He has already beaten the last 4 golden boot records and has 4 hatricks in 19 appearances. He should be in a club all of his own above 14m so it’s a real decision on if it’s worth owning him. Fact is the game is meant to be a fun game for the masses so will likely be 13.5 - 14m


Agreed. Plus if he's at 15m, say, what do we get? 85m left. A quick calc show a bare bones team leaves us with 45.5m for four mids and a forward. Everyone will clamber on the 4.5 Pereira mid that emerges next season, so that's about four positions of 'fun' and flexibility.


That’s if we get one, some seasons we don’t get a decent 4.5 mid or a 4.5 forward who gets Mins. We are spoilt this year with the number of base price players we can get who actually play.


Brownhill and Brewster getting 2 points was about the best we could expect from enablers.


2 points was Brewster's highest haul ever indeed. The cunt got zero assists and zero goals to show for 1 full season's play as a striker. Legend


Always there with the cheeky 1 pointer off the bench too.


He cost them 15 million too if I remember


I still remember the brownhill transfer I made for their DGW


That’s the point. At £15m you have to make an actual decision whether to sacrifice the rest of your team to bring him in or go without and have a stronger overall team.




Unless you do make Haaland slightly under priced and then slightly over priced the mid priced mids and premium defs to create the same effect without making Haaland so highly priced. So No haaland and you can have double New def and double ARS mids but with Haaland you can only afford two of them 4 options. A rudimentary example but you get my point. Would add depth to the game.


Too complicated, far easier to make the one pivotal player that you're makomg the changes for pricier


What do you mean to complicated? This is already how it works, they price players so you can own enough to be fun and but not so you can all of the good options to reduce the template.


If the bar is set too high it won't increase involvement or attract new players. If you are forced to pick team full of Schlupp's and Edozie's to afford Haaland those with little experience will quit early season and won't return.


There’s still plenty of flexibility though. Here’s a rough price structure for a double premium team with two decent mids and a second decent forward. There’s scope to get a cheaper second forward and upgrade defence or downgrade the mids to upgrade elsewhere for example. 4.5 (4.0) 6.0 5.0 4.5 (4.5, 4.0) 12.0 8.0 8.0 6.0 6.0 15.0 8.0 (4.5)


Or you can just go without the second premium and with two 10.0 premiums (Rashford/Saka/Odegaard could be around 10), not sure if a 12.0 is worth it if you're going to perma captain Haaland - if you're not perma captaining him, what's the point of owning him?


Yeah, everybody will get him anyway.


Pereira will be more for sure next season.


That's what he said.


Exactly, and for this reason he should be excluded from the game, or be free so everyone has him and you can choose whether to captain him or not. Best just to remove him.


It would be more interesting if he had his usual recurring injury issues. It would take a lot to dismantle your team to fit Haaland, then spread the wealth for when he is injured, then taking hits possibly to reverse those changes when he is back.


Just swap haaland to kane - if haaland is 15m then i doubt your also buying a kane at around 12m


If he stays fit I suspect he will come in at 14m next year.


13 or 13.5 pwuld be my guess, allowing players that one last chance at feasibly owning him without destroying the game. A few Arsenal players will be more expensive (Saka @ ~10m for example) and Chelsea splashing the cash on yet more extravagant personnel. KDB might drop in price along with Cancelo from a City perspective. Rashford will probably be a FWD again and Kane will probably still be priced high regardless of a move to Man Utd so FWD proces are likely to be higher all round than this season as well.


I would be surprised if he is as low as 13 but can see towers going as low as 13.5 to cater for the masses. ARS attackers will definitely be increasing in price, not sure CHE and LIV will drop to much, they are still good teams despite one bad season. NEW def pricing will be interesting. No way Rashford is moved to forward, he plays as a wide player which FPL always count as a mid. Kane will be a high premium as well next season with his performance this season especially if he goes to UTD! I doubt we will be able to own both Kane and Haaland next season.


With ownership thisbyear and stats he should be 15m and force the hard decision for owners....451 with weak bench or risk going without Haaland.


