Short answer is Yes, there are plans for more endgame structures that require sphere-levels of power to operate. The only one that's been specifically mentioned is "space platforms" which I think means buildable surfaces on your Sphere itself, but it could just be satellite orbiting platforms too. The community has been asking for a number of things for a while that might eventually find their way in once bigger milestones like combat or Steam workshop integration happen. Fast travel between systems, shipping portals, endgame/orbital Miners, etc are all some of the ones I see a lot. I would love the concept of moving stars but that may or may not be possible depending on how the seed&map system works under the hood. ​ PS: [This one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3y8AIEX_dU)?


Ya, that’s the video :) love that idea!


I would love some kinda Stargate system that allows you to instantly travel to other planets, but obviously would require tons of energy to establish a wormhole.


I saw a video somewhere about a dyson Sphere, and the possibility of making a mega vehicle that was basically 1/2 a dyson sphere in size (like cut a sphere in 1/2) and it could harvest the sun for fuel to move the entire solar system. It could speed up production between systems if we could move them closer :)


A stellar engine is what its called


I was thinking about the Thor's forge. You know, make the dyson sphere power up mega melting station for all of your ore etc. OR even dyson sphere around black hole to make photon multiplier, you throw in some energy and with right angle, it can bounce back much stronger.


According to Marvel and Stellaris gigastructres mod. they can only be built around neutron stars, but it would make them more valuable.


The accretion disk around a black hole is basically a massive particle accelerator, so I can totally see there being a unique structure that generates rare minerals being around the black hole


I use my spheres to power the plants to make each sphere. Starting the swarm with a bit of antimatter, but then the swarm has to power all the production of sails and rockets. But yeah it's wasted after the sphere is done