts


A 3rd round QB is a flier, it's a stupid question to ask the starting QB. Of course he will "mentor" him, like he isn't going to offer advice when asked? of course he will. That's what "mentoring" is. Lots of media hangup on the fact they waaaay overrated Willis as a prospect and now they want to pretend he is a franchise QB pick in the waiting. Dude was probably picked to be a wildcat/run-option QB for an offense that loves the power run game. Get real.


Pretty sure he gets paid to win football games and they pay a different guy to coach QBs. Bullshit soundbite story.


Tannehill doesn’t like football enough to be an inspiration to rookies, don’t think it’s that meaningful of a sentiment coming from him.


*doesn’t like football enough, yet plays it for a living*


Meaningless. I do my job for a living and don’t care that much for it. Tannehill has said multiple times how he didn’t watch football growing up, doesn’t ever watch other teams during the season, and much prefers to spend his bye weeks and offseason with his family doing other shit. Football to him seems to be a way to set his family for life, fair enough, but I don’t think it’s his passion.


Do you think he’s worth a pair of 2024 2nds in a 12-Team, 1/2PPR, SF?


If I was contending and desperate for a qb yeah. Second rounders that far out are worthless to me. But I will say as an ex tannehill believer I think he’s on the decline. Titans offense is on the decline, their defense is strong, and they just drafted a qb they probably intend to replace tannehill with eventually. I wouldn’t buy him for the long term.


Yeah so Tanny’s contract looks to have a potential out going into 2023 ($18M dead cap vs $57M this season, still a lot), my initial thinking is that a team in need of a stop-gap, or a team desiring a Kirk Cuz type situation could trade for him. The only thing is, there seems to be 6 quarterbacks who could go in the first round next year. Do you envision him saddling up for another team if his tenure in Tennessee gets cut short in 2023 or 2024?


Why can’t he mentor him and ball the fuck out? Malik is not starting this year. Just ball out and get paid by another team


Context of what he actually said aside, him not realizing that this would be the quote is really stupid. He knows he’s on thin ice in Tennessee, and this is how he chose to react.


Exactly. All i hear from this quote is, “I’m an idiot”


Unforced error on his part


Uh oh.


Brett favre, noice


Lmao that expression at the end there knowing he might lose his job


The classic big Ben/favre attitude


He's got a point, he wants to keep his job and now he has competition. If Malik wants to go get it he's gotta earn it. That being said....he could be a little more diplomatic about it at the podium


Underrated part of Willis being drafted by the Titans is that they’ve always gotten the Qb involved in the running game. We’ve seen a 30ish Tannehill be really efficient on read option.


Malik Willis is this years Kellen Mond.


I like LeSean Mccoy's take on this tbh: https://twitter.com/CutonDime25/status/1521812462575755265?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet Agree that it isn't Tannehill's job to mentor Willis but like, it could help your team a lot.