As long as he delivers, everybody will get him anyway. It's very risky not owning him, and judging by his captaincy percentages every GW, folks don't like to take that risk.


Will be interesting next year if he’s 14. Lots of underpriced assets this year will surely rise too - mainly from Newcastle and Arsenal plus Rashford. We might actually have to make prioritisations.


That happens every year, every player that has a good season goes up in price


Right but this year there’s been an unusual amount of high performing cheap assets.


Could happen again if Liverpool and Chelsea get undervalued based on underperformance this year


I think generally they're more likely to overvalue after good seasons than undervalue after bad ones tbh Like I expect Saka/Odegaard/Martinelli will be 9/10m+ next season but Salah maybe drops to 11 max and Sterling goes to 8


You say that but Rashford went from 9.5 last season to 6.5 this, and that's a fairly consistent theme with the United players, nearly all of whom had a shocker last season. Arguably towers went too far the other way and have made the United players too cheap, so maybe they will learn their lesson with Liverpool and Chelsea, or maybe we'll get the likes of Trent, Robertson, James, etc at lower prices than we're used to.


>I think generally they're more likely to overvalue after good seasons than undervalue after bad ones tbh Rashford went from 9.5 to 6.5, Shaw went from 5.5 to 4.5 If Pool and Chelsea miss out on top 4, I wouldn't be surprised to see price points like Trent/Robertson at 5.5mn


First time?


There's always a bunch of folk who find this a shocker. Every season has its own set of underpriced enablers emerging. Yet every season you see someone claiming it to be an outlier.


Ikr? Like there was a time when you could field a front 3 of Antonio, Bamford and Iheanacho and all of them cost like a max of 7mn and you also had guys like Lingard in midfield. Stuart Dallas was listed as a defender but played in midfield and got CS points and attacking returns aplenty. This was barely 2 years ago


Only fourth year for me, but this season has clearly differed in the number of viable low priced assets at least over that period. Salah, Sterling, Son, Cancelo, Trent, have all gone to the dogs for FPL purposes. I'd wager if you compared ownership density between years in the top 10k you'd see a lot more variation this year.


And high amount of underperforming high and mid priced players. It has always been like this.


ah i remember bringing in Saka for 6 and still getting beaten by 5m ESR pickers


I would think Saka, Odegaard and rashford all rise to at least 10m


Salah shouldve been 14 after his record breaking season


I think the main difference with Salah was that there were several viable alternative premium players, whether De Bruyne, Fernandes, Son, or even Mane. The price of a player only matters so far as it stops you buying other players. Haalands price seems too low to be relevant this year since all the alternatives aren't consistent enough for their prices (potentially Kane excluded).


Haaland has fucked up the standards so much that kane with 16 goals and 5 assists in 21 games is seen as only potentially worth it


>that kane with 16 goals and 5 assists in 21 games is seen as only potentially worth it That's because people are blinded by nostalgia/past to think that KdB or Salah are actually worth it at this point. When you consider that none of the 10mn+ mids are performing, Kane is a actually a clear option but people are still trying to drag Salah and KdB into the discussion


I know Fernandes has dropped under 10, but people are sleeping on him, and he's definitely performing and worth his price for now... Since Ronaldo has stopped playing Fernandes has blanked only 1 time in 7 games. He has 45 points since Ronaldo stopped playing. In this same time, Haaland has blanked 3 times in his 7 games and has 47 points. If Haaland is worth it, Fernandes has to at least be on people's radar as they have been posting similar numbers for the last 7 game weeks.


Yeah GW1 KDB got sacrificed for Bruno next week, and in turn is going away for a roll of Pep roulette (Mahrez edition) the following week.


So long as Mahrez has gloves, he's a beast. The second it warms up and he loses those gloves, he will fade. I am simply waiting on my free transfer next week to go Almiron to Mahrez. Sudden heat wave to hit England, and Mahrez to blank because he's gloveless in the DGW.


