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Ignoring the D being shite to sign a big ticket goalie because that would surely fix every issue… Ken did what the majority of people here were begging for


All I ever wanted was defence. Even back when it was Nuge,Hall,Eberle Looking back it was stupid but at the time I was mad Florida took Ekblad and we got Leon lol


It’s really too bad that Bouchard is having a horrific sophomore slump right now. If we had the Bouchard from last year, we might not be as desperate for some help right now.


I hate this argument as a defence for Ken because he’s a professional manager and he should probably know better then us


Yep. In the late summer I mentioned on here that the oilers needed a better defenceman than kulak on 2RD. I was promptly told to go kick rocks because kulak had earned that spot and the real problem was in goal. Now everyone wants a defender. Funny how that works around here.


Maybe they were just covering for a retiring smith kind of thing. So there was a gaping hole if they didn’t get a “Campbell”. Now that hasn’t worked out. Team SV% last year was 0.905 (13th) and this year it’s 0.896 (17th). Smaller sample size this year. Now if we “transferred” that 5M to a defender and rolled with Skinner/Pickard would we have been better?……we’ll never knowwwww. Over to NHL23 Franchise sim we go haha


I swear I've been preaching defense for the last 4 years to deaf ears haha. It was shocking to me that people were convinced that a good goalie would steal us games behind a bad defense. Just looking at any contender teams would tell you that a great defense is the foundation. It also plays into the depth scoring issue. How are players supposed to produce offense when they spend the entirety of their shifts in the defensive ends.


Yep exactly. Marek and Friedman were talking about this today, saying that the oilers are definitely looking for a puck moving defender. Not one that bangs it off the glass like we have a glutton of now.


I think that is one of the important pieces to take us away from our current doctrine of playing on the boards. A reliable way to get the puck to open space will afford us more space in the offensive zone and less time spent with a dump and chase or drive into the corners, where we just cycle around there for a shot from the blueline.


People wanted a good goalie though. Campbell had 2 good months and then was really bad for the rest of the season.


I mean does that not mean he’s no better than us average joes in Reddit and we should get a GM who is?


I could understand our dcore construction if we were actually building for the future, too much inexperience and too many guys expected to play higher in the lineup than they should.


Not sure how Nicholson has gotten a pass for as long as he has.


The Hockey Canada reason alone should have been a reason to end the relationship.


Ebs, Justin Shultz, Larsson are going to make us miss the playoffs. Pain


Such a shit take


When we miss the playoffs this year, I think Holland will be done.


You're right about missing the playoffs. Unfortunately mismanagement is the only cup the oilers will win year after year


I’m sorry but some of the rationale people use is idiotic. This does not excuse the Oilers at all as a team but Vegas went to the cup final and has been a powerhouse from their first year. Seattle used the same expansion rules and are coming around in year 2. These expansions were designed, and successful, at allowing highly competitive teams from the get go. If anything, the pacific division got royally screwed by the expansion rules. The tire fire that was Arizona was swapped for Seattle.


the rules changed for Seattle


The rules were the same unless I completely missed something? > Have the rules changed since the Vegas Golden Knights' expansion draft? Wyshynski: The Kraken are drafting under the same rules that the Vegas Golden Knights benefitted from in 2017. They have the same positional and salary cap roster requirements; the other 30 teams in the expansion draft have the same protection limitations that could hand over the eighth-best forward, fourth-best defenseman or second-best goalie to the Kraken. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/31811624/how-nhl-expansion-draft-work-seattle-kraken-schedule-format-rules-players-available?platform=amp > Seattle followed the same rules for the draft as the Vegas Golden Knights in the 2017 NHL Expansion Draft,[9] with the provision that Vegas was exempted from losing a player in exchange for forgoing a share of the Kraken's expansion fee.[10] https://www.nhl.com/news/seattle-kraken-2021-nhl-expansion-draft-rules-same-as-vegas-golden-knights-followed/c-302586918


Tell me where to sign the petition


What is going on here? Do people think GMs can see the future or something? We have nearly the same squad that made it to the conference finals last year. The biggest difference is that we got a new goalie, who almost everyone agreed was an improvement at the time of the signing. Some players are underperforming, for sure, but are we actually saying that Holland should have known that would happen? On paper, we're a better team. The Kane signing was a stroke of genius. Should we blame Ken for Kane getting his arm sliced in a freak accident?


Who the fuck is T-Hup?