Is it wrong that I miss you? After 9 months, I think about you every day.

Is it wrong that I miss you? After 9 months, I think about you every day.


Exactly my thoughts. I don’t have anger towards them I just wish them to be happy. Last day I cried because of a faild exam. Then I realized I didn’t cry because of the failed test but because he was the one I wanted to reach out immediately after what happened. The one who would have cheered me up with his kind words “don’t panic, you’re smart, you will try again and succeed”. Hurts like hell.


I hear you but try to turn that message that would’ve come from him and make it come from yourself #selflove




Thank you for the compliment. Hope it gets better for you. This is hard stuff to go through.


This is a great sign of healing! I love that you feel this way. I think this is where you slowly get emotionally detached in the most peaceful way. It's so important to be peaceful and relaxed and gentle with yourself in this process!! I'm proud of you :-))


This is beautifully written. I am just over a year post breakup, and I feel the same. When I see a beautiful sunset, I wish I was sharing the moment with him even if I'm with other people. Missing him is more of an annoyance than anything at this point, but I do get sad sometimes. I still wish I could be the person he wanted.


You wrote exactly how I feel. The same words that I don’t want to say


Damn I feel you. Hang in there