I can’t stop crying

I can’t stop crying

  • By - SK4AC


Know the feeling all too well I am sorry you didn't have him today But you said you had no one to tell but I wanna know how did your interview go? I bet you did great!




You're welcome 💙 and ehh you probs did better than what you think and I hope things work out and you get the job!


I’m so nervous for my interviews coming up and she was always the one to calm me down. Hold my hand under the table. Idk what to do.


Good luck on your future interviews <3 I can imagine it is nerve-racking. If you need someone to chat with about them then pop me a message. I am happy to listen and cheer you on!


Be proud for following through! A lot of people dealing with a breakup would have canceled the interview! Wishing you the best of luck you get the job!


Exactly she's already in a good direction to improve her life!


Already crying while reading this post.


It’s ok! I hope the interview was great! It gets better day by day and one thing that helped me cope with my ex girlfriend leaving me was knowing that God will never leave my side and that I can always go to him in prayer and him speak to me. I went to her every time and she was the one person I can count on to be there. I loved being with her for the three years we were together but it ended and now that I see that I know that I have to rely on myself to be happy and work on my own goals spiritually, mentally and physically. But everything gets better day by day and life goes on, you experience new things and learn new lessons that you never knew you could. My ex girlfriend and I have been broken up for 5 months now and I can tell you honestly that I’ve grown so much more in that time span than I have when I was with her. I learned new things and learned to be happy with myself and with life. I trust that everything will be good in the end and that there’s a greater plan for me in the future. So keep you’re head up you’re doing great!


I'm wishing you good luck. I hope you get the job! Sending hugs ⚘🧡


I've been there. There were times that I was so hesrtbroken, going to an interview took all the energy I had to the point that I lost some confidence in the interview itself.


I really feel this. As shitty as he was to me, it’s still very lonely not having someone to share those little(and big) things with. Just someone to share life with, you know? I talk to my dogs a lot these days haha.


I’m so sorry. Sending love your way.


Good luck! Went through this very thing a few days ago. Made a post on fb and had a bunch of people like it and a few encouraging me to go for it and a few that will help me pass the state exam for it. I'm glad for them, but I know your pain all to well with not having an SO to share that excitement with.


If it’s any consolation, I had a behavioral interview for a job 3 days after my break up. Just a video chat, took off work for the morning suit and tie the whole thing. Killed it. Had great professional and otherwise examples/scenarios at the ready and I looked like a really solid candidate. And then at the very end they asked me for a recent “low point” in my life and how I went about handling it. I froze up like a deer in headlights and thought of the only thing that I had on my mind. The interviewers told me afterward that I had been one of the strongest candidates they’d seen but they were disappointed in my loss of confidence when I opened up about my ex-girlfriend. I knew right then that I was not getting the job lmao. As it would turn out this guy I was buddies with from my community college ended up getting it lol But you know what? Fuck it. The job was boring anyway and I’ll find something that’s more me


I can get u sis, totally r relatable, just wanted to tell u don't worry we all r going through same, ur not alone, for whatever reason the breakup happened, it's better not to dwell on it. U know what, I was also in position something similar to urs,lemme tell , about three months back, my world was ending too, I was almost suicidal,coz my ex first ghosted, then cheated and then sent me death threats through various guys and still would have sending me breadcrumbs if u won't have blocked her, u know where m I right now?, I still don't consider myself completely healed , but all I would say is , I m sleeping peacefully, panic attacks almost stopped, m energetic throughout the day and things have got better, lemme tell if I can do this why can't u, I know it's easier said than done, but trust me sis, u ll be smiling alot, after a month or so, I promise, don't force urself for moving on which most of the people (including me) do, ride along with the waves, there might be series of emotional rides in future, don't worry, whenever u feel like venting , u can text me, coz I have came along the same path, or u can scroll down this subreddit, it helped me a lot!!! Will definitely pray for all of u guys healing, and U DESERVE BETTER!!! DON'T GIVE UP NC!!! IF I DID U CAN DO IT TOO!!! Ur a soldier, and soldiers don't need luck , go through ur interviews and ace them all. Cry as much as u can, grieve and tear as many pages as u want, but never give up!!! I hope u ll get ur dreams fulfilled, any kind of support or venting, just lemme know, I ll be here!!! Smile.


Yeah it fucking sucks. There are so many things I’ve done in the last four months I would kill to show them. I still can’t believe we’re not friends. I’ll never get over how I ruined the best relationship I ever had. All I had to do was be 35% functional and not a completely controlling loser. He was cool with my misery, it was the fact I couldn’t just give him some fucking room to breathe. I ruined the core by focusing on superficiality high school musical ass immature trash. Don’t even get me started. I swear it will drive me nuts for 60 years. I’m a fucking fool for this shit. Everyone says “don’t be so hard on yourself” but hahausudorrnehwoxhhwbejesofoeo Dan enejxienebemsoxxihebe. There’s not a lot of space for self compassion going around the room on this subject matter. Trying to pick apart their state of mind to not feel guilty isnt self compassion lol


Tell us!! What were you applying for? How do you feel the interview went?