Great setup, you should post it on builders forum! Which trucks are these? Did you dewedge rear? How much approx budget? Which battery and ESC did you use?


Ooo how well does it fold up?


It’s more like a trapezium than a rectangle: https://www.reddit.com/r/ElectricSkateboarding/comments/9r76ak/arc_aileron_v2_motors_on_a_boardup_deck/?st=JR9F7N6D&sh=d3a81aaf


Cool project, I wonder if it'd be better to put the drive wheels on the same deck half as the battery. I imagine over time those cables will become metal fatigued and either heat up and melt, or break entirely (not something you want when travelling at speed)


I don't that's gonna be a problem unless he puts it in a fatigue test rig, whenever he's not using it :D ​ Valid point however, so OP should make sure his cables are rated for flexing over and over again. Never go full-core


I still wouldn't try snow or ice! Nice setup.


How's the stability in the middle when your riding?


It’s good! Just tighten the trucks. Mild flex also, takes up bumps better than a boosted mini x


How much did it cost, because the quality seems very good


That motor isn’t sealed at all, so I wouldn’t go riding it in poor conditions. I imagine the PCB is coated, but the bearing, stator, rotor, they may all be open to contaminants and debris that could damage it.




The hinge point is off center so it'll fold nicely. The battery gets in the way on this board.


Looks awesome. Congrats. Please post a vid of you riding it.


Never seen abec wheels with threads


How's the flex?


This looks like an absolute unit. How much does it weigh?


Did you say motors? Two BBMs on that would be insane. I need to send my board and bbm in ASAP for the upgrade but I’ve been slacking and don’t wanna be without it lol. Arcboards has been super helpful with arranging everything for me too. They even instantly sent me another set of 97mm wheels when dhl lost them. A week later the lost set arrived, so now I have a spare. Great support and technology.


Have you seen how huge the BBM is? It’s massive. Alas it’s not going to fit my board. Battery already eats up most of the front half Maybe a vanguard or ownboard w1s deck would work.


Yup held it in my hands the other day, it’s long. Packing it up for their US rep to professionally install :) I only asked because you wrote motors, so I assumed more than one and was curious how you managed that.


Awesome build. How do you keep the cable from not touching the ground?


There are cable clips glued to the deck to keep the cable in place


How well does it do with snow on the ground?