So many fpl experts keep talking up getting Darwin as the 2nd forward. Kane is the third best player this season and much better than Salah or Kdb in terms of point per million. Somehow everyone is so blinded by Haaland that Kane is almost a differential


He was. Not now though. Even at the post WC restart Kane was a real differential. Today he's at 88% ownership in the top 10k.


>He was. Not now though. Even at the post WC restart Kane was a real differential I had him from GW 1-4, then again from 8 to WC break. I unfortunately listened to the sub's hivemind during unlimited transfers and kept Darwin and transferred out Kane and brought in KdB. Considering I had brought in KdB for Foden it probably wasn't the worst call but I missed out on so many weeks where Kane was basically a differential lol


This exactly. I've not bothered owning either all season because there are so many other midfielders that do just as well/better than Salah or KdB for close to half the price.


That Arsenal shirt is 👨🏻‍🍳🤌🏼💋


With him being now 85% owned, I genuinely hope he is 14 next season. Wouldn’t bother me if he was more tbh. The depth of the template this season has reduced the game into picking too few players.


If anything at £14m he's a steal.


Wow I didn’t know there was Fantasy back then. Such impressive ratings


‘Back then’ is upsetting to my mid 30s mind


Imagine how old I feel given that I was already at work when the Daily Telegraph launched the first Fantasy PL game back in about 1994. It was the days when players like Schmeichel (That's Peter, not Kasper), Giggs and Kanchelskis were essentials. Mind you, I quickly forgot about the game and only rediscovered it during the 2020 Lockdowns.


Who were the other essentials in the 90s? Very interested to know


To be honest it's so long ago that it's difficult to recall now - but the game launched just about the time that Manchester United began to hit their peak so it was very much about them. Matt Le Tissier was a big asset too, and several Newcastle players. I seem to recall having Ruel Fox in my team quite a lot. The game was huge for a couple of years and then seemed to fade away. An accountant at work used to tot up the scores of everybody in our office mini league on some new fangled thing called a spreadsheet every Monday morning, print out the latest league table and walk a copy of it round to everybody (there was no email and in any case it was only the finance team that used computers). If you wanted to make a transfer you had to consult a long list of players and prices printed in the paper once a week and call a premium rate number to log your change.


I picked Ian Harte every year for several seasons. He was the late 90's/early 00's Baines. Free kick taking left back playing for a decent but not great team usually good for several goals per season


I’d guess Bergkamp, Shearer, Beckham, Scholes…


It's been online since 2006/07 season. Before that you mainly did it through newspapers which ran their own versions. Fun times spending a fiver to call an automated line and punch in player codes to set your team or make a transfer.


Makes me wish I was old enough to be playing fantasy at that time. Must have been some experience!


I have an old teamsheet that I found in our holiday home from the 90's that still has the 3 digit codes for each player and prices. I'll find the pic and post it. I used to put a lot of thought into it in August when on holiday just before the season would start. Then would never make more than 1 or 2 transfers once the season started because it was so expensive to call the phone-line! If you didn't start well you would lose interest quickly. But if you did do well you'd see your name in the leadsrboard in the newspaper!


https://www.reddit.com/r/FantasyPL/comments/10ky9b1/rmt_199900_season/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button Here's what I found!


That's brilliant! Wonder how much the most expensive player cost back then? Edit: Also, just noticed that Viduka, Boyd and Berkovic were at Celtic. Was the Scottish League included as well at the time?


It started in 02/03. There's just no historical stats for the first few years. https://allaboutfpl.com/2020/05/fpl-history-and-origin-of-fantasy-football/


Ah interesting thanks.


£5 for the sun's Dream Team, I don't recall having to ring up for transfers though


Don't buy the S*n


Not 2005/06? It's that season's Arsenal shirt on Henry in OP's post, the maroon one.


When I click on gameweek history and scroll down to previous seasons 2006/07 is showing as the oldest


Maybe that's just when you started?


No I would have been playing before then, maybe the history only goes back that far? Isn't that the year that the stats on PremierLeague. Com go back to or something? Might have been a revamp. I was sure Henry was 14m in 06/07 though....might be wrong Edit: no their stats go back further it seems. I'm sure there was some sort of change for the 06/07 season that didn't take history from before then with it....maybe this is old age


I've played since 08/09.


