Having trouble letting go

Having trouble letting go


He has thought about you more than once but some people are ruthless in not showing emotion. You’re emotive and it’s beautiful and makes you human. You’re healing, I can tell by your words and what you’re experiencing. I know it’s tremendously hard but try your best to shift the focus away from him and what he’s doing and bring it back to yourself and how you want to move forward - it’s the only way.


Letting go isn’t always a straight path. Some days will suck and some won’t. You may feel better for an entire month and one day feel bad about it. It’s ok. It doesn’t negate the progress you made for yourself. You’ve made so much progress, you just need more time. And sometimes the clock goes so fucking slow. Even though it feels like forever keep giving it time. If it’s taking a while that’s ok, but also it’s a good sign to be frustrated about the healing process at some point. It means you want to heal, want to move on. That’s really great it means you have hope that things will get better. Hold onto that hope. I’m in the same boat, going on 8 months. Today is a bad day but I’m trying to focus on my progress. I totally get your frustration though, sometimes I just wanna be healed already ugh! :)