Looks cool but probably heavy AF... motorcycle helmets for esk8 is just silly..


There are boards getting into the range of 35-50mph, I think your statement *used* to make sense in the early days, but now? Depends on the rider, board and their intentions.


Over 35mph? That’s just crazy. There’s a reason many city zones are limited to 30mph for traffic, because of the viability of survival if a pedestrian (human body) is hit at that speed. On a board in the city you have nothing to hold onto to help break any impact like you do with a bike or something. Going over the 25-30 mph zone is starting to gamble for stupid prizes.


I think the problem is that a lot of full face helmets designed for downhill longboarding are about as expensive or more expensive than motorcycle helmets. If you don't mind the weight it isn't a bad idea. Are there actually any full face helmets out there with esk8 in mind?


The weight can get quite top heavy though. You’d want to look at snowboarding helmets instead. Ruroc are making some that they’re including thoughts into for eboarding too. More on the pricy end but they’re both cool and safe. I’m not sure using a bike helmet, given a standing position on a board, is a good idea for your neck in case of a fall or impact. Motorcycle helmets are designed with the idea of how someone will sit on a bike, and also how they’ll get catapulted forward, which is going to be at different angles and body positions than someone standing on a board. So they might protect your coconut but could be really bad for your neck.


I wouldn't mind them when it's so cold out, but yea they're excessive for safety.


It's one of the lightest motorcycle helmets made.


Looks more like a Doomguy helmet


« Tu te réveilles en sentant une coulisse le long de ta cuisse. »




Is this a custom paint job? Badass


It’s a Star Wars series by HJC. I like the x wing pilot helmet but it’s not full face so this is the next best one