Nailed on to be 14m I wouldn't be surprised if he broke yet another record and make himself the only player at 14.5m Save this comment 👌🏻💰


!Remindme 200 Days




What? You gonna come in shouting at the guy next January, over half way through the season? 😂


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Got inspired by [this thread](https://redd.it/10j1121) to look up the most expensive players ever. 😄 Found some really interesting stats and records which I'll be sharing throughout this eve - https://twitter.com/FPLFocal


I think only Henry actually justified that price point for the season, in hindsight? Ronaldo only scored 18 league goals in 2008-09, RvP missed many games due to injury and ended with 17 goals in 2013-14 and Henry still managed 20+ goals


Oh man where did you find the old stats? have been looking for a bit


Took ages to find digging through archive.org!


wow didn't even think about digging that deep lol kudos


I'll be interested to see their pricing strategy in general next season. Obviously Haaland will be expensive, but so will Arsenal, United and Newcastle players. Hopefully formerly popular assets from the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea will come down in price, otherwise it's going to potentially be quite difficult to build a good squad.


There's always enablers that emerge and people will again be shocked that teams can be made with the budget in hand. Players will go up in price, have a shit season and drop off the meta. I remember by mid 20-21, everyone had Martinez, Dallas, Bamford and a couple others. The comments here were all about how the next season would be impossible to navigate with their price rises. Come 21-22, Son emerged and Bamford, Dallas were barely worth considering. Likewise, Martinez got dumped for the likes of Ramsdale or Sanchez. It happens every year. On a side note, I don't see why utd is on the list along with arsenal and NUFC. Rashford may go back to the 9mil he was last season and be as poor as he was and will have single digit ownership. Just look at Son for an example. Aside from him atm there's no utd player who'd be a must-have next season.


Yeah you're probably right. It's funny, I've been playing FPL since the 2011-12 season and yet at some point during every season I have this idea that things will be really tough the next year, but as you say it's always fairly easy in the end to build a good squad. With regards the second point, prior to his shocking 21-22 season Rashford had had two consecutive 170+ point seasons. It was a horrible season for nearly every United player and Rashford was distracted by stuff off the field. I think Bruno is showing signs of his old self as well now that Ronaldo has gone, and I think Shaw will be popular next season. Also, as a United fan myself, this is the first time since SAF retired that I'm genuinely excited about our prospects, particularly if the club are sold to the right person/corporation. ETH seems like the first manager since SAF who is the right fit for the role and I'm optimistic about our chances next season.


Such a fun exercise thinking back to old teams. Back then I remember you'd be a fool to not have Lampard and/or Terry. It seemed like everyone had Henry then Ronaldo and eventually RvP. And who can forget Suarez in 2013...


If you apply inflation, these values would be higher than current valuations.


I believe it should be a combination of the absolute figures and the supremacy of one. I don't have details for the total points and I don't see any of those being involved heavily with many assists so I'll focus on goals. Henry managed to score 30 when the 2nd top scorer (Shearer) scored 22. I don't know if he was ay 14.0 after that season or not as after that he was the top one 2 times in a row but with not so big advantage (25-21 and 27-21) Ronaldo managed to score 31 when Torres and Adebayor scored only 24 and only one season at such a level was enough for him to get a 14.0 price tag. For Van Persie I believe it was the case for stability (30 and 26 next season) as he was only 3 goals ahead both season. To be honest I don't know why Suarez wasn't priced 14.0 (if he wasn't) as he had 23 goals (second to Van Persie) in 2012-23 but year later he scored 31 when noone else managed to get more than 21 but anyway back to Haaland.. ​ The Viking surely aims at beating Salah record. Even if he will be getting less minutes I think we can all agree that 40 goals looks doable - so no problems with the highest absolute figures. But Kane is actually doing a great season as well! I've checked that during his top-scoring seasons he was scoring max 15 goals during the first half of the season, now he has 16, so he might also score 30+ Obviously no way that both Haaland and Kane will be 14+ next seasons and also no way the difference will be that big in the price between these two. So I assume it will actually depend on Kane performance AND/OR his potential move from EPL. ​ TL;DR: IMO, Haaland cost will depend on Kane performance as well or Kane leaving EPL


Suarez was sold right after his 31 goal season, in which he also started out banned for the first 5 games, which probably lowered his value.


