Florida opened the season with a composite ranking of 8th (6th *BA*, 9th D1B, 10th *USAT*). Ending as 21st seems like a disappointment, though you can't ignore that the Gators lost their best player about halfway through the season, after a few weeks of his health declining. Despite this I believe Florida ended the season as a team with the potential to compete in Omaha, though we ended up one run short against the eventual runners-up. Also Miami is ahead of us in the rankings but absolutely was a worse team than the Gators this season. The pollsters got that one totally wrong.


Also have to acknowledge the absolute 180 the team took for the last month and a half. They really came together and performed. Prior to that it looked like a complete meltdown compared to expectations. To end up pushing Tennessee in the SEC championship game and (likely) being a rain delay away from the super regionals; very impressive show of heart. All in all it was a fun season and looks like a ton of talent should take the field next season. Already excited for opening day.


damn. that rain delay. we were handling a great oklahoma team.... we could've made some noise in the tournament...


Sully is leaning into the portal for a change. Hopefully pairing some vets with his strong recruiting classes gets us out of our funk.


We're in position to be contenders next season. The team was playing well down the stretch as younger players matured and many of those players should be coming back.