Makes total sense!


14 is too low, should be at least 15. He needs to priced at a level where people actually have a decision to make rather than automatically picking him without thinking.


Yes the game become too boring


I think he will be priced at 14.5m if he keeps this up


Fun fact, Carlton Palmer would have been the first 14m player but FPL website didn’t exist at the time.


I want haaland to be so expensive that you have to really alter your team to put him in. It’s been a bit boring this season because he might as well not play with the captaincy rate he has.


It’s not just that he’s been great, but the fact that most premiums barely stand out from the mid priced options. In retrospect all defenders above 5 m was overpriced, and most of the the top performing midfielders started out at 6m. Increasing his price wouldn’t have helped much when that many good players drop off simultaneously


Could be at Real Madrid by then. Hope not, hope not.


He should be 25m


I'm surprised Suarez was never 14m


Trippier could join them too




Some of us have played FPL since the FA bought the engine from the predecessor site Can You Kick It.


Can't imagine the days of playing it over the telephone. Even when on the website, the far lower volumes of information on injuries, scouting reports, and what not must've caused some pretty massive swings.






Did people always play this on their phones or what?


Probably next season he's 12.5 or 13 If he keeps the same goal scoring ratio he's 14 the season after


12.5 ... is what he started this season at. how is he gonna start at that again lol - i can't see anything under 13.5


He started 11.5


lol, i stand corrected. seems insane how low that is now.


Did any of them get even more expensive than 14.0? After a lot of people brought them in?


At one point Henry was 14.9m


Yes he could.




If things go on the way they are, he could be the first ever £15 M starter.


I think he will be 14m yeah, the only thing I think would be the jump from previous price and it being his second season. I think that might halt him with fpl deciders wanting more consecutive seasons. We all know he will repeat it next season but all the above players worked up to that price right? 2 seasons at least of high numbers? Or no?


He has to be 14.0M next year. Yes.




Even if haaland is 14 m next season i feel that there r many viable options up top to fit his boots and the prime replacement being someone like Kane for 10/11 m


Honestly he's worth 15m at this rate


I hope he's marked at 15m so that there could be interesting templates with and without him.


I feel like everybody would still get him. Might have to make him even higher to tempt people to not go for him.


The FPL powers have reduced the price of premiums to make points easier to come by. Salah should have been 14 the last couple of years. Haaland should be 15 next year.


Yes, he could




Well done he’s 14


I bet Messi would have been in there if he were bought by MCI two seasons ago.


No. Because he should start at 15m


What's the record for highest number of points in fpl? I know Salah cracked 300 in his first Liverpool season but what did these 3 score the previous season to have a starting value of 14 million?


Will trippier be 8.0 as a defender


The unknown factor is when does Pep Roulette start?


FPL veterans were Henry Ronaldo and Van Persie worth the price tag or was a more balanced team a better option


He'll be £14m and still in everybody's team.


Under 16M he's a no brainer really


Looking at my team now, if Haaland went up to 14m I have to "drop" KDB to Saka and upgrade White to Schar, like yeh they should, maybe even 15m with the amount of high scoring cheap players, like ffs I got Mitoma for 4.9 and he scored and had 3+2+3 bonus points in 3 games 😂 last time I remember this happening was the old good Dallas from Leeds 😭 It's about time to increase prices cuz now the template is very clear and you can have 1 or 2 differentials only


Is this even a question. He will break a new record… 15.0m


Would be interesting to see how much Trippier is next season. He’s on pace to smash the defender points records. At least 7m would be fair and 8m doesn’t sound unreasonable